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What is Taylor Rain up to??
I have been out of the scene for a while and was wondering where she's gone. I know she got into some directing but nothing definitive. Thanks
Taylor Rain
I've been watching porn for 20 years or so now and I'm embarressed to say that I just discovered Taylor Rain. How did I miss this one? For the last 2 years or so I've pretty much just been buying Jay Sins releases (My wife and I are anal/lesbian fans, that's right I am that lucky, and he ruined everything else for us) and select all-girl titles. ...
Jenna Haze or Taylor Rain?
Who did you like seeing more of when they both first started out in the biz? When they were practically unknowns, shooting gonzo, & before either one of them became contract stars.
Racist Pornstar ; Taylor Rain
MOD:Based on your two posts so far, you created this account for no reason other than to trash Taylor. Please brush up on the forum etiquette you consented to while setting up your account before posting again. Thanks.Edited by - Roads To Moscow on Jan 28 2012
Taylor Rain scene ID?
Can anyone tell me what movie this scene is from?Thanks ...
Jenna Haze and Taylor Rain DVDs for sale
HiI am new on here and have a few DVDs i would like to sell.They are:1. Jenna Haze Dark Side (Jules Jordan Video 2 Disc Set) £15 free postage2. The Best of Jenna Haze (3 DVD Collectors Item) £15 free postage3. I love Taylor Rain £10 free postageOr will sell all 3 together for £35 with free postageAll the DVDs have been watched a ...
Alternative to Taylor Rain
I like the appearance of Taylor Rain very much. Unfortunately, she is not so active now. Could you please recommend me alternative porn stars?Her actions are hot as well, but I am mainly looking for actresses who have Taylor's appearance. So, my criteria are: * Beautiful -- beautiful girl rather and cute girl * Natural -- no implant job on her brea ...
Taylor rain scene
There is a scene where taylor is with a big stuffed animal. What is the name of the movie? Thanks.
Taylor Rain First Anal
Does Anyone know when Taylor Rain did First Anal Scene? if so what is the video called? anyone have detail on that video?thanks
Scott Fayner retires because of Taylor Rain.
Gene Ross had picked up my story wondering what the hell happened to Scott Fayner and his site. Because I’m a pessimist and think the worst of every situation, I thought something horrible happened.Now it’s been revealed by Gene that Taylor Rain had asked Scott to be the godfather of her new baby under the condition that he leaves porn. ...
Taylor Rain
Can anybody help me find something related to Taylor Rain? She was in all scenes of a film (maybe a compilation), probably at the beginning of her carreer. In one long scene of the film we can see her walk naked over a highway early in the morning and in the streets of an industrial area. Has anybody a clue about her? Thanks a lot.
Taylor Rain and Fayner? I'd say so.
This weekend I made an impulse buy in a bookstore of page 137 and page 138 and draw your own conclusions.Anyone read the article referred to on page 138?edited to improve readability slightly, by breaking one sentence into two.Edited by - Gentleman Jon on Mar 18 2008
Taylor Rain pregnant !!!!
Word travels fast, a little stork landed on my shoulder and told me that ms. Rain is pregnant with her sugar daddy's baby. word is she is keeping the baby. Does that mean it's a sugar baby??Edited by - The Mighty Thor on Feb 2 2008
your all time favorite scene starring Taylor rain?
Just curious...needed some recommendations for the best of the best scenes of taylor rain .Topic Moved by - bono-ONE on Jul 29 2007
taylor rain movie id
anyone know what movie this is with taylor rain?
Help ID movie with Taylor Rain
I just saw some screencaps of a movie with Taylor with white stockings and a very little white top with short sleeves in it. The pic was on usenet so I can't link to it here. Anyone have ideas of what the movie was?
Why Taylor Rain does not fuck black men?
Anybody knows
Taylor Rain scene ID?
Anyone know the name of the blow job only movie where Taylor blows a guy dressed up as one of Santas elves?
Taylor Rain's dirtiest moments ever?
Hey all, I have always thought Taylor Rain was hot as hell but havent really watched any of her movies. I have heard that she is an extremely dirty girl (and loves it). What do you think would be some of her dirtiest moments caught on camera, or stories you have heard about some of the shit she has gotten herself in to? EMC
Take A Ride With Taylor Rain!!!
