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Boxcover for Slow Heat In a Texas Town
Slow Heat In a Texas Town 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve O'Donnell, Steve Carlisle, Nick Capra, Josh West, Jackson Wild, Zane Jacobs, Chad Manning, Colton Steele, Del Cobb, Cory Flint
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Joe Gage
Release date: 5/1/2009
Slow Heat In a Texas Town reviews:
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With eight scintillating scenes, this is like having two films in one. What a bargain that is in these hard economic times. SLOW HEAT IN A TEXAS TOWN is a veritable scorcher, and director Joe Gage proves he is still at the top of his form.
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Boxcover for Best Of Suite 703 2
Best Of Suite 703 2 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve O'Donnell, Jack Ryan, Ken Mack, Mason Wyler, Vance Winter, Jude Collin, Lucas Knowles, Colby McNight, Jason Pitt, Ben Patrick, Jasper St John
Studio: Suite 703

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 12/29/2008
Best Of Suite 703 2 reviews:
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Hot men and hot action in these brief fantasy snippets from Suite703, ranging from the coack in the locker room to the horny plumber!
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Boxcover for Men Hard At Work 3 (Naughty America)
Men Hard At Work 3 (Naughty America) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Rusty, Steve O'Donnell, Trevor Knight, Jay Lopez, Mason Wyler, Vance Winter, Colby McNight, Jasper St. John, Tommy Defendi, Ryan Raz
Studio: Suite 703

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 9/29/2008
Men Hard At Work 3 (Naughty America) reviews:
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Five scenes with a talented and attractive young cast. A sort of porn version of the office. The film has fine production values and is extremely well acted. The oral sex is super. It is only the fucking that falls short of what it could be. Its a good film. It could have been a great one.
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Boxcover for Top Secret (Men of Odyssey)
Top Secret (Men of Odyssey) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve O'Donnell, Sam Crockett, Zach Richards, Clay Stone, Nick Young, Corey Summers, Jack Ryan, Daniel Cross, Greg Vaughan
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Directed by: Jerry Douglas
Release date: 12/4/2002
Top Secret (Men of Odyssey) reviews:
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Jerry Douglas has been directing porn for over thirty yearscorrection: Jerry Douglas has been directing films for over thirty years. You would think he would be burned out by now, or at the very least, jaded; but his films are still as fresh and exciting as ever. In commenting on Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese said, Everyone one of his films was an event. The same can be said in the porn world about Douglas. TOP SECRET is indeed another event. The filmon the surfaceis a spoof of the Bond films, but it is also a coming-out story and primarily a love story. Corey Summers in a real tour de force performance plays both master spy McGuffin and Goodwin, a military man look-alike who is forced into impersonating the arch-villain. There are a few slight problems to this impersonation however. McGuffin has a distinctive tattoo, is cut, and is gay. Goodwin has no tattoo, is uncut, and is straight. The tattoo is no problem; circumcision is possible (ouch!); but when it comes to the gay aspect, Houston we have a problem.
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Boxcover for Indulge
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David Thompson, Marcello Reeves, Paul Carrigan, Max Grand, Steve O'Donnell, Tony Cummings, Tony Piagi, Cole Youngblood
Studio: Sunshine

Release date: 6/6/2001
Indulge reviews:
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This film is centered on Indulge magazine. The performers are handsome, the sex is great, and the production staffespecially the photographerare unsurpassed. We discover Cole Youngblood photographing Steve ODonnell. Steve is wearing Speedos and nothing else as Cole gets him to do a number of standard poses outdoors. The session then moves to a garage where Steve is now naked sitting atop a jeep. Coles camera continues to click. Steve has a handsome face, a slender body covered with strawberry blond hair, and a very nice dick. Cole, as we shall see, has an enormous cock. Hes perfect for the role of photographer because he could be a natural tripod. When the session is finished, Steve wants to get it on with Cole, but he is reluctant to mix business with pleasure. Steve is insistent and Steve is not to be resisted. Out comes Coles third leg and Steve gives it some heady oral attention. Steve then lies back on the hood of the jeep for Cole to eat his ass. This is really hot! I have never seen anyone so good at rimming as Cole.
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Boxcover for Flavor Of Men, The
Flavor Of Men, The 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Chance Caldwell, Max Grand, Kurt Stefano, Steve O'Donnell, Bryan Kidd, Sam Crockett
Studio: Oh Man

Release date: 4/24/2000
Flavor Of Men, The reviews:
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On the cover of The Flavor of Mens DVD is an extreme close up of Sam Crocketts six pack, with the tempting question, Wanna Taste? If only I could! The movie starts out with Steve ODonnell taking a shower after a short workout. Delivery boy Bryan Kidd stops by and quickly strips down and joins him. There is nothing quite like the sight of two guys making out in the shower. I dont know why we dont see this more often. Anyway, after getting each other squeaky clean in the shower, they retire up to Steves room for some more intense action. Just as Steve is planting his face in Bryans ass, Sam Crockett interrupts them. Sam is looking for his friend Kurt Stefano. Sam isnt about to walk away from these two, though, and joins them for some hot 3way oral action. Suddenly, Sam decides he wants to save his cum for Kurt, and takes off, leaving Bryan and Steve alone to finish things up.
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