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See PD69's Video w/Tera Patrick on
bWednesday, October 22nd, 2014Pink Diamond69FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEStockroom Features Pink Diamond69’s Video on Siteb(Los Angeles, CA) Pink Diamond69 has given a video exclusive of their instructional video featuring Tera Patrick to Stockroom. They will be the only retail site to have the video for the next 30 days. The video is prominently hig ...
Tera Patrick's looks on the decline?
Or is this just a bad photo shoot. Bad Tera gallery Edited by - asian_slacker on Sep 29 2004
PINK DIAMOND69 Unveils Packaging with Tera Patrick
Wednesday, September 4th, 2014Pink Diamond69FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPink Diamond69 Unveils New Packaging Featuring Tera Patrick (Los Angeles, CA ) Over the past few months, big things have been happening behind the scenes at Pink Diamond69, including a photo and video shoot with adult legend and mainstream pop culture icon Tera Patrick. Starting th ...
Tera Patrick Signs With The Syndicate!
Stop The Presses! Tera Patrick Signs With Sinister X Syndicate!BABYLON: Seismic waves shock and spread through the valley, and this time it’s not caused by a Black Canary war cry, it’s caused by truly ground breaking news, that adult industry living legend Tera Patrick will be signing along side Sinister X Syndicate at the upcoming San ...
What movie is this Tera Patrick scene from?
I don't want to get in trouble so please Google: Directing people to the tube site is no different to posting the tube site, please don't do this. Instead try describing the scene and hopefully a poster maybe able to help out, if you know the male performer in the scene this would also help.It'll be the first link on the page. This scene is real ho ...
Is this Tera Patrick?
is it?
What Tera Patrick scene is this?
I'm not too familiar with this certain Tera Patrick scene. Can anyone help me out and identify what movie or website it came from? Also, I'm sorry, but that's the only picture I have of it.You can link to a pic like this one to ask for an ID but not actually post it due to the cock being in the shot.Edited by - bono-ONE on Oct 4 2011
Tera Patrick Takes Finland By Storm
( TURKU, FINLAND ) – Tera Patrick arrives in Finland to headline Turku Sex Fairs 2010. Tera has become the number one name in adult entertainment & the hottest cross over star in the world. This voluptuous woman is particularly known for sensual voice, as well as her exciting stage presence. Gracing the covers of FHM to one of the most f ...
Tera Patrick Receives Super Star Honors at XFANZ
( HOLLYWOOD, CA ) – Already considered the most popular pornstar in the world, Tera Patrick added yet another honor to her impressive adult entertainment resume at the 2010 XFANZ Awards. During the show on June 11 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tera received the “Super Star Honors” Award.Every year honors the most ...
Tera Patrick Kicks Off Dance Tour in PA This Weeke
( HOLLYWOOD, CA ) – Fresh from her nationwide book tour promoting “Sinner Takes All” Tera Patrick is back on the road doing what she loves, entertaining live audiences. She has a summer dance tour that will take her to at least a half dozen states from Illinois to Louisiana. With Memorial Day and the summer kick off just around th ...
Tera Patrick Springs Into Action in NY and PA
( LAS VEGAS, NV ) – The world’s most popular adult entertainer Tera Patrick continues her busy spring dance schedule with stops in New York and Pennsylvania this and next month.First Tera blows into New York for shows on April 16th and 17th at The Scene in Commack on Long Island.“This time of year is stressful for everyone,” ...
IWAdult reviews Tera Patrick’s book in new issue reviews Tera Patrick’s book in 2.15 issueThe February 15 issue of issue has been posted.In this issue we have the complete list of the 2010 Xbiz winners on the front page. Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners.In the IWAdult Toy Box we have some more toy reviews and a review of Tera Patrick’s autobi ...
