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Sammie Rhodes Questions
I have been catching up on some of the earlier Sammie Rhodes performances when she still did scenes with men. OMG, she was getting sooooo good and no matter how good her g/g stuff is lately, that she is sans cock seems to be a grave misjustice to, well, me. She looked so natural with a cock on her lips and mouth full of cum, it makes me sad to thin ...
where's sammie rhodes?
Is Sammie Rhodes still doing We live together?Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jan 3 2013
Sammie Rhode's Breasts
As a fan, I have been trying to keep up with the frequent DVD releases of Sammie Rhodes. One thing I'm noticing is that her breasts are looking fabulous lately - not that they haven't always been spectacular (hell, that's one of the reasons I buy her DVD's). But lately, their pillowy softness which radiated on-screen, seems to be replaced with a to ...
Sammie Rhodes Help - My wife loves her !
Ok i am new to the forums here and i have a ton of different questions on movies etc but i will stick to this topic for now.My wife has gotten more and more into porn with me over the years and one girl she continues to enjoy watching in films is Sammie Rhodes. If there is gonna be hot girl on girl action on the tv, Sammie is her definite choice !! ...
VOTE 4 Sammie Rhodes PLEASE
I know some dick will fuck this one over for me. because mostly everybody here hate me and probably wishes i die.I want Sammie Rhodes to win.Could you vote for her .. please for her not for me... Please..VOTE HERE FOR SAMMIE RHODESEdited by - aspenstevensbiggestfan on Mar 17 2010
Sammie Rhodes movie help please.
I am looking for a dvd of Sammie Rhodes from the scene in this flash movie. I know it is NOT Student Sluts for Teen Facials, even though her hair and outfit is the same. Can anyone ID the movie/dvd this is from?[mod edit: link to tube site deleted since you now have an ID.]Topic Moved by - savoy on Mar 11 2010Edited by - savoy on Mar 11 2010
Sammie Rhodes movie help please. (topic moved)
I am looking for a dvd of Sammie Rhodes from the scene in this flash movie. I know it is NOT Student Sluts for Teen Facials, even though her hair and outfit is the same. Can anyone ID the movie/dvd this is from? Moved by - savoy on Mar 11 2010
Happy Birthday Sammie Rhodes
I just wanted to wish Sammie Rhodes a Happy Birthday. I hope you have a beautiful birthday .I hope all your wishes come true today. You are a very beautiful and very intelligent young lady.Happy Birthday :)warm hugsMrdvd
Help With Sammie Rhodes Scene ID
Anybody know what DVD this is from? I'll have to post a link to the screens as it's against the image policy to show anything other than tits I believe. help appreciated :)
Sammie Rhodes is hot but sometimes not
I like the looks of Sammie Rhodes. I have seen some nasty scenes with this girl. However... her regular appearance in We live together is always a big disappointment. Why can't she be just as nasty as in all other scenes. :(
Does Sammie Rhodes have a sister in porn?
I searched for a few minutes and couldn't find an answer, so I'll just ask on here:Does Sammie Rhodes have a younger sister who does porn? I seem to remember reading it somewhere but I couldn't find any info when I searched. As hard as it would be in Sammie's case, the younger sister is often the hotter one! (think Ashley Simpson)
Please Help ID Hillary Scott / Sammie Rhodes Movie
Hi All - I am trying without much luck to figure out the title of this flick I saw a few years ago. Basically, the movie is about a politician. Hillary Scott is the main star of the film, she is basically the politician's personal sex slave, she fucks him, fucks guys he wants to blackmail or wants favors from etc. Sammie Rhodes is in the film to ...
Any new Sammie Rhodes info
Anyone have any news on Sammie Rhodes. New releases, new scens, anything. Where would be a good place to keep up with her latest info?
Girl with Sammie Rhodes on
I was wondering who the brunette is, she did a scene with Sammie Rhodes on, they give fake names in the section describing the scene, so i cant start from there to is a picture of her, with sammie (its the best one i could get)thanks
Sammie Rhodes question
The last thread I started got hijacked and turned into a race issue so PLEASE don't do it again.I was on and saw that Sammie is listed in No Man's Land Interracial Edition #10. I found it odd because I remember reading that Sammie does not have an interest in doing IR scenes in porn.I haven't been able to fidn the DVD locally and was wonde ...
Sammie Rhodes does lesbian IR scene?'s-Land-Interracial-Edition-10.htmHas anyone seen this movie and if so does Sammie do IR? I thought she had a now IR stance in her roles. If so I have got to get the movie. Pussy Cats 2 with Jenna and Marie was fucking awesome. Jenna has really made me be ...
