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Boxcover for Best Of Lex Vs Mandingo 2, The
Best Of Lex Vs Mandingo 2, The 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Angel, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Mandingo, Suzi Suzuki, Wesley Pipes, Candy Cotton, Monica Sweetheart, Bobbi Barrington, Avy Scott, Candilicious, Jessie J
Studio: Devil's Film

Release date: 1/30/2006
Previews: Movie Trailer
Best Of Lex Vs Mandingo 2, The reviews:
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DreamWeaver Reviews Adult DVD Talk Movie Review: Devil's Film The Best Of Lex vs Mandingo 2 Movie Summary Let the rematch begin! With a title starring Lex and Mandingo, not to mention a handful of pretty blondes and brunettes, you'd expect to find some kick-ass smut. Regrettably, out of the 8 scenes found in the compilation, only the first scene with Avy scott is watchable. As for the majority of the others, they are poorly mastered with one technical nightmare after another. Most suffering from a gritty picture or over-saturation resulting in a very white/bleached picture quality.
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Boxcover for Gangland 12
Gangland 12 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ryan, Regan Starr, Suzi Suzuki
Studio: Devil's Film

Directed by: Dick
Release date: 5/20/2002
Gangland 12 reviews:
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Women: Suzi Suzuki, Regan and Ryan Scene One: Suzi Suzuki and four or five black men (Lexington Steele and Weed) Four black men are sitting on the couch, waiting for a Japanese massager. Suzi (the massager) walked in the door and greet everybody, wearing a black/white dress (with no underwear.) When Suzi kneel on the floor, massaging on a mans back, other guys started to show their big, black cocks to Suzi. One by one, Suzi gave them a short blowjob. She continued to give blowjobs, the men started to take off Suzis dress and Weed lick her pussy. The men put Suzi in the DP as she is gulping down cocks and Weed is doggystyle her. Suzi informed to Weed that his huge dick is DEEP in her ass. The men cheered. Then Lexington Steele gave Suzi a nice doggystyle by standing up. Suzi took a short rest on the sofa before she was mob by a black dick in her pussy and another black dick in her mouth. Suzi is getting orgasm after orgasm.
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Boxcover for Bottom Dweller 5, The
Bottom Dweller 5, The 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alexandra Silk, Tom Byron, Sana Fey, Roxanne Hall, Brian Surewood, Sean Michaels, Raylene, Lexi Leigh, Randee Lee, Marc Wallice, Alex Stone, Hatman, Julian St. Jox, Warner, Sally Layd, Suzi Suzuki, Tonisha Mills, Precious Silver, J.J. Micheals, Peter Romero, Hailey, Patrick Collins, Marc Marcus
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Patrick Collins
Release date: 11/2/2001
Bottom Dweller 5, The reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW Bottom Dweller 5 by Patrick Collins (126 min.) Featuring: Tonisha Mills, Sana Fey, Raylene, Lexi Leigh, Suzi Suzuki, Randee Lee, Warner, Hayley, Roxanne Hall, Mustang Sally Layd, Precious Silver, and Alexandra Silk Synopsis: Harry Dweller has just recovered from the loss of his boat. How will he purchase another one? Overall: Skip it unless Warner and Roxanne Hall gets you going! DVD Quality: For a 1997 video, the DVD transfer holds up well. Extras: It is the standard Elegant Angel DVD fare. Likes: The English Tarts Warner, Hayley, and Roxanne give great performances. Dislikes: Suzi Suzuki! SEX HIGHLIGHTS: For those who don't already know, the bottom dweller is the ship that blew up in the opening credits.
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Boxcover for Everybody Wants Some Bionca Style
Everybody Wants Some Bionca Style 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Nikki Sinn, Misty Rain, Roxanne Hall, Felecia, Johnni Black, Raven McCall, Julie Rage, Bionca, Chandler, Suzi Suzuki, Sweety Pie, Amber Hunter
Studio: NuTech

