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Boxcover for Hairy Teenage Pussy
Hairy Teenage Pussy 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Laura, Zoi, Alana, Suzie, Zoya
Studio: Teen Erotica

Release date: 9/12/2012
Hairy Teenage Pussy reviews:
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Teen Erotica has been known to me for their lack of effort not in the movies but the post editing/final/presentation, they cannot get a girl with a name to stick with every movie is a different name for them, and also Juicy Ent. does this, not totally their fault but like I said a bit of effort won't hurt anyone, on this movie, I go to the scene selection and it was a complete mess, not following the order, hard to do a clean review especially since the scenes cut on pieces not following after each other.
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Boxcover for My Girlfriend Caught On Tape
My Girlfriend Caught On Tape 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David Perry, Angelina, Paula, Suzie, Laura Lion, Omar Galanti, Kyra Black, Dominno
Studio: Unparalleled Productions

Release date: 2/29/2012
My Girlfriend Caught On Tape reviews:
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Below average inconsistent technical aspects that consistently holds back the sex and no effort towards the extras does not a good release make. Skip it.
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Boxcover for Girls Interrupted 3
Girls Interrupted 3 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sergio, Suzie, Scotti Andrews, Mark Sloan, Talon, Steve Hooper, Leah Luv, Angela Stone, Finess Navaro, Genesis Sky, Hillary Scott, McKenzie Lee, Paola Alves, Vanessa Brandao, Erica Campos, Iasmin Castelli, Roce Fonseca, Luiza Magnon, Jennifer Siguer, Vitor Gaucho, Genesis Skye
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Alex Ladd
Release date: 3/8/2005
Girls Interrupted 3 reviews:
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Third installment of the Girls Interrupted series. Premise is some lesbian action between the girls before the guy interrupts them. Finesse Navaro, Genesis Skye, and Angela Stone: Three cute girls with matching chest sizes. I wonder if Finesse is filipino since she has a hispanic stage name but looks asian. They have fun with some dildo play before the guys arrive. Angela Stone's squirt comes out like a fountain leading me to suspect that it's pee. Talon comes in and Genesis and Angela prove stronger with the stick than Finesse. Talon switches between the girls in doggy as they line up for him but the camera edits don't show the first round of insertion shots. Some more squirting antics from Angela. Cumshot on Finesse's stomach. Good scene. Luiza Magnon, Erica Campos, Jennifer Siguer: Whoaa... Brazilians or at least I think they are due to their skin tone, tan lines, and asses. They're all hot but I cover my eyes when they take off their pants scared that there may be a tranny surprise. Nope no trannies among them.
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Here we go with a series where the girls get to have a little fun with each other before the beef comes in. When we have the g/g loving I'm hoping for a lot of kissing and oral with little or no toys but we'll see what Alex Ladd has come up with as I see our first scene is all cued up so let's get rollin. Finesse, Genesis & Angela: Ok our first bit of fun stars three young ladies. They start out with some black and white tease also introducing the girls one at a time with Finesse being first. The robe she's wearing nicely opens revealing two modest breasts, then it falls down altogether letting us check out her ass. Up next we get Genesis who recently underwent some breast enhancement so here we get to see her perky tits and her nice bootie also gets a look see from the camera. Our last girl to tease us is Angela Stone so perhaps we'll see some squirting at some point during the scene. After all three girls have shown their bodies to us they get on a bed and to bad there are toys already laid out for them to use.
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Boxcover for Party Of Sex 2
Party Of Sex 2 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Drake, Boby, Joel Lawrence, Robert Rosenberg, Krystal DeBoor, Lena, Suzie, Janny, Katarina, Jessica May, Brett Rockman, K.K., Sarah Blue, Daytona, Camelia, Barbara Summer, Janet Alfano, Lenny, Carrie Cruise
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Maurice Phillips
Release date: 9/23/2003
Party Of Sex 2 reviews:
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Here is the second orgy dvd I've seen recently. Erik Everhard did a fine job with the format in Out Numbered so I'm hoping for some similar results here, the cast looks like they are all foreign babes so perhaps the wildness seen in the Out Numbered dvd will be here as well. DVSX has done a solid job on several genres so now they try a new one with the orgy scene. I have a pretty good feeling the results will have something for everyone. Jessica, Viktorie, Katarina, Camelia, & Suzie: We begin this party with a slow pan around showing all the girls with ID's listed for everyone so pay attention!! The number of guys is low so lots of possible 2 on 1 scenarios. The girls are in varying stages of undress and the early action is dominated by blowjobs. The camera doesn't linger to long on one group before you move to another, however you do see hot action at each stop! We also get some hot pussy eating with Viktorie and Suze straddling their respective guys faces.
