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Savanna Samson or Janine Lindemulder
which do you prefer if you had to choose?
Savanna Samson
Does anyone know if she is still shooting new scenes? Also, when is her contract with Vivid up? I would love to see her working with Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Jules Jordan...
Q regarding Savanna Samson movie, help.
In the movie "Sweethearts" w/ Savanna Samson are condoms used in the scene (s) she does? I have researched, cannot find out.Thanks for help in advance.Edited by - simon33333 on Feb 29 2012
Savanna Samson films & Condoms
Trying to amass a bit of a Savanna collection but am not a fan of scenes with condoms. Does anyone know when Vivid stopped using them in theire films ? Any info is appreciated !
Savanna Samson's status?
What is Savanna Samson's status, meaning has she retired or is she still in the business but has left Vivid? If the latter is the case what are the chances that she'll follow in the recent career paths of female performers like Julia and Lisa Ann and go full out gonzo?alexl467
Savanna Samson on "30 Rock"
Anyone notice Savanna on last Thursday night's episode of "30 Rock?" She was one of the two actresses filming the pornobiography of Liz Lemon's life.Don't know who the other actress was. Any guesses?
Savanna Samson debuts her new song 'Possession'.
She will be on the Howard Stern show tomorrow, September 10, to debut her new song Possession. You can download the song on itunes here or listen to the song on her Myspace page.Edited by - Darrah on Sep 10 2008
S Samson d vagged and then some
Wow, I just saw something that I thought I would never see in a Vivid product. In 59 Seconds, the closing gangbang scene not only features Savanna Samson being doubled vagged, but ass to pussy and atm, and other gonzo acts that I can't name. Although it was a really hot scene, I cannot survive on a steady diet of this stuff (enough already with the ...
Savanna Samson party, night of 101 girls out video # 3
Savanna Samson Wine
Does anyone have a link to Savanna's wine products? I heard she's doing a great job with wine products. Good for her!
Savanna Samson Holds her Own tonight on CNN :)
Savanna Samson Held Her Own Tonight on CNN's God, Sex and Greed if you can tivo it do so and watch
Savanna Samson Supports Rudy Giuliani
I'm waiting for the photo op'sEdited by - Clam Digger on Jun 6 2007
Damn you Manuel ferrarra / savanna samson!!
Real hot scene in a vivid movie called COLORS manuel has been working with savanna samson alot lately but they keep teasing the fans it's too bad Savanna is a contract girl because she would make a great GONZO BABE she luvs taking a facefull So manuel do us all a favor a give Savanna a "DIRECT HIT" FACIAL You can tell she really would luv ...
Savanna Samson scene with most cum
So far as Im getting into her Vivid work, I'd say from Mario Rossi after the blistering on the back anal in Savanna Takes Control .
Savanna Samson wine in the new york area .....
hey new yorkers i have heard that the wine from savanna sampson is getting released in new york if you see try to find out if they are selling it to the public i want at least one bottle maybe up to 3 so please keep me posted ok dan US wine lovers will be delighted and appalled in equal measure by the release of a particularly volu ...
Savanna Samson on SNL
Can there be any doubt that Savanna Samson will win next year's mainstream/crossover award at AVN? In addition to the tons of press her wine venture has attracted she is promoting an upcoming Saturday Night Live April 15th appearance on her website. Excluding JJ, I can't think of any other cases of active pornstar getting on such a major broadca ...
Savanna Samson Productions Opens March
Article It seems as though Vivid has gone condom optional so Savanna has jumped on that opportunity(hopefully not the only thing she's going to be jumping on) Her first project will be an Interactive movie and she's talking about zero gravity blow-jobs!?! That's a new one Edited by - payday on Feb 2 2006
Savanna Samson Foot job
Savanna has cute feet and she does a foot job well in Savanna Samson superstar. Since most dudes find a footjob weird or non-erotic. I hope she comes out with a fetish series with her doing exclusively footjobs. That will increase my chances with performing with her. I love guys who hate footjobs; it increases my chances of performing in leg videos ...
Savanna Samson
Does anyone know how I can contact the lovely Savanna Samson. She is one of favorite lust angels. Thanks
Savanna Samson in "Freshness"
There's a review on the way, but I don't know when I'll be able to finish it, so just a quick heads-up for this wonderful little gem. It's the usual "couples-in-distress" PT movie, except he decided to drop the script, and let Savanna, Justin Magnum & Roxy Jezel improvise their dialogue. It gives an amateurish yet refreshing vibe (h ...
Savanna Samson in The Work Place
Hey all, I just got my copy of Vivid Video's new release "The Work Place", because my fave girl Penny Flame was in it, and surprise surprise, I fell in lust with Vivid girl, Savanna Samson. I thought she was your typical prissy Vivid girl, but her scenes in this flick blew me away. She first does what I think should be an award winnin ...
Requesting more of Savanna Samson =D
A while back say 3 years ago I downloaded this Rocco's scene with two ladies, a brunette and a hot blonde. The hot blonde attracted me the most and it wasn't until yesterday that I found it about her - Savanna Samson :) I'm so glad I finally know her name :) To the porn expert here in ADT, could you please fill me in with all the information ...
