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Sasha Grey or Jenna Haze?
Actually I am going to start a debate. I know this topic will be very popular. There are lots of fans both of them here. Lets see what are the reactions (comments).Sasha Grey:She was thought to be the next Jenna Jameson. But that's past I think. She is really very cute but not choosy. She does Gangbangs, bdsm which are not top pornstar like things. ...
Jessica Fiorentino or Sasha Grey
Who is hotter?
Sasha Grey or Holly Wellin
Who is hotter guys? They are very pretty and nasty, damnSashaHollyEdited by - dialbigger on Dec 26 2009
Sasha Grey wants to know what your top 10 albums
Sasha Grey wants to know what your top 10 albums are... if you were stranded on a desert island....i believe they call them DesertIslandDiscs
Who would you rather do? Jenna Haze or Sasha Grey
O.k. folks who would you rather have sex with Sasha Grey or Jenna Haze?Personally I'd like to do them both at the same time. And yes that's an option.
Sasha Grey/porn star mainstream crossover debate
Ok, I was going to post this in the "Sasha Grey hot and fresh" thread but thought this topic deserves it's own thread. I'm going to discuss Sasha Grey's crossover onto HBO's Entourage but actually it pertains to any pornstar who crosses over, i.e. Jenna Jameson, Stormy Daniels, etc. At first, as a Sasha Grey fan, I became slightly annoyed ...
breath smelling fetish attn sasha grey
does anyone here besides me have a breath fetish? i know a lot of people have an ass smelling fetish, i do too, but nothing turns me on more than the smell of a woman's hot breath. not bad breath, just something about the smell of normal breath gets me rock hard.sasha grey, i'd love to get your thoughts on this, i know you and belladonna love ass s ...
Fresh and hot: Sasha Grey
Some days it pays to go grazing on the InterWebs ... A new face at SpieglerGirls! I've seen some other pics of this 18-year-old arrival, and she's got the glamour-babe moves down -- though in this shot she's like the cute girl next door. When she's dolled-up and sexified, she has some of the vibe of an American Katsumi ... with a touch of Boo ...
Belladonna says Sasha Grey "got lucky",29165/D: What do you make of fellow porn star Sasha Grey being the lead in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience? Would you want to do something like that?B: Personally, I don't think I would want to do something that's so similar to what I do already. I t ...
Elijah Wood & Sasha Grey in Open Windows
Elijah Wood, Sasha Grey to Star in Next Film from Timecrimes DirectorElijah Wood.
Sasha Grey Vs Stoya
Sasha Grey has claimed the ultimate prize in porn by being named AVN performer of the year...but is Stoya about to steal her crown as queen of the Alt-Porn girls? As Harry Hill would say, there's only one way to settle this........fightttttttttt!!!Sasha GreyVsStoyaNothing says romance like anal sex.
Sasha Grey's sexy hairy arms
Hi guys, I have a weird fetish in that I love sexy girls who have hairy arms. My favorite performer is Sash Grey who I think is fantastic and she also has pretty hairy arms as well as being drop-dead gorgeous Can anyone recommend any other stars or scenes that I'm likely to enjoy?All help is appreciated
Poll: Do you want Sasha Grey to return?
Even if abruptly, like a few guest appearances for old time's sake n' all.. I know it's only been three years.. honestly I was disappointed when she left so young at just 22.. just four years of her. The main thing that bugs me is she never did an anal creampie.. aggghhh it's so frustrating because she was good at gettin' down n' dirty and she neve ...
Sasha Grey gif flood
for no particular reason
Is there a scene where SASHA GREY vomits ???
While being face fucked or just giving head? I've seen her drool A LOT but never vomit.I would LOVE to see what she had for lunch!
Sasha Grey ugly?