Directed by: Bionca
Release date: 5/5/2001
Everybody Wants Some Bionca Style reviews:
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Directed by Bionca Starring Felecia, Misty Rain, Chandler, Johnni Black, Raven McCall, Suzi Suzuki, Amber Hunter, Sweetie Pie, Nikki Sinn, Candy Vegas, Roxanne Hall, and Julie Rage. SCENE ONE : Felecia and Misty Rain, both looking great as ever, help each other out of their clothes and do some teasing. Felecia goes down on and rims Misty after a lengthy tease intro. They 69, then Misty puts a rubber glove on and lubes up Felecia and fingers her. Misty now has two gloves on and fucks Felecias pussy with a dildo while fingering her ass. Felecia fingers herself as Misty fucks her ass with fingers and a slim buttplug, then a vibrator. Mistys turn to get fucked by an assortment of toys both in her ass and her pussy. This is a great scene with two great-looking girls who get down for some good girl-girl anal action. SCENE TWO : Chandler looking fit and hot as ever, and Johnni Black, full-bodied goodness, are doing stair climbing exercises, working up a sweat and talking.
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Boxcover for Hungry Heart
Hungry Heart 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sid Deuce, Tom Byron, Lovette, Dave Hardman, Missy, Alex Sanders, Mark Davis, Rick Masters, Shanna McCullough, Nici Sterling, Mickey, Wilde Oscar, Suzi Suzuki
Studio: NuTech

Directed by: Rick Blaine
Release date: 3/27/2001
Hungry Heart reviews:
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Running Time: 106 min. Production Date: 4 / 15 / 1996 Director: Rick Blaine Cast: Shanna McCullough, Missy, Nici Sterling, Sid Deuce, Lovette, Suzi Suzuki, Tom Byron, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Mickey G., Rick Masters, Wilde Oscar, and Dave Hardman Initial Expectations: Theres quite a bit of great talent here that should be able to make this work. Initial Reaction: Its a well done feature that does a good job mixing fetish sex with a couples movie. Who Should Watch It : Anybody whos curious about fetish sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for a more standard couples movie Audio /Video Quality: The audio is often slightly unbalanced and has an electronic sound to it every now and then. Theres also a few dubbed areas and a few areas with no audio outside of the music. The video is normally clear, but has a bit of grain throughout the feature and a few spots where the lighting is a little low, beyond just mood lighting, and some where theres way too much natural light.
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Boxcover for Raw Sex 4 (New Machine)
Raw Sex 4 (New Machine) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Randy West, Jordan McKnight, Jack Hammer, Christina Angel, Suzi Suzuki, Bridgette Belle, Nicollete, Ray Swayze
Studio: New Machine

Release date: 2/10/2001
Raw Sex 4 (New Machine) reviews:
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RAW SEX 4 is yet another pseudo-pro-am series of contrived sex scenes videotaped without any pretense to plot or concept. Actresses are interviewed on-camera by Mr. West, right before they ease into a suck and fuck scene, usually with their obliging host (I can't believe the amount of fresh, young babes this guy gets! Anna- Nicole Smith has a lot in common with the girls here!). If all this sounds familiar, that's because this title follows the tried and true formula of Randy West's UP AND CUMMER series. With the exception of the amateur element found in that long-running title, RAW SEX is fairly indistinguishable from any of his previous work: the camera work, settings and direction are overall simply more of the same (sadly, I am now more familiar with Randy's bedroom decor than the furniture in my own home). Mind you, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when you consider that this method has continued to garner popular acclaim and industry- recognized success even after seventy volumes.
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Boxcover for Sex Driver
Sex Driver 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Hammer, Suzi Suzuki, Giselle Yum, Kyle Phillips, Ted Hunter, Aurora, Mesha, Felony
Studio: Horizon

Release date: 10/16/2000
Sex Driver reviews:
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Scene One: Suzi Suzuki (Hiroko Matsuda) and Giselle Yum (Maria Resurrecion) Giselle (Maria) is wearing a nurse outfit that is covered by a black and long leather coat. She is walking down the street all alone at night in the downtown Los Angeles after finished her shift at the hospital. Giselle had noticed that a white Cadillac is following her. There were three men (the Cadillac Gang) are riding in the car. She didnt pay any attention to the white car until she arrived at Suzis loft showroom. (It is still being constructed.) Meanwhile, Suzi (Hiroko), the fashion designer is working at her desk until she heard a knock at the door. Suzi is wearing a red dress and red high heels. She opened up the front door and kissed her lover, Giselle. They sweet-talk to each other for a short while. Suzi took off Giselles leather black coat and guide her to the stairway. On the stairway, Giselle rubbed her own pussy as she started to lick Suzis pussy. Suzis ass is way up in the air for Giselles fingers to be inserted in her pussy.
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Boxcover for Action Sports Sex 2
Action Sports Sex 2 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Bobby Vitale, Dave Hardman, Raylene, Phyllisha Anne, Rick Masters, Pat Myne, Christgen Wolf, Kristina St. James, Halli Aston, Vanity, Suzi Suzuki, Alana, Zoe May, Robby D.
Studio: Vivid Raw

