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Help me identify this Sean Michaels scene...
In the scene he's either a DJ or a announcer of some kind and a White girl comes in and they immediately get to work.I've only seen parts of it as the old old old video copy I've got of it off a compilation tape are screwed up, but I know it's Sean and the White girl (wearing purple a panties/bra set) really sweat it up!Thanks for any info in advan ...
"Evil Cuckold" by Sean Michaels
Judging by this trailer, I believe it's almost time for Sean to come out of the closet.
Is Sean Michaels the only "class" in male porn?
My Sainted Mother once told me, "If you want girls to appreciate you, you must appreciate them," and I never forgot that simple, but wonderful advice.Unfortunately, with the exception of Mr. Sean Michaels, not a single other adult male performer EVER heard those words, always showing, imho, the UTMOST disrespect to their female partners b ...
Favorite Sean Michael costar scene of alltime
Even know he is the Denzel Washington of Porn so which are his favorite scene of all time. I wasn't old enought to rember his early scene but here are the current scene from him with his costars 1.Sean Michael and Jayden Jaymes(her website) 2.Sean Michael and Julia Ann(Black Owend 3) 3.Sean Michael and Lisa Ann(Every scene) 4.Sean Michael and Couur ...
Sean Michaels-Revisionist Uncle Remus tale?
In porn imagery takes precedence over words. Things can be interpreted in ways not intended by its creator. I see that in Jsy-Sin's latest "Anal Acrobats" #5. The final scene is set in a surreal apple harvest. Kylie Ireland and cute new starlet are stretching their buttholes with apples and calling it applesauce. Sean comes along in farme ...
Sean Michaels' BOTTOM LINE
Sean Michaels is 47 years old today?!?
Hard to believe. But then I've noticed that once black people get to be about 30 you can't really tell how old they are.
90s Sean Michaels Does A Blonde: Name ofthe Woman?
I had it on VHS i could only find this clip otherwise she is unknown to me. for the website but that is the only known video about her.
Who's this hottie with Sean Michaels ?
ID please. in advance for your help.Edited by - Player 8.3 on Jan 17 2009
"Big White Butt Lingerie Show" from Sean Michaels
Sean Michaels is back in the directing chair with "Big White Butt Lingerie Show" from Evasive Angles. Great news, as I really like his work. With Velicity Von and Sophie Dee in the cast, this is a must-buy for me. The boxcover looks tasty! [sp] Edited by - bob on Jan 21 2007
Sean Michaels Training Academy out now
Sean Michaels Training Academy Released: 02/28/2006 What's up and welcome to Mr. Michaels' "Training Academy"! This is where young girls learn the "Fine Art" of getting all their holes filled and pounded. They learn how to cum swap, have screaming orgasms and to love every "Sluty" second of teaching these y ...
Sean Michaels Joins Anarchy and 5th Element
Anarchy Films and 5th Element are proud to announce that Sean Michaels have joined both companies. Since his departure from PXP, S. Michaels was looking for a new production company that he can call home. He found a home. The more I talked to Michaels, the more I realized that we share the same visions. Sean will direct and produce all the ethn ...
Sean Michaels POV 2 out now
Sean Michaels POV 2 Released: 11/10/2005 Whats Up Yall! Heres a sweet selection of young hot & horny girls to satisfy your P.O.V. one on style of fucking... All these girls have big natural juicy tits and really enjoy a good fucking. This one is just for you. Watch as they tease, stroke & talk about how much they like to get fucked &a ...
sean michaels and ?????
Hey there.....who is this in the picture with sean's from the box of some movie.... copy and paste.....*gfercmOdeDB*ExvfT783l8Emt7S6cSt3vdlbGv*fL3HzYk2JgnD0BU!Vc!!dS7szhW!d3sbYzxPrFtnSwGiRcgZG1M6dlRlopbBwnGUKnrNuR9yOXaev5QuWt*sbXyNIEjFViPY/banner49.jpg?dc=4675 ...
Sean Michaels' "Ass Lickers" Volume 4?
