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selena silver
what ever happened to selena silver? she was suppose to be back in january, according to her site
WEHT Selena Silver
She was awesomeness.
selena silver
any one have any news on selena silver since she sailed off into the sunset? is she still in the business? will she be back? she was one hot women
selena silver
anyone know when selena silver will be back ,I love her movies, hope she returns soon
Selena Silver?
what happened to selena silver is she out of the business?haven't heard any thing about her? Edited by - bono-ONE on Oct 5 2006 Topic Moved by - hardware on Oct 5 2006
WEHT Selena Silver?
I've heard neither hide nor hair about her recently.
Where's Selena Silver?
I was a member of Selena Silver's forum until recently. The site suddenly went down with no warning (as far as I know) and now you are jusr redirected to the store section of her site no mater what page you try to visit. Does anyone know what happened to Selena Silver and what has happened to her site? Is she still in the business? I hope she is ...
selena silver
what happened to selena silver? on her site she states she will be back in january?anyone have any info ?
Selena Silver?
Ok guys, what's the deal with Selena? I remember she was here all the time, and now no more? What happened?
Selena Silver signing for PXP
Selena will be siging for PXP promoting the movie she did for me Size Queens #2. I hope you all enjoy her as she's a real treat to meet.
Selena Silver or Sandra Shrine
Two of the most talked about Pornstars on these forums Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Sep 15 2003
Free web Chat with Selena Silver tonight !
Selena Silver is having her monthly web chat tonight at 6-7 PST. Chat Room. Tonight, Selena will be re-launching her store with a new look an hour before the chat and everything 5-40% off. Store Front. The chat is starting earlier so hopefully more European fans can join in. See you there! Visit Selena at Selena ...
Selena Silver Update / August 2005
Hello, Everyone! It was fun popping into the ADT chat this past Wednesday. I think I am starting to get back in my ADT habit. :) I did a quick search and saw that there are quite a few posts asking me questions over the past summer... I am going to go back and try to answer them over this next week (my apologies ahead of time for bringing ba ...
Free Web Chat with Selena Silver This Sunday!
I am holding my monthly free web chat for August this Sunday, August 28th @ 7-8pm PST. Convert West Coast/U.S. Chat Time to Your Timezone Schedule an Automatic Email Reminder for the Chat The free chat is held in the chatroom. I did not "schedule" a special guest (besides myself!) this week because most of us ...
Happy Birthday Selena Silver!
Hope you have a wonderful day today! "Vegetarianism for me is about saying ‘yes’ to things - even meat." - Coupling
Selena Silver - Shot at Home
Think you know Selena Silver? Wonder what her home looks like? Review A very good visit a Porn Star at Home. Good job by Kent Silver and released by Andy from Shot at Home! Den
Selena Silver chat right now
Selena Silver is chatting on her website at the moment. Easy to register and talk to Selena live.
Selena Silver's Monthly Chat TONIGHT!
Come Chat With AVN Award Nominee Selena Silver Back From Her Pleasure Cruise Tonight Sunday, June 26 @ 7-8pm PST Also There Will be Specials available on Selena Silver Merchandise in The Selena Store Be There! Selena Silver DVD Price Search Silent Jay - Former Host of the NON-Televised "Silent Jay Show" Edited by - S ...
Selena Silver Reviews
Selena doesn't post much anymore, but at least she is continuing to submit reviews. I for one like her reviews, and the viewpoint she offers. I'm glad she's still submitting them. DenverDon <<[[
Selena Silver...the same girl???
Guys just got Cum Fart Cocktails and was looking forward to seeing Selena Silver because I loved her in the Ten Little Piggies vid. When it got to her scene I said wait a minute this cant be the same girl can it. She looks nothing like the girl in Ten Little Piggies. Dont get me wrong shes still gorgeous, she just doesnt look like the same girl.
Selena Silver ID please
Can somebody tell me what movie this is from: selena silver I need to get this flick! Thanks in advance
The Selena Silver Update / February 2005
Hey Everyone! I have been so busy the past 6 weeks, it has been very hard to find time to get in here like I normally do. The Biggest News of 2005 So Far: 1. I went blonde. 2. I signed for Smash Pictures at AVN. 3. I was nominated for multiple AVN Awards this year (I didn't win.) 4. My first directorial effort - "Selena Silve ...
