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Stephanie Swift
The video on her web site certainly makes you think, doesn't it...
No Stephanie Swift updates?
It's been quite a while since anyone updated her condition. Nobody has heard anything?
Any new info on Stephanie Swift?
Is she still in treatment?
Anyone have an update on Stephanie Swift?
It's been a while since I've heard anything. Thanks.
Stephanie Swift Cancer Free
Nica Noelle has just posted some great news. 'I just want to let you guys know that the results from the tests following her lymph-node removal surgery came back today, and as of right now our beloved Stephanie Swift is CANCER-FREE!!!!I'm obviously ecstatic, and I know you guys will be, too. It's still a process of recovery, but the damn cancer is ...
Stephanie Swift Cancer Benefit March 10th
Nica Noell wrote:Stephanie has been engaged in a fight against breast cancer. She's completed chemotherapy, and she is set to have lymph node removal surgery in mid-March. Since being diagnosed last summer, Stephanie has fought valiantly to stay positive and healthy during the past five months of brutal chemotherapy sessions. She's doing great, all ...
WTS Rough Sex 1 and 2, Stephanie Swift UNCUT VHS
Selling these two titles either alone or separate. Both have original boxes, in good condition. Also selling Gangbang Angels 1 UNCUT, with the spitting and slapping that was edited out of the DVD release.Please email me at
'GangBang Angels' with Stephanie Swift
The copy I have has a disclaimer from Patrick Collins saying he personally edited out spitting, slapping, etc. Anybody seen the unedited version? If so, describe the edited out material in vivid detail. I await, Astroglide in palm. Cheers!
Stephanie Swift diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Stephanie Swift
Support for Stephanie Swift on Youtube don't forget to send her a message Please feel free to stop and send Stephanie your well wishes and prayers. Thank you.
Terrible news...Stephanie Swift has cancer
I didn't see this posted anywhere else, so I apologize if it was. But since she's one of my favorites and I know has a huge following here, I thought people would want to know.Here's the word..."NEW YORK — Veteran performer Stephanie Swift has been diagnosed with breast cancer and told XBIZ that she is considering a double mastectomy &q ...
Stephanie Swift - Orgasmic Scenes
Hello all, I'm a HUGE fan of Stephanie Swift. I don't think I've ever seen anything more arousing than her vigorously rubbing her clit with a determined expression, her head shaking and her moans getting louder before she has a massive orgasm. (Okay I think I've just turned myself on and must go watch one of those scenes. :P) I've seen this happen ...
Stephanie Swift - Longest nipples?
I am one of Stephanie's biggest fans, and I was thrilled to see her in The Office: An XXX Parody. I've always known that her nipples were got super long and hard, but I wonder if there are any girls, past or present with longer ones. BTW, this movie has an amazing cast: Ashlyn Brooke, Jenna Haze, Gianna, Alexis Texas, Stephanie Swift, and a coupl ...
Stephanie Swift returns
So says Luke Ford. She's 35 now. I thought she had gone to school but when a long-time porn girl returns in her mid-30s, well... not sure what to make of it.
Anyone see Steph Swift at Awards or Convention?
If so, did she say anything about being back in the biz or future projects? I know she's done a few g/g scenes lately, but I heard she isn't back to b/g yet. Thanks.
Stephanie Swift Dancing In Toronto
Stephanie Swift is scheduled to feature dance at Treasures here in Toronto. Actually in Mississauga which is just on the outskirts of Toronto to the west. Wed 21st-Sat 24th.
Stephanie Swift dancing at club
Stephanie is scheduled to be dancing at a stripclub in West Palm Bch, FL later this month. It's at a club I've never been to and probably a 30-45 min drive. Generally I couldn't care less about feature dancers but Stephanie is my ATF pornstar and I never saw her b/f in person nor do I think I'll get many chances too. So has anyone ever saw ...
My Night with Stephanie Swift at the Crazy Horse
I know I'm a bit late in reporting this, but then it's never too late to say... Guess who touched Stephanie Swift’s boobies this weekend? As mentioned in this thread, I did get to go see Stephanie Swift dance her thing off at the Crazy Horse in San Francisco on November 12th. I was a little late for her 9PM show, but nevertheless went ...
Look Who is Back: Stephanie Swift
Stephanie Swift at ExoticStarModels Girl-girl only though. Also, several other ExoticStar girls barely work in hardcore (Rebecca Love) or even in softcore or hardcore (Syren). Then again, they also represent Eva Angelina. So, who knows how much work Stephanie is looking for. It might be a situation where she's still feature dancing, and ...
Stephanie Swift or Felecia A2M
Hi all- Can anyone tell me whether or not Stephanie Swift or Felecia ever did any ass to mouth in their careers? I know Felecia did a lot of G/G rimming, but did she ever actually do ass to mouth with a finger or dildo? Stephanie Swift I believe did some in Miscreants; how about any other movies. I'd appreciate any help or info you can give me. ...
Stephanie Swift - WEHT?
I know she left Wicked, but I have seen her pop up in a few things here and there since. I also heard that she was starting her own agency. Anybody got the scoop?
Stephanie Swift Update
I'm sure this is old news, but Stephanie confirmed to me this weekend that she's no longer making films. This does not stop her from headlining at strip clubs fortunately! I had some time alone with her during a private dance and Stephanie is going back to school for a psychology degree. She says she'd like to apply her degree to helping peop ...