BIKES, BOOZE AND BABES...WHEN THE DUST CLEARS THERE'LL BE SOME FUCKING GOING ON! TORRID ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS TAYLOR RAIN'S OFFROAD ADVENTURE Porn Valley, CA - Think of some words that best describe Taylor Rain. Wild. Dirty. Rowdy. One more? Okay. How's ballsy? The girl even goes hard on holidays. A real hell&# ...
Title of movie with Taylor Rain (?!)
Could somebody please help me out with the name of this movie with lovely Taylor Rain? Taylor Rain Edited by - lordasmus on Oct 6 2006
Taylor Rain thoughts
Taylor Rain scene: Is this from a movie?
I was mindlessly browsing through Freeones this morning, and I came across this gallery with Taylor Rain in red and black stockings, shoes, garter belt and arm warmers, and with a tailed butt plug. Is that on DVD anywhere, and if so, which movie is it from? I'm pretty sure I've already ruled out Taylor's one movie credit for Private.
Scenes where Taylor Rain can't take the guy
I'm wondering if there have ever been any scenes where Taylor Rain "met her match" in terms of a guy giving it to her too rough, too deep, etc. where she is clearly seen giving the guy the stiff-arm to back him off and slow things down... something along the lines of when Gina Lynn tried to take Lexington Steele and was begging for a time ...
Taylor Rain Anal fisting
Has Taylor ever tried anal fisting? I know if could tried, she would definetly succeed. I saw one of the clip on the internet where she has 4 fingers of both her hands on in the ass. can anyone tell me which movie is this from?
Teen Handjobs 2 from Taylor Rain Ships Today
LEND ME A HAND, WILL YOU? DEFIANCE FILMS' TEEN HANDJOBS 2 Defiance Films is proud to announce the follup up release to last years smash hit 'Teen Handjobs 1' . Teen Handobs 1 sold out in just three weeks of release, and the follow up offers even MORE sloppy handjobs provided by todays hottest and youngest stars with the headline being Di ...
Question for Taylor Rain
hey hun, first of all thanks for taking the time to post here. how did you feel on that BeTheMask-scene? you weren't really sick/ill on that guys second (anal) attempt, were you? not that I'm complaining or anything, just out of curiosity ;) anyways, I wish you best luck for your directing career though I bet that you won't need any =) ...
Taylor Rain Welcome
Taylor is posting now. Edited by - francios on Mar 2 2006
Congratulations to new mommy Taylor Rain
From There's no sense in hiding it, it's going to come out sometime or another... so it may as well be here on her site. She's been out of the spotlight for a little bit now, writing the occasional story for Lukeford and her own website Defiance Films contract director Taylor Rain is a proud new mot ...
Taylor Rain Launches Official Website
She's been in the business for 5 years, has been recognized as one of the top performers since she started and never once has endorsed a website as her own. There have been countless sites adding her name to it, but not until now has there been one where TMFR calls her own. Taylor Rain has officially launched her one and only member site ...
Taylor Rain's most pops in a scene?
Curious what movies/scenes she has done where she takes the most number of guys, pops, positions, etc. This is excluding any sort of bukake sort of stuff where it's just a bunch of guys lining up and wanking until they cumm on her at the end or something... I'm talking about where she's actually fucked a bunch of guys in a row and causes each ...
Taylor Rain Announces Retirement from Performing
Posted on Fayner Posts: I'm so damn generic. Go where the herd does. Excitement comes in the form of Ben & Jerry's free Ice Cream Day every May 2nd. Never stole, partook, enjoyed, fibbed, embarrassed or misbehaved. I'm the guy in the back with the broken walkman and the acceptable slacks who never rustles a feather unless the ...
Taylor Rain retires? : Anyone else see this? Fayner Posts: I'm so damn generic. Go where the herd does. Excitement comes in the form of Ben & Jerry's free Ice Cream Day every May 2nd. Never stole, partook, enjoyed, fibbed, embarrassed or misbehaved. I'm the guy in the back with the broken walkman and the acceptable slacks who never rustles a feather un ...