Selena Silver - Blonde or Brunette?
I like her more as a brunette
Selena Silver have you ever considered
monogamy. Ok, seriously. Not that I'm trying to influence you to, just wondering what goes on inside that pretty head of yours.
Selena Silver on Playboy Radio Jan 20th
From SelenaSilver.comSelena Silver Wrote: Hi All, I will be appearing live on Playboy Radio next Thursday, January 20 @ 4-7pm PST. I am counting on someone from the forum to call in and say hi to me during the show. We don't want Playboy to think I am not popular do we??? Details Below: NIGHTCALLS LIVE ON PLAYBOY RADIO Hosts: Juli Asht ...
DVDs for sale : Teagan, Selena Silver, Red Lig
Hello, I'm selling the following DVDs : - Anal Prostitutes on Video (Anal P.O.V) (Red Light District; All Zone; NTSC) : with Teagan, Liliane... - Double Parked #4 "Loading Zone" (DVSX, Zone ALL, NTSC) : with Sandra Mark, Cherry, Simony, Angelica, Crystal Ray, Daytona & Eva - Sodomy Cream Pies (Mayhem, All zone, NTSC) : w ...
To Selena Silver
Hey Selena! I recently watched you in CumFart Cocktails. WOW! What a freakin movie! It was fantastic! You looked very beautiful in it by the way. And I just love that sweet ass of yours! Porn movies are always the most fun when you see beautiful women willing to do these wild things that you just don't usually see. And this movie was cream ...
Selena Silver is Now a Blonde! (Pics Posted)
Well, after nearly two years in this business I have decided to shake my look up a little bit... ...and I am excited to say that after 6 long hours of work last week, I became a blonde. I was a little surprised at how MUCH my look has changed. Selena Blonde Pics are Now Up! Selena Silver - Edited by - SelenaSilver o ...
Has Selena Silver Ever Done DAP or DPP?
If she has can anyone or maybe Selena herself point me in the right direction? Thanks Lazenby. Would Love 4some With Lucy Lee,Jane Darlin & Jennifer Dark:-) Edited by - lazenby on Dec 30 2004
Selena Silver...Wow!
Selena if you read this, I just saw you on the Howard Stern show and wow was I blown away by how incrediby HOT you are. Anyways, I know Selena is involved somehow in this site as I've seen her post here and there; however, I've never really seen any of her movies. Can anybody help me out in recommending some of her best scenes? I'm a big f ...
The Selena Silver Update / December 2004
THE SELENA SILVER UPDATE / DECEMBER 2004 It is that time again...time for me to update everyone on what has been happening with me over the past month. Random Selena Silver Pic Is it just me noticing this, or is Keri Sable definitely becoming the next Teagan Presley ? (No, I won't even mention that I have got to kiss both of them - t ...
Nth.Carolina Takes on India, Shane &amp; Selena Silver
NORTH CAROLINA TAKES ON INDIA, SHANE, AND SELENA SILVER HOLLYWOOD, CA – Sexy adult movie starlets Shane, India and Selena Silver are set to be whisked into Wilmington, North Carolina to meet their adorning fans at the popular Carolina Video store. Set for a 2:00PM start, the place is expected to be packed with porn fans as these div ...
A Night With Selena Silver (11/11/04)
Selena Silver Will Be Hosting Her Monthly Chat Tonight At 7PST/10EST. No Guest Have Been Announced See Ya There Selena Chat Link Silent Jay - Host of the NON-Televised "Silent Jay Show"
The Selena Silver Update / October 2004
Well, I am back from my very nice break and am heading into the middle of a hectic time again, so I thought I would post my usual "Update" again for all the ADT'ers. Here is a link to the official "October Selena Silver Update". ----------------------------------------------------------- OCTOBER SELENASILVER.COM CHAT ...
