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Boxcover for Living Doll
Living Doll 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Amber Lynn, Shanna McCullough, Steve Drake, Sharon Mitchell, Joey Silvera, Nina Hartley, Randy Paul, Herschel Savage, Taija Rae, Sloban Hunter
Studio: Western Visuals

Directed by: Jerome Tanner
Release date: 7/29/2011
Living Doll reviews:
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"Living Doll" -- It's like a pornographic version of the mainstream hit, "Toy Story", but it came out eight years earlier. Indeed, this fine, 1987 film from director Jerome Tanner and Western Visuals features a toy store populated by toys that are far more than simply playthings--they're living, breathing beings. Of course, as with all living, breathing beings, these living, breathing beings like to FUCK...A LOT.
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Boxcover for Driller: A Sexual Thriller XXX
Driller: A Sexual Thriller XXX 
(2.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Angelique, Renee Summers, George Payne, Taija Rae, Esmeralda, Cassandra Leigh, Gypsy, Michelle Maren, Rod Retta, Dick Howard, Frank Serrone, Mr. J, Carson Dy, Peter Jay, Quazi Modo
Studio: Devil's Den

Directed by: Joyce James
Release date: 1/25/2011
Driller: A Sexual Thriller XXX reviews:
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DRILLER: A SEXUAL THRILLER (1984/2010---Devil's Den) is a re-release of the "notorious sex horror classic" that's a parody of Michael Jackson's music video, Thriller. Here is a review.
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Although this might not be an overly hot piece of smut, this is still a movie that's well worth checking out just due to its creativity. This is a very nicely done parody of Michael Jackson's classic, and is more than a little ambitious even by today's standards. The technical aspects are quite impressive for the age of the movie and the extras show some decent effort thanks to a very nice video interview and a short audio interview. This one isn't going to be for everybody, but it's still worth checking out.
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Boxcover for Rock Hard (Cal Vista)
Rock Hard (Cal Vista) 
(3.0 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Mai Lin, Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Eric Edwards, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Lili Marlene, Francois Papillon, Taija Rae, Patti Cakes
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Bob Vosse
Release date: 3/24/2009
Rock Hard (Cal Vista) reviews:
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Classic 80s feature about a heavy metal" group, The Sextelettes, who seduce their way to the top of music industry food chain in an effort to get the elusive "airplay" for their video, "Hotter Than Hot." Sounds too good to be true, and it would be if it weren't for some fun performances, a truly bizarre sex scene with Patti Cakes, and a kick-ass song.
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You know, even with a steady stream of gonzo flicks, I think that there's always room in for some old-school porn. Of course, to me, old-school means mid-1980 and before. One film I remember seeing on VHS years ago was Rock Hard, with Taija Rae as Adonna, leader of the Sexelettes (with the sexy and legendary Nina Hartley as Cindi and Patti Cakes as Ultra-Box). As you can guess, these ladies will do anything and anyone (DJ's, managers, etc.) to get to the top.
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Rock Hard is a mid 80ís romp that revolves around the rock band, The Sexolettes and their quest to make it big in the video rock world.
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Boxcover for Sexrageous
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Laura Clair, Alban Ceray, Taija Rae, Elisabeth Bure, Guy Royer, Gabriel Pontello, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Lucie Doll, Richard Lemieuvre, Anna Veruska, Hubert Geral, Jacques Gatteau, Omar Faudel
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Burd Tranbaree
Release date: 1/10/2007
Sexrageous reviews:
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Lovely Taija Rae is our hostess for SEXRAGEOUS (1986, Caballero Home Video) as her banter bookends a wild Burd Tranbaree French film LES FEMMES MARIEES aka LES DAMES DE COMPAGNIE from 1980. Richard Lemieuvre stars as Philip, a catalyst for much of the action between swinging couples in and around Paris. This wacky film packs plenty in its 80 minutes and this dubbed in English version rarely hinders the terrific little sex flick. Standard frame.
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Boxcover for Voyeur (VCA)
Voyeur (VCA) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Michael Knight, Sheri St. Clair, Robert Bullock, Tish Ambrose, George Payne, Taija Rae, Jack Wagner
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chuck Vincent
Release date: 12/20/2005
Voyeur (VCA) reviews:
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Title: Voyeur Company: VCA (LFP, Inc.) Length: 77 minutes VHS Release: 1985 DVD Release: December 20, 2005 Condoms: None Directed by: Chuck Vincent Director of Photography: Larry Revene Written by: Chuck Vincent and John Blaise BOXCOVER SYNOPSIS: One man's pleasure is another man's obsession! Erotic auteur Chuck Vincent brings you an uncommonly well made sexual adventure. Voyeur is a mix between Hitchcock and huge, stiff cock made in the lavish Hollywood style. Featuring Robert Bullock, we follow a bitter ex-cop as his life takes a bizarre twist the day he meets a shady lawyer. After being hired to spy on a wealthy and promiscuous socialite he finds himself beyond obsession with this lustful and mysterious woman. As his sexual intensity mounts from watching the socialites smoldering encounters Robert must sweat it out while watching from afar.
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Boxcover for Swedish Erotica 28: Interracial Video Vixens
Swedish Erotica 28: Interracial Video Vixens 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Paul Thomas, John Holmes, Tracy Adams, Chelsea, Sheri St. Clair, Taija Rae
Studio: Odyssey

