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Boxcover for Fuck Friends (IMD)
Fuck Friends (IMD) 
(2.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Stephane St. Laurent, Jonathan Beaulieu, Toma Becker, Martin Damours, Nicolas de Beaumont, Xavier Gauthier, Simon Lascar, Josh McCabe, Hugo Milo, Bruno Sinclair, Breck Stewart
Studio: IMD

Release date: 6/18/2001
Fuck Friends (IMD) reviews:
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Director:Stanle Lubrik Cast:Xavier Gauthier, Jonathan Beaulieu, Martin Damours, Hugo Milo, Breck Stewart, Simon Lascar, Toma Becker, Nicolas de Beaumont, Bruno Sinclair, Josh McCabe Story: What happens when a straight guy shares a flat with two gay guys? Well, since this is a gay porno, you can bet the straight guy doesnt stay straight for long. The 3 roommates have some fun together, then sit around and talk about their hottest sexual encounters. Scene One After an afternoon of skating, Xavier returns home to find his straight, scrawny, redheaded roommate taking a shower. Boy, it sure doesnt take long to convert straight boys these days. Xavier is in decent shape, but the redhead is much too thin and pastey white for my tastes. Suddenly, their other roommate shows up, and a threeway ensues. Theres a little bit of anal action here, but not a lot. The cumshots sure are nice, though. Scene Two For scene two, the cute roommate tells us the story about the time he had sex with 2 delivery boys.
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This is a first for me. This title was produced in Canada, and all the performers speak French Canadian, so there are actually subtitles to move the story along. They're not distracting, and seem to be pretty accurate (I took a few years of French in school), however, the story is inconsistent, so it's all for naught. Features: Static menu, which seems to have very sluggish navigation. Push a button to move the cursor, wait about 15 seconds, cursor moves. This is pretty annoying, and I can't think for any logical reason for it. There's the standard stuff here, like web crap, trailers (one of which is for this flick), chapters, and a bonus scene, which I'll cover later. Subtitles default to on, and you can only turn them off while in the feature, with the subtitle button, if you want to. Music is pretty standard, and the sound is both live and poorly dubbed moaning. The video varies from okay to awful. When the images get too dark, they pixellate badly.
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Boxcover for Alex & Bruno
Alex & Bruno 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Julian, Nino Bacci, Michel Mattel, Francois Clairmont, Dean Forest, Frederick Gallant, Adam Kerr, Mathieu, Stephane St. Laurent
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Andre Tardif
Release date: 3/18/2001
Alex & Bruno reviews:
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Dildos, dildos, and more dildos. Thats how Alex & Bruno starts out. Adam Kerr is laying alone on his bed, and starts unpacking his knapsack. He takes out about 6 different dildos along with a buttplug and some anal beads. This guy means business! Some of these plastic cocks were obviously meant for novelty use only theyre bigger than my whole forearm! Ill be damned if he doesnt shove every last one up that ass of his! Sheesh! I usually dont dig dildo play, but this was pretty hot. Except, I have to feel sorry for guys like this after stretching your hole out that much, there is no way a real dick will ever be able to satisfy them. Across town, Alex, our star, loves to show off his toned body, so he goes out on his terrace and does a little strip show for the neighborhood. This attracts a hunky cop, who stops by to give Alex a ticket. Before you can say Is there some way we can work this out, officer? Alex is on his knees sucking the cops dick.
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