Tera Patrick Tearing Up the Winter
( LAS VEGAS, CA ) – With her new book “Sinner Takes All: A Memoir of Love and Porn” climbing the charts, Tera Patrick is keeping herself busy with a promotional tour. She is also ramping up for a new DJ.MC tour that will have her appearing at clubs across the country with DJ Silver. All this activity hasn’t stopped her from ...
Tera Patrick's Book Tour Heads South
( LAS VEGAS, CA ) – Tera Patrick is hard at work promoting her new book “Sinner Takes All: A Memoir of Love and Porn” in a nationwide media blitz. She is in the middle of a major radio and TV promotional tour, but also taking time out to meet her fans in person. As part of that effort, Tera will perform a three-night engagement at ...
Tera Patrick Brings Book Signing Tour to Las Vegas
( LAS VEGAS, CA ) – As the world’s most popular adult entertainer, Tera Patrick’s schedule is always packed with exciting events. This week is no different. In Las Vegas with the rest of the adult film world for the Adult Entertainment Expo, Tera will have a full dance card. She will sign copies of her new book "Sinner Takes ...
Tera Patrick back on the market
sauceHave to admit, I'm impressed she got 7 years out of it. Now if she just gets rid of the implants and covers up that assinine tattoo with flesh colored makeup I might watch again.Or is the opportunity gone?
And so it begins: Evan vs. Tera
sourceTera Patrick's ex-husband, Evan Seinfeld, is striking back at her claim that he chose continuing to do porn over his marriage to her. "I'm very grateful to have worked with her, but I'm disappointed in the way she's handling things," Seinfeld told us. "It was a very amicable split, so this feels like a cheap shot." Seinfel ...
Tera Patrick, Queen of Porn?
Kelly O, a writer for the Stranger, had a piece in yesterday's Slog, listing a Tera Patrick appearance in Tacoma. In the piece she says Patrick is the Queen of Porn and took the crown from Jenna Jameson.So, in your opinion, is Tera Patrick the Queen of Porn? If not, who is?
AEE News: Tera Patrick To Sign Memoir at AEE
Tera Patrick To Sign Memoir at 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment ExpoLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (December 7, 2009) ... Adult industry bombshell and superstar performer Tera Patrick will debut her new tell-all book, Sinner Takes All: A Memoir of Love and Porn, at the 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) next month. Ms. Patrick will be signing purchased c ...
Tera Patrick - anal from "Reign Of Tera 3"
am i the only one who has seen this? despite her ugly ass husband... this was a great scene.Screens:
Best Tera Patrick scenes or movies?
need some suggestions, not big into her but my girl wants some Tera movies or scenes from movies, thanxTopic Moved by - heynow on Dec 28 2007
tera patrick dp
has she everdone a dp ?
Is Tera Patrick difficult?
That seems to be the word in a couple other forums. This one seems to have the definitive word. So I thought I'd ask. Anyone willing to go there?
Tera Patrick incident
I was watching the documentary "Thinking XXX" and Tera Patrick said that an incident happened with a male performer that caused her to not make any more porn for a while. Does anyone know what happened?Brian
Tera Patrick Here w/ some News....... (copy and paste to view)Tera Patrick Collection...PJE Shirts!!!!!Tera Patrick, the world's most popular adult film star, and PJE Los Angeles team up for a five style, men's premium t-shirt collection featuring a casually sophisticated take on the many sides of Tera Patrick.Each look pairs the ra ...
TeraPatrick here :) Here some hot stuff going on!!
Hi everyone I am so excited about all this stuff going on.Sooo I wanted to inform you i have my **Facebook Account (THE DEFAULT PIC IS THE ONE WITH ME RESTING MY CHIN IN MY HANDS)***Look out for my new movie "Teras Pool Party" releases Nov 24, YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE- (copy and paste into search bar)*** ***w ...
The Insider on TV: Tonight CBS- Tera Patrick!!!