Interesting Selena Silver Interview
Many thanks to Selena Silver for the interview at Selena Interview [Edited to Fix Link] Edited by - Silent Jay on Oct 22 2004
Chat w/ Selena Silver &amp; Kimberly Kane 10/12/04
Tuesday, October 12 @ 7-9pm PST. Selena Silver Will Be Hosting Her Monthly Chat Along With Kimberly Kane From Selena's Chat Link Hope To See You All There Selena Can Also Be Seen in Smash's My Playtoy #3 Silent Jay - Host of the NON-Televised "Silent Jay Show" Edited by - Silent Jay on Oct 12 200 ...
Chat With Selena Silver Tonight
Selena Chat Room From 7pm-9pm PST Hope To See You There Silent Jay - Host of the NON-Televised "Silent Jay Show" Edited by - Silent Jay on Sep 5 2004
Kent &amp; Selena Silver Quit KSEX ?
this is troubling news what led to this why did this happen to the #2 rated show on KSEX what is going on here seems odd for it to have happened all the sudden ?
Selena Silver currently condom only?
This info I get from your booking info, Selena. I can hardly believe what I read...and I bet you did not update your homepage yet. In case I might be wrong: What´s up?
Wanted:'Selena Silver at Home' + 'Throat Gaggers6'
Does anyone have these up for sale. I'm in the UK so I can't get Selena Silver at Home as the company that sells it doesnt ship outside the USA.
Happy Birthday Selena Silver!!!!!
Happy 25th Birthday Selena!!! I Know It's a Little Early (Aug 18th) But Why Not Hope You Have Alot of Fun and Get All You Want Silent Jay - Host of the NON-Televised "Silent Jay Show" Edited by - Silent Jay on Aug 15 2004
Help Name Selena Silver's Team...
Since Kent has organized the Porn Star Fantasy Football League and I am his co-owner Porn Star (who knows nothing about football), I am going to at least make sure that we have a cool name. He can pick the players, I am going to pick the name. And, I want your help. The name must be two words. "Silver" or "Silvers" mus ...
Questions for Selena Silver
1. From your personal experience, do most female performers enjoy their work? Are they in porn for a long career or are they in it until something "better" comes along? 2. Do you believe that most of your porn fans have a respect for your work or a moral disdain towards it? 3. You said that you like aggressive experienced men, would yo ...
EuroGirl Show on The Inside View w/ Selena Silver
SelenaSilver Wrote: There are so many hot Euro girls that are becoming big names in porn. There is a lot of debate over the difference between American porn stars and European porn stars there have even been some very nasty comments on this subject!). We are going to bring the hottest Euro stars to you - and we are going to find out what TH ...
Selena Silver's Monthly Chat is Tonight
Just a reminder that my free once monthly web chat is tonight from 7-9pm PST. It is in the chat room at my website - Hope to see you there! Selena Silver Selena Silver's Website Selena Silver's ADT Porn "Pick of the Week" Selena Silver's Weekly KSEX Radio Show Forum Selena Silver Booking Info for Directo ...
Selena Silver Scene: &quot;Blow Me Sandwich 5&quot;
Blow Me Sandwiches #5 (Zero Tolerance Entertainment) Release Date: TBA I was very excited to do this scene. Zero Tolerance had announced a contest – 2 girls had to team up to give 1 guy the best blow job in the movie (there would be 7 scenes). Each of those girls would win $1000 and the title “Miss Blow Me Sandwich”. Whe ...
Selena Silver on Howard Stern on E! Right Now
Her episode is on E! TV right now looking ridiculously hot. It's on for the East Coast right now and will play at 11 pm on the West Coast if you have cable. If you have DirecTv (like me) Ch.236 its on for everyone! Just saw the clip for the next segment! Selena + Tickle Chair = Edited by - KidWave on Aug 5 2004
Pic Selena Silver from Stern show
Nice manicure.
The Selena Silver Update / July 2004
My July Update is now online. Check it out and enjoy... but, I thought I would give my ADT family the full version. ;) This past month has flown by, by the next week looks absolutely blistering.... Tomorrow morning I get on a plane for New York because... Friday I am on the Howard Stern Show before flying back here that night just so....that ...
Selena Silver is THe winner!!
congrats to ADTs Selena!! she took 10 grand on the Stern Olympics!!! who knew a gal holding her bladder could be SO sexy!!!
