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Boxcover for Raw Talent 3 (VCA)
Raw Talent 3 (VCA) 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ona Zee, April, Siobhan Hunter, Rick Savage, Stephanie Rage, Scott Baker
Studio: VCA

Release date: 9/27/2005
Raw Talent 3 (VCA) reviews:
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Starring: Jerry Butler, Ona Zee, April & Stephanie Rage Comments: After reviewing Raw Talent II, I wasnt really looking forward to watching the third installment. Again..this is called a "classic" and I disagree with the label. Its not worthy of the title. Jerry Butler returns as "Eddie"... a guy who does porn on the side while trying to make it in mainstream. This time, he gets "tricked" into a porn flick thinking its a zombie movie. (The zombie theme is totally dropped after the opening scene) Eddie also spends his time trying to convince the upcoming porn starlet he's working with not to get involved in porn...*now, if he always went around talking girls out of porn, how would he make money being in porn if there's nobody to fuck?..yeah..I know, I'm thinking too much. The subplot involves a director (played by Ona Zee) who is reduced to mainly producing flicks for an oddball director named "Louie Latrine"... Louie likes making porn where Nazis fuck and shoot GYSERS of cum (somebody offstage throwing a bucket of milk on the girls)...Louie also has a "toilet" fetish.
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Boxcover for Candida Royalle's Three Daughters
Candida Royalle's Three Daughters 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Siobhan Hunter, Robert Bullock, Gloria Leonard, Carol Cross, Ashleigh Aston Moore, Annette Heinz, Nina Preta, Clark Sharp
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Candida Royalle
Release date: 3/7/2004
Candida Royalle's Three Daughters reviews:
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Title: Candida Royalles Three Daughters Released by: Adam & Eve I had heard about Candida Royalles "Femme" productions several years ago, but never had the opportunity to review one of her movies until now. When Candida moved from acting in front of the camera to working behind it in the mid-80s, she decided to make movies "for women", although now shes promoting these more "for couples". Now the big thing about this movie is that they took out much of the usual "hardcore" stuff, like the exterior cum shot and the overemphasized view of the genital insertion. This video could very easily be mistaken for a softcore movie, especially since it emphasizes more story than sex. Speaking of story, lets get to it. "Three Daughters" is a story about the Clayton family a happily married couple with three adult daughters, all of them home at the same time for spring break. We start off with Jennifer, the pianist who decides to get it on with her piano instructor (who actually looks younger than her).
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Boxcover for Pretty Peaches 2
Pretty Peaches 2 
(4.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Buck Adams, Tracy Adams, Siobhan Hunter, Janette Littledove, Melissa Melendez, Ashley Brown, Tami White
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Alex deRenzy
Release date: 5/10/2002
Pretty Peaches 2 reviews:
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Alex deRenzy's "Pretty Peaches 2" is a lighthearted, fun sex epic that doesn't try to be anything more and therefore suceeds. The story, which never takes itself seriously, involves a girl named Peaches (Siobhan Hunter), desperate to learn about sex. She is interrupted by her mother (Tracey Adams) during her rendezvous with her boyfriend Bobby (Peter North). Bobby hides in mom's room and is found peeking at her. So what does she do? Fuck him, of course. Meanwhile, Peaches is growing more frustrated. She goes to visit her dad (Herschel Savage), who warns her not to be a tease. She then decides to go visit her uncle (Ron Jeremy), a crazy Vietnam vet. On the road, she is picked up by Buck Adams and gets a room with him, watching him fuck Jeanette Littledove (who was once Buck's real-life wife). At the same time, Tracey and Herschel get together to find Peaches. It turns out that they're divorced, but they reconcile (not until after a session from F.M. Bradley, though, however).
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Title: Pretty Peaches 2 Released by: VCA You know, its not too often when Ill come across an adult DVD that has something that just takes me by surprise. But, wouldnt you know it, I found one here! Alex de Renzys "Pretty Peaches 2" is a sequel of sorts to his original 1978 movie. Well it was a sequel in title and director only. Where the first movie was about a young woman with an accident-induced amnesia, this movie is about a 20-year old woman by the name of Peaches who was desperate to get laid. So heres the story: Peaches (Siobahan Hunter) tries to score with her boyfriend (Peter North). Her mom calls down from her bedroom for the boyfriend to go home. Somehow (and Ive yet to understand why), he doesnt go out the door. He instead goes to the mothers bedroom. The mother is played by the very sultry and voluptuous Tracey Adams. And lets face it, SHE is the real star of this movie, because she gets naked and gets laid far more times in this story than anyone else. So while the boyfriend is hiding, the mother gets naked to get ready for bed.
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Boxcover for Heiress
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ona Zee, Siobhan Hunter, Samantha Strong, Jeff Stryker, Stephanie Rage, Damien Cashmere, Lou Paul, Nick Ferrar
Studio: Vivid Wave