The Insider on TV: Tonight on CBS- Tuesday 18th! "Tera's Million Dollar Empire""We’re with the woman who built an adult film empire! Does she make more money than Hugh Hefner? Find out the answer tonight!"Preview here below--- Moved by - Bill on Nov 18 20 ...
Tera Patrick gonzo
In her latest. Tera Goes Gonzo, she finally performs with other men - and does a good "job" as well, in one of the scenes. This girl can swallow cum and needs to show her talents more often.........
Tera Patrick-New Tattoo?
I could be wrong-but I noticed Tera Patrick has tattooed her entire arm like Janine. Could be her hubby's influence?
Tera Patrick sans makeup?
Supposedly. If it is, all I can say is yikes!
Tera Patrick's Anal Sex films
Can some one name all the anal sex films Tera's been in? I heard her first was in Carribean Undercover (now OOP) and the more recent Teradise Island. Unprotected! The way I like to see it. :) What are the others and how would you rate the scene/dvd? Thanks.
Tera Patrick - Faster Pussycat!??
Salutations,I just caught a rumor on Adult FYI that Tera Patrick might actually be considered for a Quentin Tarantino remake of Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! in the role Tura Satana played.Gotta say, if this is true, if Tera makes the cut, and if Tera can actually carry the role. IMHO, Tera would blow Jenna Jameson off the stage as a true mainstream ...
Tera Patrick in High Times
Discussing her love of weed. video is very short but the article is much longer.Edited by - ordell on Jul 4 2008
Tera Patrick - movie search can someone help me?
I heard Tera Patrick did a movie with a spanish guy and said "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me like a whore!" and the spanish guy thought she said horse and started going "yee hah!" what movie was that from? Sounds funny, and I want to see it.I would also like other movies where Tera says "fuck me like a whore" and also movie ...
Pix from Tera Patrick House of Blues Party
Pix from last nights party @ the House of Blues on hereLexxi Tyler, Brooke Haven, Taylor Wane, Sunny Lane, Mia Lelani, Phoenix Marie, Gia Jordan, Sophie Dee and lots
Who is the male actor in Tera Patrick's rape vid?
Does anyone know the actor in Tera Patrick's "rape" video? It is mostly titled "coffee sales girl raped" or something but i couldn't find the movie on Tera's web.thanks
What are some good Tera Patrick compilations?
I would like to get something that has clips of only her? Does anyone know of any good ones? All the ones I'm interested in has 3-4 scenes with her and the rest other people i'm not interested in. Thanks!
Tera Patrick and Nacho scene..
Hi,Can anyone tell me the name of a vid scene featuring Tera Patrick and Nacho Vidal playing tennis..then moving onto the main fuck scene in the tennis court itself. She wears a sky blue coloured bikini or something.Thanks.
Strange condom issue from Tera Patrick's Desperate
I was watching this Vivid film recently and noticed its an all condom movie, except for the scenes with Tera and Spyder Jonez.But in the first scene with Shy Love and Syvette I noticed that while one of the guys is wearing a condom, the other guy Trent Soluri, is not actually wearing a condom but just the very bottom part of one. The rubber 'ring' ...
Tera Patrick's Porn or her own bedroom life
Just watched Tera Patrick's Flawless.It seems this movie was directed years ago and while i loveto watch her,it is really becoming a boring thing to watch heralways with her hubby.Wondering how many are there more films with her hubby?And howmany times will we watch her own bedroom life instead of realporn?After watching Reign of Tera 2 i was think ...
Rough Tera Patrick Scene
I borrowed a friend's homemade best-of-compilation of Tera Patrick... She's my all-time favorite so I knew I'd like it (particularly her pre-implant scenes). There was one scene that stood out enough for me to ask about though... I don't know what the movie was or who the guy was, but it was before she got fake tits, but clearly not one of her firs ...