Tori Black and Sasha Grey Squirting Scenes
So I know that these two have squirted on cam before, however it seems to be super rare.Tori has quite a huge squirting orgy in Crack her Jack 10 but other than that I have barelyseen her squirt ever.Sasha Grey has - to my knowledge - squirted exclusively in Superslut with Hillary Scott andMr Pete.I find this quite a turn on as it seems like " ...
Sasha Grey Scene?
I think this is Sasha Grey. If so, does anyone know what scene? If it's someone else, who?Thanks!
Sasha Grey ... water sports
Has Sasha Grey ever done any water sports scene? or something with
Sasha wants Hollywood
Do you know any pornstar became a real actress?NobodyShe can start a business as: pornagency,model agency,etc.She'isnt more intelligent of JennaEdited by - lex5555 on Apr 29 2009
Sasha Grey VS Melissa Lauren
Who would you fuck?
Response to Sasha Grey's comments on TMZ
In response to Sasha Grey's accusations of us exploiting her and Read Across America, I would like to issue the following statement. Miss Greys response to TMZ is nothing short of alarming.It seems to be okay for her to further her mainstream career by reading to kids, but if we try to help we are referred to as pathetic. Seems hypocritical to me. ...
Sasha Grey's Anatomy-Anyone Have This DVD Handy?
I purchased this from a seller and I believe that it may not be the original movie but rather one that has been shrunk to fit on a regular sized DVD. Info on the disc indicates that it is under 4.4GB. In addition the quality does not appear to be all that great. Anyone have the retail DVD handy and can check the size. TIA.Topic Moved by - Jonny Jay ...
Sasha Grey Helps Kids to Read
School attempts cover-up
Its hard enough to find REAL teachers who give a damm about todays education system , so MORE POWER TO YOU SASHA GREY :) , even if no one else on ADT gives a fuck about your media criticism. I TOTALLY SUPPORT WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR THE CHILDREN. I mean so what if you have only done a billion hardcore porn videos? It doesn't mean you can't have a go ...
Sasha Grey Covered in Cum
I have a question for the porn savants around here. I was cleaning out my DVR the other day and came across an Entourage episode from last year. I watched it until I couldn't handle seeing Sasha waste my time by wearing clothes. I broke out my favorite scene of hers from If I have a fetish, it is hot young white girls with cum ...
Sasha Grey
there is no topic about her :omy favourite porn star. injury that she left :( what's yours favourite scenes etc.?
Sasha Grey's favorite record store.
Found this article about Sasha Grey's favorite record store.Topic Moved by - ultradamno on Jul 9 2011
Sasha Grey Scene
Looking for a Sasha Grey scene that I once had. She was in a warehouse room, her boyfriend had pimped her out and there were like 10 guys who came in one after another and got blow jobs from her, one at a time. I can't remember what it was called and I want it back, anyone help me out?Topic Moved by - heynow on Jun 22 2011
Sasha Grey Ass Fist Question on the back cover of Sasha Grey Expose - DVD - Evil Angel appears to show Grey getting fisted. Anyone know if that scene is actually included on the US DVD that is being sold on ADM and perhaps elsewhere. TIA.
Something for the Fans
Something for the Fans:I’ve always tried to be as open and honest with my fans (and onlookers) as much as possible. With the way social media has progressed, a lot of personalization has been lost. The purpose of this is to address the elephant in the room, and to thank all of you. It’s become quite evident that my time as an adult fil ...
Sasha Grey Getting Rough?
I'm finally willing to give Sasha a chance, I am looking for a DVD that she is in all/ almost all of the scenes. Also, my other criteria is she must be getting roughed up/ hard fucked. What DVD would all my ADT friends recommend??I was looking at Massive Facials, I heard she has a huge blowbang. Any help, as always is appreciated. Thank you, Happy ...
Sasha Grey - Best site for downloads
Most of the sites I've checked out (Naughty America, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Elegant Angel, Ztod) have very little for Sasha downloads. Can anyone recommend a good site to get some of her stuff?
Sasha Grey licks toilet seat?
