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Steve Holmes with these hotties?
Hi,Was just wondering if Steve Holmes has done scenes with...Amia Moretti, Nicole Ray, Paige Taylor, Kiara Diane, Mary Anne, Amia Moretti, Alexis Breeze, Tori Black, Angel Dark, Rebeca Linares & Bree Olson.Would appreciate replies, especially from Steve :)Thanks in advance!Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Apr 5 2009Edited by - playboy on Apr 5 ...
Steve Holmes
Just wondereing, which Country are you from? Some sites on Internet states Hungary, others Germany. Now I also have read Czech republic... Your native country can't be 3...or?Topic Moved by - Drew Black on Oct 25 2007
Question for Steve Holmes
I know you have worked for John Leslie at least once, and Mario Salieri. I was wondering about the two of them. Their styles seem to be very similar. Soft lighting and voyeurism being two similarities. What is Salieri like? Do the two men know each other? Was one influenced by the other? Thanks.
Steve holmes [Cmnf sex god].
Hes done a lot of cmnf sex vids. Notably some of the ones hes done with kelly trump. Four to be exact.In all four she was naked and he was clothed. But hes done a lot more.Theres two in trying to find.. The scene he did with kelly trump for babewatch 9. That takes place in a bar.And one with vicky leander in a the first of the wildkatzen porn serie ...
Request for steve holmes
Mr. Holmes,Can you please make me a Dildo mold of your cock. i searched for one online but no one makes it. please let me know if you can help. i would be willing to pay you for it xoxoemail me at Nikki
Mr. Steve Holmes
mr. holmes where ya been? seems like you dont log on to your myspace page anymore :(
Has Steve Holmes left the US permanently??
I don't see him in any of the new titles and mostly see him in european web based productions. Has he left the US permanently?
Steve Holmes and Bree Olson or Vanessa Lynn
Hi,Is there any movie featuring Steve with either Bree Olson or Vanessa Lynn?If not, Steve any chances of scenes with them?Thanks.Edited by - Playboy on Mar 18 2008
Steve Holmes vs. blonde bride
I can help anyone find the original name of a movie with Steve Holmes? The film begins with a scene between Steve Holmes and a blonde bride somewhere outdoors. TKS!
Question for Steve Holmes
Hi Steve! I recently saw your movie, something with a blonde bride. For us in Romania had a strange name - perverse. Can you please tell me the original name of the movie they refer to? Thanks!
who is this model with steve holmes?
I was wondering who is this model with steve holmes? and the name of this movie or video?[img][/img] Edited by - adherye on Mar 4 2011Edited by - adherye on Mar 4 2011
Steve Holmes and Breastplay Movies.
Steve, this is a plea for you to get a directors hat on. As I’ve stated before I love you playing with breasts as you fuck, why don’t you make movies which have lots of breast play as the girls fuck and suck through the scenes. I’m sure I’m not alone with my love of breast play, so I think there will be a market in pla ...
STEVE HOLMES, About Big Natural Tits 22
Steve,I saw that you were in Christoph Clark's Big Natural Tits 22. Did you get a chance to do Mandy Dee? If so, what was she like?lordishTopic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Nov 24 2009
Girl with Steve Holmes
HiCan someone ID this girl with Steve Holmes? Thanks.Pic
Steve Holmes Scene... VERY strange scene.
Hi guys.So well, I'm new here.We (a large community in internet) has been trying to find a scene of Mr. Steve Holmes where he appears with a girl in a Jail (prison, cage, whatever), and it's not the Bondage movie he did.Seems like this scene is very strange or not well known, there's a girl with a dust pan(?) or hat in the hand outside of the jail ...
Steve Holmes Scene... VERY strange scene.
Hi guys.So well, I'm new here.We (a large community in internet) has been trying to find a scene of Mr. Steve Holmes where he appears with a girl in a Jail (prison, cage, whatever), and it's not the Bondage movie he did.Seems like this scene is very strange or not well known, there's a girl with a dust pan(?) or hat in the hand outside of the jail ...
Steve Holmes Scene... VERY strange scene.