Help ID a Tera Patrick scene
I had Dled this and lost the file. Tera does a lez scene with a girl, and considering how she'd said early in her career she wasn't into girls, you'd never know it. She and this girl went at it pretty good with some intense rimming. It was a recent flick, as she had her sillycone. Scene was shot outdoors, by a pool I think.Anyone know?
best tera patrick facial?
Does anyone have any information as to which DVD would have the best Tera Patrick facial? Has she ever worked with Peter North? I saw some still pictures with some tattooed guy where she ended the series with a huge facial but don't know if that came from a movie. Sometimes they embellish still pics with fake cum, too. Thanks for any replies.
tera patrick best scenes?
What are tera patrick best ever scenes?I like it the ones where she use to get pounded really hard.
Tera Patrick DVD "InTERActive"
Has anybody got this DVD ? If so i hope her husband is not in this one. Is not worth seeing this DVD if her husband is in it hope not. does anybody knowClick here for tera patrick DVD
Did you prefer Tera Patrick's early scenes?
Before the fake tits, I liked the early gonzo scenes she did, just saw a hot one she did with TT Boy.
Tera Patrick retire PLEASE!!!!!
I get really aggravated everytime I see this woman. And I use to be a fan of her Beauty but every since she got married her movies have gone from bad to just totally unwatchable. I worked at a store where her movies would go out constantly to recently never renting or selling at all. It took us to downprice Teradise Island for anyone to actually bu ...
Tera Patrick Foot Flicks?
Has the lovely Tera Patrick done any foot fetish movies? I've been nosing around for something where Tera jerks a guy off with her peds. Any help would be appreciated.
Is this Tera Patrick ?
Hi, is this the female pornstar Tera Patrick? Link big jpg Link small jpg I like this pictures and look for the movie with this scene. Can somebody help me? Many thanks and Greets Andromeda36 Edited by - Andromeda36 on Feb 17 2007
Tera Patrick - Movie Question
For the experts out there - I was wondering what movie this particular scene is from Also, if somneone could tell me a good place where I could download that scene from then that would definitely be appreciated. (The downloadable version on the link I posted is faulty)
Tera Patrick has a video game!
Check it out, looks pretty cool...
Tera Patrick
I Rented "tera-tera-tera" and in her scenese with her husband spider jones, she does the "daddy"thing. "daddy let me ride your cock" she said. then when she was ready to cum she moaned "daddy." my question is what other tera vids should I look for with this type of verbal from her? I am into the "daddy' ...
has tera patrick ever done dp
just wondering about it cause she's one of the beatiful porn star out there ....and would really like to know...thanks in advance
Tera Patrick in Michigan, Kentucky and Utah
Svelte, sexy, and a top drawing act across the nation, Vivid contract super star and TeraVision president Tera Patrick, is set to take the stage this week at Déjà vu in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Monday, October 9th – Wednesday, October 11th for the gentlemen’s club grand opening celebration.... Full Press Release
Tera Patrick with a gun..ID please
Anyone know the title of this movie? CLICK HERE FOR LINK Edited by - AztecGold11 on Sep 27 2006 Edited by - AztecGold11 on Sep 27 2006
Tera Patrick was my wife's maid of honor
All sorts of bridesmaid fantasies come to life: From here: "I was thinking back to my first marriage, and I've got to tell you, it was an interesting experience. I married my now ex-wife in 1994. Her maid of honor was a young woman named Linda Shapiro. Linda was a really close friend to my wife; I didn't know her as well as m ...
Tera Patrick in Dayton, OH
Tera made an in-store appearance! Pic and info Den
Tera Patrick does anal...YESSS!!
Hello people, Just found out that Tera does anal, though just the one scene with her hubby "Spyder Jones", in Teradise Island:Anal Fever. My question is this...does she make her hubby use protection? Personally, I've never enjoyed porn where they do use condoms. But that's just me. :) I also heard that her first anal scene was reall ...
