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In praise of Sunny Lane's Ass...
Man this chick's got some junk in the trunk!! Any one else care to praise?
sunny lane kills chick
great scene but I cant id the film where sunny lane finds her bf fucking another chick, then they both fuck the bf together, then sunny kills the chick (then she wakes up and both tell the guy just kidding!) anyone know any other scenes along these lines?
"Batgirl XXX" SFW Trailer w/ Sunny Lane Premieres
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE“Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody” SFW Trailer Premieres on CraveOnline.comA Heroine Rises – Sunny Lane as Batgirl Takes on Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harlequin, & Ron Jeremy as the Penguin!August 6, 2012 --- CHATSWORTH, Calif. --- A sexy heroine rises in the SFW (safe-for-work) trailer for “ ...
"Batgirl XXX" Cover w/ Sunny Lane Unveiled
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE“Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody” Cover Unveiled on BleedingCool.comFrom Super Hero Parody Leader Extreme Comixxx, “Batgirl XXX” Features Adult Star Sunny Lane’s Final Performance!July 27, 2012 --- CHATSWORTH, Calif. --- Criminals beware; the cover for “Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx ...
Sunny Lane or Sunny Leone
You all must be so excited that I'm doing another pornstar versus another one. It has been a little while since I made the last one so I thought this matchup would be worth doing. Sunny Lane is a very popular girl who adorns the boxcover of the next edition of Feeding Frenzy and should be considered the favorite to win since she is much more hardco ...
Sunny Lane Engaged To Be Married.
LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Sunny Lane has announced that she has become engaged to be married and is taking a hiatus from shooting to concentrate on her new relationship and upcoming marriage. "I want to announce to my fans, website members and media that I have been blessed to find love am thrilled to be engaged," Lane said. &qu ...
Can anyone identify this sunny lane film?
Love this clip and just love the way she says fuck half way through[mod edit: link removed. No Tube Site Links!!!!!!!!!! For ID questions]Edited by - killbillvol69 on Dec 23 2010
Sunny Lane Interview
Sunny Lane on bonking the Mad Hatter:The Mad Hatter… that was the hot Evan Stone. We went into the woods to a burnt out tree. He fucked me here. He fucked me there. Deers ran by and stopped to watch us have wild sex in the woods. Then Erica says we need the pop shot in the sun on my golden angelic face so wehad to chase the light up the ...
Sunny Lane & Penny Flame scene
Oh man, this is probably one of the hottest lesbian scenes I've seen in a long time. The build up, the dialogue, both the stars are sizzling in this scene. It's interesting why they got the two of them since they both have high energies in scenes. I believe its from a website or film called sorority house rules.
Sunny Lane becoming stagnant?
Don’t get me wrong her 1st anal scene was quality but unless she starts to perform more and varied content fans might become a little bored maybe. A blowbang or some interracial could take her up a notch. But at this rate I think her bank-ability will suffer because how many vanilla B/G scenes can we take? Thoughts?
Sunny Lane in "Alice"
Does anybody have info on Sunny Lane's new movie coming out in Feb called Alice?
Vote for Sunny Lane forMISS FREEONES 2010Voting goes through March 31 and you can vote once per day.Results will be announced on April 3rd.VOTE FOR SUNNY LANE
3/17/2010 SUNNY LANE FOR BGOY '09
Hey everybody,Vote for Sunny Lane for Booble Girl of the Year 2009!!!!!VOTE FOR SUNNYOnly 11 days left!!!!!Topic Moved by - heynow on Sep 18 2009Edited by - fm2k on Sep 19 2009
Hey all,Vote for Sunny Lane for Booble Girl of the Year 2009!!!VOTE FOR SUNNY LANEVOTE DAILY!!!!!
Mike John hire Sunny Lane, please.
After to watch Feeding Frenzy 10 trailer i finded that Sunny Lane is s really cute !!!, perfect for a "spermfest" with any of Mike John movies. As usual Jules great make up in FF 10 !!!.Mike hire asap Sunny Lane for next Sperm Receptacles or any of your series with lots of sperm swallowing please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If watchers agree with th ...
Happy Birthday Sunny Lane
I want to send out Happy Birthday wishes to Sunny Lane today!!!!!I hope she has a great day and a better night. Kisses, hugs and then some from X-Play.
Sunny Lane/Bunny Ranch old news?
I spotted her on Cathouse this past week and I was not aware she did Bunny visits this new activity or has she dipped into that biz before?