Selena Silver at home--why so limited?
I want to buy this DVD but the only place that seems to sell it is ADULT DVD MARKETPLACE and they don't take money orders and I'll only buy using a money order, so I can't get this DVD. Anyone know why only one store seems to be selling this DVD? Will more stores carry it in the future? Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Jul 12 2004
Selena Silver Needs Your Help...
I have been invited to and will be attending Nightmoves - the 12th Annual Adult Entertainment Awards in Tampa, Florida in Septmember. However, I found out I am not on the ballot for "Best New Starlet" (I am eligible this year for that category with Nightmoves and AVN.)... Very sad. :( However, Nightmoves also takes write in votes f ...
selena silver at home r0x0rs my b0x0rs
i cant imagine someone not liking this flik. i thought it was great. i thought selena was attractive going in. but you kinda get to know her a little watching the movie and you know how when you meet someone it's like you think they look fine. and then when you get to know them a little they suddently look drop dead gorgeous. Well i had this exp ...
July Selena Silver Chat Transcript Now Online
***UPDATE: The chat transcript is now online: --> CHAT*** ---------------------------------------------------- Sunday, July 11 from 7pm - 9pm PDT, Selena Silver will be hosting a FREE online chat at her website: I hosted these chats once a month last year and the last 6 months or so ...
Selena Silver Scene Description: &quot;Pop Star&quot;
Pop Star Scene Description A Feature Film I have gotten to know Roy Karch at Porn Star Karaoke where he’s known for his top-notch Harmonica playing (you have to request a Blues song if he is there). He wrote (and was directing) a feature movie for SexZ Pictures called "Pop Star" and he asked me to be his lead. The mo ...
Selena Silver Scene Description: Lez Perversions 5
Lez Perversions #5 (Sineplex Entertainment) Release Date: August 11th, 2004 This was a fun set to be on. Aluara Eden did my hair (that is one seriously cool chick!) before Elle did my makeup. Ariana Jolie and Alana Evans were there doing a scene with Brandon Iron before our scene, so we all got to hang out for a while. I was work ...
Selena Silver's Paintings
How many of you folks have seen Selena's paintings? I think their wonderful and wish I could buy the full portfolio in greeting card fashion. I'd happily pay $20-$30 for the 13 image set. How about you? -T.C. Edited by - TonyC on Jul 8 2004
Selena Silver in 'Throat Gaggers #6'
Holy shit! It's almost too hot, and she looks off the scale amazing. This is the first time I have seen any of her films, what other good titles has she done?
June 22 DP Tonight with Kianna and Selena Silver
June 18th, 2004 Van Nuys, CA DIGITAL PLAYGROUND PRESENTS DP TONIGHT FEATURING DEVON WITH SPECIAL GUESTS, KIANNA & SELENA SILVER Digital Playground’s contract superstar, Devon will host a very sexy and exciting DP Tonight broadcast on Tuesday, June 22nd at 7 PM. Get an inside look at the adult industry as Digital Playground w ...
Selena Silver Scene Description: &quot;Disturbed 2&quot;
SELENA SILVER SCENE DESCRIPTION: Britney Foster’s “Disturbed #2” (Metro’s Fusxion) Holly Stevens & Selena Silver I am back shooting... YEAH!!! This was my first time on a Britney Foster set. I had met Britney a couple of times, but didn’t know her very well. She turned out to be a VERY cool chick; I ...
Selena Silver &amp; Guy Capo
This week, "The Inside View with Selena Silver" weekly radio show welcomes Director Guy Capo and we are throwing a "Payback: Evolution of a Gangbang" Release party. It is finally here. "Payback: Evolution of a Gangbang" from Evolution Erotica staring Selena Silver & Katrina Kraven is being released this week.. ...
Selena Silver in Throat Gaggers 6!!
All I can say is get ready to watch our resident Australian babe get throat fucked but good!! I mean Jake and Tony put Selena's mouth to the test and she passes with spitting colors!!! So much spit and the makeup which was so pretty to start becomes porn pretty to close meaning it ran and you have the red eyes from the saliva running into her eyes, ...
