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Taylor St. Claire vs. Lisa Ann
Who you guys take out of these two? They kind of remind me of eachother.
My Valentine's Day Poem to Taylor St. Claire 2012
Taylor St. Claire, you are so fair!Your eyes of green, your jet-black hairI truly think, that you're the bestGorgeous girl, bouncing breastsYour mouth is hot with sultry lipsWhat a site TaylormadeclipsYour body's mint but face is betterI wish I licked your pussy wetterBut I'm a boy, hardly a manAll I do is the best I canI'd try to please you if I c ...
Would you want to see Taylor St. Claire return?
With all the major comebacks as of late, I really hope that the spectacular Taylor St. Claire will return and light up the porn world again. I adore her and she definitely is one of the sexiest women to ever live in my eyes. I hope you agree and just wish to ask, would you like to see Taylor St. Claire back in porn? In case you don't know who she i ...
Taylor St. Claire to do American Bukkake??
Yeah right...I wish...sorry for making you look. The series has got some hot girls to do it recently: Michelle Avanti, Holly Wellin, Brooke Scott. This is just wishful thinking here and an impossible thing to imagine. I don't think for any price she would but I would sure love to see it. Anybody else would love to see her drenched and doused with d ...
Taylor St. Clair - Golden Showers?
Apart from Cocktails 2, has Taylor St. Clair received any golden showers in any other videos? TIA. Edited by - struan on Jul 12 2003 Topic Moved by - MLyons on Jul 12 2003
Gianna Michaels or Taylor St. Claire
One natural busty brunette or another? One is my favorite woman to grace the screen and the other is the incredible Gianna. I think Taylor is kind of a forgotten legend and Gianna is one of the fan faves in porn (deservedly so). I think Gianna will kick ass here but I don't think it should be that way. My vote is for Taylor all the way and it would ...
Taylor St. Claire or Anne Hathaway?
Who looks more like the other?I myself really can't decide.
Is Taylor St. Claire coming back to porn?
I read somewhere that she was going to be coming back to do boy/girl scenes, but I have yet to see any new movies coming out with her on any websites? Anybody have any information pertaining to her reappearance to the adult scene? I really enjoyed Balls Deep 2 with her, and Heavy Metal (Her scenes w/ Lex rock). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Rare Taylor St. Claire File?
I was asked by a reader to send them the golden shower clip of TSC from Cocktails 2 because I mentioned I would share it with any who asked. I indeed sent them the file and they in turn sent me back this link...[DELETED! ILLEGAL FILESHARING IS NOT ALLOWED HERE - FLASH]My computer is a piece of shit and my internet disconnects every ten minutes so I ...
Taylor St. Claire or Tricia Devereaux
Easily no contest here. Taylor St. Claire for me. I just make this thread because Tricia was rude to me in another one so I thought I'd put her up against a Goddess. Tricia is plenty pretty herself but it was ridiculous that Taylor was not cast in the sequel of of the greatest porn movies of all time. Tricia is a bigwig for the ...
I wish Taylor St. Claire would make a cumback
Prettiest woman to do porno period! I mean exclamation mark. I really wish she would make a porno cumback. Some one should bargain with her and pay her twice as much as she wants because she is a living legend and you know it! Think about all Taylor St. Claire has done for porno. She did American Cocksucking Championship 7 in 2000 and the blowbang ...
Amy Reid or Taylor St. Claire?
Both of these ladies are very beautiful and natural Goddesses. They are two of the most sexy ladies in porn and their careers kind of took a similar path. First, glamour stuff and masturbation to girl-girl to full-fledged hardcore smut. I love Amy. I love Taylor. I love Taylor more so she is my pick. I am interested to see how Hall of Famer Taylor ...
Taylor St. Claire
I've seen her make a few new movies, primarily being fetish related. I have yet to see her star with men again though, as she seems to be reserving herself for the female to female interaction. Anyone know what has become of her, and whether she is truly done with doing boy-girl scenes?? I'd prefer seeing her in more movies like Balls Deep #2 ...
Taylor St. Claire Said the Darndest Thing
It was in Up and Cummers 81 during the interview portion preceding her first anal. Randy West asked her which man she'd most like to fuck in the world and she replied, "George Clooney, but he's gay." Topic Moved by - ultradamno on Jan 18 2006
Taylor St. Clair...
your thoughts and recommendations?
Taylor St. Claire Swallowing?
Are there any Videos of This hot star swallowing? She has always been one of my favorites. Edited by - 4theheart on Jan 17 2004
is this woman Taylor St. Clair?
is the woman Taylor St. Clair? Topic Moved by - MLyons on Oct 19 2003
Taylor St. Clair - more extreme movies
hi adt, i've noticed taylor surfing the web lately, are there any recommendations from you guys ? i'm espacially interested in movies containing some harder stuff :) cheers, waterproof
Can anyone ID this scene by Taylor St. Clair? Nice maid outfit. ;)
Interview with Taylor St. Claire
AVNInsider has an interview with Taylor here.
Any Taylor St. Claire Fans?
I have Rocki Road's Wet Dreams, Sexterstrials, and Promises which is my favorite Taylor movie. Any suggestions to any more good Taylor movies? Topic Moved by - Bill Broderick on Jun 10 2002
Met Taylor St. Claire last night!
Actually, I got to meet her Friday night while she was signing autographs, then went back last night for her live show. Taylor was both beautiful and charming, although I was surprised to see how tall she is in person (5'-8"). She signed my copy of Anabolic's Balls Deep 2 (she hadn't even seen the finished cover). Sadly, the turnout for h ...