Taylor Rain's <i>Assylum</i> out now
Taylor Rain's Assylum See Taylor Rain as you have never seen her before. Get into the mind of Taylor as she goes back to her younger days and remembers her journey into sex. Don't miss this explosive title, allowing you to see deep inside Taylor Rain, as she remembers her earliest sexual experiences all the way to her rise of pornstar stardom to ...
Taylor Rain Presents SPUNK IN THE TRUNK
From Defiance: November 10 , 2005 Taylor Rain Unleashes Spunk In The Trunk!!! Leave it to Taylor Rain to come up with a title like this. Nothing but ANAL CREAMPIE's as Taylor Rain directs a bevy of young sluts, including Deja Daire, Missy Monroe, Naudia Nyce, Julie Knight and Keeani Lei through the rigors of sucking and fucking only to pol ...
Where can i find these Taylor Rain Pics
I've never seen them before and she looks mint (as per usual) Taylor Rain Latex[/url
Taylor Rain's Ski Bitch Releases
Torrid Entertainment's ‘Ski Bitch' Will Melt Even The Most Frigid Poles Ski Bitch , the much anticipated release by Torrid Entertainment , is a nasty double hand-job title with a slippery wet twist, and it features a stellar cast of beauties who love to whack off stiff poles while simulating the action of sliding down a mountains ...
Taylor rain admits blacks
have huge dicks and are good in bed. And Cytheria said they fuck good excerpt from an interview with Taylor Rain Drugs," said Rain. "I just broke up with my ex-husband. I was going through hard times and all I wanted to do was party and have a good time. That's what me and Scott did. Me and Scott went everywhere together." Cyth ...
Happy Birthday Taylor Rain
from There are days that you think back and remember, there are days you can't wait to forget, and then there are some days that are etched in your mind and you won't ever forget. Today is one of those days. Today is TAYLOR RAIN'S BIRTHDAY!!! Most of you see her as a pothead and pornstar. However, there are some of us who g ...
Has Taylor Rain a web site?
I just love this little hottie she is so cute and really nasty. Do someone know if she has an official website or something where you can read what she is up too now. Its been a while since she has done some new scenes i think
Does Taylor Rain do public appearances?
Like autograph and photo sessions? Does she dance at clubs? I'd like to get my picture taken with her but can't find any info on appearances.
Win 2 Days On Set with Contract Star Taylor Rain!
Win A Day On Set with Contract Star Taylor Rain! As of today (August 21) the bid stands at $1456.00 dollars, with 41 bids thus far. 16 hours left to bid. Mallcom, Defiance Films Team Up to Offer TWO Grand Prizes! BID ON THIS AUCTION ON EBAY - ITEM #7538881537 Glen Cove, NY ( ) – Hot on the heels of their firs ...
Taylor Rain's First Scene?!
Just a heads-up - don't know if it's been mentioned on these forums before... I stumbled on Knob Ryder's Pop Goes The Cherry... it credits Taylor Rain (or her twin) as "Nikki Star" and says it's her very first scene... - Pornmaster Mike Topic Moved by - Bill on Jan 13 2003
Taylor Rain movie scene
I remember watching an online video clip of Taylor Rain a while ago, which doesn't exist anymore. I was wondering if someone can maybe help me ID the scene and what movie it might be from. I can't remember much, but it was a double penetration scene which ended in a good facial by one of the guys. If I recall, the scene was set in some kind of ...
ConGrats Taylor Rain :o)
Taylor Rain has now become a Defiance/Torrid contract girl Taylor Rain Goes Exclusive With Defiance/Torrid Keep Up The Good Work Taylor :o)
Taylor Rain --- 5 Guy Cream Pie
What is Taylor Rain up to lately. Is she still doing alot of scenes. The scene I would like to see her do is: 1. "5 guy cream pie" by Kick Ass Pictures: She needs to do this movie for her fans. She already is a Kick Ass girl but she needs to do this nasty movie to add to her impressive career accomplishments. I would be so envious of t ...
seeing high school pictures of &quot;taylor rain&quot;
makes me wonder why on earth would such a sweet, innocent looking, young person would want to be go into such an industry when she grew up. i'm a hypocrite, i admit it. i love the sexual feelings that viewing porn gives me, yet i can't stop feeling sorry for the girls at the same time. they have been turned into sexual objects for the sexual gra ...