Hi guys.So well, I'm new here.We (a large community in internet) has been trying to find a scene of Mr. Steve Holmes where he appears with a girl in a Jail (prison, cage, whatever), and it's not the Bondage movie he did.Seems like this scene is very strange or not well known, there's a girl with a dust pan(?) or hat in the hand outside of the jail ...
need help ID'ing this Steve Holmes scene
hello everyone. sorry to pry about this, but i can't seem to locate this scene anywhere. i've only seen a short clip of it in .gif format. in the scene, Steve Holmes and another actor are in seperate jail cells, and the female actress is sort of climbing the jailbars and fucking Steve from the outside. the actress is a brunette/black haired woman i ...
Steve Holmes - The Complaint
Just saw this movie with Steve Holmes.Would be interested to know more about his involvement and thoughts.
steve Holmes retired
I sure looks like it.
Steve Holmes DP scenes
Edited by - kantabcd on Feb 14 2010Edited by - killbillvol69 on Feb 14 2010Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Feb 14 2010
DPs/ Gangbang List with Steve Holmes
I am looking for a list of DPs (dp, dpp, dap) in which Steve Holmes involved. Better combination may be Steve Holmes & Manuel Ferrara. They are so loving to the stars. In most dp scenes the guys are rough to the girls and seems to fuck the girl. But they are more than that. It seems they make love with the girls. I love those scenes. Can you pl ...
Steve Holmes the legend
Holmes Legend thats all that needs to be said the guy has been places I dream of lol!!!Show your respectTopic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jun 6 2009
Steve Holmes - Thats the way I would do it.
This thread is to recognise Steve as a top male performer and as I stated in the subject heading, if I was a performer, that's the way I would want to fuck girls. Over the years Steve has fucked his way through hundreds of scenes. He has worked with the biggest producers and with the biggest stars. Just the fact that the he is still cast in so many ...
Happy Birthday, Steve Holmes!
The line for the spanking machine starts here.
double anal scenes with steve holmes
steve holms is one of my favorite actors. i'm looking for hot double anal scenes he's done. can someone give me some movie titles?[mod edit: fixed spelling of his surname in the thread title]Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Feb 25 2009
Calling Steve Holmes
Steve,There's a movie called "Elastic Assholes 6" that came out in 2008 in which you have a scene with Alexandra Joy, a.k.a. Godessa Del Gabo. This can't possibly be new, can it? I have just recently discovered Alexandra on the Eromaxx sites and am smitten beyond belief with her. If she's still making movies, 2009 is already a great year ...
Question for Steve Holmes..
Hi Steve,Any scenes in the future lined up with Regina Ice, Olimpia, Bree Olson, Tori Black, Lacie Heart, Ruby Knox, Courtney James and Paige Taylor?Loved your scenes with Annette Schwarz in Slutwoman 2!Do reply.Edited by - playboy on May 17 2008
Please Do Cikita, Steve Holmes!
Steve, please find a way to break in this outrageously gorgeous woman into your line. Cikita is the hottest woman I've ever seen and she deserves the finest cocksman available to get her started doing B/G hardcore. Please let us know if anything happens with Cikita.lordish
Has Rocco and Steve Holmes been in the same scene?
I was wondering this since both aof them are great performers.Does anyone know?
Steve Holmes- I Bow Down Before You
I may be new to the forums, but I have to officially recognize Steve Holmes. He is a beautiful, hard, thrusting sex God and I looooove his videos. That perverse accent, those bright baby blues, that hard cock. Dear God. I prostrate myself before you, Steve Holmes. May God bless every questing thrust of your cock.
Steve Holmes and fat girls
I wanted to know if Steve Holmes has made of films with fat girls.ThanksCarlo
Steve Holmes and Liliane Tiger scene..
Hi,Anyone knows the name of this vid (see screenshot below) featuring Liliane Tiger and Steve Holmes.[IMG][/IMG]or thanks
Marry Christmas to Steve Holmes
Hello Steve,I cant you reach by email (seems your box got stucked by spam), so Ill use this form.Just want to wish Marry Christmas to You and Happy New Year!!! And best wishes in your both private andwork life for upcoming year 2008! Have a great time...With Regards,Peter
Pornstuds who love women: Steve Holmes
I recently watched a great Steve Holmes/Jessica Moore scene in the Steve-directed video, "Romancing the Ass" (Mach 2).It reminded me of what a sunny experience it always is watching Steve Holmes perform with a woman in a one-on-one setting. You can tell he really loves women, loves pleasuring women. He obviously enjoys eating pussy. There ...