Tera Patrick footjob
Does anyone know of any footjob movies by Tera Patrick? Thanxx
Tera Patrick Takes Bite Out Of Big Apple
Chatsworth, CA) New York City’s summer temperature will soar even higher when TeraVision President and Vivid contract superstar Tera Patrick and her bevy of beautiful starlets hit the Big Apple to do an exclusive signing at the TeraVision booth for the first-ever NYC Exotic Erotic Expo and Ball. The heat wave hits NYC on June 16 thru 17 as ...
Tera Patrick Is This Month’s FHM Covergirl
TeraVision President and Vivid contract superstar Tera Patrick makes history as the very first adult film star to ever be featured on the cover of FHM’s US edition. Available on newsstands now, the goddess of glam not only appears on the cover, but is featured in an 8 page spread and interview. FHM is the fastest growing men's magazine ...
Tera Patrick filmography? Chronological, please.
Hey, i'm trying to find a chronological filmography off The wonderfully created Tera. I'm sure you all agree she is now well on the way to becoming a great hall-of-fame contender. I am patically interested in finding out her first penetrative footage, plus debut performances for each anal(is the carribean uncovered the first? has she ever done D ...
Tera Patrick Wins F.O.X.E. Fan Favorite
Tera Patrick Wins F.O.X.E. Fan Favorite For The Third Time “X” Marks the Spot for Three Time Winner Tera Patrick (Studio City, CA) Tera Patrick , highly regarded as today’s most popular erotic film star, was presented the coveted “Fan Favorite” award for her third consecutive year, at the 15th annual F.O.X.E ...
Tera patrick doing guys other than evan?
I was just reading this interview that tera did for xtreme magazine , in which she says she has some new anal scenes planned and she's also made the decision to start doing guys again. Has anyone heard about this from another source? I'm surprised that there hasn't been more press about this, or maybe I just missed it. I'd certainly like to see ter ...
Tera Patrick hosting the biggest AVN party at TAO
Tera Patrick, Nikki Benz, Lucy Lee at the biggest party during the AVN, hosted by Tera!! Click on the link for more info Edited by - nikki benz on Dec 31 2005 Edited by - nikki benz on Dec 31 2005
Tera Patrick's Anal Debut
With the New Devil in Miss Jones DVD they included an ad sheet that says Tera Patrick's Anal Debut - 4th Quarter 2006. What? Tera did anal with Anthony Crane in Caribbean Undercover Den
Tera Patrick in "stuff" magazine
Just thought I would give a heads up. Tera Patrick is in the months "stuff" magazine(page 54). There is a one page full article about her and her husband. Neat article. She looks great. Edited by - niterunner on Dec 7 2005
Tera Patrick's "First" Anal Movie
In her regular sex advice columnn in the latest issue of FHM magazine, Tera mentions she has just shot a movie in which she performs reverse cowgirl anal, provisionally called "Tera Patrick's First Anal Movie" (shot in Maui).Anybody know anything about it, release date etc ? Although technically of course she did anal in Caribbean Underc ...
Tera Patrick Agency Setting New Standards
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 19th, 2005 THE TERA PATRICK AGENCY SETTING NEW STANDARDS WITH TODAY'S HOTTEST NEW TALENT (Sherman Oaks, CA)- The Tera Patrick Agency ( has been in business for only 11 weeks and is off to an incredible start. The company which is co owned by porn star legend Tera Patrick and her roc ...
Jack's Playground #25 with Tera Patrick?!?
Hey All. Anyone know what's up with Jack's Playground #25? There's an older picture of Tera Patrick on the cover. She had a falling out with Digital Playground a couple of years ago and I doubt she returned to them. This series has always featured fresh, new material so far, so I'm wondering what the story is with the latest volume. Kane
Anyone know which movie tera patrick....
was in when she did a mmf scene? i see pictures of her in a mmf but it never says what movie it was in. it could be only a pictureset but i doubt it cause whats the point of taking pictures if your not gonna film it too? i hope someone out there knows Topic Moved by - hardware on Aug 23 2005
A little more on Jenna and Traci and Tera Patrick
Well, here is a comparison. For instance, Traci Lords was on Oprah last year, and while she is articulate she really doesn't have the "it" quality about her. Yeah, she has done some "b" level films, but she really isn't anything that special. She can act, but if you put Jenna in a a maninstream movie, I can guarantee Jenna could ...