Hello Members,I was watching the following video of the Tyra Banks Show on YouTube. video/guests features an anti-pornographic crusader interrogating Sasha Grey about her ethics in doing porn. A scene in which Sasha Grey licks a toilet seat is mentioned ...
Sasha Grey Going Mainstream
She's doing the rounds promoting her new book , a sample story here are her chances succeededing in mainstream culture and arts . She' acted in a mainstream movie , television show and now a book . And she's being ...
best vaginal creampie Sasha Grey's taken IYO
I haven't seen all her stuff, her box covers adorn one of my dvd hangouts. So I'm looking for some tips for those who have. thanks.
Sasha Grey Retired?
Is this true? I believe this is the second post I have recently read mentioning this:
Sasha Grey Help
Obviously, just about anything with Sasha is A+. However, I was looking for something from her that might be considered some of her best work, preferabally with a full bush. Any recommendations?Edited by - dangol on Jul 17 2010
Awakening of Sasha Grey
Any news of WHEN Evil Empire (hint: Tricia) is going to release the long awaited "Awakening of Sasha Grey"?Edited by - WhiteBoy on Dec 4 2007
Celebrating Sasha Grey -- what a story!
How much does this chick rock? I still can't get over it. It's like the Obama-becoming-president of the porn world! :-DI mean historically a porn star "crossing over" to the mainstream would mean what, like, being in a music video, or getting a line or two in a movie, or dating a celebrity for 15 minutes?This girl went from being one o ...
Help? - Which DVD is this Sasha Grey scene from
There's a Sasha Grey scene where she's wearing a choker that says 'SEX' - it's fairly rough - she's submissive - mostly takes place in a men's washroom.I've looked through the list of S.G. titles, especially ones that suggest a rough sex theme, but I can't find which dvd this belongs to. She has so many scenes I could spend all day trying to track ...
Pls I.D. this Sasha Grey scene
I was just porn browsing and I saw this banner pic of Sasha Grey getting f*cked and I just want to ask if anyone here knows from what movie was this scene taken.Here's the link to the pic: Sasha GreyEdited by - Krillin on Feb 11 2010
Pure Play Media
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: PURE PLAY MEDIA PRESENTS SASHA GREY, MR. MARCUS & NINA HARTLEY IN CHEATING HOLLYWOOD WIVES[mod edit: image removed due to violation of the image policy. Read it before posting any more images.](Chatsworth, CA)-- PURE PL ...
Sasha Grey Fucks Anal Hook - The Next Evilution??
I just finished watching our young porn goddess Sasha Grey take on a device called an ANAL HOOK in the 2008 Private DVD entitled "House of Sex and Domination" - It doesn't happen often when I literally cannot take my eyes away from the TV. That was the case with this scene and that hook. I had to see and comprehend what was happening and ...
Sasha Grey new Show
Hey all, I just found this vid with Sasha Grey like we have never seen her. what do you think?Sasha Grey All wetTopic Moved by - ultradamno on Nov 30 2009
Sasha Grey Receives 12 AVN Nominations
Sasha Grey Receives 12 AVN Nominations Los Angeles, CA – Adult super star Sasha Grey once again reigns in multiple nominations for 2010 AVN awards, 12 being her lucky number this year. The winners will be announced at the 2010 AVN Awards Show held at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada the second weekend of January. · Best Actr ...
Sasha Grey and G4 TV
G4 Goes Down Under at Australia’s “SEXPO AUSTRALIA” for New Special Premiering Sunday, December 6th at 10:00 PM ET/PT Hosted by Adult Entertainment Phenomenon and “Girlfriend Experience” Star Sasha Grey, Two-Hour Special Airs With Limited Commercial Interruption and Offers Unprecedented Access to the World’s Larg ...
