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Boxcover for Red Devil Solos: Chicago
Red Devil Solos: Chicago 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Cannon, Giovanni, Troy
Studio: Red Devil Entertainment

Release date: 11/20/2003
Red Devil Solos: Chicago reviews:
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That I am not a fan of solo films can be seen in the fact that in all of the 270 films I have reviewed for this site none has been a professional solo film. Until now, that is. So why now? I have been very impressed with all three of Red Devils feature films and wanted to see what this one was like. Also because it was the film debut of Jason Ridge, the extraordinary star in each of Red Devils three features. The first soloist is a familiar one: Steve Cannon. Steve has starred in over thirty films, most memorably as the Fallen Angel in the first two films from that series. He startsas do all the othersfully clothed. Slowly he strips to reveal that profusion of tattoos that cover his chest and arms. Even naked Steve still looks as though he has a shirt on. Hes really a walking art gallery. One can read Heart over one pectoral and Ache over the other. Sinner is tattooed across the small of his back. There are large rings in both nipples.
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Boxcover for Biker Pigs from Hell
Biker Pigs from Hell 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Cannon, Frank Parker, Sweet Williams, Eduardo, Chad Donovan, Joe Romero, Bo Garrett, Mark Kroner
Studio: Wildcat Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Release date: 11/1/2002
Biker Pigs from Hell reviews:
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Ive been getting a little bored with the body beautifuls and vanilla fuck and suck porn Ive been watching lately. So I went in search of something a little more raunchy, filthy, and piggythe kind of stuff that would, maybe, make both my hair and my dick stand on end. First upI thought that any porn with the outrageous term Biker Pigs in the title might be a possibility. And with inky bad boys Bo Garrett and Steve Cannon starring in this one, I figured it held some promise of what I was looking for. So heres a quick review of Biker Pigs From Hell to be followed shortly by a review of BPFH 2. BPFH is not as raunchy as I had hoped for, but the sex scenes are mostly filled with good action. And Bo Garrett never looked better or greasier. Its too bad hes out of porn for now and really didnt make all that many flicks when he was in it. The premise of the film is that cheap trick Steve Cannon spends the night with Bo Garrett and as the film opens, Steve awakens and leaves a still sleeping Bo, taking his money, wallet, and Harley. Very, very, very bad move Steve.
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Boxcover for Equestrian Club, The
Equestrian Club, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Steve Cannon, Kody Fields, Eric York, Seth Black, Scott Davis, Carlos, Dino Dimarco, Lex Kyler, Trent Andrews, Hagen Stone, Rick Valenz
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Release date: 5/18/2000
Equestrian Club, The reviews:
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 THE EQUESTRIAN CLUB Directed by Bruno Riccelli Would you like to go for a ride? Laissez les bon temps rouler! Lex Kyler, Carlos, Kody Fields, Seth Black, Scott Davis, Hagen Stone, Steve Cannon, Dino DiMarco, Eric York and Eric Evans Get out the Blue Ribbons! OH MAN! Studios The Equestrian Club invites you to go for a ride with eleven thoroughbred studs going through their paces under the reins of director Bruno Riccelli, so, saddle up and enjoy the ride! The Equestrian Club takes the viewer behind the scenes, into the tack rooms and stables at an over-sexed horse show, where the guys ride each other as well as they ride their faithful steeds. While watching a horse show, insert hung joke of your choice here, Carlos and Lex Kyler cant contain their lust, so they trot off to the empty stable. Keen horse sense tells Kody Fields, Seth Black and Scott Davis that somethings up, and they go off to investigate. Well, something is up indeed, as Carlos and Kyler are horsing around in the stall.
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Boxcover for Fallen Angel 1 (general release)
Fallen Angel 1 (general release) 
(3.8 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Steve Cannon, Harold Creg, Roberto, Kyle Brandon, Jim Buck, Cole Tucker, Tony Zerega, Marc Hamilton, Taurus, Eric Michaels, Tommy Strausser, Chase Alters, Will Burke, Dick LaBete, Tex Matson, Luc Torino
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Bruce Cam
Release date: 4/24/2000
Fallen Angel 1 (general release) reviews:
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I feel its important to preface this review with the fact that Im not really a big fan of leather. Some aspects intrigue me, but overall, its not my thing. I had heard a lot about this series, though, and the quality of other Titan titles prompted me to check it out. Some of it was simply too much for me, but I will review the overall quality of this disc and will hopefully give enough information to assist in determining whether this is something you may be interested in watching. The features: Static menu; trailers for this titles two sequels; chapters (16) and contact info. Thats it. Given the nice extras to be found on other Titan discs, this is very disappointing. The video for the most part is good, but somewhat grainy, and doesnt match the quality of more current releases (this was produced in 1997). Sound was merely adequate. Ive heard better music, but Ive also heard worse.
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Had to dust off the ol' cock ring for this one to get me in the mood! Fallen Angel *** Company: Titan Media Year Released DVD: 1999 Cast List: Steve Cannon, Kyle Brandon, Jim Buck, Cole Tucker, Tony Zerega, Mark Hamilton, Eric Michaels, Roberto,Chase Alters and others Theme: S/M, Leather, Bondage, Sex Clubs Release Date:1997 Awards: 2 for Best Special Interest Video- GVG and AVN Awards, as well as Best Leather Video and Best Video of 1997 at the Probies (I love that award!) It also won an award for Best Music. Synopsis: An angel desires to be human and experience pleasure and he cums to earth and visits Chicago?! Hope he cums to NYC sometime!!! Review : I do want to say right away again the production values are way high on this....from the opening title and credits and the "Myst" like music I thought this was going to be good.
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Directed by Cam & KirschREPORT CARD: B+First off, if you're looking for the extreme side of S&M, buy the video--not the DVD.Titan Media, like others, is farming their DVD production to an outside company. Thus they've decided to release only what they call "retail" versions on DVD, rather than their own private "mail order" versions. (Is this what Falcon is going to end up doing too? I hope not. But if they out-source their DVD production, you can probably count on it.)These "retail" cuts are hardcore sex, to be sure, but they've been re-edited to remove "controversial" scenes, which in gay porn usually means fisting or extreme buttplay, flogging or piercing. (Perhaps multiple penetration too; I'm not sure.) Since this stuff has only slight novelty value for me personally, I probably found the DVD cut of Fallen Angel at least as exciting as I would the VHS cut. Still... No one wants to fork out $69 (the very high retail price) just to find out they've gotten a censored or edited-down product. An unacceptable practice, in my opinion.
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