Tera Patrick scenes from
Anyone know if the scenes of her on that site that are from the Pickup lines series are complete files or broken up into a bunch of little ones? Kinda like to know before I waste money joining. I'm surprised Silverstone (used to be OGV) hasn't released a best of Tera dvd. Some many other companies have. Any info would be helpful. Pk
Tera Patrick's SO... gross!
Just finished watching one of Tera's new movies with her tattooed bf. All I have to say is "GROSS!". I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards. Note to porn producers: heavily tattooed, gangbanger-like convicts do not a good porno make... It's the equivalent of putting a DaVinci painting on display in the slums of Mexico City ...
Tera Patrick to do anal....FINALLY!
Was just reading through some AVN RSS feeds and came across one talking about Tera's history and plans for the future. And was I suprised and happy when I read that she along with her husband are planning to produce an "anal exploration" film. Hope she doesn't make the her partner use a condom. Looking forward to this flick. Here's the li ...
Tera Patrick does Anal??
I was looking for some anal sex titles at when I came across a banner ad. It was for "18 And Nasty: Vol 11". Noticed it was an anal sex dvd and had the lucious Tera Patrick in it. Does any one own or have seen this title? Does Tera actually get some anal action (without condom)? Better yet...has Tera Patrick been ...
Pick Up Lines 54 - Tera Patrick
Do Silverstonevideo have any plans to release this (and other vhs) titles on DVD soon?
New Tera Patrick Interview; HOT pic, too!
New York's Village Voice just did an interview with Tera. She's quite candid in it, talking about her husband, what she does in her spare time, and what she's planning next. She sounds like a cool person to know outside the context of the porn industry. Wish I could run into her at the RF mall! Best line: "Quite frankly, I'm only here f ...
Tera Patrick angry over unauthorized use of image
her image, that is.
What's the latest with Tera Patrick?
Hello people! I've always been a TP fan. One of the most beautful women in XXX, awesome T/A (no implants I often do you see that??), full-bodied bronze tan and she has always shown a natural hunger for sex. Such as in Totally Tera Patrick. Saw it at a friends' place. Will definitely order the dvd and add it to my collection. Wha ...
Tera Patrick's Little Dog Chopper Home Safe
Jenna and Tera Patrick Virtual-DVD
I accidentally ordered 2 copies of VIRTUAL SEX WITH TERA PATRICK, and VIRTUAL SEX WITH JENNA. Both on DVD. They retail for 34.95 each. I'm willing to dump them for $40.00 for both, don't need me at if your interested.
Tera Patrick or Raylene
Which is the vetter performer, and hotter? Tera in both areas.
Superstar Tera Patrick Set for a Regal 2005
A VERY REGAL 2005 AWAITS SUPERSTAR TERA PATRICK HOLLYWOOD, CA – After a quick but well deserved tropical holiday vacation, Superstar Tera Patrick is back in the groove attacking 2005 with a fast paced mix of business and pleasure in much the same fashion in which she closed out 2004. Extremely busy and fast paced is the only ...
Tera Patrick
just saw the HBO show about the making of the new photography book by timothy Greenfield-sanders. porn star portraits. and i want to say i have never been into her look at all -- too hard, but she was BEAUTIFUL when they showed her w/ almost no make up on!! not even recognizable. looked so young and pretty! and I'm a girl saying this! ;) ...
Tera Patrick sold out!