Release date: 4/24/2000
Action Sports Sex 2 reviews:
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Action Sports Sex 2 Studio: Vivid RAW Starring Female: Kristina St. James, Halli Aston, Christgen Wolf, Vanity, Alana, Phyllisha Anne, Suzi Suzuki, Zoe May Starring Male: Dave Hardman, Bobby Vitale, Rick Masters, Pat Myne, Robby D. Looks: Good looking girls. First Impression: Well what can you expect from a series that bases itself on a sports theme? I dont know. So I had to find out. Plus with these things always on sale for dirt-cheap might as well take a look. Likes: Overall some good looking girls. Some good action. I liked Suzi Suzukis performance. But I think the scene was edited a little too badly. Dislikes: Suzi Suzukis scene seemed a bit too short. Like they cut out stuff to make it fit onto the DVD or VHS (we will never know with Vivid) Music: well I dont exactly remember anything.. so it cant be bad. Review: This is the first DVD of the series I bought & watched. The first scene is rather nasty.
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Boxcover for Asian Bombshells 5 (Sunshine)
Asian Bombshells 5 (Sunshine) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Asia Carrera, Dyanna Lauren, Kyle Stone, Kitty Yung, Sahara Sands, Nici Sterling, Alek Dane, Angelina, Suzi Suzuki, Cumisha, Gabrielle Satomi, Shannon Star, Connie Yung
Studio: Sunshine

Release date: 4/24/2000
Asian Bombshells 5 (Sunshine) reviews:
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As you can see by the numbers, this is a pretty average DVD. Aside from a few scenes which are pretty hot, the only redeeming quality of this release is that it's 4 hours long. Asia Carrera, Tricia Yen, and Kitty Yung are the only big-name girls in this thing and their scenes are pretty good (except hot Kitty Yung gets it on with a chunky white chick instead of a big cock...disappointing!). The rest are pretty much FOB amateurs that you'll probably never see again! And the video quality is nothing to brag about. It's the same thing you're used to seeing on video, except in DVD format. There are no special features to speak of. All you can do is skip from one scene to the next. In fact, the chapters aren't even separated correctly... if you skip to "chapter 2" you'll land in the middle of a scene. This DVD definitely has it's highs and numerous lows.
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Boxcover for Bangkok Boobarella
Bangkok Boobarella 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Asia Carrera, Kia, Suzi Suzuki, Minka, Kellei
Studio: Big Top

Directed by: Graham, John
Release date: 4/24/2000
Bangkok Boobarella reviews:
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Bangkok Boobarella Studio: Big Top Starring Female: Asia Carrera, Suzi Suzuki, Kellei, Kia, Minka Looks: Great looking Asian women. First Impression: Beautiful Asian women. Hey this was voted Best Asian movie of the year. It is also supposed to a great Big Titty movie! Oh how sad I was duped by this. Likes: Cute Asian Girls. Dislikes: This DVD. Not even Asias scenes can save this DVD. Talk about crap. Crappy story. Crappy dialogue. Boring Action. Jittery DVD. Bad Video Quality The Echo Audio effect It is like I see them talking but they dont say anything till their echoes show up. Review: Oh man was this a terrible DVD. It claims to be the best Asian movie of its year. If it really is the best Asian movie for the year it was released then those other movies must have sucked worse then used enema pipes. First off the plot was terrible, hey what was I expecting its a porno. So this guy is looking for an Asian woman with huge breasts to fill this big oversized bra he's found. He puts an ad out it the paper.
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Boxcover for Lotus (Vivid)
Lotus (Vivid) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kobe Tai, Chloe, Monique DeMoan, Stephanie Swift, Suzi Suzuki
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Ralph Parfait
Release date: 4/24/2000
Lotus (Vivid) reviews:
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I was really disappointed. I expected a lot of sensuality and an asian setting. Not even close. About the most memorable part was a standing up 69. The "eastern mythology" description is misleading.
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