Savanna Samson VS Sunrise Adams
Your pick! who would you rather have?
Savanna Samson & Rocco
Im sort of a growing fan of Savanna's. She and Rocco mixed it up in "Rocco Meets An American Angel In Paris". Has anyone checked this out? Savanna is said to do interracial in this with 3 of Rocco's black pals.
savanna samson/good news
Well the wait is almost over just like I said 4 months ago savanna`s 5 man blow-bang/gangbang video will be released DEC 29th it`s called SAVANNA SUPERSTAR!!!! I hope she gets drenched!!!!!!!!! bad boy rudy
Savanna Samson video
There's a clip floating around the web titled "Savanna Does Dale", the Dale being Dale DeBone. I need to know if this is from a longer film or something that was just shot for the internet. Unfortunately, the version on the web is incomplete. It ends just as Savanna is about to jerk Dale off while they're in the 69 position. Talk about an ...
Savanna samson movie/ SAVANNA SUPERSTAR
Hell anyone seen her new movie savanna superstar?? I heard she does a 5 man gangbang does she get facialed if yes do all 5 guys facial her?????? bad boy rudy
Savanna Samson
Rate Savanna Samson as a performer 1-10? Rate her "nastiness" from a 1 to 10 also.
Great news for savanna samson fans
I just received an e-mail from savanna she told me about a vid she just finished shooting called Savanna Superstar she does a Blow bang scene in this vid I know it`s vivid but hopefully it`s nast enough I wrote her back asking her how many studz plastered her sexy face hopefully many if anybody wants to see the e-mail just mail me & I will forw ...
Savanna samson vid ?
Hello anyone out there seen Savanna`s latest release L`affaire? Does she get nailed by JULIAN does she get any good facials in this vid? bad boy rudy
savanna samson news
I e-mailed savanna months ago asking her to do a BLOW BANG style scene in one of her vids well last week I e-mailed her again asking about the scene & she told me this week she was shooting a scene with many men those were her exact words I hope there all bigg loadblowers & give her a MONSTER FACIAL!!!!!! BAD ...
savanna samson does dp and question
just saw the wedding with savanna samson and she does a dp in the movie , a good scene for a vivid movie .i heard she made a movie with lex wondering if anydody knows the name of the movie thanks
Best DVD of Savanna Samson...
I am recently discovering how much I love this girl. Can anyone recommend her best scenes on DVD? I ordered a PPV over the weekend and it was a teaser: no penetration, no cumshot, obviously no anal, etc. What were your favorites?
? for savanna samson fans
Has anyone out there seen her new video called savanna takes control? Does julian give it to her nasty does she get a facial from julian? thanks bad boy rudy
Savanna Samson IR?
Does anybody have any info on Savanna Samson having done an IR scene with a black man or planning to do one? I've read elsewhere she talked about this on Howard Stern a month or two ago. Apparently, she did not reveal who the guy was. Any further details? I'd personally like to see Savanna and Justin Slayer get together somehow for a no-holes ...
Savanna Samson at UFC ?
Hi all, I don't know how many ppl watch the ufc here but for those who did, did anyone else see someone who looked just like savanna samson when camera panned out into the audience? I think it may have been her in a silver dress and they showed her on tv like three times. Am I confusing her with someone else? P.S. sorry I just realised that I post ...
Savanna Samson
What's the best Savanna Samson scene?
Savanna Samson: Hot Woman (not "Girl")
I just rented my first Vivid Video in some time, "Savanna Scores", in order to see Savanna Samson in action. I wasn't disappointed. First, she's got a wonderful, athletic, toned-looking body. Her arms and long dancer's legs have a soft, rounded musculature to them, and she's got SERIOUS calf muscles. Savanna does a G/G scene with S ...
Savanna Samson info
Just saw on her site that she is scheduled to be on O'Reilly tomorrow. For someone who constantly gripes about pornstars, they're on his show more often than they are on Howard Stern. Proud member of the church of Tina.
Savanna Samson On DVD
from AVN: Vivid's Savanna Samson Finally on DVD VAN NUYS, Calif. - DVD consumers will finally have a chance to see Vivid contract performer Savanna Samson in action when the DVD version of Girl of My Dreams is released next week. Samson, in her first year of her Vivid contract, received an enormous amount of attention from a single six ...
Savanna Samson
Has she done anything pre Vivid except for the infamous video with Rocco ?
Question : Savanna Samson
Hello all I need help on this one.. I was watching Howard Stern and he had on a new Vivid girl Savanna Samson. Howard mention she had a website, but i didn't hear him say what it was anybody can help me? Also.. she made two video from Vivid.. Windows, Girls of your dream.. are those on dvd? Does anybody have pictures of her too? plea ...
Savanna Samson on E!
A little FYI. The shows from Savanna Samsons appearance on Stern last week are airing this Thur. and Fri. at 11 P.M. EST. Proud member of the church of Tina.
Good but could have been great Savanna Samson news
I'm sure Steph can post the press release in that forum but I just saw on Savanna Samsom's, (Rocco Meats An American Angel), site that she has just signed a contract with an adult company to shoot several vids. for them in 2002. The only bad thing and it is bad is that she signed with Vivid. Why have you forsaken me lord? This is gods' way of playi ...