Stephanie Swift's early days question
Hardware told me that she was the leggy and butt PERFECT starlette in his avatar yesterday (July 25th) and that the photo was from her early days. Therefore, which earlier films of hers would people recommend I see/buy if I want to see those same fab legs and that PERFECT ass of hers as pictured in Hardware's avatar yesterday? m_burlock
Stephanie Swift with Peter North?
I am a long-time fan of Miss Swift, and it dawned on me one day that I have never seen her in a scene with Peter North. It struck me as pretty odd that since both of them have been in the biz for so long, surely they have worked together before, but I have yet to find one scene. Anybody know of one?
Stephanie Swift DP
Anybody knows any DVD?
Stephanie Swift
Two questions about this gorgeous woman. 1) did she ever do a creampie scene and, if so, with who? 2) is she still involved with that guy who she dated while he was in high school and she was a pornstar? I always thought that must have been heaven for him, some 17 or 18 year old guy fucking one of the most beautful pornstars. I think she ...
Stephanie Swift DP
I know I've asked this question before, but I forgot the answer. What movie(s) was Stephanie Swift DP'd in?
wanted asia carrea and stephanie swift dvds
any sellers ?
stephanie swift
what would be the ultimate 5 stephanie swift movies to own on dvd Topic Moved by - hardware on Jun 8 2004
Stephanie Swift-Recommendations?
Hey, how's it going, There was a recent poll battle between Avy Scott and Stephanie Swift. At the request of the author, I wrote a synopsis of Avy and why she is better than Stephanie. Now, I am sitting down to review "XXX Training" (2003), which I picked because of Delila Stone, and am reminded of how fucking hot Ms. Swift is. I ha ...
what was Stephanie swift's DP movie(s)?
IS there a movie with a stephanie swift DP or Double vaginal on DVD?
stephanie swift scene -- video??
A couple months ago, I saw a scene from the net that had what looked like Stephnie Swift in it. She was squatting with her back to a wall, and it could have been a brick wall, but I can't remember that detail too clearly. The part I do remember is that it was a multiple facial scene with upwards of 10-12 guys cumming on and splattering her face, on ...
Stephanie Swift Interview
I got the chance to finally sit down last weekend with Stephanie and talk about her career and her plans for the future. You can find the interview here: The Real Swift
Stephanie Swift- 'Gangbang Angels 1'
I just shot two loads while watching this. Hot! Especially the part where they slap & spit on her. Thanks, Stephanie!
Stephanie Swift
I read somewhere that Stephanie Swift was either in an accident or otherwise injured not too long ago. Does anyone have any information about this? Thanks.
Stephanie Swift: Behind the Scenes Interview
Okay, for those who read my recent Interview with Stephanie Swift, you might want a bit of behind the Scenes action as to how it went. Here's what happened: I spent a few days sending emails to everyone I could think of, trying to get prior approval for the interview. I didn't have much success but figured I'd wing it-I'm good at that. I called ...
Stephanie Swift and Gina Ryder in Houston
Each will be at different clubs, Steph at Splendor and Gina at Caligua 21, but I'm hoping to meet with each of them. Perhaps it's a karma thing but in her audio commentary on Park Avenue, Stephanie tells how much she wanted to work with Gina and how they both dance on the strip club circuit. Hey! Maybe I can get Steph to hook up with me to go to wa ...
Going to see Stephanie Swift!
Well, at this time tomorrow night I should be at my local strip club, watching the lovely Ms. Swift perform live-I haven't seen her since '99, same club. I don't normally go to strip clubs on weeknights, but my buddy has to work Fri./Sat., so this is his only chance to see her. Since I doubt I'll be leaving without getting a few lapdances (one o ...
Wicked DVD Update -Stephanie Swift in The Pushover
Stephanie Swift’s AVN Award-Nominated The Pushover Debuts On DVD! Los Angeles, CA - Poor Nelly Bish (Stephanie Swift). All her life she has been pushed around and knocked on the ground. Nelly has never been good enough for anything – until now. Nelly, quite content working as a maid, is busy cleaning when Hollywood comes knoc ...
Stephanie Swift Injury
Well she was hurt back in April but is doing fine. As usual she was a good little "Wicked" trooper and worked till 11pm Saturday night and was back on the convention floor at 10am Sunday morning.
Stephanie Swift Injured :-(
I read a few days ago that Stephanie Swift was injured in a ATV (four wheeler) accident. Supposedly she damaged one of her knees and is currently undergoing Physical Therepy. I hope her injury is not permenent or serious for that matter..and that she makes a speedy recovery. I know from personal experince that knee injuries can be a long term and ...
Stephanie Swift
hey there, Has anyone heard anything lately about Stephanie's latest movie Swift Picks? I havent been able to find info about its realease anywhere but i have seen it on Ebay in VHS once. I need to get a a hold of the dvd soon its killing me!!!
Tina Week - Daily Pic #5 - Tina - Stephanie Swift

Tina Week - Daily Pic #2 - Tina - Stephanie Swift
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What's Stephanie Swift's best stuff?
Just wondering what you people think are the best movies/DVDs with Stephanie Swift in them. She's so cute!!------------------My discs: