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Boxcover for Glory Holes Of Las Vegas
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Andy Hunter, Steven Richards, Dillon Press, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra, Andrew Adams, Bo Knight, Mario Cruz, Rik Jammer
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Release date: 8/9/2005
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas reviews:
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Synopsis: A guy is seated at a table writing his thoughts in a journal regarding his adventures in seeking out glory holes in Las Vegas. Might be worth a rental if all the Kristen Bjorn & Falcon titles are on long wait... 6/10 rating We get 12 scenes (125 minutes) of okay to decent sex scenes with various buff guys. The sex ranges from glory hole sucking to a differnt rooms/setups where the full sucky/fucky takes place. The nasty talk is present but not in all scenes. There's alot of ball sucking & ass rimming which is decent. One guy takes his cock and shoves it up his own ass and fucks himself. The negative: Too much doggie and not enough missionary. After every scene there is also too much Las Vegas shots...we get it, you're in Vegas and it looks cool at night. Theres also a scene with multi glory holes and various guys that goes nowhere. Nobody cums and nobody fucks. The scene just ends and we get another "Vegas shot" of our guy taking a Gondola boat ride. There's also a scene where a guy plays a priest taking a confession of another man..the confessional is a glory hole.
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Could anything be more wonderful than finding Jason Ridge waking up in bed next to you? Not what one would call pretty or truly handsome, Jason possesses a sexy charisma that makes him the performer I would most like to have waking up beside me. As this film begins, however, Jason wakes up alone. He rushes around getting dressed so he can board a plane en route for Las Vegas. Once there in the city that never sleeps, Jason headsnot for the nearest crap table or roulette wheel, butto the nearest glory hole. In a smut shop, he cruises the beguiling Andy Hunter at the magazine rack. When Andy exits into the backroom, Jason goes after him. Jasons cock makes its way through a glory hole and Andy swallows it down. Then when Andys finely-sculpted penis pokes through the hole, its Jasons turn and he slurps it right down. When it comes to sucking cock, Jason is second to none. So why does Mario Cruz horn in? Andys tool is irresistible, thats why. Jason feeds the new comer his cock too and then retires behind the partition so that Mario has his choice of two protruding penises.
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Boxcover for Tag You're It
Tag You're It 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Nick Young, John Marcus, Parker Williams, Steven Richards, Dillon Press, Andy Dill, Nick Capra, Tag Adams
Studio: Arena

Release date: 9/15/2004
Tag You're It reviews:
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In the second scene of this DVD, a director tells an actor that he doesnt make videos he makes films with sex scenes. As the leading light of Red Devil Entertainment, Jett Blakk makes films with sex scenes, but when he works for others he makes videos. This is not to say his videos are any less hot than his films. They are just done on a smaller budget and are not as ambitious. Put bluntly, films with sex scenes are art; videos are porn. The filmoops, videoopens with two men already naked on a sofa. They are Ulizes Carpelli and Antonio York. Ulizes is a chunky guy with a shaved head and goatee. Antonio is a slender hairy bear. Now bears with big bellies do nothing for me, but slender bears with an attractive fan-shaped hair pattern on their torsos get my blood pumping you-know-where. Antonio is such a bear. The facethough not unattractiveis craggy and pockmarked, but the body. Grrr! He and Ulizes suck dick until it's time to get anal.
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The Plot Poor Tag Adams cant get any respect. All he wants to do is be a big porn star, but nobody will listen to him. Instead, hes stuck being a gopher on a porn set, and watching the sex from a distance. This movie starts with 2 actors having sex while theyre being filmed for a porno. Neither of them is what I would call conventionally attractive. But I wouldnt kick them out of bed, either. One is bald, goateed, and has a lightly hairy chest. The other has nice furry pecs, and big round nipples. Were off to a decent start. In the next scene, one of the actors of the porno being filmed shows up and demands to be paid more than what he originally agreed to. The director is furious, but what can he do? Without the actor, there is no movie. The actor (who is a bitchy little twink) then demands a blowjob, and the director again has little choice but to agree. They end up fucking, but ultimately the pair generates very little heat. The bitchy twink does shoot a very nice load, however, and the age difference between the 2 men was somewhat of a turn on for me.
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Boxcover for Stud Farm (Titan Media)
Stud Farm (Titan Media) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Hans Ebson, Michael Ray, Steven Richards, Owen Hawk, Ben Jakks
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 2/20/2004
Stud Farm (Titan Media) reviews:
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With STUD FARM, the latest release from Titan, photographers/directors Brian Mills and Harold Creg have devised another hot film. As we have come to expect with Titan, there is excellent photography, along with top-notch production values. The actors are manly even though there are quite a few younger performers in this one. Something of which I heartily approve. The casting of younger with older performers becomes more and more of a turn-on the older I get. The film opens with two of the aspects of work on a horse farm: feeding them and shoveling up their shit. Mature mustachioed Michael Ray is seen doing the former, and two young performers, Hans Ebson and Owen Hawk are seen doing the latter. These young guys take a break to slip into the barn for a bit of pud pulling. Hans has appeared in numerous videos and is certainly cute so it is puzzling that he has never made the mercury rise in my thermometer. I have no idea why. Owen on the other handand I have to use my other hand to write a review while watching Owenraises my temperature considerably.
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