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Boxcover for Czechmate (Wicked)
Czechmate (Wicked) 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Maria, Carmen, Anastasia, Sandra, Steve Holmes, Suzie, Herschel Savage, George Uhl, Claudio Villa, Villa, Claudio, Sascha, Denis Marti, Evelin, Angela Winter
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Richard Mailer
Release date: 7/24/2003
Czechmate (Wicked) reviews:
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Czechmate Wicked All Sex, Foreign Starring: Sandra, Maria, Anastasia, Sascha, Evelin, Carmen, Suzie, Denis Marti, Steve Holmes, Herschel Savage, Claudio Villa, Georg Uhl Directed By: Richard Mailer Running Time:Feature: 85 minutes, Total: 113 minutes RATINGS Feature + Extras: 4.04 Sex: 4.43 Women: 7.14 FEATURE: This is an all sex film by Richard Mailer. There are six scenes in the feature and a bonus scene. The video seems a little fuzzy compared to other DVDs I've seen on my projector. The chick I.D. is flawed, there is a photo gallery for a woman who is not in the film and no mention of the woman in the third scene anywhere. All of the scenes have the same problems. Bad editing and camera work mix with below average performances and music that is annoying enough to make you punch yourself in the neck, creating mixed bag of badness. The only thing worth watching is the whipped cream blowjob in the first scene.
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Boxcover for Superfuckers 10: Nonstopsex
Superfuckers 10: Nonstopsex 
(4.2 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Yasmine, Alain Deloin, Lena, Suzie, Renate, Aliza, Pierre Woodman, Titof, Melinda, Pascal St. James, Ian Scott, Chris Taylor, Petra Short, Bambie Dolce, Bob Terminator, Williams, Robbie
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Release date: 4/9/2002
Superfuckers 10: Nonstopsex reviews:
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I only review the anal part of movies. Not the guy your looking for if you like details of the plot and romance. I'm here to talk about the dicks in the asses only. The best part of all of Woodman scenes are the casting scenes. Not because I wanna see Woodmans hairy ass but because I love the way he rides hot chicks up their tight butts.
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Superfuckers 10 Directed by Pierre Woodman Private Produced 1/2001 DVD Released early 2002 Cast : Tendora, Lena, Suzie (aka Maria), Aliza (aka Alissa, Alyson), Yasmine/Yasmina Fitzgerald, Sophie (aka Bambie), Marchie (aka Laura, Lara), Adrianna, Melinda, Renata, Petra Short, Alain Akim Deloin, Bob Terminator, Chris Taylor (aka Chris Mountain), Ian/Yann Scott, Pascal St. Clair (aka Pascal St. James), Roby Williams, Titof, Tony Valentine, Pierre Woodman Here we go, with yet another collection of scenes from Pierre Woodman. I have come to realize that these movies, now split among the Superfuckers, Hustler XXX, and Anal Intensive lines, are a decidedly mixed bag. The viewers perception will of course vary, depending on the collection of female talent (the same guys are in everything Woodman does), but it also does seem that Woodman sometimes puts more effort into his scenes than he does on other occasions. Superfuckers 10 sounds promising because it includes some women I particularly enjoy watching.
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Superfuckers 10 (2001) 171 min Studio Private Director Pierre Woodman The Women Adrianna, Aliza, Lena, Marchie, Melinda, Petra Short, Renata, Sophie, Suzie, Yasmine DVD Format Dual Layer Special Features Interactive menus, chapter selection, trailers, photobook, cast, production notes Pros Petra Short, Sophie Cons Marchie, Renata Raincoat Factor High [ /image ] --> Overall: So far, this is the most complete Superfuckers volume I have seen. It was a shame that Yasmine's body was not put to the test. I think Pierre Woodman realized that many watchers were disgusted about the extreme fetish gear because in this round, he kept the fetish to a minimum.
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