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Sunny Leone's massive success in Mainstream!
Sunny Leone just had her latest Bollywood movie released over the weekend, and it's finished the weekend at #1 over the weekend, beating every single other movie that was released. She starred in the sexy horror flick, and it was made by a big movie studio in Bollywood...and to everyone's surprise, Sunny has acted really well in the movie, accordi ...
Sunny Leone
Hi Everyone, recently Sunny Leone was in Madrid (SPAIN) for our anual sex convention, she was promoting her movie "Sunny Loves Matt" where she did her first b/g scene.I have to say that I stayed stoked for meeting her in person, she is more beautiful and sexy in person that in pics or movies, of course I bought "Sunny Loves Matt" ...
Sunny Leone going Bollywood,SIGNED! STARRING role
Well after being on Bigg Boss India for only 3 weeks, one of the biggest and most respected production houses of Indian Cinema, wants to work with her. So much so, that the head of the Production house "Mahesh Bhatt", who has been directing and producing movies for the last 30 years....went into the Bigg Boss house himself to meet Sunny ...
I'm new!! Sunny Leone...PIC...
Hi thereI just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I am so excited about posting here. I run my site with my partners...check it out.sunnyleone.comLOVE YASunny LeoneTopic Moved by - heynow on Jul 20 2009
Sunny Leone Doing Different Guys?
I just heard that Sunny Leone broke up with her fiance, Matt, who she was going to do her boy/girl scenes with. Does this mean she will do different guys now as well? Under her new contract, she is doing only 6 movies, so she may have already filmed all her boy/girl scenes with Matt.Edit: fixed a typo.Edited by - bigmmoney on Feb 9 2008
Sunny Leone on Woodman's Casting
Anyone saw it?
Google trends: Sunny Leone most popular star?
I've been matching up porn stars out of curiosity to find out who is most popular these days.Sunny Leone seems to be crushing everyone else in matchups because of her recent success in Indian mainstream movies. I'm guessing that the market for an Indian born hot chick is huge and that the people over there are on average more sexually repressed.... ...
Sunny Leone signs her 2nd Mainsteam Bollywood Film
Our Sunny has become one of the most talked about female actresses in Bollywood already, while shooting for her first mainstream movie Jism 2, she has impressed a lot of people and there is huge buzz about her debut movie which is currently being shot in India. She has now been offered, and accepted another mainstream movie by another MAJOR and big ...
Sunny Leone to do her first B/G ANAL!
I know I can only speak for myself but I am sure there are literally millions of people around the globe, who've been waiting for years to see this happen.This is what Sunny posted on her twitter page a few hours ago:"Shooting a all sunny movie tomorrow and Friday!! Hehe every scene will have me in it. And I believe a little surprise!My 1st bo ...
Sunny Leone Profile in the Globe and Mail (Canada)
And it's non-judgemental and pretty positive with some nice pics. The article is written by a woman, Stephanie Nolen, not surprisingly imo. Nolen usually does very good hard news on Africa, so this is pretty different for her. Good to see the Globe and Mail not taking The Guardians dated party line on porn. Sounds like Sunny's blowing up in India b ...
Sunny Leone's B/G Scenes
I think Sunny is one of the most sexiest pornstars I have ever cum across (pun intended). But all she seems to do is G/G or threesomes. So I am relying on ADT to recommend some scenes where Sunny has sex with ONE guy and NO-ONE else takes part in it. So basically not threesomes, just a 1 on 1 Boy/Girl action.Topic Moved by - astroknight on Jan 27 2 ...
Sunny Leone in India, to appear on Big Brother 5
Just thought I'd let you guys know. Big surprise, she's in India now and all set to appear on the hugely popular Indian addition of "Big Brother 5". She kind of caused a mini riot among a sea of photographers and media men too. There are several videos of her arrival at Mumbai Airport, on youtube already. Just a big surprise, a lot of c ...
Sorry but Sunny Leone is becoming too boring
Hi,Does anyone here agree with me? It is not like I am telling her what she should do. However, such beauty should be in more daring porn. I mean doing it with her boyfriend?? This is too lame. She needs to have like five guys having their way with her. Or do anal. P.S. What happenened with her scenes with Charles Dera and James Deen? Is Vivid goin ...
SUNNY LEONE to launch a new site
As fans of hardcore adult entertainment flock to, is there to help maximize profits. For Immediate Release: September 6th, 2011(Studio City, CA) Adult Entertainment Superstar Sunny Leone takes bold new steps with a project that aligns Sunlust Pictures, LLC with Blueshoon Inc. Newly unveiled is a sexy hardcore ad ...
