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Boxcover for Blur
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jeremy Tucker, Shane Rockford, Michel Mattel, Kyle Becker, Colby Taylor, Jason Law, Jon Marino
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 12/27/2001
Blur reviews:
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Director: Chi Chi LaRue The Plot: Colby Taylor is in love with Jeremy Tucker. Like MAD LOVE only less like Drew Barrymore's film and more like Love Jones. And Colby is home from college (Harvard) and meeting up with all of his friends from high school: Michael Mattel and Kyle Becker. He's basically telling them about Jeremy and how in love they are and they're telling him how great of an accomplishment it is that he has come so far with his disability. Colby is blind, you see. And he is graduating top of the class. However, when he introduces Jeremy to his friends, they freak out and can't look past the color line that rules over all those with sight. Jeremy goes back to college and let's Colby decide what it is he wants and lets him rethink their relationship. All in all Colby decides he wants Jeremy and that "love conquers all".
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Boxcover for Bang!
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Yuri Breshnev, Shane Rockford, Enrico Vega, Daniel Reed, Gordon Gage
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 8/22/2001
Bang! reviews:
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The Director: Chi Chi LaRue The Studio: Mustang/Falcon Time Length: 1 hour 18 minutes Cast: (in order of appearance) Luke Sabre, Enrico Vega, Shane Rockford, Daniel Reed, Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Gordon Gage (misspelled in title as Gauge), Yuri Breshnev The Plot Inadvertently, Bang! doesn't start off with a bang. Rather, it takes us till scene two, before any banging actually takes place. It's almost weird to actually call it, Scene two as the whole entire movie is filmed in this greyscale warehouse with a few props placed randomly around. But anyhow, our movie begins: Scene One I liked how it kind of starts with this main title and face shots of each actor giving coy eyes at the camera. Finally, it whittles itself down to just two actors (Enrico Vega and Luke Sabre) and our scene begins. Right away, I felt the editing was a bit distracting. Everytime they switched positions, we'd get one of those montages of their faces staring sexily into the camera and then back to the scene at hand.
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Boxcover for Steele Ranger
Steele Ranger 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Paul Carrigan, Doug Jeffries, Sam Crockett, Chris Steele, Haus Weston, Patrick Allen, Jeremy Tucker, Eric Scott, Shane Bailey, Kyle Kennedy, Shane Rockford
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 1/24/2001
Steele Ranger reviews:
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Park Ranger Chris Steele not only has a big prickhe is one. We first see him bawling out two subordinates, Haus Weston and Sam Crockett for smoking in the woods. He then proceeds to harass three campers, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, and Shane Bailey. He turns off their boom box; berates Jeremy for pissing in the open (Chris then goes and does the same thing himself); and finding the three jerking off to girlie magazines, calls them perverts and orders one of them to suck his cock. Shane rushes unhesitatingly to do so. Whether this is because Chi Chi told him to or because hes coming out of the closet is hard to tell. I think possibly the latter because the other two exchange something like a who-would-have-thunk-it glance. Shane is certainly not a novice. Chris then gets the others in on the action by going down on each in turn. Chris says it is getting dark (which is obviously news to the lighting man) so they move indoors to continue the action. Shane then sits on Chris face. Jeremy fucks Shane as Doug fucks Jeremy. Jeremy then sits on Chris cock.
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi Larue Cast: Chris Steele, Sam Crockett, Haus Weston, Kyle Kennedy, Doug Jeffries, Shane Bailey, Eric Scott, Paul Carrigan, Jeremy Tucker, Patrick Allen, Shane Rockford Story: Chris Steele stars as the hard-as- nails Park Ranger who does his best to make the forest a better place for you and me. If that includes fucking the hell out of some poor lost little twinkie boy, well then so be it. Scene One Jeremy Tucker, Doug Jeffries and Shane Bailey are camping out in the wild when a three-man circle jerk breaks out. Ranger Chris doesnt take too kindly to guys jerkin off in public, and decides to punish the guys by giving them some real action. Chris looks great (as usual), but so do Jeremy and Doug. Im not so sold on Shane, though. He reminds me a lot of a less buff version of Lance Gear. After some decent cocksucking, they head back to the saloon where things get all hot and heavy.
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