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Serena South fans
Bet you did not know she was is in a DVD called BROWN BAGGIN where she has a bag over her head and is not listed on the movie. Ariana Jollee is in it too. Too bad about the bag cover her cute face but atleast it's another movie for her list.
Serena South
do you all remember Serena South, one of the hottest girls who in my opinion has entered the adult industry.anyone knows what happend to her and what she is doing at the present?.Edited by - Paralyzer on Feb 19 2012Edited by - Paralyzer on Feb 19 2012Edited by - Paralyzer on Feb 19 2012
Serena South Anal?
Serena South is one of my favorites, and I was wondering, has she ever done anal? From everything I have seen, she hasn't. I would love to see her do anal, so if anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks!Topic Moved by - heynow on Dec 2 2007
Serena South
Babe: Serena SouthCindy Lee is Serena South.Girls Gone Cock Wild 3 (as Serena South) Oral Sensations 9 (as Cindy Lee)Pop That Cherry 3 (as Cindi Lee)Additional information for Serena South:Performer AKA: Cindy Lee
Serena South Bundle For Sale
I'm selling for following bundle of titles starring Serena South - I wish she would make a come back, but I believe she's pursued a career with Navy. Anyway, the following bundle is for sale at $21 shipped! Luscious Muff Fuck That Shy Slut Girls Gone Cock Wild #3 Deep Oral Teens #5 Deep Oral Teens #7 Thanks! James
I guess it's official Serena South is gone!!!
Well, it's official Serena South has quit porn and I guess is going into the Navy this week. I'm really bummed about that because she in my opinion is the hottest,cutest,and sexiest girl to come into porn in quite awhile and even though she didn't do anal and wasn't into it her scenes were hot anyway. Chico Wang posted on here in another thread t ...
Serena South...any other fans
Guys just watched Ten Little Piggies 3 with Serena South and all I can say is wow!. This girl is just simply sexy!! Anyone know of any good nasty vids she is in? I read she got out of the industry and joined the Navy.
Serena South back in porn?????
I think Serena South has probably come back to porn. She has several new videos coming out: "Latina Fever"(VCA), Sopornos 7"(VCA), "3Pete"(Mayhem XXX), and "Initiations 15"(Anabolic). I also saw the awesome "Ass Obsessed 2"(Redlight) that she did in January and that was probably one of her hottest scen ...
Serena South's Only Anal Scene!!
Well folks I have seen it and it's not bad for a first effort. You only get one position for the anal, a spoon variation but you do get some close shots of Erik's cock sliding in her backdoor!! I thought the pop was pretty good and Serena does indeed swallow so all in all a good scene, if she had stayed around I'm not sure if she would have done it ...
what websites has Serena South done?
Does anybody know the complete list of websites that Serena South/Cindi Lee has been on before she got out of porn and went into the military???
Serena South leave the Navy and come back!!!!
I know there are alot of Serena South fans on this message forum and I'm one of them. I was sad to hear that she left porn in Jan. to join the Navy or Marines??? Well, it's a crying shame. Don't know if she did if for herself, or being burned out on porn or for a boyfriend or family but I hope she realizes that she needs to come back to porn and b ...
Serena South
Hello all Can anyone please tell me of Serena South has a personal website and if so, what is the URL. Thanks Toots
RedLight's New Upcoming-Serena South Anal
Hey, how's it going, RedLightDistrict just put up a considerably massive update of their upcoming titles, taking them up to May 26. Now I've made no lie that this is no longer my favorite company and that they've only maintained my interest with the strong work of EE and Vince Vouyer, the out of this world perversity coming from Mike John, and ...
Serena South Fans Rejoice-Anal!
Hey, how's it going, Serena South snuck in an anal scene before shipping off with the Navy. Erik Everhard the director and Red Light District the company, the scene appears in "Ass Obsessed 2". Discuss. Kelly
Serena South = AMAZING !
does anyone have any gossip on the friggin cutest porn girl out there ? Topic Moved by - hardware on Mar 2 2004
Complete list of stuff Serena South has done!!!!!
This is my list of stuff, websites and videos, that the hot little sexy Serena South has done from March 2003 to January 2004: Websites: the name Cindi Lee) with Amber Rain) with gray cat) ...