Release date: 5/16/2005
Swedish Erotica 28: Interracial Video Vixens reviews:
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Another excellent compilation of old Swedish Erotica loops. This one features many vignettes that involve interracial sex scenes - with the best ones usually involving threesomes. One very good loop involves a moonshiner (Paul Thomas) getting it on with two chicks - a very pretty brunette and a black girl. The brunette straddles the moonshiner's hips as he drives his massive, throbbing schlong deep into her convulsing pussy. The black girl - hungering for the brunette's sweet pussy juices - dives down between the brunette's legs to begin cunnilingus, but is blocked by the brunette's shiny purple satin garter belt.
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Boxcover for Candida Royalle's Urban Heat
Candida Royalle's Urban Heat 
(2.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Taija Rae, David Sandler
Studio: Femme Productions

Directed by: Candida Royalle
Release date: 8/23/2004
Candida Royalle's Urban Heat reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 77 min. (cover states 60 min.) Production Date: 1984 Director: R. Lauren Niemi Cast: Marita Ekberg, Klaus Multia, Sharon Kane, David Israel - Sandler, Taija Rae, Scott Baker, Chelsea Blake, K. Y. Lee, Cassandra Leigh, David Scott, Tish Ambrose, David Ambrose, Carol Cross, and Bernard Daniels The Short Story Initial Expectations: Candida Royalle hasnt done too much to impress me. Im not expecting that to change much here. Initial Reaction: Ive gotten more turned on by department store mannequins. Who Should Watch It : Insomniacs Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who has to drive a car or operate any heavy machinery after watching it or who wants to watch sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: For a twenty year old movie, the technical aspects are nicely done. Sadly, the audio is roughly 95 music, with very few vocals from any of the performers. The video shows a little grain, but is normally nicely lit. Music: The music has a definitely eighties feel.
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I have always been intrigued by porn made by women for women and couples. Why? Well, it's simple I'm not a woman; I like checking out stuff that's not meant for me. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Kidding aside, I just heard about Femme and that they make softer porn. I do like softer features (I grew up watching Emmanuelle) and I was curious about Candida Royalle's efforts. Urban Heat is, if I am not mistaken, the first or the second movie she manufactured with her Femme Productions. It's original date goes back to 1984 (according to This is Adam & Eve/Femme DVD re-release. Technical Runtime: 60 mins. Region: all Audio/Video: reasonably good, but with some artifacts. One scene is completely ruined. Audio is clear. Menu: Pretty basic. The captions appear to be too small and since the font is curvy, it's hard to read. Feature Title: Urban Heat Production Year: 1984-85 (?) Producer/Writer: Candida Royalle Director: R.
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Boxcover for She's So Fine (VCA)
She's So Fine (VCA) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Rachel Ashley, Jerry Butler, Taija Rae
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Henri Pachard
Release date: 9/24/2003
She's So Fine (VCA) reviews:
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Overview Henri Pachard has mad some classic stuff, Budding of Brie, Jailhouse Girls, etc, etc. So does this slice of Golden Age pie taste sweet, or sour ? What I Liked Kinda cool seeing old faves like Rachel Ashley, Taija Rae, and Sharon Mitchell in their prime suckin' and fuckin'. As a lover of full bush ( yum ) , gotta say I dug full coochie rug look sported here. What I Disliked Well, the whole plot of mayhem ensuing on the day of a wedding rehersal, with new wave band guests appearing, and the groom disappearing was just way too silly. The sex was pretty tame, and quick. Anal ? Not here . Facials and big loads period, nah uh. So we have a bizarre plot, weak ass sex. Shit. DVD Quality Transfer of an oldie, you'd figure its not quite modern quality, and you'd be correct. Not grainy and splotchy though, just ok. Extras ? Ha ha ha. Overall Thoughts Not the best golden age flick, no, not by a long ass mile.
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