I don't know if anyone agrees with me or not, but I was watching a news channel and it had Tera Patrick and her husband on the show. They were talking about how Tera doesn't have sex with any other man than her husband on film, yet she will have sex with females. First off, Tera Patrick has only done very little lesbian scenes. Second of all, Te ...
Tera Patrick.......
Just my two cents for the day...I recently purchased a group of Tera Patrick dvds on eBay. The included Caribbean Undercover and Sex Island. I must say that on both those films the behind the scenes footage completely show up both movies. I found both those movies a little too "wannabe" Hollywood for me. The behind the scenes was great. J ...
the new tera patrick
why did she ever do this? she was so much better as a natural exotic brunette. now who do we look to? Here
Tera Patrick is one hot babe!
Like many of my friends we all agree Tera Patrick is one hot babe! And me and my 4 friends all pre-ordered Virtual Sex w/ Tera Patrick. I cannot wait!
Tera Patrick likes to be slapped and choked
I'm listening to Stern and she claims she likes these things. Does she do any of this shit in her movies?
Digital Playground, Tera Patrick, & Brandon Iron
This discussion may have already happened in the Forum and I just missed it. If so, I'm sorry. With Tera Patrick coming out and talking about the changes in her career & personal life it has given me some questions. On shows like Howard Stern on E! & Unscrewed on g4 Tech TV she has talked about "the company"(I assume Digital ...
Help with Tera Patrick scenes.
Has Tera Patrick done anal? I've only seen one Tera scene and that was a while back but I'm now starting to appreciate her more. So what are her best, if any, anal scenes? And what are her best scenes in general? Plus, do any of you have or have any of you seen My Plaything: Tera Patrick? Thanks, Nick "It's Saturday night.I have no date ...
Party with Tera Patrick!
NEW YORK - For the glory of Rock'N Porn, the first annual Rock Star/Porn Star party celebrating the release of Tera, Tera, Tera superstar and Vivid Girl Tera Patrick's first movie in two years. From Vivid Entertainment Group and TeraVision. Hosted by Biohazard frontman/actor Evan Seinfeld and Ms. Patrick Tuesday, June 8th starting at 10PM - ...
Tera Patrick Overated
Many people say Tera Patrick is only a favorite porn stars due to her looks. I can name many porn stars who look just as hot but aren't as popular. So therefore, many men must be attracted to her sexual performance. I haven't seen many of her performances but from what I am gathering is that many men just do not find her sexual performances slutty ...
new movies with Tera Patrick blonde : when ???
Hi folks, I'd like to know if Tera Patrick has already do a new video with her new look (blond hair) ? if not, will she do a new film with her new blond hair ? I've visited her new web site (, I don't know if this one is really legit or if this is a new alternative web site, but I would die to see her again in a ne ...
tera patrick not one movie since she"s been back
i know she is with vivid now,but tera has not made not one freeking movie since she came back to she back on paper, and on news sites? or is she makeing movies again? is tera the paper porn star?
Tera Patrick-Website
URL to Tera Patrick website. Wayne In Dallas
Tera Patrick-Maddness
I know we are just supposed to talk happy talk on this form but just thought this one might go thru. Has anyone seen Tera Patrick's official website lately and the main photo on the upper left handj corner. Is there anyone who finds that picture attractive? Wayne In Dallas
Rd 1e Tera Patrick vs Racquel Darrian ( clsd)
Both unbelievably good looking , and each with a huge fan base while at their peak . Racquel now long retired and Tera going through a total transformation , who still holds the most affection in your heart ? Tera Patrick courtesy of IAFD , Official Site , AdultDVDEmpire Racquel Darrian court ...
New Tera Patrick releases?
High all, I was wondering if anyone knows if Tera has had any DVD's released with Boy/Girl scenes yet, since her major appearance change and boob job. Her new look is starting to grow on me in the Pics I have seen, and I am anxious to check her out in a new feature. Any info would be helpful, thanks. Edited by - Linus TR fan on Mar 13 2004