Serena South anal
Ok I've been waiting for Serena to start doing anal scenes and sometimes I think I can't wait any longer. This beauty has the most amazing juiciest ass I've seen in a while. Does anyone know of any future anal plans for her? Let's all respond and try to convince her or something. Also, can anybody tell me if Kinzie Kenner or Alexis Malone plans ...
Serena South Pics
I couldn't reply to the post "Serena South is Gone" so I'll post here. Does anyone have the pics of Serena at the AVN show or can you tell me where I can view them?
Did Serena South really leave the biz???
I'm a big fan of Serena South's but I'm shocked to learn from a thread that Chico Wang posted that Serena South has since the AVN Expo last week decided to retire from porn and go into the Navy. Is this true that she has left the business and how do you know? Do you know any juicy hot news or gossip on her. If she really has left I will sorely mi ...
Need Serena South recommendation......
I just stumbled onto the lovely Serena South. She has a nice big ass and a gorgeous face. Can anyone recommend some of her better scenes?
Serena South DVDs for sale
Great Ebay feedback (sgtd-optonline-net). Looking to sell the following DVDs at given prices. All DVDs are in MINT condition. Free shipping and I accept PAYPAL: Deep Oral Teens #5 - $10 (CDI w/Nevaeh, Serena South, Wendy James, Alex Milano, Amber Waves and Kelly Warner) Deep Oral Teens #7 - $10 (CDI w/Serena South, Nautica Binx, Amber Rain ...
Serena South has gone completely wild and hardcore
I'm a big fan of Serena's and think she is absolutely hot,sexy,pretty,and a delicious little treat. Is it just me or has Serena liked totally changed personality wise since doing porn because when she first got into porn in March under the name Cindi Lee she was like all shy and kinda of reserved and now since becoming Serena South around the summ ...
Serena South is now into licking girls assholes
I just watched "Absolutey Adorable" last night and was shocked to see cute lil Serena South licking Lana Moore's asshole during a all girl orgy scene. Wow. She keeps doing more and more stuff all the time that I'm surprised her doing. I want to see her and Kylie Wilde in a girl girl scene licking and eating each other out and licking e ...
Did Mr. Pete fuck Serena South's ass???
I was watching "Shane's World 34: Miami" and on the last scene it's Serena South, Haley,and Mr. Pete. They are changing positions so Serena can ride Pete and her asshole is wet with cum and it looks like it was open and the cum was dripping out. Did Pete fuck Serena in the ass and nut in her ass and it just never made it to video? Well ...
Is Serena South still doing porn???
I read a post by some website director that Serena shot for months ago. He states that two months ago Serena got assaulted by her ex-boyfriend that she broke up with months prior to this happening. Apparently he states that she broke up with her boyfriend for porn. In "18 and Nasty 36" she tells T.T Boy that the relationship just died ...
Did Serena South possibly do anal in SW 34: Miami
Hello to Calli Cox or somebody that was either a talent in "Shane's World 34: Miami" or that helped behind the scenes making it. I have a ? on the film. Just recently bought it this week and that without a doubt to me is the best Shane's World ever or at least in the top five of that series. The new girl Gia or Gigi was very hot and cute ...
Serena South does a black guy for the first time
I just got done watching "Mr. Marcus Made For Hardcore 2" that came out last week and was shocked to see Serena South now getting into doing black guys. She and Nevaeh Ashton have a seen with Mr. Marcus. Pretty hot scene. Well I wonder if we will ever see cute little Serena South do it with Mandingo or Lexington Steele.
Jake Malone what do you know on Serena South
Hello Jake, What can you tell me about little hottie Serena South. How hot was her scene with Jynx for Robbie Fischer's "Double Play 2" Didn't she do another scene for that movie with some guy and how did that go?
Info Req: Serena South Reality sites
She became my favorite star since I watched Trained Teens #3 and I was stunned when I was told she was on one of those reality sites ( where it looks like she gets fucked by older guys. My question is: does anyone know any other site that features Serena (aka Cindi Lee)? Thanks
Brand New Hottie Serena South
Those of you all who haven't yet seen this new little hottie, Serena South, look out! I just had to bring her to everyone's attention, because she's already getting lots of work in a really short period of time. Her titles just started to come out several weeks ago. She's listed in some titles as Cindi Lee. I first saw her on the boxcover of ...