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Boxcover for In Man's Country
In Man's Country 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Christian Fox, Sunny Markham, Adam Rom, Todd Stevens, Alan Reeves, Tony Cameron, Andrews, Jake, Chris Ramsey, Kevin Wolf, Karl Bruno, Tom Winston
Studio: Studio 2000

Release date: 2/11/2002
In Man's Country reviews:
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Its Sonny Markhams twenty-first birthday, and his friend Adam Rom takes him out to dinner and then to Chicagos Mans Country. Sonny is a hefty blond bodybuilder with a godlike gym-built physique; Adam is a cute young twink with curly dark hair. Sonny is reluctant to go into a gay place, but Adamwho obviously has designs on Sonnypersuades him. Adams plan begins to have effect when they encounter Chris Ramsey giving head to Tony Cameron in the showers. Since Tony is in ecstasy, Sonny wonders what a blowjob feels like and asks Adam if he will oblige. Naturally this is what Adam has been hoping for and he chows down on Sonnys dick. Sonny likes it! He shoots his load not merely over Adams face, but into his mouth. After he has shot his load he places his still dripping cock between Adams lips! Returning to the shower, they find Tony is now screwing Chris. Yup, Sonny wants to try that too. Once again Adam is only too willing to oblige, and Sonny fucks him in a variety of positions. Well, Sonny has enjoyed this so much that he gets himself a club membership.
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Boxcover for Cockpit Club, The
Cockpit Club, The 
(4.0 stars avg from 4 reviews)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Chaz Carlton, Vince Bandero, Sunny Markham, Talvin Demachio, Jason Branch, Tony Acosta, Tommy Saxx, Kyle Bradford
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Directed by: Michael Zen
Release date: 8/9/2001
Cockpit Club, The reviews:
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Wrestling is not only interesting to gays, but also provides homoerotic stimulation to millions of redneck closet cases. I used to be a fanwhen they wrestledbut nowadays when they spend the time ruining their vocal chords by screaming and growling into microphones and theres hardly any activity in the ring (and the guys are mainly trolls) I no longer watch. So, I was anxious to see The Cockpit Club hoping it would provide some of that old time fun I used to have. It turned out to be a disappointment. The guys are good-looking, it has a plotclichéd but thereyet the sex is bland, bland, bland. The most interesting thing about the film is that it stars Kyle Bradford who became famous when Kyle claimed to have had sex with the worlds biggest box-office star, a statement Kyle made with his eyes wide shut. This proved to be a risky businessand probably a mission impossible, toowhen Kyle found himself being sued by the hunky dude. When we meet Kyle, he is a bouncer in a club. The action begins when Kyle and his lover, Tommy Saxx make-out in the clubs downstairs.
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The Cockpit Club overall is a great production that even has a story to tell and the acting isnt half bad! Kyle Branford is a bouncer at a local bar who gets caught up in underground, hardcore wrestling and seeks revenge on the guy who injured his lover. Im not going to go into a lot of detail here as there are two in depth reviews already detailing the sex/scenes, but instead just a brief note of what I liked and didnt. In general the production values are really high with a lot of detail spent on the sets, look and feel and the audio and video quality were great. The story too is extremely well done which you dont find too often in the porn industry, so my kudos to the writers. Even some of the wrestling looks genuine. Unfortunately the cast left me a bit dissatisfied. Kyle Branford is the lead, hes the one that supposedly went out with Tom Cruise and created such an uproar, I think NOT! The first scene with him and cute Tommy Sax was pretty hot and I enjoyed later on the scene with Talvin DeMachio-I like him anyway, but the others just didnt do it for me.
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THE COCKPIT CLUB directed by Michael Zen Tribal Pulse Productions This is the one that Ive been waiting for, an adult film that mixes a few of my favorite pastimes: sports, sex and hot, sweaty men engaging in contact sports and sex. From the big and brawny to the buff and pint-sized, there are no losers in this cast. Behind the camera is the always interesting, if not always successful, Michael Zen, who knocks himself, and the viewer, out with a well-written script and actors up to its sometimes humorous, always character driven devices. THE COCKPIT CLUB is easily synopsized, another plus, for who really wants a plot-heavy flick when theyre looking the highest testosterone count going? Lovers Kyle Bradford and Tommy Saxx are separated when a barroom scuffle, initiated by wrestler Vince Bandero, lands Saxx in a hospital bed; suffering from a serious concussion. Plotting revenge, Greg seeks out members of The Cockpit Club for training. This is my kinda fight club, as the winner takes it all, sexually, from the loser.