Which Steve Holmes movies is this from?
Hi guys, anyone know which vid this might be? It looks like one of the early RLD series, like XXX Road Trip or 110% Natural, but I can't tell. Thanks for your help. (BTW, is it OK to hyperlink directly to images, or ar ...
Name of Steve Holmes film
I read on here in a post that in one of his films he takes another guy's load on his face. Is this for real? Anyone know the name of the film?
Steve Holmes should be crowned King of Porn.
O.k. everybody who loves Steve Holmes' work? I think he should be crowned the King of Porn. It's just something about this guy, that makes me laugh. I can come home from a terrible day at work. And feeling just down right lousy. And I pop in a movie of his, and you either see him fucking some girls hair, her armpit, or some crazy place ...
Steve Holmes / BM Mag release Nothing Butt Fun
Nothing Butt Fun is composed of one long, spectacular scene that Buttman selected as the first release from new Buttman Magazine Choice director Steve Holmes because the action is so spontaneous — a real pool party with slippery, wet fun going down in and out of the water. Along with a bevy of horny, uninhibited partyers, Steve delivers styli ...
question for STEVE HOLMES Edited by - absoluter beginner on Feb 3 2007
Question For Steve Holmes
I read in a magazine, you said that the hotest pornstar you ever been fucked is Laura Angel, and you also said that Laura's asshole is the tightest asshole you have ever fuck. Is that real interview with you ?
Steve holmes scene help
Sorry guys, I hate these type of vague posts but it is all I have. Steve holmes did a scene with a black girl, (Jada Fire, Vannessa Blue or Ayana Angel) I believe it was 1 of the 3 on a starcase with the girl in latex. I forget if it was a MMF or MFF scene but it was hot. Can't find it, can anyone help identify it for me? Again sorry for bein ...
Question for Steve Holmes
Hi dear Steve, I would like to ask you if are you going to visit/shoot in Czech in the nearest future? Thnks. Mr. Peter
Public sex scenes - Steve Holmes
Hello, I just saw the trailer for Red Light's "Anal Cavity Search #2" -looks good. I liked the fuck scenes recorded at a porn exhibition. Rocco has made these kind of scenes before, with ordinary people making up the audiance of hard core public sex scenes. Has Steve Holmes made any other scenes like this in other films, or do You h ...
Happy Birthday Steve Holmes :o)
Happy Birthday man hava good day :o)
Steve Holmes' new look
Awesome new hairdo, Steve! It's savage with the goatee, Man!
Steve Holmes with...?
I want to know who is that gorgeous woman with Steve Holmes and what movie is that scene in? edit: ok, so apparently I can't directly link an image here, so where do I put it so you can see it? edit2: I thought it was just as bad without the url tags Edited by - kimbuzzi on Oct 30 2 ...
Steve Holmes, 11-20 (The Pussy in Traffic Poll)
This is a poll, not a "best of" list. You are supposed to pick a favorite. Or not, you can also just read it. Or not, whatever. It is not important. (11) Steve Holmes said: "If I have to choose between a pretty boy and someone who can fuck I will choose the later." (12) Steve Holmes said: "Be careful when you see ...
Poll: Steve Holmes, 1-10
This is a poll, not a "best of" list. You are supposed to pick a favorite. Or not, you can also just read it. Or not, whatever. It is not important. (1) Steve Holmes said: "I wouldn't let her suck my dick when it is not clean." (2) Steve Holmes said: "For me it was never ideology, but they just don't pay enough to ...
P.O.V. question for Steve Holmes and his fans
I remember Steve saying that he'd done an anal P.O.V. DVD but none-the-less I have a question. Will he do a more PUSSY oriented P.O.V. DVD? By the way, I don't mind some anal, it's ALOT of anal that I mind! m_burlock Edited by - m_burlock on Aug 2 2005 Edited by - m_burlock on Aug 2 2005
I'm sorry Steve Holmes......
........... but I had to post this up!!!!
Steve Holmes...somebody.. please gape this beauty!