A Question for Selena Silver - top 5 marks scene ? A Question for Selena Silver - top 5 marks scene ? Besides the scene 1 from sliders, which other scenes did you give 5 out 5 marks.
Selena Silver Scene Description: &quot;Gangland 48&quot;
"Gangland 48" - Devils Film Directed By: Mike Metropolis ----------------------------------------------------------- It was very interesting reading the discussion about Devils Films and the very perceptive observations some people made about the fact that their early impression was that Devils made inexpensive, adequate films unti ...
selena silver girls i dream of you working with
my fetish is rough lesbian movies,and selena i want to see you do one of these scenes with new ksex radio host kendra jade,its been 3 years since she did any movies,but i would love to see you both do a scene togather in the next ksex movie for adam&eve.selena i also would love to see a hot scene with you and ksex daisy.also how about doing a s ...
Selena Silver on the Silent Jay Show
Hello All and Welcome Back to the Silent Jay Show Today's Guest Is ADT's Favorite Starlet Selena Silver Hi Selena, Anywho Lets Get Started Shall We Question #1 Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck and Why? Question #2 Who Chooses The Clothing For You to Wear on Your Shoots? Question #3 What's The Most Common Pick up Line Used on You? Questio ...
A Selena Silver movie I really want to see
I really want to see this movie but the DVD is $40 not counting shipping. I wish I could buy it somewhere else cheaper but it seems these guys are the only one selling it. I did see a preview clip and Selena looked awesome in this movie!
The Selena Silver Update / March 2004
I am going to post a link for all my ADT'ers to my March Update - my Selena Silver monthly newsletter. Enjoy the read! If you would like to get it in the future, you can simply subscribe to it. A couple of points for those of you interested in subscribing... 1) You can AUTOMATICALLY unsubscribe at any time (I use newsletter software for ...
Selena Silver Hosting Show on KSEX - Tonight
Selena Silver Has ‘The Inside View’ New Show on mirrors Column SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – Fans have been reading and enjoying her column The Inside View on Adult DVD Talk [] daily, taking a look at porn from the perspective of a pornstar, viewing her pi ...
The COMPLETE Selena Silver Movie List (Feedback?)
Just thought I would let everyone know that an ongoing project is now far enough along to let you take a peek at it. Still a work in progress... The Complete Selena Silver Movie List WHAT INFORMATION IS ON THE LIST This list is seperated into RELEASED MOVIES and UNRELEASED MOVIES. (IT ALSO HAS ALL THE WEBSITE I HAVE BEEN ON WITH THEIR ...
Selena Silver Shooting for Devil's Film &quot;Gangland&quot;
Selena Silver will be shooting for Devil's Film "Gangland" series (directed by Mike Metropolis) this Monday, February 23rd. 4 big black boys and 1 little white girl... :) We are shooting in an actual bank! ***More details coming*** I first met Mike on the set of Joey Silvera's "New Girls 3". Mike worked closely fo ...
Sbando and Selena Silver, I LOVE you!
This is just a thread I wanted to dedicate to you two, I just wanted to thank you both for showing us some love. Selena, for this thread and Sbando for your continuing support of us. (as exemplified by his latest interview with Bryan Xin on eurobabeindex) Thank you both so much for your support! DVSX. com - Free pics, free clips, NO pop ...
Selena Silver Scene Description: Double Parked 8 (
Working for Alex Ladd of DVSX is like working in porn heaven: everything he tells you happens like it is supposed to happen, he doesn't waste your time, his sets are comfortable and fun, he treats you great, and he makes you look awesome in print and on film. I wish EVERY director was as great to work for. I shot a scene for "Double Parked ...
Selena Silver Update (Feb, 2004)
Hi Everyone! I have been so busy since the show I haven't got to keep everyone updated on what I am doing. I will try to catch up now. At least as I write this, I am in Palm Springs relaxing next to a hot springs hot tub at my favorite nudist (swinger friendly) resort. I feel rejuvenated already!!! I will pick up on the update after the A ...
Tonight is the January &quot;Selena Silver Chat&quot;!!!
