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Cum-Greedy Fuckholes 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sean Storm, Jake Marshall, Alex Pitt, Taylor James, Austin Grant, Chad Andrews, Chase Foxxx, Kirk Taylor, Garrett Devlin, Victor Cody, Chuck Collier, Max Corey, Chico Gonzales, Mick Larson, Digi Tool
Studio: Cre8tive Juices

Release date: 1/8/2010
Cum-Greedy Fuckholes reviews:
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A nice scene with two attractive performers (Austin Grant and Chase Foxxx) in a clever flip-flop bareback fuck is followed by Sean Storm getting routinely gangbanged bareback by guys who are excessively unattractive. That's it, folks.
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Boxcover for Legendary Studs: Jesse O'toole
Legendary Studs: Jesse O'toole 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sean Storm, Antonio Vela, Jacob Scott, Billy Wild, Erich Lange, Tom Shannon, Dawson, JESSE O'TOOLE, ROD FULTON, MICK JEREK
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Release date: 10/25/2007
Legendary Studs: Jesse O'toole reviews:
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[This film is also listed as THE BEST OF JESSE O'TOOLE.] This two-disc film features performances from Treasure Island studios spread over a five-year period demonstrating Jesses skill as a top.
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Boxcover for Storm Drain
Storm Drain 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mark Mathews, Sean Storm
Studio: ST Studios

Directed by: Sean Storm
Release date: 9/3/2004
Storm Drain reviews:
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Sean Storm is a sexy young guy. He has lots of good performances to his credit in some very good films. Deciding to capitalize on this success hes gone into making his own filmsbareback. STORM DRAINS is listed as written by Sean Storm, directed by Sean Storm, and starring Sean Storm. Therein lies the problem. Although the film is not bad, it would have benefited from a more objective approach. The problem is that scenes are not always properly set up, editing is often too abrupt, continuity sometimes goes askew. The premisesuch as it isbehind the action is that Sean has been thrown out of his apartment by his boyfriend because Seans ass has been willing to take on all comers (or cummers). He is found sleeping in his car by his one platonic friend, T J Wood, who takes him home. T J keeps talking about a wife, which seems somewhat incongruous since T J seems about as straight as a pretzel. But maybe hes married to Liza Minelli. Sean tells T J about some of his adventures and so we relive them with him.
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Boxcover for Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brock Masters, Sage, Sean Storm, Matt Sizemore, Sean Paris, Brent Everett, Yanko, Chase Dryburgh, Tristan King, Troy Kroft, JD Thunder, Billie Di'Angilo, Tag Spencer, Cal Dexter
Studio: Centaur

Release date: 3/25/2003
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig reviews:
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In Navy Blues, director Chip Daniels has added another winner to his growing list of super-hot films. It opens with a group of seamen heading off for shore leave. Everyone except for Brent Everett who has been caught stealing vodka from the supply room. Brent is an adorable twink with a super cock, a gap between his teeth, and bee-stung lips that are just made for sucking dick. He is brought before Brock Masterswho has an even bigger dickto receive his punishment. Brent tries to keep from being sent to the brig. Now the script co-written by Sean Storm is pretty good, but hes certainly not going to win the Pulitzer for the old clichéd exchange of dialogue that follows. Ill do ANYTHING Brent pleads Anything? Brock says with overdone suggestiveness. How often has this trite exchange been the sloppy set-up for sex? The dialogue is much better with the next line: Then get those pouty lips around my cock. Which, of course Brent does. He also takes Brocks big boner up his butt as they go though positions 1-5 of the gay Kama Sutra.
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Boxcover for School Chums
School Chums 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sean Storm, Skor Michaels, Robby Taylor
Studio: Customboys Video

Release date: 10/4/2002
School Chums reviews:
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If you like great-looking young guys with big dicks, you will want this DVD. The star is Tristan Michales, a dark haired young twink with a great bod and a nice big cock. (Most of the web sites list him as Michaels, but the DVD lists him as Michales, and as he has a Latin look about him, I am sure Michales is correct. But a hunk by any other name is still a hunk.) We find him talking on the Internet with his buddy Robby Taylor. As both are horny they decide to meet in the shower. As the water pours over them, Robby sucks Tristan who then goes down on Robby. Slender Robby has a tattoo of a Raptor on his right pectoral, but his dick is definitely Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tristan does a great job sucking it. They dry off and head for the sofa where they sixty-nine before Tristan fucks Robby. This was a great opening scene. The second scene was now disappointing. Little baby-faced Marty Katan has the hots for the swimming coach Skor Michaels (This name probably confuses everyone about Michales.) Skor is a grumpy looking average guy.
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Boxcover for Hard As Rock
Hard As Rock 
(4.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Xavier, Sean Storm, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke
Studio: Arena

Release date: 8/6/2002
Hard As Rock reviews:
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Starring Brad Rock, Jason Hawke, Sean Storm, Jeremy Jordan, Xavier, Rhett OHara and introducing Scott Gunz. Written and Directed by Blue Blake. Blue Blake drops another winner into our laps with HARD AS ROCK. Of the many, many voyage of discovery flicks out there, this one pretty much tops the list as far as plot, acting and sexual activity goes. Not only has Blake created a very realistic little flick, he has cast it with some of the most incredibly great looking guys having awesome sexual encounters. As a director, Blake has come quite a long way as well, all in a very short time. HARD AS ROCK centers its sexual scenes around the inner-conflicted Brad Rock, a stunning, towering hunk of man whether clothed or not - lounging by a pool, flipping through a XXX Showcase magazine (which coincidentally, features Blue Blakes MARRIED COPS DO as its cover feature) Rock catches ones eye, and maintains focus throughout. Bathed in sunlight, Rock tries to figure out for himself, just why he is gay.
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The cast is introduced by very artsy double exposures that play over an original song. This immediately clues us into to the fact that here is not another cranked out quickie but a film with which the director/producer/writer has taken great care. When the film proper begins, Brad Rocka hunkdrives up to his house. He has a copy of XXX Showcase, that he carries out by the pool. As he looks at the magazine, one of the pictures comes to life. Xavier, a cute Latino, is pulling down Rhett OHaras briefs to get to the big dick therein. Xavier demonstrates his oral skills by going down on it. He is also adept at swallowing Rhetts balls. Rhett is new to me. (His nom de porn is obviously derived from Rhett Butler and Scarlett OHara.) He is a sexy guy with scads of colorful tattoos and some in the making that actually add to his appeal rather than detract. Hes a pretty good cocksucker, too. [We cut back to Brad, and see that hes getting into this. He unzips his pants.] Back to the scene. Xavier is now deep-throating Rhetts big rod.
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Boxcover for Man Academy 1
Man Academy 1 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chad Johnson, Sean Storm
Studio: Centaur

Release date: 11/28/2000
Man Academy 1 reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> When I was young, my mom would often threaten to send me to Military School if I didnt behave. I wouldve taken her up on it, if I had known it would be anything like this! Sean Storm is the youngin who gets dropped off at Man Academy, where young boys are taught what it means to be a man. Sean wastes no time as soon as he gets his bunk, he strips down and starts fingering his hole. Sean is a definite cutie, and is constantly stuffing fingers, dildoes and big cocks up that tight little ass of his. Peter Rascek walks into the room clad only in a small towel, and catches Sean sniffing a jock strap. The two eye each other up for a little bit, before Sean pounces on Peters meat. Peter is one of the most gorgeous men Ive seen on film in a long time. Hes buff, tan, furry, and has a great big uncut cock. After a little 69ing, Peter gives Seans ass a good tongue probing and fucks him silly.
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