Sasha Grey Wins Fleshbot’s Award as Best Crossover
For Immediate Release: November 18, 2009 Sasha Grey Wins Fleshbot’s Award as Best Crossover Star Los Angeles, CA/November 18, 2009 – Uber-sultry adult film star Sasha Grey was awarded the Fleshbot Award in the Porn to Mainstream Crossover category this past week. The awards show took place at The Box in New York City on November 11th ...
Sasha Grey meets Shirley Jones?!?
Heard a while ago that Oscar winner(c) Shiley Jones was going to do a nude layout for a major adult magazine. I'm thinking why stop there? This might be the moment that an Academy Award winner makes the plunge into hardcore and a breakthrough porn starlet fuse their images onscreen in the raw working on dick(s) together. Shirley is still quite fuck ...
AEE News: Sasha Grey To Keynote 2010 AEE
The Girlfriend Experience and Adult Film Star Sasha Grey To Keynote 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment ExpoBreakthrough Talent To Share Perspectives on Adult Industry LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (October 7, 2009) ... Sasha Grey, the breakthrough star of Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, adult video phenomenon, and ...
Which Sasha Grey vs Jenna Haze poll do you prefer?
I'm still on the fence myself. I think the first one by kantabcd is hotter but I think the other one started by kantabcd is going to be a bigger star in the industry.
Sasha Grey’s Grey Art Productions Inks Dist...
For Immediate Release: August 18th, 2009 Sasha Grey’s Grey Art Productions Inks Distribution Deal with New Sensations / Digital SinLos Angeles, CA / (August 18th, 2009) Grey Art Productions has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with New Sensations / Digital Sin for the DVD distribution of all Grey Art movies. Grey Art will prod ...
Sasha Grey Swings Both Ways - Adult And Mainstream
Having conquered the world of adult cinema, Sasha Grey has now caught the eye of Hollywood. Count among Sasha's fans one Steven Soderbergh, who directed her in The Girlfriend Experience. However, this wasn't a one time fling for the ambitious brunette. More mainstream film roles are apparently on the way: ...
Sasha Grey Malice in LaLa Land trailer
See the trailer from the up and coming Malice in LaLa Land by Miss Lucifer and distributed by Harmony Films with Sasha Grey, Jenna Presley, Lexi Belle, Keni Styles and Mr Ron Jeremy to name a few. on 35mm film, this major production is shot on location in LA and brings the dark side of Le ...
Sasha Grey Malice in La La Land latest pix's
See the latest pix's of Sasha and all the fun on set from Malice in La La Land at
Sasha Grey as Malice pix
Sasha as Malice
The Girlfriend Experience Preview
Sasha's "The Girlfriend Experience" will have 3 back-to-back-to-back showings on HD NET MOVIES (not regular HDNET) starting at 8PM Eastern. FYIIrish
Careers of Gianna vs. Sasha Grey
Is there a typical career progression of a porn girl? If so, what are they, and what causes them to move from one phase to another? In particular, are there some changes that indicate they're on the way up, and others that indicate their careers are in decline?Obviously there are lots of girls who are marginal on looks and never make it very fa ...
Don't Make Me Beg -from John Leslie - w Sasha Grey
In Don't Make Me Beg, porn's loveliest girls plead for satisfaction from an array of hard-dicked cocksmen in four intense scenes of straight-ahead hardcore. This is John Leslie action at its best; mature and classic in tone, but raunchy as hell. The Maestro's beautiful women and intimate, sophisticated, sensual presentation will leave you begging f ...
Question for Sasha Grey
Hey Sasha... I was wondering if you could help with a movie recommendation.Here's the thing. My wife and I have been together for 10 great years. She has never really been into kinky sex in the past. Anyhow... she was disgnosed with breast cancer last year. Thankfully we caught it early and she is doing great.She ended her chemo treatments a fe ...
Sasha Grey on Indie 103.1 Tonight!