Just a reminder to all my friends at ADT that tonight is the January "Selena Silver Chat" in my Yahoo Group. The chat begins at 7pm PST (10 pm EST) and usually runs for about 2 hours. Tonight's chat will include my new GF Mia (who some of you may be interested in talking with) lol Now that all of us porn girls are getting settled ...
Selena Silver AVN Expo Update
Hi Everybody! I am getting ready to head out to the Hustler party tonight, but I wanted to give you the quick version of what has happened so far. THURSDAY(DAY 1) I signed at the Evolution booth from 3pm-6pm. Aftwards, we had some meetings with some girls up in our suite about an upcoming project. Then a group of my friends came up to the ...
Selena Silver: Any chance of going to oz Sexpo?
Hi Selena, Just wondering if you have any plans to appear at an Australian adult industry event, such as the annual Sexpo in Sydney? Or is it a little too close to home (ie family/friends that may not know about your adult career)? -- Gavin
A Message from Selena Silver
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2004. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support in 2003. It is my loyal friends from ADT and my family from my Yahoo Group that have helped make this year so special for me. What a difference a year makes... This time last year I hadn't even been in a mov ...
Selena Silver Shooting Update
Sorry I haven't posted much later - it has been SO, SO busy! But, here is an update on what is up with me. NOVEMBER HAS BEEN A FULL, FULL MONTH So far in the past two weeks I have shot the following movies: -Tom Byron's "Butt-A-Bang" for Evolution Erotica (performed with Ariana Jolle and J ...
Selena Silver in December
December was supposed to be a pure holiday month. We had rented a holiday house in Las Vegas and were flying the family in from Australia. I had blocked out the month to shot NO movies, but I it turned out a little busier than I planned- but it is all very exciting! Here is what is happening with me in December: MOVIES SHOT OR SHOOTING IN ...
Selena Silver on Selena Silver
Selena Silver on Selena Silver This month on An Inside View at, Selena Silver goes deep inside... herself! With four big DVD releases coming out in October, it's the perfect month for Selena to give that on set perspective on the finished product of movies she starred in. To celebrate October as Selena Silver on Selena ...
Manuel Ferrara/Selena Silver/Steve Holmes Scene
It is official. I have now bested my all-time best scene yet again. My DP scene with Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes for Pat Myne of Metro is my all-time best scene. But when you are working with those two guys for the first time...what do you expect? I want to first say that Pat Myne is one of my favorite people I have ever met in the bu ...
Have you seen Selena Silver perform?
I had never heard of Selena Silver until I started reading this forum. Now that I've read some of her writings and read things about her, I am intrigued by this Australian Sally Field lookalike and am going to look for a video/dvd of her next time I rent. Is she hot? Is she nasty? Does she talk dirty? She seems to be an up and coming super ...
Best Selena Silver scene?
i want to see more of this new ADT sensation - any suggestions? maybe Selena herself can chime in although, from the way she describes her enjoyment of each scene, it seems like they would all be her favorites edit: i've only witnessed her so far in Fresh New Faces and i thought the scene was great Edited by - wetmartini on Aug 25 2003
Dear Selena Silver
I just started watching ,,Assault that Ass 3..I paused the movie to come to the computer to let you know that you look perfect.. you are very cute,, and have an extremely nice look to you keep up the good work,,, this is the first movie I have seen with you and you have just made my night.. sincerely a new fan... I am going to go now and watch y ...
Selena Silver
I finally got the chance to see Selena Silver in a movie. The movie is Assault That Ass #3. I'm not saying this to try to "suck up" to Selena just because she posts here at ADT. The fact of the matter is Selena is much sexier-looking in movies than she looks in still pictures (and she looks damn good in still pics). And her voice ...
Selena Silver
So my huband comes home last night and tells me about the amazing job Selena did yesterday on a DVD he's doing for AdultLounge Productions called Dirty Road Trips 2. The way he went on about her, I can't wait to see this one. Anyway, thanks Selena. Sex was great last night and I'm guessing you had something to do with it. My Fan Club My A ...
question for selena silver
i read on another webiste that you are australian. Being an all australian myself born and now living in adelaide i am just curious as to where in australia are you from. I know you post on the website selena so if you or any fans out there could answer my question put my mind at rest. Topic Moved by - hardware on Oct 16 2003
Selena Silver Boxcovers
Does anybody know what boxcovers Selena Silver appears on?