13 AVN Noms for Sunny Leone SunLust Pictures & Gia
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - 2010 has been a stellar year for adult entertainment superstar Sunny Leone and her production company, SunLust Pictures. Sunny, who continues to be one of the leading stars in the adult film world, has seen SunLust’s meteoric rise as well as crossing over to mainstream in a big way with her appearance in “The Virgi ...
Sunny Leones first DP and Anal ships next week!
Sunny will be releasing her first DP and anal scene ever next week in Gia.2 discs packed with killer footage.
Join Sunny Leone for Some 'Foreplay'
( SAN JOSE, CA ) - Adult entertainment sensation Sunny Leone is always up for some foreplay. This Friday October 8th, she hosts a whole evening of it at Pearl in San Jose.Pearl is Northern California’s hottest new mega-club bringing SoCal style partying to San Jose. Friday’s “Foreplay” kicks off the weekend in high style wit ...
Sunny Leone On PB Radio, Virginity Hit In Theaters
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Adult Entertainment Superstar Sunny Leone is featured in the brand new hit comedy “The Virginity Hit” which opens this Friday nationwide. In the movie Sunny plays a famous pornstar who very nearly hooks up with the film’s lead character. She will be walking the red carpet in Hollywood tonight for the movies n ...
Sunny Leone Sizzles in Mainstream "Virginity Hit"
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Adult entertainment superstar Sunny Leone brings her stunning beauty and spectacular body to the mainstream comedy “The Virginity Hit.” Produced by Will Farrell and Adam McKay, the raucous comedy follows the adventures of a group of friends and their efforts to help one of their own with the exhilarating and terrif ...
Sunny Leone is Gia
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - After months of anticipation, SunLust Pictures most ambitious and controversial film to date, “Gia: Portrait of a Porn Star” is just weeks away from its release. A tale of love, lust and porn, “Gia: Portrait of a Porn Star” stars Sunny Leone as the most sought after star in adult films. Joined by gorgeo ...
Is he Sunny Leone's boyfriend?
On Sunny Leone's official website, most videos have one skinny- hero with tattoed arm and beard and he has not so big /fat/large/powerful dick according to mainstream-porn standards.So I was wondering Is he Sunny Leone's boyfriend? But, On wikipedia I read that Sunny Leone is engaged to Vivid's President or something ? is that true?
Sunny Leone Wins Top Honors 4 Her Spectacular Set
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Adult entertainment superstar Sunny Leone was on stage hosting the 2010 FAME Awards last weekend when she got some unexpected and wonderful news. Voters in the fan-based awards chose Sunny over a collection of some of the most beautiful women in the adult industry. Proclaiming she has the most bodacious boobs in the “Fav ...
Sunny Leone Adds One-Night Only Show to Busy eXXXo
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Superstar adult entertainer Sunny Leone already has plenty of great stuff planned for this weekend’s eXXXotica LA Show. She will be on the floor delighting fans all day and on stage hosting the 2010 FAME Awards on Saturday Night.Before she does that however, Sunny will take a different sort of stage for a spectacular one ...
Sunny Leone Hosting 2010 Fame Awards & Reaches Fin
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Adult entertainment mega star Sunny Leone knows what it takes to be the best of the best. She is an award winning adult performer, top centerfold model, company owner and feature dancer. And next weekend she will help fans recognize the very best in adult entertainment when she hosts the 2010 FAME Awards.Sunny and her stunning ...
Sunny Leone Takes the World by Storm
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Fans of adult entertainment already know that Sunny Leone is one of the most gorgeous women to ever star in XXX films. Her unique blend of exotic beauty and stunning curves have made her a fan favorite an award-winning entertainer and a successful entrepreneur.Sunny’s popularity continues to grow and she has caught they ...
Sunny Leone Rolls Into The Steel City
( PITTSBURGH, PA ) - Adult entertainment superstar Sunny Leone brings her spectacular stage show to Pittsburgh this weekend.She is appearing at Pittsburgh’s #1 Exotic Club Blush June 24-26 for a three-night Blush exclusive engagement brought to you by Adult DVD“I love performing live for my fans,” says Sunny. “An ...
Wide-thick waistline like Sunny Leone- anymore?
I'm talking about Sunny Leone's wide thick-waistline. and that makes her look like next-door girl and not like those skinny angels with perfect shapes from every angle.Many people comment around that she should reduce some weight. but i believe she is 'perfect' the way she is. because I'm bored of seeing porn-ladies with perfect shapes. are there a ...
Final Day of Voting for Sunny Leone
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - Please take a moment to vote for Sunny Leone. She is one of the final top ten contestants for the "Miss FreeOnes 2010 Edition." It takes only just a second and there is nothing to sign up for and nothing to buy. Just you as fans showing your support for Sunny Leone and please feel free to share this with fans, friend ...