I've anxiously waited for over 4 years for somebody to gape Cashmere's sexy little ass. She does anal almost every time but nobody has ever gotten her going. It's like she intimidates guys. There must be some stud in the industry that can turn her out? Please! Topic Moved by - hardware on May 2 2005
Allow me to explain why I think Steve Holmes should be made a Saint, Has anyone ever seen Phatty Girls 5? If so you should have seen the last scene? (Seen the last scene, Sounds funny) The scene was with Tia Sweets and Yasmine. Now The highlight of the scene was Tia Sweets, A gorgeous Spunky little Freak that took my breath away. After that movi ...
help from steve holmes
I've found on the net a clip with kathy heart with 7 guys she is dapped but i don't know a movie where there are k.heart and 7 guys ... can you help me? (one of the guys is steve!) Topic Moved by - Steph on Mar 22 2005
Happy Birthday Steve Holmes !!!
Hope IAFD is correct with your 44. "Geburtstag" Edited by - STEMCELL on Mar 23 2005
Steve Holmes or Brandon Iron?
Whose movies you like better? Both guys are top-notch performers.
Steve Holmes on KSEX Radio tonight!
Hey all! Just a heads up to let you know who my special guest is on 'Kylie Live' this week (Thursday, Dec 9th): Adult male star Steve Holmes! One of my fellow directors at Platinum X Pictures and one of my favorite guys to fuck! Steve has recently been in a couple scenes for my upcoming big, controversial movie 'The Whore Next Door' includ ...
ID Steve Holmes DP scene
Actually, I'm looking for the identity of the girl n the Steve Holmes scene. The scene starts off with Steve and the girl on the right side of the frame. She's dressed in a pink top and a dark blue skirt. He's got his left arm around her and is squeezing her left breast. In front of them, on the left side of the screen, is a black guy. All t ...
Steve Holmes DP Master!!!!!
Having watched a number of Steve's scenes,especially DP ones(duh!)I am very impressed with his approach. Steve doesn't just fuck like a mindless piston,he's always interacting with the girl,especially if he's the top guy.He's aggressive sure,but hey,I like that.I like the way he takes control,grabbing the girl's hair,fingering their mouths,grabb ...
Scene with Fanny and Steve Holmes?
I just saw "Street and Panty Pisser 10" from SG Video. There is a femdom watersports scene in this movie, with Fanny and a guy who looks very much like Steve Holmes. SG never show credits for their actors, but he certainly looks like Steve. The dialog is in German, so I don't fully understand the plot, but Fanny has some kind o ...
Question for Steve Holmes
Even after all of these years in the porn biz, and after hundreds of movies, do you ever get nervous before a scene? Or has it reached a point where it's "just another day at the office" ? The butterflies in my stomach would keep me awake all night if I knew I had a scene with 2 beautiful women the next day ;)
Steve Holmes - Oh dear man...!
I was sent a clip today with steve holmes and some guy giving a girl DP, everything looked normal at first. Suddenly the guy in the girls ass pulls out and cums all over steve holmes face! I closed the clip with with complete shock...steve how could you let this happen its just vile! Was it a practical joke on set or an accident?
Poor Steve Holmes!
Video - Pornmaster Mike
Steve Holmes, help!
Hi people, excume my bad english. I have a big problem, i love a very precious pornstar and I want to find her pics and videos in the net but i dont know her name because i saw her in a copy, she appeared in a film with Steve Holmes, the name was PORNO-REPORT, and near of the tittle is writen:"Su gent´s ab beim porno-utem", from Mag ...
Kudos to Steve Holmes for SUPER SLUTS
hey there. checking out steve holmes' latest pic SUPER SLUTS one thing just struck me: although in one of my last posts i critizised holmes for being a bit on the rough side, i have to admit all the girls in SUPER SLUTS are obviously having a good time. i'm not saying this out of concern for the wellbeing of the talent, but simply because it kicks ...
Male Performer of the Week 6: Steve Holmes
OK, OK, I know. Everybody here knows about Steve Holmes. Hell, if you don't, then shame on you. So why have I picked him to be male performer of the week? Well, I can think of at least 2 reasons, which I will explain in a minute. But first, I want to make it clear that this is MY decision. When I contacted Steve about this idea some time ago, he ...
slapping & steve holmes.
just having watched CUM GUZZLERS where steve holmes slaps pretty trinity in the face again & again, remembering a similar scene with melissa lauren in another movie i'm beginning to ask myself what the hell is up with holmes. he seems to be stepping into questionable territory these days. anyone else notice this trend?