Hottie of the Week™ #4 Sammie Rhodes
Hottie of the Week™ #4 for 3/14/08The Hottie of the Week™ picture is presented in seven installments, adding one more piece to the puzzle each day, over the course of a week. First one to guess who it is wins.Rules: (1) One guess per pervert/per day.(2) If you already are familiar with the picture being used, please abstain from this we ...
Happy Birthday Sammie Rhodes!!!
Gotta give some more love to another fellow November baby...the great Sammie Rhodes!! One of the best birthday suits I have ever laid my eyes on. Have a wicked one Sammie!!!
Sammie Rhodes w/ legs bent back scenes
Hi,I was wondering if anyone knows of any scenes where Sammie gets fucked with her long slender legs bent right back next to her head?The only one I know of, is in Teen tryout auditions 37. She has a screaming squirting orgasm there with her legs back, but the camera angle was shot from infront of her ass, so cant really see her long legs. A side-o ...
Sammie Rhodes
Did she ever do a swallow or anal scene?
Sammie Rhodes Titfucking
Apart from her scenes in Young Ripe Mellons 6 and Photographic Mammaries 3, can anyone tell me if there any other films which have featured Sammie being titfucked to completion? Topic Moved by - hardware on Mar 29 2007 Edited by - STW on Mar 29 2007
Sammie Rhodes
Is she still in the biz? and did she do any interacial or anal scenes? Topic Moved by - hardware on Feb 28 2006
WantedListLive: Sammie Rhodes and Hillary Scott
WantedList Live presents: Sammie Rhodes and Hillary Scott Sammie Rhodes and 2007 AVN “Female Performer of the Year” Hillary Scott get together for a special three hour show on, Thursday March 1st. Sexy blonde Sammie has delicious breasts and long silky legs that go on for miles. A native of Connecticut, Rhodes was ...
sammie rhodes
i adore her. great face and body. can anyone recommend her best films? and anal? i luv bobbi eden and kylie ireland Edited by - georgez on Jun 20 2006
Sammie Rhodes in Les Perversions 8
Recently Sammie has gotten into doing some great nasty g/g scenes. I just watched her in Les Perversions 8 where she is paired with Nadia Nyce and they go at each others' ass for a good 40 minutes. The scene includes some milk enema in both girl's asses, Nadia even squirts it out on Sammie's face and body, other highlights include gaping asshole li ...
Sammie Rhodes Compilation
Hi, I'm a big fan of Sammie Rhodes and wanted to make this topic to help myself and maybe some others find some content. It's easy to find her DVD work history, but I can't find those cool website ones. Here are the ones that I know of. Please add any you know of that have a vid of her on their webste. THanks! SilverstoneVideo Xxxmoviefiles Ma ...
Sammie Rhodes' New yahoo group
Sammie recently opened up a new yahoo group. Here's the link if you're interested in joining
When Did Sammie Rhodes Start Doing Anal??
Noticed her profile at Fresh Talent Management lists anal. Anyone know of any titles? BTW, she doesn't look as busty as she used to. Fresh Talent Management
Is this Sammie Rhodes?...
Second from left, in the purple. Thanks. - Slider Edited by - Slider on May 23 2005
Sammie Rhodes Scene from Platinum X
Sammie Rhodes Doggystle & Facial Does anybody know what movie this is from? I think you can only get the last two parts, but it looks like a great scene. Thank you.
Sammie Rhodes, Got Anal?
As the dust settles from the sudden positional shift of anal maven, Keri Sable, I wondered if there was an enigmatic beauty, with the potential to fill the void. Certainly Sammie Rhodes has long possessed the physical gifts. Infact, wherever Sable's ass may of excelled, argument can be made, Ms. Rhodes impressive breasts, aptly closed the gap. ...
Movie ID featuring Sammie Rhodes
anyone know which film this is from please
Best Tits. Sammie Rhodes or Missy Monroe?
My vote is for Missy. If you haven't seen them copy & paste links below. Missy Monroe Sammie Rhodes -PornoPunK
Sammie Rhodes Recommendations
Any recommendations of the voluptuous Sammie? It looks as though she's lost a bit of weight - not good. or of any other curvacious babes doing nasty things. thanks.
I think Sammie looks great in the pics from this scene Can you ID the movie?
Sammie Rhodes or Keri Sable?
Which blonde newcummer you like more of?
Angels of Debauchery 3 !Sammie Rhodes!
Anyone know if sammie does anal/dp in this one?? Topic Moved by - hardware on Dec 20 2004