Luv & Dth in Porn Valley: Sunny Leone Takes on Gia
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - "Fame is fleeting; beauty is only skin deep; you can’t take it with you." All of these are true and yet some stars shine so brightly that they remain with us forever. Such is the case with Gia; at the pinnacle of her success, she was the most beautiful and sought after star in adult films. The world truly was a ...
Sunny Leone Packs February Schedule
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - February may be the shortest month of the year, but that won’t keep adult entertainment superstar Sunny Leone from packing her calendar with appearances, photo sessions and a shooting schedule that includes her most ambitious project to date.This month is packed with plenty of new projects including the launch of SunLust ...
Sunny Leone for Miss Freeones!! Vote for me!! PIC
HI thereI wanted to let you know I am running for Miss Freeones 2010. It would be amazing if you could please vote for me.Thank you so much!!! Every vote counts!!Here is the link:
FHM Features Sunny Leone
( LOS ANGELES, CA ) - FHM, a leader in men’s entertainment, has named adult entertainment superstar Sunny Leone as one of the “Girls of FHM” this month. Sunny is featured in FHM India as well as on their web site with a stunning photo and exclusive interview addressing her break through status as one of the biggest adult film star ...
Sunny Leone Headlining NJ’s Harem Cabaret
Note: this came across my desk and I thought I would share the info with you fine folk:Sunny Leone Headlining NJ’s Harem Cabaret to Celebrate GENESIS Cover & XXX-Mas! (December 14, 2009 -- Paramus, NJ) Adult movie superstar Sunny Leone makes her first New Jersey stage show appearance this weekend at The Harem Cabaret in Lodi, NJ, and she& ...
NEW PICS...Sunny Leone...
Here are some new photos i just took...Let me know what you think... Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Sep 10 2009
Happy Birthday Sunny Leone!
The sweet, sexy, sensational Sunny Leone turns 28 today! A very happy birthday to you, Sunny. I wish you all the best - on your special day, and everyday. You may E-mail Sunny your happy b-day wishes at
Sunny Leone first B/G question
So my question is....... Since Sunny Leone is Indian and her first male co-star is white, will it be considered her first interracial scene as well, as it should be? I started thinking about this all of a sudden, remembering all of the IR controversy everyone was talking about at Vivid. So will Vivid market this as her first b/g and first ir or doe ...
Sunny Leone starting her own Company, SunLust
and she will do boy/girl as well as g/g in it! Vivid gets to distribute her movies, but she'll have total control over what she puts in other words, her movies won't look like a typical Vivid movie. To be honest, I am very glad to hear about this because waiting a whole year to see a Sunny Leone title was just to frustrating. Here's the w ...
sunny leone
does anyone know when the next sunny movie will be released? i think its called The Other Side of Sunny and was filmed awhile ago. vivid is horribly slow releasing movies
A couple of questions about Sunny Leone
Firstly, I recently watched the first scene in the movie 'Sunny Loves Matt' her first b/g film.I don't know if it was just my copy but I found the opening b/g scene went a little wierd near the end.There was lot of odd looking edits, or jumps in the video, moments where the picture seemed to freeze for a split secong while the audio continued in th ...
Sunny Leone Kills Me !!!!!
Now that sunny Leone is doing guys , i wonder if she will perform with other male stars apart from her fiance.It would really make my year to get a positive reply to that. I hope her contract stipulates that.Topic Moved by - heynow on Jan 4 2008
Happy Birthday Sunny Leone!!
The beautiful, sexy Sunny Leone - Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2003 and current adult actress for Vivid Video - turns 27 today!I have had the pleasure of meeting Sunny in person twice so far, and both times she made the experience a truly memorable one. She is absolutely amazing!A very happy birthday to you, sweet Sunny. All the best to you - on y ...
Sunny Leone sad sad day
I'm sure this has been covered already, but I just saw Sunny's newly enhanced bust for myself and it is truly a very sad day. I hope she is happy, but she had a perfect body before. I hate plastic hooters. Damn silicone, damn plastic surgeons oughtta be a law.
Sunny Leone in Brazil
according to Vivid the plan was to release "It's Sunny in Brazil" in September, however, I am trouble finding it available anywhere in the US. I am in Canada and I need to find a reliable company that will ship it up here (other than Has anyone seen the movie yet or know whether it is actually available? I am really l ...
Sunny Leone Doing B/G Now
CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Sunny Leone has signed a deal to appear in up to six more movies for Vivid Entertainment. As part of the contract, the former Penthouse Pet will be performing with men for the first time in her adult career. The 25-year-old brunette has been a Vivid Girl for the past two years. Her first movie under the new contract, Sunny ...
Happy Birthday Sunny Leone
One of the most gorgeous girls to ever walk on the face of this earth. We're truly blessed that chose to do porn, and show it all...because you would've done just fine continuing a modeling career. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have fun.
