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Shazia Sahari Official Thread
Interesting name, pretty girl; she'd be even prettier if she smiled a bit. My interest is definitely piqued. closed two threads on her so please don't start another one.Edited by - bono-ONE on Dec 13 2010
Shazia Sahari: First Muslim Pornstar in the US?
I've read that she is half Pakistani/Arab or Afghani/Arab. Her name (not her stage name) is a common one in Pakistan. I wonder if she ever talked about her background and religious beliefs. A Muslim in porn is EXTREMELY RARE and for someone to be that gorgeous makes it even more rare, almost like one in a million. Out of the 10s of 1000s porn s ...
Shazia Sahari...OMG!!
Dear Santa:I want THIS babe for Xmas...Anybody else wanna Rock her Casbah?
Shazia Sahari (updated)
I just found out that Shazia the (Saudi Arabian Porn Star) has a new video that's coming out on Naughty America in 2 days I believe here is the link!Shazia Sahari Naughty America I Have a Wife!
Shazia Sahari: first American Muslim pornstar?
Is shazia sahari america's first Muslim pornstar? Out of all porn stars, how many are actually real Arabs or Muslims?