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Boxcover for Bustin' Ass (Factory Video)
Bustin' Ass (Factory Video) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Pierce, Lex Kyler, Brad Davis
Studio: Factory Video

Release date: 6/24/2003
Bustin' Ass (Factory Video) reviews:
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Only two of the three scenes are watchable and theres better stuff out there. The first scene is the one that is of most interest. It features Steve Pierce and Seth Handler. Steve is pierced and Seth is a handler. In fact both of these guys are pierced. In addition to nipples both have Prince Alberts in their pricks. Steve has a simple PA; Seth has an oversized one. (When Steve sucks Seths dick you can hear it clink against his teeth. Seth eventually takes it out so Steve can suck with ease.) Seth also has a guiche under his balls. Neither performer is looking good. Steve has grown a mustache that makes him look like Hitler on a bad day. Seth is scruffya poor mans Bruce Willis. The cocksucking goes on for twelve minutes. It is not until then that Steve begins to show off his notable elastic anus. This is illustrated first with a large dildo that Seth lubricates with spit. Anal balls follow the dildo. Seths dick is next. After fucking for a while (Steve probably doesnt even feel this) Seth inserts a dildo along with his prick.
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Boxcover for Harlem Knights Gangbang
Harlem Knights Gangbang 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tony Lexus, Austin Black, Winston Love, Bobby Blake, Steve Pierce, Andre Bolla, Corey Cox, Xavier, Montay, Richard Reyes, Stan Mallone, Shaka
Studio: Sunshine

Directed by: Bobby Blake
Release date: 7/21/2002
Harlem Knights Gangbang reviews:
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Theme: Interracial, Gang Bang/Orgy, Simulated Rape Cast: Bobby Blake, Steve Pierce, Tony Lexus. With Andre Bolla, Corey Cox, Xavier, Austin Black, Montay, Richard Reyes, Winston Love, Stan Mallone, Shaka Z. Director: Will Parker This movie is one giant sex scene involving a very obviously fake gang rape scene of two white men by a group of nine black men. The movie starts out showing two black couples being affectionate towards each other in a dark bar when in walks one of the two white guys. It then cuts over to the bar where the second white man sits having a drink poured. Shifting back to the first scene where the first four black guys notice the newcomer. They question him as to why he is there and tell him they going to teach him a lesson and grab him. It is obvious that no one really is to take this supposed situation seriously as the white so-to-be victim is smiling and looks like he is trying hard not to crack up.
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Boxcover for Bi Trauma
Bi Trauma 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: T.J., Drew Andrews, Steve Pierce, Blade Thompson, Mason Flynt, Ariel, Cody Tyler
Studio: Bi-Chance

Release date: 2/16/2002
Bi Trauma reviews:
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Running Time: 73 minutes First date of commerce: August 1999 Female Cast: T.J. Hart, Ariel Male Cast: Blade Thompson, Drew Andrews, Cody Tyler, Steve Pierce, Mason Flynt Initial Comments: Here is another generic Bi Chance number with uncredited crew and director. There are no extras, just 2 web links and the audio setup menu. Scene Selection: 9 preview clips. Review: Scene 1: Ariel, T.J., Blade Ariel and T.J. sit in the living room and talk about the house. Ariel asks T.J. if she plays with boys or girls. T.J. says both. They make out and trade titty sucking, undressing piece by piece. They are laughing and having fun, though Ariel's lines seem rehearsed. I hate this background music. It's supposed to be "happy" sounding, but for me it's just annoying. The lighting isn't great and we see shadows of the crew. T.J. is very engorged as Ariel works her pussy with a peirced tongue. This is slow tease and T.J. looks pleased. They seem to be having fun.
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Boxcover for Lap It Up
Lap It Up 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mike Vespa, Steve Pierce, Josh Evers, Michael Vista, Hank Hightower, Mason Flynt, Robert Kirk, Marcus Day
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blade Thompson
Release date: 7/28/2001
Lap It Up reviews:
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Lap It Up Directed by Blade Thompson Starring Mason Flynt, Hank Hightower, Steve Pierce, Michael Vista, Mike Vespa, Rob Kirk, Josh Evers, Marcus Day, Blade Thompson. 1 hour, 20 minutes Music by Sharon Kane Blade Thompson steps out in front of the camera as well as behind to deliver, and introduce us to eight men who love to Lap It Up, the IT of course being that seminal fluid commonly called cum. Before anyone goes off their nut about swallowing in this day and age, relax: these guys starvingly swallow their own sweet nectar. Thats the concept for four scenes, not to mention a nicely photographed wraparound sequence starring Thompson, who also laps it up. Fans with a foot fetish will adore Blades initial appearance as his right foot is proudly spread out in front of him as he reclines in an immense chair sporting his white terry-sloth robe.
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Boxcover for Glory Holes of L.A.
Glory Holes of L.A. 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Paul Morgan, Paul Carrigan, Steve Pierce, Doug Jeffries, Justin Woods, Brad Davis, Matt Bradshaw, Keith Hanson, Sean Martinez
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bianco Piagi
Release date: 5/18/2000
Glory Holes of L.A. reviews:
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The cast: Matt Bradshaw, Steve Peirce, Brad Davis, Peter Wilder, Paul Morgan, Paul Carrigan, Justin Woods, Doug Jeffery, Sean Martinez and Keith Hanson. As a sister sequel of Glory Holes of San Francisco, this one is a lot disappointing. If you expect the holes in LA as glorious as in San Francisco, think again. In general, this sequel lacks the intense sexual energy as you feel in the prequel. The cast is weaker. You have to admit that Marcus Iron and Blake Harper are both shining stars in the GHSF. However, Matt Bradshaw and Steve Pierce is certainly not even a close match in GHLA. Neither is anyone in this movie that can lift you up to a higher level. The music is also annoyingly incompatible in the background. That said, nevertheless for people who are really into glory holes, this may still be a movie to fulfill their fantasy. First Scene: Steve went into a sex club. There is this area surround by walls of glory holes. He started immediately sucking on the cocks that sprout out of those holes.
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