More Sunny Lane anal in House of Ass 9? Any info?
anyone know if this is another anal?Edited by - bono-ONE on Aug 17 2008
Now that Sunny Lane has Done Anal, Who is Your #1
Sunny Lane is officially accepting cock in her ass. Check her off the list.She was at the top of my list of current pornstars who I wanted to see jump into the anal arena which means that Gianna moves to number 1 on my most wanted list.Others on my list includeSammie Rhodes (of course, she would have to cum back to Jenna Haze did), Penny ...
Sunny Lane's 1st Anal in Big Wet Asses 13
Big Wet Asses, the winner of AVN's coveted Best Anal Themed Series award for 2006, 2007, & 2008, is back! Elegant Angel is delighted to announce that porn superstar, Sunny Lane, stars in the 13th edition of the critically acclaimed series, performing in her very 1st, highly anticipated anal scene, alongside another stellar assemblage of voluptu ...
Sunny Lane to Rock out at Sexopolis and Erotica LA
Los Angeles, California – Sunny Lane, the porn girl next door, has a busy weekend set for June 6-8 this year. She'll be signing and getting wild at Erotica LA's "Rock Arena", presented by Sexopolis.Sunny Lane will be a special guest and DJ at Erotica LA's "Rock Arena", presented by Sexopolis. Sunny Lane will also be signin ...
Sunny Lane visits soldiers at Camp Pendleton
I saw this press release on The press release has a photo of Sunny Lane with 4 soldiers.Sunny Lane Supports the Troops with Visit to Marine Corps Base
Sunny lane Question...
i was always curious once i found out that sunny lane's parents manage her career if her parents have ever been present on the set while sunny was sucking cock or getting fucked? if anyone knows anything about this that would be great!
brazzers has a new sunny lane scene up
does that mean shes started filming again, after her stint of contractual stuff? or is it an old scene?
when Sunny Lane and Charlotte stokley Doin Anal?
Anyone knows if this ever going to happen? Both of them are beautiful ladies, I would like to see them do something different on the scene.
Sunny Lane on Anal (continued)
Any updates here? It seemed like she was heading inthis direction, particularly with her performance in "Massive Asses" - she was soooooo close!! Actually, come to think of it, she hasn't been appearing on many new DVD releases as of late. Is everything okay with my Sunny?
Sunny Lane anal? Could it be true?
From the description on the Evil Angel site for Manuel's Evilution 3:"Manuel Ferrara gives you more Evil for the buck! Manuel fucks sex pixie Jenna Haze under the spooky lens of a nightvision camera. Next, Daisy Marie appears for the purpose of stuffing Jenna with a big strap-on. Mia Bangg gets plowed by four dudes while Sunny Lane spies with ...
Sunny Lane anal?
I saw her scene in Slut Puppies 2. I've seen her before and I'm always stunned by her natural beauty. I find her to be the hottest girl in porn. She seems to have a great personality as well. It's such a shame that she doesn't do any anal. Does anyone know if she is even considering taking it in the backdoor?
Sunny Lane ties a cherry stem or two....
Sunny Lane offers advice on top tongue tricks.....
My Date with Sunny Lane!!
I'll just let the pictures tell some of the story. It was a great time with a super young girl. We rode around Hollywood, had a fantastic dinner and capped it off by seeing Uncle Ted Nugent who was as loud you could want. Sadly no pics of the concert other that what I and Sunny got on our cell phones but it was a very good show with a cameo fro ...
Sunny Lane back at the Bunny Ranch?
Pulled this from the bunny ranch website today."Sunny Lane returns to the Bunnyranch!With all her Porn promotions and her segment on prime time live, Sunny now wants to get up close and personal with her fans. There is no better way than the Bunnyranch. A lot of you guys are thinking, 'OMG, this is my big chance!'Well, what are you waiting for ...
Sunny Lane on anal
Sunny Lane talks anal.So she says she practices at home, solo and with someone.So who is this guy? I'm guessing Kurt Lockwood. Afterall, he did stick his finger in her ass in Sex Pix.She was gaped by Manuel Ferrera. However, she feels his cock is too big for anal.I heard somewhere that she'll do it in one of the features she directs. Won't be too l ...
Sunny Lane question
Are my eyes deceiving me or is that really Sunny Lane doing interracial? Who is that guy? I thought Brother Love was white.
Sunny Lane question
Has Sunny done either a FF scene or a MMF scene? All her scenes with girls inevitably involve a dude, but I've yet to see her get double teamed.
"Extreme" Sunny Lane?
I'll confess to thinking that Sunny Lane is so fine that I'd swim across a river of shit just to suck the dick of the guy who fucked her roommate's brother in the ass. That's pretty damn fine. While I'd never tire of watching her do standard one-on-one straight scenes, I'm curious as to whether my knowledge of what she's done is complete. I k ...