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Boxcover for Glory Holes of Chicago
Glory Holes of Chicago 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mike, Sunny Markham, Alex Powers, Chris Steele, Tony Acosta, Remy, Eric Craig, Kato, Daniel Reed, Blaine Cash, Tom McCarthy, Brad McGuire, Peter Meloni, Andrew Saks, Antonio Vela
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Release date: 2/23/2001
Glory Holes of Chicago reviews:
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Ah, Chicago the windy city. A few years back I visited Chicago and was in awe of BoyzTown. Big Rainbow flags all over the buildings and more hunky men then even I could handle. Regrettably, I was too shy to check out any of the local sex clubs. Luckily Chris Steele is on the case, and gives us a nice tour of the hot spots in Chicago. First up are Sonny Markham and Alec Powers. Sonny is looking pretty good this time around he seems to have bulked up since I saw him last. The director must have slapped him upside the head and told him Act butch, damnit! as his normal squeaky voice is nowhere to be found (well, at least in the scene hes butch check out the extras to hear his high pitched voice). Alec looks like he actually lost some muscle mass. He still looks buff, but I seem to remember him a little bigger than this. Anyway, they do a little glory hole sucking before Alec gets fucked in a sling. The whole thing is rather by the numbers.
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Boxcover for Mavericks 1
Mavericks 1 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Trent Reed, David Thompson, Chad Conners, Sunny Markham, J.T. Sloan, Chad Donovan, Rob Cryston, Bo Garrett, Mark Montana, Tony Piagi, Pagan Prince, Scott Randsome, Beau Saxon
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Release date: 6/19/2000
Mavericks 1 reviews:
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Cowboys, western gear, outdoor scenes, good bodies, man-to-man sexIt all has the makings of a really worthy porn DVD. Unfortunately, it just doesnt quite deliver. JoeBlow69s review pretty well summarizes this flicks high points and low points so I wont go into the blow-by-blow, but Ive added some additional comments in this review. The main criticisms I have of this DVD are: 1) too many limp dicks and too many puny cum shots; 2) sex that lacked passion; and 3) (a thing that perhaps only I would find fault with) theyre supposed to be cowboys and ranchers and Mark Montana has on a pair of biker boots and theyre all driving puny little Ford Rangers and foreign pickups. I lived in Montana and Ive never seen ranchers there drive anything but full-sized Fords, Chevys, GMC or Dodge trucks. Even so, there are some positive things to be said here. In scene 1, Mark Montana does have a really nice dickbig and thickly veined. He does have problems, though, as JB69 reports, in getting it up and keeping it there. And his cumshot is really weak. J.T.
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Ya gotta love cowboys. There is just something about hot rugged men out on the range, living the simple life that makes my dick stand to attention. With this is mind, I was really stoked when Mavericks showed up in my mailbox. The first scene stars Mark Montana and J.T. Sloan. Mark is supposed to be Studio 2000s big new discovery hes on the cover, and is the only guy that shows up in more than one scene. I was not impressed, though. He looks good with his clothes on, but as soon as he takes off his shirt you notice that he doesnt have any pecs! Head back to the gym, Mark! When his pants come off, we see he does have a very large cock, but what good is it if he cant get it fully hard? The two guys suck each other off, and take turns cumming before things get anal. To my surprise, this is a flip/flop scene, with Mark getting fucked first (I thought for sure Mark was a top only). When its Marks turn to fuck J.T., he has to squeeze the base of his cock the whole time in order to get it hard enough to penetrate J.T.
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Boxcover for Dare Devils
Dare Devils 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Cort Stevens, Sunny Markham, Rick Price, Jake Armstrong, Tommy Cruise, Alex Powers, Rob Berry, Mat West, Ricky Starr, Hawk McAllistar
Studio: Vivid

Release date: 4/24/2000
Dare Devils reviews:
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Title: DareDevils Vivid DVD Release Features: Chapter Selection, Mens Room (consisted of 4 stalls to choose from with a short sex scene unrelated to the movie), 2 Previews of other Vivid releases, a DVDRom game for Windows/Macintosh Starring: Sunny Markham, Ricky Price, Cort Stevens, Jake Armstrong, Tommy Cruise, Alex Powers, Rod Barry, Mat West, Ricky Starr and Hawk McAllistar I first have to say I commend Vivid for their "Extras", although I dont have a DVDRom (let me know if you've seen this game and what its all about!) I liked the inclusion of previews and the extra sex scenes-great for those quickies! I hope they continue and hope others follow along these lines. The video and audio are high quality-this is stereo only. I was looking forward to this feature on the box cover alone as it sounds intriguing and it was. David Thompson directs a young cast set against the Colorado landscape.
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