DefianceFilms Ships Teen Handjobs with Taylor Rain
Defiance Films Ships 'Teen Handjobs' Defiance Films and director Vincent Voss present 'Teen Handjobs' . The first in this series specifically filmed for fans of manual metacarpus aficionados focuses on budding beauties under the age of 21, stroking and choking rigid cocks. Cum shot after cum shot releasing pent up loads of man milk t ...
Is this Taylor Rain?!? Edited by - nietzsche on Jul 7 2005
Taylor Rain recommendations
It might prove difficult to come up with a sensible answer to this question, but give it a try anyway: I'm looking for two or three films starring Taylor Rain - which titles should I be looking for in your opinion? (if it's possible at all to narrow it down to the two or three best movies). Topic Moved by - scipio on Jun 28 2005
Taylor Rain to Direct for Defiance Films
Taylor Rain , will be directing her first title for Defiance Films. Her first title will be Voyeur Handjobs . It will be a Pro/Am title, with porno girls jirking off ordinary Joe's from local shopping malls, parking lots and just about anywhere else. And with taylor directing, expect lots of spit, lots of dirty talk and Taylor jumping into the s ...
Taylor Rain to Direct for Defiance Films
Taylor Rain , will be directing her first title for Defiance Films . Her first title will be Voyeur Handjobs . It will be a Pro/Am title, with porno girls jirking off ordinary Joe's from local shopping malls, parking lots and just about anywhere else. And with taylor directing, expect lots of spit, lots of dirty talk and Taylor jumping into the ...
Rd 1a Monica Sweetheart vs Taylor Rain
Monica Sweetheart courtesy of Jack's Playground IAFD , Eurobabes , EGAFD rieekan333 on Monica Sweetheart : Monica truly is a sweetheart. She's the girl next door but at the same time she's an adult supermodel. She's the girl you can bring home to your parents (and we owe a big thanks to her parents), but at the same time sh ...
Taylor Rain work slowdown?
Hey man, is she on strike or something? I need a new scene or two or three for my, ahem, fix that is.
Taylor Rain
Can anyone recommend any hard anal/dp/dap titles starring this fuck machine? I have just got Ass 2 Mouth and she is HOT Lazenby Avid Viewer Of Hard Rough Gonzo Anal Sex. ADT GOLD TRADER!!! Edited by - lazenby on May 16 2005
Taylor Rain IR?
I found in canadian "Purely 18" review of april 4 pics of Taylor with a black guy there is no article or explanation of this photoshoot. Anybody knows when it had been shot? Are there any informations of this Taylor's turning to IR? Are there any place in which i can upload those pics without any problem?
Anyone know what Taylor Rain movie this is?
Taylor Rain Movie Topic Moved by - MLyons on Apr 5 2005
Taylor Rain--big anal fuck?
What are her good anal scenes? Big dicks, good camerawork, gaping....?
What's up with Taylor Rain?
I'm just wondering if anyone knows when her first IR scene with Mr. Marcus is going to be released? Also, I want to know if anyone has seen any hot new scenes of her. I need more for my collection. -PornoPunK
ID Taylor Rain movie please
Can anybody ID the movie this Taylor Rain scene is from please? (the clips are towards the bottom of the page).
Taylor Rain question . . . .
I don't tend to get fixated on a particular porn star, per se, although I do have my few favorites. Typically, I'm more interested in the naturally voluptuous ripe look, or taller leggy types with photo-model faces. But Taylor Rain really does it for me, and I'm not sure why. She's quite petite, with very slender (some would say "skinny") ...
Looking for a review (Taylor Rain)
I can't seem to find a review of "Taylor Rain aka Filthy Whore". If no reviews, has anyone seen it, and is it worth the purchase?
Taylor Rain DAP?
Can anyone tell me if Taylor Rain has done a double anal and what vids they are in? TIA lordish
Taylor Rain IR scene released this year?