Sunny Lane on Geraldo last night
She and her parents were on Geraldo last night! They support her 100%. Her Mom sells her used panties online and her father watches her movies but doesn't watch her scenes. He looks at the internet to see what her fans think of her performances. I'm not going to make any judgements.
Sunny Lane on Outsiders!!!
Sunny Lane will be featured on ABC'S 'The Outsiders" @ 9PM EST tonite 13MAR07 on U.S. television...Program examines the number of people entering adult industry each year...Sunny Lane segment shows how her parents are her biggest supporters... Topic Moved by - hardware on Mar 13 2007
Sunny Lane on ABC Primetime
She will be on the show at 9pm tonight.
Sunny Lane on Body Shots: Uncensored 3/13
While there are several Countdowns taking place this week, the Swami has his own countdown in place on this weeks Body Shots: Uncensored. And this week's show once again adds some spice with a mix of sports, sex and controversy. Among the guests scheduled to appear: - Alex of KO Fantasy boxing ( takes time from his handi ...
What do you know about Sunny Lane?
Hey all, Just found a few links to Sunny Lane while surfing on the pigtailsroundasses website. Definitely a naturally pretty girl. What do you guys know about her? Is she worth watching?
Sunny Lane: Real?
Saw a clip of this hot girl from the movie: Whale Tail. She and Mark Ashley go at it for 30 minutes and Sunny just seems in heaven. Came at least three times, totally soaked in sweat. Anyone seen this movie? Is this girl really this hot or was she acting? If it was real...which other felame performers put scenes like this? Because that was some ...
OMG i grew up with sunny lane
i ran into sunny lane in the red light district parking lot a few days ago. thinking she looked familiar to me because i've seen pictures of her on the internet. and i spoke to her and her mother thinking, i knew them from somewhere. asked how old sunny was and where she went to school. we are around the same age and both grew up in central fl ...
Sunny Lane's tongue
Anybody else have impure thoughts? +1
Sunny Lane @ Lighthouse Talent agency
Here's the link.
House of Ass 4 - Sunny Lane
Someone please tell me she does an anal scene in this! Amber Peach, and Isabel Ice are also in it, but if Sunny is doing anal I'll just pre-order it now... Topic Moved by - Steph on Sep 4 2006
Kinzie Kenner, Sunny Lane in Jack's POV 3 Trailer
Kinzie Kenner with lots of dirty talk in this movie. Sunny Lane is as cute as ever. Jack's POV 3 Trailer
Where has Sunny Lane gone?
Haven't heard or her shooting or any new relases for awhile. Thought she backed out of something big like Fashionishtas 2 or something big budget like that. Her website hasn't really been updated with her schedule since like AEE. Don't tell me she left the biz. Right when she was right there with the brass ring in her grasp. Kimi Lixx,Julie Nigh ...
Hot Newbie: Sunny Lane
Gentlemen (and women), behold! Sunny Lane You can see her in these currently released or upcoming films: POV Fantasy Internal Revenue (due 5/2) Cum Craving Teens 2 (due 5/3) Cravin' Big Cocks 6 (due 5/9) Joey Silvera's Service Animals 19 (due 5/11) About Face 2 (due 5/17) Legal Teens (due 5/31) Mr. Pete is Unleashed 5 (due ?) Stuff ...
Sunny Lane Pics, 'New Sensations,' I.D. Info Plz
I just came across these pics of Sunny, which IMO is the best I've seen her looking. She looks so f*ing hot! I looked at all of the pics of the back covers of the videos (well at least the one's from, and could not match-up the two. Any help will be great. Thanks from "AJ." ...
Sunny Lane
My my, what an adorable little creature she is. And can I get a 'hell yeah' for a girl who has a little body fat instead of protruding bones?
Sunny Lane...the next Nina Hartley?
I just watched this fantastic performer in Service Animals 19 & 20 and Hellcats 8. Damn. I also saw her interviewed on She's real, ebullient, smart, sweet, and hot. Her personality (both onscreen and off) and her looks (her face and her nice plump ass) remind me of a young Nina Hartley. She's awesome. She's got the staying power ...
Sunny Lane Signing this Weekend 10/27-10/30
Sunny Lane signing at the Lion's Den Thursday-Saturday from Ohio to Wisconsin! Thursday Oct 27 2005 5-7 PM 3216 S.Bridge St. Chillicothe, OH US 23 & 3 Locks Rd Phone # 740-663-5060 8:30-10 PM 4315 Kimberly Parkway Columbus, OH Phone # 614-861-6770 Friday Oct 28 2005 5-7 PM 4375 Roberts Rd. Columbus, OH Roberts Rd at 270 ...