Ok, so this Tuesday March 24th I will be a guest dj on Indie 103.1 at 7pm (PST), so Listen Live !!!In other exciting news, I modeled for Manoukian clothing (owned by Max Azria) back in december for the new spring campaign in Europe! Here are more pictures from my friend Jeff Koga, who spent a few days with me during my birthday week!♠OH I ...
Happy Happy 21st Sasha Grey
Our Beautiful Sasha Grey Is 21 today she is having a huge party in Vegas hope some one from ADT makes it i wanted to. since we cant party with her then just wish her a happy 21st right hereSasha your truly one of the best and i only see you getting better and bigger in the Industry. hope your 21st birthday kicks ass and takes names DanEdited by - b ...
Interesting Sasha Grey Grey: 'I Am the New Breed'By David SullivanLOS ANGELES - Sasha Grey doesn't take abuse lying down; she takes it in many positions. The feisty Female Performer of the Year trophy winner also doesn't take shit from sheltered college sweeties, and she has fired back at a student sex columnist who descri ...
Sasha Grey scene ID help (solved!)
Ok so in cruising along the interweb, I found this pic which just lead nowhere. I was hoping it would lead me to a gallery, but no luck.So I want to know where it came from. The pic's really small, but it's big enough to see that it's Sasha Grey giving a BJ to Mr. Marcus while he's holding up her arms in handcuffs. They may be in a classroom, but i ...
Sasha Grey Ass to Mouth?
Are there any movies where Sasha Grey does Ass to Mouth? I don't mean A2M with a cut in between, but straight from ass to mouth ATM Sex? Topic Moved by - hardware on Dec 15 2006
James Gunn's PG Porn (with Sasha Grey, Belladonna)
Finally, my episode of PG Porn is up! Woo hoo!Roadside Ass-sistanceJames Gunn's PG PornThere is a 2 part online with Bella that's hilarious-as well as one with Aria Giovanni.the fuck junkie ♠
King of Coochie 4 to Star Sasha Grey & Sunny Lane
King of Coochie 4 to Star Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:( Van Nuys , CA ) January 29, 2009 – A big performer announcement from Tom Byron Pictures: AVN Award winners Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane will soon shoot their first-ever scene together for King Of Coochie 4. Sasha says, “Either Tom Byron is related to John Staglia ...
Sasha Grey and Tori Black
Have these two worked together yet if so where and if not why the hell hasn't any director put these two together??
Nastiest of Sasha Grey!!!
Alright I know that the list I am asking for will be too big... but can you recommend me some of the nastiest titles of Sasha GreyBy nastiest I mean1. Nice and long scene with F2M rimming2. Throat fuck3. Double Pussy and Anal.4. RoughHas she also done some wet stuff like pissing etc (perhaps on some internet site?).Edited by - pornfan_2 on Jan 14 2 ...
Joanna Angel, Sasha Grey In Girls Girls Girls II
Come for the music, stay for the lesbians! GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS IILet there Be Light ...Let There Be Sound... Let There Be Drums... Let There Be Guitars... Let There Be LESBIANS!Set aside your old W.A.S.P. and Winger records and get ready for over two-and-a-half hours of sweet and sticky pussies, teased hair, shapely tits, big asses and skintight leot ...
Sasha Grey press for The Girlfriend Experience
I gather this to be a low budget indie film however with Steven Soderbergh and his pedigree at the helm I would think that who ever picks up the distribution rights would likely want to open wide and I am sure that Soderberg was contractually obligated to bring in an R rating and no where near NC17. If the movie does open wide I wonder what part of ...
DP Adds Teagan & Sasha Grey to Sign at AEE
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDIGITAL PLAYGROUND ANNOUNCES ADDITIONS TO STAR-STUDDED 2009 AEE LINE-UPSasha Grey & Teagan Presley Join Renowned Contract Stars Jesse Jane®, Stoya™, Riley Steele™, Katsuni, & Angelina Armani™!December 31, 2008 --- VAN NUYS, Calif. --- Digital Playground announces its star-studded line-up of person ...