Does anyone know if the Taylor Rain/ Mr. Marcus scene will be released anytime soon? I've heard a few insiders have confirmed that it does exist. I for one, am looking forward to seeing it! -PornoPunK
Taylor Rain at AVN Expo
Hey guys. I'm a long time lurker first time poster on this board. Went to the Expo on Friday but I didn't see the girl that was #1 on my list. Anybody know where Taylor Rain was signing. I'm going again on Sunday. Thanks
Fav. Taylor Rain Scene
What is your favorite Taylor Rain Scene, out of all I've seen Service Animals 13/ Brandon Iron and Manuel Ferrara Two in the Seat- Ferrara and Holmes Flesh Hunter 5- Auto Shop 4 Man Gang Bang
TAYLOR RAIN's most intense ANAL scene ???
i am looking for RAINs best anal scene, well i know all of her are great, but whats the scene with the best gapes and ass fingering? she has done quite an amount of movies so to get an overview is wquite hard. maybe somebody out there can help me. by the way ... is she also registered here? and is it true she stopped porn cause of her boyfriend? ...
Taylor Rain NEW MOVIE !!!
Hey Everyone ! Taylor Rain has a BRAND NEW MOVIE OUT !!! IN STORES THIS WEEK !! HOT ANAL ACTION from the QUEEN OF ANAL SEX !!! "Up In The Club LA" Pick it up TODAY !!!! From a new company that brings you HOT GIRLS, and EVEN HOTTER SEX !!! Astrux Entertainment / Metro Interactive !!! for more info: ...
Please help with Taylor Rain movie
There have been two recent reviews of this DVD here, but I can't seem to find it. The Taylor Rain scene has her showing up and the director is suprised - he has forgotten he booked her. A porn stud happens to show up and being the good guy he is pitches in. Anal ensues (hey, its not a sit-com). If this rings a bell, please help out.
Taylor Rain scene ID
Link 1 Link 2 Lovely Is it from a movie or from some exclusive website? It looks like COHF or something like that... I can't identify the other girls, although I'm sure I've seen the blonde somewhere else. Thanks in advance. MOD: Changed explicit images to links. Edited by - Bill on Nov 14 2004
Taylor rain scene question
There are two scenes, in one she wears a candy necklace and is directed by someone off camera. The other she is with 3-4 guys and takes a huge facial, she wears a pink leather belt around her waist and neck in this one. What movies are these two scenes from, thanks?
Taylor Rain pics
Anywhere I can get good pics besides the ones at Freeones? I don't know what it is about her, she is as thin as a twig but she's not like the rest.
Looking for Taylor Rain goods
Can anyone recommend Sites and DVDs featuring this beauty.
taylor rain 'fuck my ass'
i am a big fan of taylor rain. i recently see in a buttman mag a pic of her with lovely white pants on, with the message 'fuck my ass' it didnt say what movie this from. do any of you know which film this is from/
Taylor Rain's Real Name
Hey, I know Taylor's first name is (edited). Is the the last name (edited)? Edited by - DenverDon on Oct 1 2004
Attention to all Taylor Rain-Fans !
Check this site! dildo-scene Fantastic clip! Edited by - lordasmus on Sep 21 2004
Please ID this Taylor Rain - movie !!!!
Taylor Rain movie What is the name of this fantastic movie? Please help me out!
Please ID a scene with Taylor Rain!
Can anyone tell from which movie are these clips with Taylor Rain? fantastic Taylor Rain Thank you so much for your kind assistance!
Please ID scene with Taylor Rain!
Scene with Taylor Thank you for your help!
Taylor Rain or $3 Million Dollar Mercedes
If you were given the choice of the sexual services of Taylor Rain at your beck and call for 10 years OR the $3 million dollar Mercedes (in the pic) which would you pick and why. Click here for Taylor Rain and $3 million dollar car Just in case clicking the link doesn't work here is the link: Edited ...
Is it me or is Taylor Rain gaining weight?
