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Boxcover for Deeper (Treasure Island)
Deeper (Treasure Island) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vince, Steve Parker, Lukas, John Andrews, Jerry Stearns, Mason Garrett, Jake Wood, D.J. Hunter, Jake Fillups
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Release date: 3/3/2007
Deeper (Treasure Island) reviews:
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Not much to report here as the seemingly insatiable (and foolhardy) Dawson is fucked bareback by cock and cock after cock.
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Boxcover for Breeding Mike O'Neill
Breeding Mike O'Neill 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Joe Stack, Steve Parker, Mike O'Neill, Erich Lange, Mark Magnos, Paul Morris, Tom Shannon, Tom Tomorrow
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Release date: 9/18/2003
Breeding Mike O'Neill reviews:
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Title: Breeding Mike O'Neill Studio: Treasure Island Media Producer(s): Paul Morris Director(s): Paul Morris Videographer(s): Paul Morris & Damon Dogg Editor(s): Paul Morris & Damon Dogg Music: n/a Cast: Mike O'Neill, Jesse, Erich Lange, Rom Shannon, Mark Magnos, Steve Parker, Joe Stack, Tom Tomorrow and more. Date of Production: 11/2002 Running Time: 89 minutes The Story (from the box) PAUL MORRIS introduces young cum-hungry bottom MIKE O'NEILL to hardcore bareback fucking: a dildo made of frozen cum and a gangbang that lasts all afternoon leave MIKE grinning, exhausted and oozing gobs of cum from his stretched-out hole. Pt 1 Filling Mike's GLASS with cum Basically, we open on a shot glass inside a man's mouth and a punk/skater boy shooting a wad down inside of it. There's lots of dialogue to back this up and everyone discussing basic sexual acts they've done or want to do and discussing the cum itself. It's really amatuer and fun and has some sexy humor to it all.
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Jizz Gym 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Antonio, Markie, Ukiah Woods, Duncan Murphy, Steve Parker, Jack Van Dean, Austin Rivers
Studio: Factory Video

Directed by: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Release date: 5/5/2003
Jizz Gym reviews:
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JIZZ GYM consists of three scenes, one of which is very good and the other two are fair to middlin. The action does not take place in a gym but in a locker room that I suppose we are to assume is connected to a gym. The first scenethe only one I truly recommendfeatures the blond twink Markie and two black studs: Ukiah Woods and Austin Rivers. Markie sneaks glances at the admirable endowments of the others and everyone is soon grabbing dick. Markie takes things further when he begins sucking Austins stiff pole. Ukiah slurps on Markies. (Markie it should be pointed out is no slouch in the dick department either.) Its nice to see performers who all suck, and these three do. After doing a good job of eating out Markies ass, Ukiah asks Markie if he has ever been fucked by two black guys; and, receiving a negative answer, asks if he would like to be. This receives an affirmative answer. Ukiah arranges Markie on the locker room bench andwith Austin giving the kid something to suck onUkiah slowly inserts his huge cock in the little guy's hole. There is a very nice close-up of this.
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Boxcover for 5 New York Classics
5 New York Classics 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Miles Long, Keith Anthoni, George Payne, Scorpio, Gustavo, Steve Parker, John Kovacs, Kip Noll, Daniel Holt, Christopher Rage, Shawn Gregory, Lew Seager, Johnny Kovaks, Victor Huston, Sven Jensen, Alan Miles, Michael Pen, Tone Stalione, David Starbuck, Josef Tempesta, Tom Cord, Brad Ford, Ken Edwards, Pete Connors, Andy Breugera, Perry Fryer, William Hallquist, Trane Johnson, Ray Moore, BJ Bare, Pat Johnson, Roberto Castro
Studio: P.M. Productions

Directed by: Arch Brown, John Amero, Michael Findlay, Says Parker, Bruce King
Release date: 4/23/2002
5 New York Classics reviews:
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The only film in this collection worth watching at all is ALL TIED UP. As though realizing this it had a disc all to itself. The other four films are crunched together on the second disc. And that is a problem because they are so compressed that you are lucky if two of the four will play. I was able to watch (unfortunately) two and a half of the films but the rest of the disc simply would not play on any of my five players. ALL TIED UP stars Scorpio one of our earliest porn stars. He was slender, bottomed as well as topped and had a blond walrus mustache. Indeed all of the guys in all the films wear mustaches. It was the badge of gaydom in this ancient time period. One didnt need gaydar, the mustache screamed GAY! The Nazis wouldnt have needed pink triangles with these guys. (Okay, so I had a mustache myself oncebut it was in a much later time period so I wasnt a clone). Anyway, a delivery boy seduces Scorpio so that he can steal the keys to his apartment thus allowing two others to enter and tie Scorpio to the bed. Thereafter he gets dildos and cocks up his butt.
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