Sasha Grey is the most desired porn star!! why?
I am not Sash Grey but I watch her too much....she is the most favorite porn star!!that is why I choose her name and birthday to be my Id in this forum .Sash grey is the most famous porn star mentioned all over the world, she is the most desired female to be watched every day and night by search engines all over the world!!? is it because she is th ...
Sasha grey best pictures
Sasha grey is classified as the most viewed porn star last year 2008 she had an endless number of scenes and pictures till you get tired to see them all, this topic is written to facilitate seeing this fantastic porn star and record her best pictures and scenes, it would be more sweet if you paste your favorite scene or picture of Sasha greyTopic M ...
Call Sasha Grey this Friday!!!
"I know where you're coming from Call me on the line Call me call me any anytime Call me my love you can call me any day or night Call me "-BlondieHey folks FYI I will be joining host Christy Canyon on Playboy Radio's "Night Calls" this Friday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. Playboy Radio is available on Sirius channel 198 and XM channel 99. ...
Sasha Grey in Rolling Stone's Hot Issue
If you haven't heard yet I was selected to be in Rolling Stone's Hot Issue:)XBiz AVNthe fuck junkie ♠
Sasha Grey's new York Stories Part Two
Yet another installment:New York Stories Part Twothe fuck junkie ♠
Sasha Grey's New York Stories
Everyone's been dying to know what went down in NYC, so here are my New York Storiesthe fuck junkie ♠
My Dream about Sasha Grey
So, I had what is possibly the best dream of my life the other night. I won't go into incredibly lengthy detail, but it was about losing my virginity to Ms. Grey. It was such an awesome dream. And I realize that this could happen in one of two ways. One way is that you blow your load within ten seconds of contact with Sasha, and the other is you ac ...
SG on Dave Navarro's:Dark Matter
Tomorrow night I will be a guest on Dave's radio show (12-2am) on Indie 103.1, listen to it if you can!the fuck junkie ♠
SG on G4 TV's Attack of the show
Hey everyone, I just did this interview a few hours ago for G4! Enjoy:)the fuck junkie ♠
Sasha Grey in "The Girlfriend Experience"
"Sasha Grey to star in a new movie by Steven Soderbergh “The Girlfriend Experience” coming in theatre in 2009."Director:Steven SoderberghWriters:Brian Koppelman (writer)David Levien (writer)Genre:Comedy
Sasha Grey-any vids with panties stuffed in pussy?
AT the moment iam in to sahsa grey shes one of the hotest porn stars around today ,And i wanted to kno is ther any scenes in witch she puts her panties in to her pussy as i think this fetish is so dam hot, Who agreas with me here and is ther any films you can think of in witch this happens thers probily a freed about this allready but sasha should ...
Check it out...
AVN articlethe fuck junkie ¢¼-- edited to make clickable link(I don't know why the "spade" character was altered? sorry -- BigBobxxx)Edited by - BigBobxxx on Oct 15 2008
Congrats to Sasha Grey's hollywood crossover
Sasha Grey lands the lead in new Steven Soderbergh Hollywood Film'm a huge fan of Sasha. I love all her work. She loves sex and she likes it dirty.
Sasha Grey doesn't do it for me anymore
i know i likely won't make any friends here, but its true. Its to easy for her, not that really, but it seems to practical i guess. In a scene i need some element of the passion i feel when actually fucking... and often i don't feel this returned from sasha. maybe its just me, but Sasha Grey doesn't do it for me anymore.Topic Moved by - killbillvol ...
Suggestion to Sasha Grey
Go to any of the free porn-streaming websites and do a search for "blowjob" or "deepthroat" and you will always get several clips with raving reviews, of an (unfortunately now retired) amateur named Heather Harmon, who with her husband (and his 9" cock) produced their own videos on a website called IDeepThroat. Not only c ...
Sasha Grey: a holy cow?