On there are a few pics of Taylor Rain. Are those recent pics? If they are it appears T.R. is packing on some pounds. Good for her. Especially in the pic posing with a car squating down, even looks like a little beer gut. Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Aug 13 2004
Taylor Rain
1) She's never done IR, has she? I'm pretty sure she hasn't. I'm just checking. 2) Has anybody seen Angels Of Debauchery yet? I read two reviews. Selena says her anal scene is intense as usual. Saki says the action is pretty relaxed, not the usual Taylor Rain. Well, which is it? Her scene is with a police officer who arrests her and asks her for ...
ID Taylor Rain-movie!
Does anyone know from which movie these fantastic clips with lovely Taylor are? Thank you very much for your help!
Need help for an ID of Taylor Rain Scene...
I'm hoping that someone out there has watched her scene in which she shoves a maglite up her ass??...I think that she even turns it on & shines it in there. Thanks guys..I greatly appreciate it!! Edited by - GonzoAnalFan on Jul 24 2004
Looking for Taylor Rain anal masturbation
Anyone know of any flicks with Taylor Rain performing good solo anal masturbation either with toys or her fingers. Thanks for any help.
Has Taylor Rain begun escorting?
I'm wondering because I ran across this the other day when I googled pictures of her.
Taylor Rain scenes
In Un-Natural Sex Taylor Rain mentions a couple of scenes in her interview. One was a scene where she stuck a flash light up her ass. She says it was for an Anabolic/Diabolic movie. I can't seem to find this in the reviews here. Anybody know which title this is? Is is from when she was healthier looking? She also mentions having done anothe ...
Is Taylor Rain enough to make MH Extreme 20 good?
Well, I love Taylor Rain's work, and I'd like to get a cross-section of her scenes. I notice she did a scene for Max Hardcore which shows up in Max Hardcore Extreme 20...but this guy spooks me a bit. I mean, the boxcover has Taylor dressed up like a little girl in the infamously tasteless Max Hardcore way...and while Taylor would look gorgeous doin ...
anal DVD recomm. with TAYLOR RAIN?
looking for an intense anal movie with TALOR RAIN, has anbody some recommendations? there are simply a lot dvds out yet so i'm not sure which to take. thx in advance
Please help to ID Taylor Rain movie! Thank you very much for your kind assistance!
Taylor Rain
Has Taylor Rain ever done interracial?
Searching for Taylor rain movie (help plz)
Hello I am searching for a movie of Taylor Rain but I dont know they title. I will try to discribe the beginning of the scene: The scene start where Taylor talks to the camera (wearing a blue dress) and says: "follow me" Then she walks to a couch where she sits down and says: Hi whats youre name? My name is Taylor Rain I am 20 years ol ...
reviews of 'taylor rain exposed'?
i tried looking for reviews of this but couldnt find any. anyone have it?
Best Taylor Rain scenes?
Can someone list some of Taylor Rain's best scenes?
Taylor Rain On Howard Stern Today
Taylor appeared on Howard Stern's radio show from the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Of course she was stoned and had to be bleeped for saying 'fuck' a few times. She sounded quite adorable. Her breast popped out of her torn t-shirt once. They asked her to recreate her now famous orgasm sounds that Howard has been playing incessantly for weeks now but ...
Please ID This movie with Taylor Rain! Thank you so much!
Taylor Rain - which movie?
Could you help me to identify this movie: Thank you very much for your help! Topic Moved by - hardware on May 6 2004
last one....arianna jolee, taylor rain, katin
£12 Anal Teen Tryouts 3 (by Devils Films) please note this is only 1 disc covers SOLD Harder Faster #4 (by digital Sin/New Sensations) DVD's are all original imports from USA, uncut, not R18, perfect cond, with covers. also two VHS for sale £8 VHS Miss Erotica starring Silvia Saint + Rocco + Jean Yves Castel. (this was bo ...
Taylor Rain! Please identify this movie!
This morning I found this link in the web. Who knows from which fantastic movie are those pics/clips? Please help! Thank you so much again:
Play Howard Stern's Bango; Win Date w/ Taylor Rain
Howard Stern is taking his show to Vegas May 11th-13th. Anyone who attends can win a "date" with Taylor Rain. The link says those who vote for Bush can't play.