The covers posted on the PXP main website displays Volume 4. Is that correct or a misprint? Should it be Volume 1? Brandon? Jewel? Looks like an awesome IR series featuring very sexy Euro Chicks.
Sean Michaels and Julian at PXP
We are proud of what we have accomplished in only 6 months and having added Mason to our director/producers, and just recently signing "tattooed" Julian as an exclusive director for PXP and performer for both PXP and RLD, THEN just added Sean Michaels as a performer/director for PXP plus will perform for RLD, we truly believe we are ...
Sean Michaels The Real HBK?
Are there still problems between Shawn Michaels and Sean Michaels about rights to the name, the WWF can't sell T-Shirts with Shawn Michaels on it because it promotes pornography. Just wondering if there is still problems between the right of who owns the name.
Dee and Sean Michaels' Accident
From Weiss & Associates... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEAR FATAL ACCIDENT ON SEAN BOND SET Canoga Park, CA- (October 20, 2003)- When two performers have a special chemistry, porn "magic" happens, resulting in an AVN award worthy scene. Such was the case with Dee and Sean Michaels during the final scene of Rock that Ass #23, The Return ...
Is Redlight going to hire Sean Michaels
I read elsewhere that incompetent Sean Michaels I going to replace Lexington Steele at Redlight. Did the Redlight guys ever see the total crap Sean put out at his company? This guy has consistently been the worst director in porn for the last few years. Now with viagra he does not seem to be having as much problems getting it up but his cum shot is ...
Has anyone any idea if Sean Michaels made a movie called Feriensex in Budapest?.Any info would be much appreciated ie cast list,production company,or is it also known under another title?.I am trying to buy this movie so i would very greatfull for any help.Thanks guys
Sean Michaels Joining Platinum X Pictures
According to AVN, Sean's going to direct exclusively for PXP, and will also perform in Red Light District Video movies. Apparently, Sean Michaels Productions is no more. Now, Dion has the two most successful black porn studs ever in his camp (along with young gun, Brian Pumper). Dion never ceases to amaze me. Dion, all you need to do now is ...
Sean Michaels to Rock Dee's Ass
From Weiss & Associates... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEAN MICHAELS TO ROCK DEE's ASS! Canoga Park, CA- (September 29, 2003) - Sean Michaels has negotiated a deal for Latina porn star Dee to perform in her first anal scene in five years. Dee and Sean Michaels will perform together for the first time ever in an anal scene that will appear in ...
The Real Sean Michaels
WILL THE REEL SEAN MICHAELS PLEASE SHOW UP? $500 Reward Offered for Early Tapes Source: PNN By: Don Benn Hey PNN Readers - In case you didn't know it (which would be partly our fault for not telling you) our good pal and all-around great guy, Mr. Sean Michaels, a long-time member of the Adult Stars Magazine / PNN fami ...
$500 Sean Michaels Video Tape Reward
From Weiss & Associates... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE $500.00 VIDEO TAPE Canoga Park, CA- (September 4, 2003)- Sean Michaels productions is offering a reward of $500.00 for a copy of any movie that Sean Michaels appeared in, that was produced on or before December 1986. The videotape must fulfill the following criteria; Sean Michaels ...
Sean Michaels Rocks that Ass 2 F/S
covers starring amber michaels, envy and many others £12 includes postage Boxed, cover, original, anal, any queries feel free to email me
putting Sean Michaels in Red Light district titles
what do you think about me putting Sean Michaels in our movies, your feed back would be really appreciated. thank you, Dion Giarrusso Red Light District.
lacey duval -anal scene ?? sean michaels ?
hi guys, -does anyone know if there is a anal scene with lacey duvall available on dvd ? i am looking for these dvds : -sean michaels up your ass 14 -debauchery -initiations -assman 6 -any duvall dvd if anyone has any of those or any anal (anabolic) titels mail me, i could pay u through paypal. -by the way, whats the best of ...
Which movies does Raylene fuck Sean Michaels?
I saw something about it recently and was interested in seeing it but i do not know the title. I may be a Vivid title however I'm not sure.
Brittany Andrews gets nailed by Sean Michaels in..
We Go Deep 3. Its definitely worth picking up.