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Boxcover for Hotwired (VCA)
Hotwired (VCA) 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Kaitlyn Ashley, Peter North, Johnni Black, Tatiana, Shawn Ricks, Celine Deavoux, Dalny Marga, Bret Singer, Celine Devoux
Studio: VCA

Release date: 4/3/2008
Hotwired (VCA) reviews:
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This is a pretty typical mid-nineties porno. The setup is cheesy and overused with a bunch of TV execs screening scenes to show on their porno network, and the sex doesn't stand out in any way. There is some very nice female talent with Johnni Black, Celine Devoux, Kaitlyn Ashley, and Tatianna in the movie, but they never get a chance to shine much due to the camera work and editing. The technical aspects are pretty good when one considers the age of the release, but there's no effort put into the extras (as usual with the VCA Gold Classics line). This release didn't quite make it to the average mark for me.
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Boxcover for Babewatch 4
Babewatch 4 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Bobby Vitale, Alec Metro, Amber Lynn, Holly Body, J.R. Carrington, Shawn Ricks, April, Buck Adams, Marilyn Star, Jordan St. James, Jordan
Studio: Sin City

Directed by: Buck Adams
Release date: 10/13/2001
Babewatch 4 reviews:
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Babewatch #4 should have been titled Babe un-watch, as this is a terrible movie with less passion and heat than understandable plot lines. As the dialogue and script leave so much to be desired, what follows is simply a scene breakdown. J.R. Carrington, Marilyn Star, Buck Adams, Alex Metro Jordan St. James, Bobby Vitale Amber Lynn, Abbey Gale (billed as April) Holly Body, Shawn Ricks Abbey Gale, Buck Adams This is, of course, a takeoff of the old TV series Baywatch. The girls run around in skimpy bathing suits, but there the similarities end. None of the girls look able to swim ten yards, let alone save someone from drowning. And Buck Adams will never make anyone forget David Hasselhoff. The acting is plentiful and crappy.
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Boxcover for Starbangers 3
Starbangers 3 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: T.T. Boy, Mickey Ray, Joey Silvera, Shawn Ricks, Jon Dough, Blake Palmer, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Paul Lee, Larry T
Studio: Zane

Release date: 9/3/2001
Starbangers 3 reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 67 min. Production Date: 1993 Director: John T. Bone Cast: Sarah Jane Hamilton, Blake Palmer, Derrick Taylor, Jon Dough, Joey Silvera, Mickey Ray, Shawn Ricks, Tom T., and T. T. Boy The Short Story Initial Expectations: Sarah Jane Hamilton was one of the first stars to ever catch my eye, and the first to show me what an amazing thing squirting could be. I always look forward to her features, even thought what Ive seen from Zane for DVDs has been extremely disappointing. Initial Reaction: Its an extreme disappointment. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting an overly tame and hard to see gangbang Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a well done DVD and movie The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects leave plenty to be desired and make the movie seem even more dated than it is. The audio isnt too bad, and is fairly clear although sometimes a little soft. There are also a couple background noises. The video, however, is horrible.
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Boxcover for Bottom Dweller 33 1/3, The
Bottom Dweller 33 1/3, The 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jake Steed, Sofia Ferrari, Joey Silvera, Andrea, Shawn Ricks, Nici Sterling, Petra, Careena Collins, Marilyn Martin, Patrick Collins, Michael Deshane
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Patrick Collins
Release date: 8/22/2001
Bottom Dweller 33 1/3, The reviews:
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Starring: Nici Sterling, Petra, Careena Collins, Marilyn Martin, Sofia Ferrari, Andrea, Roscoe Bowltree, Jake Steed, Michael DeShane, Joey Silvera, Sean Ricks Pros: Nici Sterling, chicks masturbating, people telling other people what to do, good chick ID Cons: poor audio/ video, gagging, ass to mouth, video glitches (note: video glitches only appeared in the last scene and I did not have a problem when viewed on my lap top) Why I have it: Petra.but this is not the Petra that I was familiar with. Extras: You may want to avoid these. If not, don't blame me. Careena/ Roscoe Mr. Dweller (Roscoe) goes to a bank manager (Careena) to help him with his problems with the IRS. Careena has problems. She fantasizes about a puppy licking her pussy, sucking a big dogs cock, and having her mouth be a toilet bowl.and she hangs out with the KKK. Yep! She has problems (I turned up the volume to try to pay attention to the plot for this?). Roscoe has her masturbate.
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Boxcover for Starbangers
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Savannah, Mickey Ray, Joey Silvera, Shawn Ricks, Marc Wallice, Jake Williams, John West, Sean Rider, Richard Johnson
Studio: Zane