Sunny Leone=Porn star? I don't think so
thats like saying aria giovanni is a porn star. all sunny leone does is lesbian scenes. maybe i have my own way of determining whats porn and whats not but i think there has to be dick/pussy action going on to be considered porn.
Sunny Leone question
has Sunny ever made boy/girl movie ? if yes, what is the movie ?
Has Sunny Leone quit hardcore
I was wondering if anyone knows if Sunny Leone quit hardcore. She is not listed on the Vivid website as being a Vivid Girl anymore. She only has put out two hardcore movies. If she's done with hardcore, what a shame.
Sunny Leone Video
I am trying to locate a DVD (if there is one, not sure) which shows Sunny Leone with bunny ears and she is rubbing whipped cream all over her body. There are three short clips on her web site. I do not know if this is taken from a DVD or is only available on her site. I would like the entire clip but do not want to pay to get on the site and hav ...
Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone
I have a question about Vivid's first official virtual sex title. Since Sunny Leone does only g/g scenes under her contract with Vivid, how do they go about doing a b/g virtual sex title? Is it done along the lines of 'Virtual Sex with Janine' where they use a girl with a strap-on dildo? Can anyone confirm this? Thanks. Give into the temptation. ...
Sunny Leone's second Vivid movie
Sunny E-mailed me Thursday night to give me some information regarding her second movie for Vivid. Here's what she told me: "The next movie will be out May 10th and its called "Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone" It's a 2disc movie and its really hot." May 10th...three days before Sunny's birthday. This means her fans will ...
Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone
Having met Sunny Leone at Glamourcon Chicago in 2004, I'm extremely interested in this title. However, I can't seem to find ANY information online regarding just what kind of action is included in this DVD. Let me get straight to the point: Does anybody know if Sunny engages in actual boy/girl sex here? The back cover of the DVD is so overloa ...
A very happy birthday to the lovely Sunny Leone, who is 25 today! This day marks 25 years since Sunny started making the world a more beautiful place simply by being in it. Here's hoping her special day has brought her a wealth of happy moments shared with those she loves the most. With any luck, today Sunny received the birthday card and gif ...
What do u guys think of Sunny Leone? New Vivid
I haven't seen any threads about her, and really, im surprised. I think the girl is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and for her to come to hardcore, after doing so well, and making so much money in nothin less then a gift from god lol. Any of you seen "Sunny" vivid's latest film? She's plaing the lead in there, and the scenes did were we ...
Help!! Anyone knows about Sunny Leone?
She's just done her first hardcore movie with Vivid titled, "Sunny" acouple of months ago. I've been tryin to find out when her new movie's gonna come out, and what it's gonna be called n what it'll have...since hse's also supposed to do anal and dp sometime in the future. Please someone help me, if u know anything. She's this amazing ...
I met Sunny Leone in person!!
That's right! For the first time ever, I met the gorgeous Sunny Leone in person Tuesday night at the Penthouse Pet of the Year party, held at the Penthouse Executive Club in Manhattan! The party began at 5:30pm, but after an unexpected detour through Queens and a ten-minute search for a parking spot, I didn't arrive until about 7pm. Shortly afte ...
Sunny Leone's Hardcore debut?!?
I keep reading articles about Sunny Leone supposedly making a Hardcore debut in her first ever movie with Vivid entitled "Sunny". Does anyone know if its B/G hardcore or G/G hardcore(which i'm guessing is the case)? Also does anyone knoe the progress on the movie?
Sunny Leone - New Vivid Girl
I don't know if this has been posted here or not yet, but it was just announced that Sunny Leone has signed on to be a Vivid Girl. :)
New Vivid Girl- Sunny Leone!
From AVN... Click here Wow! I'm speechless
Sunny Leone
I was just looking at a site that posts pics from the Erotica LA convention, and saw Sunny Leone's pics. What an amazingly beautiful woman. I checked IAFD, but there was no entry. Has she ever done any hardcore?
Sunny Leone outta step it up to porn...
I've only seen her in mags but she really needs to be doing porn. Even if it is only girl girl movies she should be doing movies.
Has Sunny Leone made any movies?
Anyone know if this lovely lady has done anything on camera yet?
Tera Show Tonight - Sunny Leone & Bikini Models
December 7th, 2001 Van Nuys, CA TERA SHOW IS THRILLED TO PRESENT SUNNY LEONE WITH 5 BIKINI CALENDAR MODELS Digital Playground is thrilled to welcome Sunny Leone to the Tera Show set on Tuesday, December 11th. She will join Tera Patrick and together they will introduce 5 of the gorgeous bikini models from Island Eyes. Rowena, Tammy, Sha ...