Message to SELENA SILVER ! (and the others)
If you're looking for a great ANAL GONZO scenes with SELENA SILVER just Check out "NEW FRESH FACES" where SELENA is fucking with Brandon Iron. It's a really great scene where you can see her stretching and gaping asshole,and i think i must have touched myself thousand times by watching her beautiful butthole wide open. She really seem ...
Selena Silver Appearances This Week
Just letting you know that I have 4 appearances this week: MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th I will be appearing on two KSEXradio shows tonight - Monday, October 6, 2003. I will be the Wankus Show @ 7:30pm and the Tales of the Tail with Layla Jade @ 9:00pm (that would be Tuesday, October 7 @ 12:30pm and 2pm in Australia). Layla Jade is celebrating ...
Question to Selena Silver
Hi Selena In your interview on Mason's site i read that you were born in Switzerland. Being Swiss myself I wonder whether you speak German or even Swiss German. Where did you live in Switzerland and for how long? I have yet to see a movie with you, but Mason's Sexual Disorder is not long away from being released Regards Headi
Ariana Jolle/Selena Silver's Big Night Out
NOTE: this is the story promised in this thread. Since it was totally derailing that thread, I started a new one so that the moderators didn't get mad at me. :) You can check out all the posts that lead up to this in that thread Ariana Jolle wrote: Selena baby... one word ... WOW I'm gonna let you tell this story... you're much ...
Selena Silver Wins &quot;Battle of the Dongs&quot; with Layl
To my complete shock, I beat one of my porn idols Layla Jade in the "Battle of the Dongs" on the "Tales of the Tail" show on KSEXradio hosted by Layla Jade. The object of the competition was to see which of us could get more dildos in our pussy at one time. We both ended up tying with 3 dildos in our pussy. The ti ...
Biggest Black Girth on Earth . Selena Silver. Q??
I just noticed 'The Biggest Black Girth on Earth Vol #6' has Selena Silver in the movie (also crystal ray). For those of you who have seen it or can point me to a reveiw (I could not find one), which girls in this title do anal, if any? Not familiar with this series from Celestial. Thanks.
Selena Silver Scene Description for Tom Byron
I just shot the last scene for Tom Byron's new movie Sodomy Sandwiches yesterday. (Did I mention Ariana Jolle is in this movie too?) This was a great scene! I was working with Joey Ray and Sergio in a boy/girl/boy scene. We shot outdoors on a blanket laying on some beautiful grass underneath a huge palm tree. It was a gorgeous ...
Selena Silver/Victoria Givens Scene Description
Ever seen a girl squirt while she is getting fucked in the ass? Victoria Givens is one seriously sexual girl. I enjoyed the scene I shot this week with her so much; she actually amazed me a couple of times during the scene. But, I am getting ahead of myself... I was shooting a Girl/Boy/Girl scene with Victoria Givens and Jim Beem ...
Selena Silver on KSEX Monday, Sept. 8th
September 4, 2003 (Los Angeles, CA) Selena Silver will be appearing on the Tales of the Tail Show on, hosted by Layla Jade this Monday, September 8th at 9:00pm PST . Selena Silver and Layla Jade will be doing a photo shoot together that day (pics coming soon!) before heading over to the show that evening. Monday is a ...
Selena Silver/Ariana Jolle Scene Description
I almost don't even know where to start... Do I start with the fact that I set a record for most personal orgasms in a scene? Do I start with the fact that I fell in love with Ariana? Do I start with the tidbit that Brandon had booked us for one "level" of scene and both of us girls were so into it that we "upped" it ha ...
Mason/Selena Silver Darkroom Controversy
I know there are some rumors going around about this and I have been getting some questions about it so I wanted to set the record straight. Yes, on the night that Mason shot me for her new film Mason's Sexual Disorder we did shoot at Entertainum Studios, which is also the facility that LA Couples holds their swing parties in. Yes, that ...