Steve Holmes' Sexy Euro Girls
I saw this title in the local smut shack the other day, and it looked interesting. Has anyone seen it or is anyone able to direct me to some screenshots of the film? There aren't any reviews up yet either. It looks good, and admittedly I'll probably eventually get it, but still I'd like a better look beforehand if possible. cheers, scipi ...
Jewel De'Nyle's potty training of Steve Holmes
Hi everyone, Not sure if this is an appropriate place to make this announcement, but I have been asked about the censored pee clip in I LOVE IT ROUGH #1 from Platinum X Pictures many times on ADT. On the DVD and VHS versions, I faded the screen to black while Jewel De'Nyle gave a golden shower to an obviously thirsty Steve Holmes. It may have pr ...
PXP Releases Steve Holmes' Perversions
Steve Holmes' Perversions Released: 03/30/2004 DVD UPC: 827613600553 VHS UPC: 827613500556 Details: 7 exotic beauties want to fulfill your perverted fantasies. Surrender to your kinkiest perversions! Cast: Hypnotiq, Jada, Jewel De'Nyle, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Ariana Jollee, Jackie Moore, Gia Paloma, Sara Rose, Michael Stef ...
Steve Holmes is the DON!
Steve Holmes looks like he's grown his hair a bit. Now he looks like some sort of Mafia Boss. Looks good though, by the way Steve, Perversions is really good...watched the first scene...excellent stuff! Ariana looks fab! Edited by - sanchez_1960 on Mar 31 2004
Question for J.Y. LeCastel and Steve Holmes
Hello and nice day to everybody! I have a question for you Mr. J.Y. LeCastel and Steve Holmes on your next upcoming movies. You are guys both great and I like your work so much. Are you guys planning to invite to your new movies some more of the nice czech girls that are currently available? (I hope) There is quite a plenty of new chicks ...
The perfect name for Steve Holmes gaping-anal line
ASS-GAPE-OLOGY! (Like the Robbie Williams album!) With no more PUSSY IS NOT ENOUGH 2, this is what we need to see from Mr Holmes. Whaddyareckon Steve? Passend?
Question for Steve Holmes
Hello I emailed you a question a while back and you said that instead I should ask you in the forums. I'm rather forgetful so this has taken a while, anyway... I was curious about how you got started in the porn business, why you wanted to do this type of work, what your attitudes about it are/were? And things like have you ever had a "d ...
Steve Holmes, why no porn in Denmark?
Hi, this thread is directed towards one of my favourite all-round porn guys, Mr Steve Holmes, specifically because he's German and I like his style of film, as evidenced by EURO GIRLS NEVER SAY NO. Given the proximity of Denmark to Germany, I'm surprised I've never heard of Danish porn. Also, given the all-round attractiveness of the Danish girl ...
For Steve Holmes
Hey Steve, I just received your email, I repplied to it so check your email. I send you the 1st email (I guess you didnt received it) when you told me to, I included it again with the today's reply. Let me know if you receive the new email -Alex Edited by - AlexPanzer on Dec 3 2003
Steve Holmes shooting in Poland currently?
I distantly remember him talking about his plans to shoot in Poland this Summer. Now, I just met a friend living there in a downtown bar and he shows me all those pictures of Polish girls he just shot: Porn-star-quality, I tell you! Soooo beautiful! My friend says many of them are really after the money and society seems more open than Pope is. So ...
For Steve Holmes
When will you be working with Michelle Wild again?
For/About Steve Holmes
I was thinking since Steve will be doing his own series for Platinum X soon,will he be shooting any native German ladies?I know this is old news,but I think it would be quite interesting if,since there are "issues"with licensing GGG product,perhaps Steve could nab the truly nasty Bettie for a few go-rounds!I don't know if she does anal,or ...
Mandingo/Lex/Steve Holmes-cooperation
Is there any girl who has worked with all three of them at the same time? There is danger that they bust her, but it would be good film to watch. If not all three than at least two of them together on her. Thank you for information.
Does anybody else hate Steve Holmes for this.
In every scenes I have seen him in,he makes more noise than the women he fuck.I think its nice to hear different women make noise and breath heavily while they are being fucked,but to hear Steve Holmes dark and ugly voice make does ugly noises is just a major jurn OFF. Does anybody else share my thoughts,I have finding myself avoiding the movies ...