Directed by: Paul Thomas
Release date: 12/20/2000
Heiress reviews:
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Title: The Heiress Studio: Vivid Wave Running length: 90 minutes too long D.O.P. 11/20/00 is only date given Writer/Director: Paul Thomas Female cast:Samantha Strong, Stephanie Rage, Sioban Hunter, Ona Zee Male cast: Jeff Stryker, Nick Ferrar, Lou Paul, Damien Cashmere (Randy West)? Audio/Video: Bad. Only because of what you CAN see and hear. Perhaps duct tape over the camera lens would have been an improvement. You can always use your MUTE button to help things along as well. OK, speaking strictly about the A/V only, it still wasn't good, especially during the sex scenes. At times too shadowy, and only a couple of different angles used detracted from any enjoyment. Or, maybe not. Extras: some good previews, with Raquel Darrien and Alexandra Silk. Some trailers were also on the flip side. General comments: Let's just say that Randy West was the least offensive thing in this whole production. That should be enough to lose a few readers right there, and I understand.
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Boxcover for Brat, The
Brat, The 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Joey Silvera, Rebecca Lynn, Jamie Summers, Siobhan Hunter, Brittany Stryker, Jerry Butler
Studio: Vivid Wave

Directed by: Henri Pachard
Release date: 6/21/2000
Brat, The reviews:
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The Brat (1987) Studio Vivid Wave Director Henri Pachard Starring Jamie Summers, Siobhan Hunter, Brittany Striker, Sheena Horne, Rebecca Lynn, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera Running Time 1:15 DVD Format Double Sided, Single Layer Special Features Full motion video main menu; full motion video chapter selection;  3 short video clips; profiles of 8 Vivid Girls; 15 random video clips on side B; 10 trailers on side B; and Dolby 5.1 audio Themes Bitchy wife, cum in mouth, rimming (f->m), adultery, office sex Video Capture Click for larger size (shown only to illustrate video quality) [ /image ] -->       The First Word:  One of the first major video franchises, The Brat established Jamie Summers as a major star and positioned Vivid to be the dominant video force that it has become.  It's directed by the legendary Henri Pachard and written by Paul Thomas, so it should be okay, right?What's It About?:  The movie opens with the main character, Debbie ("The Brat," played by Jamie Summers) having sex with her husband of 10 months, Mort (Jerry Butler) in
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Boxcover for Nightshift Nurses (VCA)
Nightshift Nurses (VCA) 
(4.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Peter North, Sheena Horne, Joey Silvera, Lois Ayres, Keisha, Bionca, Josey Duval, Lynn Francis, Dana Dylan, Steve Henessy, D.J. Cone, Siobhan Hunter, John Leslie
Studio: VCA

Directed by: John Leslie
Release date: 4/24/2000
Nightshift Nurses (VCA) reviews:
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"Nightshift Nurses", the directorial debut of perhaps the best actor to ever work in adult, John Leslie, not only is a scorcher when it comes to the sex, but also makes great use of comedy, blues music, and filmmaking styles that Leslie would later use in the "Chameleon" and "Catwoman" movies. The film takes place during one night in a hospital. Lois Ayres plays the senior nurse who heads the other nurses, played by Bionca, Keisha, Sheena Horne, and Lynn Francis. John Leslie plays Dr. Grow, an insomniac who hates his job and would really like to be a professional harmonica player. Joey Silvera is an everyman who goes by the name of Idaho Moe and in his spare time pretends that he's a doctor. Peter North, Josey Duval, and D.J. Cone play various patients and Siobhan Hunter is a "sister" who is waiting for her brother to come out of surgery. One more character worth mentioning would be the black janitor, played by Steve Hennessy. While mopping a hallway, he overhears moans and goes into the room to investigate.
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Theyre Just What The Doctor Ordered!Studio: VCADirected By: John LesliePerformers: Lois Ayres, Neisha, Sheena horne, Bionca, Lynn Francis, D.J. Cone, Dana Dylan, Peter North, Steve Henessy, John Leslie, Josey Duval, Siobhan Hunter, Joey SilveraExtras and Worth Mentioning:Full Motion Chapter MenuPhoto GalleryCast (you click on performer, and you see their sexual moment scene)Other Titles (other VCA Classic titles)Internet (address of studio site, other VCA formats)Contact (shows where to send your email comments, and names of the creative team of this disc)Single Sided Single LayeredProtect-O-Disc Keepcase (in other words, a bitch to remove the damn disc!) comes with a VCA catalogActual time on disc is 1hr 28min 04secProduction Year: 1986Dolby StereoDigitally RemasteredThe back of the DVD box quotes:During the day, most hospitals are teaming with the kind of action you seen on primetime TV. But at night, these seemingly peaceful and quiet hospitals are throbbing with a different kind of action altogether-the kind of action generated by the NIGHTSHIFT NURSES.
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