Release date: 8/21/2001
Starbangers reviews:
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When the 90s princess of porn, the stunningly blonde (...and simply stunning...) Savannah (RIP...21 years), throws a gangbang, everyone comes...and cums...and cums. Such is the case in "Starbangers", a very good release from Zane and director John T. Bone. As one of the original predecessors to the modern, gangbang-obsessed era, this fine flick isn't as hardcore as more contemporary viewers might have come to expect, but it is still supremely sexual.
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Boxcover for Other Woman, The (Adam & Eve)
Other Woman, The (Adam & Eve) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael J. Cox, Steve Hatcher, Vicca, Johnni Black, Shanna McCullough, Shawn Ricks, Carolina, Mickey G., Natasha Love, Luke Ford, David Gold
Studio: Ultimate

Release date: 5/5/2000
Other Woman, The (Adam & Eve) reviews:
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Running Time: 82 min. Production Date: 09 / 1997 Director: Thomas Paine Cast: Johnni Black, Vicca, Shanna McCullough, Timber, Carolina, Michael J. Cox, Shawn Ricks, and Steve Hatcher (Natasha Love is also listed, but Im not sure if shes in the movie or not) Initial Expectations: Thomas Paine has rarely impressed me much, so I dont have much for hopes here. Initial Reaction: Its surprisingly good. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting to see older women in the lead Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting an extremely soft and cuddly couples movie Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a little below average. Its fairly clear, but the balance isnt the best. The video leaves quite a bit to be desires. Its dark, off colored at times, and is a little below VHS quality. Its also framed poorly, as theres a wide black line along the left and bottom edges of the picture. Music: The music is fairly typical cheesy porno music, and is a little on the loud side.
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Boxcover for Thrust (Ultimate)
Thrust (Ultimate) 
(2.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Billy Glide, Steve Hatcher, Stacy Valentine, Mark Davis, Johnni Black, Timber, Shawn Ricks, Jon Decker
Studio: Ultimate

Directed by: Thomas Paine
Release date: 5/4/2000
Thrust (Ultimate) reviews:
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Running Time: 80 min. Production Date: June 1997 Director: Thomas Paine Cast: Stacy Valentine, Johnni Black, Timber, Mark Davis, Jon Decker, Steve Hatcher, Shawn Ricks, and Billy Glide Initial Expectations: Ive heard fairly bad things about this, both from other reviewers and others whos opinion I value. I enjoy both Stacy and Johnni so Im hoping it isnt as bad as Ive heard. Initial Reaction: It isnt horrible, but it isnt too great either. Audio /Video Quality: The audio is normally balanced fairly well but there are a few parts that are very unbalanced. Theres a slight grain to most of the video, but the bad lighting is the main problem. Music: The music is the normal cheesy porno music and slightly overpowers the rest of the movie. Review: Thrust revolves around the first female bomber pilot in the Air Force (Johnni Black) whos facing a court martial because Stacy Valentine finds out that Johnni was having an affair with her husband (Mark Davis).
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Who can resist Stacy Valentine? Blonde, dangerously curvy, fresh-faced and cute as hell, this babe is a wet dream (and well-fed) Barbie doll come to life, which is not unusual in porn, but Stacy definitely has a charm which will work on even the most ardent brunette fans (such as myself). Although when it comes to fair-haired girls, women like Ginger Lynn, Juli Ashton and Shayla LaVeux float my boat moreso than the common bleached blonde sex dolls, but Ms. Valentine is simply irresistable to me. She gives blowjobs with a rhythmic, sensuous passion and looks just plain sexy while getting fucked. Well, as it turns out, she is really the only redeeming feature in Adam & Eve's THRUST, yet another strictly plain vanilla, straightforward porn movie shot several years ago, which is only average at best. The plot (more like a theme, actually) involves sex within a military setting, so you get lines like "Drop your bombs all over my face..." which will have you rolling your eyes instead of indulging in other physical activities.
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