It seems that the freedom of speech is not so well developed here on this forum. And it also seems that it is strictly forbidden to criticize the holy cow Sasha Grey.But it´s just a fact that she talks to much and spreads a lot of dangerous propaganda about unprotected sex and the eating of bodily waist products in a time when different STD:s ...
Sasha Grey spreads irresponsible talk on the net
Sometimes it is better for a p star not to talk then blurt out a lot of dangerously irresponsible talk.Like S, she gives a lot of interviews and is seen all over the net. And many times she talks about things she doesn´t understand, like the dangers with HIV and other STD:s. In interviews she has said that she is not afraid of HIV (even if she ...
Sasha Grey's voice in Babysitters
Does anyone know what was up with Sasha's voice in this one? She usually has such a beautiful voice but here she sounded kind of trashed and guttural. Fantastic scene though and she gives one hell of a performance as always. That girl has so much presence. Definitely the best of today's starlets from what I have seen.
Sasha Grey and Tianna (from Tyras show)
We all remember the famous Tyra Banks show where Sasha Grey participated. Later Sasha has mentioned that show in many interviews.In that show they also featured a teenage prostitute girl, Victoria, and a former pornstar named Tianna.In the show Tianna tried to give Sasha some advice about the pornindustry and the risks being in it. But Sasha didn&# ...
Found this little video interview...
...and I thought I'd share it with those of you who have yet to see Sasha's Scene from PERFORMERS OF THE YEAR (though I can't imagine who hasn't by now). I found her to be very engaging. She even smiles once or twice Sasha Grey + PianoEdited by - tomchoad on Aug 28 2008Edited by - tomchoad on Aug 29 2008
Sasha Grey and the art world
"An artist is always alone - if he is an artist. No, what the artist needs is loneliness." -Henry MillerAside from being an internationally recognized fuck junkie, SG is making her mark in the art world. But don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself …these are some damn clever artists boom! It’s always a pleasu ...
Sasha Grey signing in Columbus, Oh
Ladies and gentlemen ...On July 26th between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m I will be at Adult Xpo Video Store located at 973 Harrisburg Pike Columbus OH 4323 signing autographs, taking polaroids , meeting and greeting fans... i look foward to seeing you there.the fuck junkie ♠
Any News on
So, is there any news on when this site will be up? I am still patiently waiting, and I will continue patiently waiting for the hottest porn star's website, but I was just wondering if there was any idea on when it would be launched.
SASHA GREY mainstream model for american apperal
I know i just saw her in a Roots music video . Now my girl was searching for a bikini at american apperal and who is there model, Ms. Grey. wow she is blowing up watch out jenna. Here is her ad for american apperal american apperalTopic Moved by - Steph on Jun 18 2008
Sasha Grey please come to the UK....
If all I got to do in my fledgling porn career was shoot a scene involving Sasha Grey I would consider it a success so please come across the pond miss Grey, pretty please!!
What was Dr. 90210 saying to Sasha Grey?
Hola!I'm a big Sasha Grey aficionado. I was flipping through the channels and caught some program where that Brazilian Beverly hills Dr. was talking to Sasha on national television pleading with her to quit the Adult business.But what was it he was saying was not healthy about her doing her thing? Of course it was National Television and he wasn't ...
Has Sasha Grey started directing yet?
I just saw Sasha Grey's wonderful interview on (there's a link from her site, She mentions that she's looking forward to directing, as soon as in a few months. The interview was made in 2007, so, I was wondering: does anyone know if she's started directing yet? If so, any titles?I think her idea to do hardcore porn that also ...
Sasha Grey To Star In Mainstream Horror Film
TORONTO (Hollywood Reporter) - Porn star Sasha Grey, the 2008 Adult Video Network female performer of the year and star of more than 80 porn films, is set to star in the Canadian low-budget horror film "Smash Cut."Grey will play a TV news personality who goes undercover as an actress in a horror film to discover the killer of her older si ...