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Boxcover for Manplay Double Pack: Deeper Throat & Size Is Everything
Manplay Double Pack: Deeper Throat & Size Is Everything 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Trenton Comeaux, York Powers, Max Grand, Alex Wilcox, Sam Crockett, Damian Ford, Sam Dixon, Patrick Allen, Mark Kroner, Drake Reese, Steven Scott, Steve Teron, Joey DeNiro
Studio: TitanMen

Directed by: Tony Alizzi, Jack Francis
Release date: 2/24/2008
Manplay Double Pack: Deeper Throat & Size Is Everything reviews:
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Titan continues its humanitarian work by continuing to release the films of MSR as part of their Manplay series. DEEPER THROAT and SIZE IS EVERYTHING, the two films included in this release are from 1999 and 2000 respectively. The first shows its age. The latter has some hot guys and equally hot sex.
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Boxcover for Summer Reunion (Jocks)
Summer Reunion (Jocks) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kurt Stefano, Sam Crockett, Joey Hart, Kristian Brooks, Eric Hanson, Kyle Becker, Colby Taylor, Brennan Foster, Brad Devlyn
Studio: Jocks

Directed by: Lawrence David
Release date: 9/14/2005
Summer Reunion (Jocks) reviews:
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Falcon is now systematically going around and reissuing their VHS on DVD. I thought I had seen most of their products whether Falcon, Jocks, or Mustang; but SUMMER REUNION (Jocks 082) somehow missed my scrutiny until now. It begins with Brad Devlyn, a cute young twink with a very light dusting of chest hair, being accosted by Sam Crockett and Kyle Becker who force him to go home with them and suck ther cocks. Its supposed to be rape, but Brad doesnt seem to put up much of a fight and is soon sucking away on first one cock and then the other like a gourmet doing a taste test. Sam sits on his face and gets him to eat ass, so Kyle does likewise. Both then fuck him. Its three years later and Brad gets an invitation to a summer reunion. Does he say to hell with it and stay home to avoid his rapists? Hell no, he goes. Kyle comes by his room to apologize and relay the info that Sam was killed in a car accident. Brad is cool toward him and says that as a result of the rape he hasnt had sex in five years.
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Boxcover for Below the Decks
Below the Decks 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Jason Nikas, Dirk Adams, Brett Williams, Paul Morgan, Kevin Kramer, Sam Crockett, Peter Bishop
Studio: Street Corner Studios

Directed by: Blade Thompson
Release date: 8/9/2005
Below the Decks reviews:
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Below the Decks is a mildly entertaining fuck flick from Blade Thompson. Somewhere in middle America is where our story unfolds when a couple of graduates, Sam Crockett and Kevin Kramer, arrive back at one of their homes and begin discussing their futures. They both look a bit old to be graduates but thats beside the point. It turns out that Sams leaving his buddy to join the navy while Kevin is set to work at the local steel mill. The lighting seems a bit off and there was a second or two where the picture was out of focus. Before they set off on their new endeavors Sam plants a kiss on his buddy and before you know it their clothes have come off and Kevin is down on his knees working over Sams cock. Im sorry but neither seem to be aging well and even with Kevin doing his best Sam doesnt appear to get very hard. Sam gets Kevin on the couch and rims his shaved hole before sticking his big cock inside of him. Sam gives his friend a pretty good ass pounding as Kevin begs to get fucked from behind. He finally turns over and their fucking continues fast and furious.
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Boxcover for Top Secret (Men of Odyssey)
Top Secret (Men of Odyssey) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve O'Donnell, Sam Crockett, Zach Richards, Clay Stone, Nick Young, Corey Summers, Jack Ryan, Daniel Cross, Greg Vaughan
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Directed by: Jerry Douglas
Release date: 12/4/2002
Top Secret (Men of Odyssey) reviews:
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Jerry Douglas has been directing porn for over thirty yearscorrection: Jerry Douglas has been directing films for over thirty years. You would think he would be burned out by now, or at the very least, jaded; but his films are still as fresh and exciting as ever. In commenting on Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese said, Everyone one of his films was an event. The same can be said in the porn world about Douglas. TOP SECRET is indeed another event. The filmon the surfaceis a spoof of the Bond films, but it is also a coming-out story and primarily a love story. Corey Summers in a real tour de force performance plays both master spy McGuffin and Goodwin, a military man look-alike who is forced into impersonating the arch-villain. There are a few slight problems to this impersonation however. McGuffin has a distinctive tattoo, is cut, and is gay. Goodwin has no tattoo, is uncut, and is straight. The tattoo is no problem; circumcision is possible (ouch!); but when it comes to the gay aspect, Houston we have a problem.
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Boxcover for Bad Behavior (Falcon)
Bad Behavior (Falcon) 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sam Crockett, Rex Ruben, Scott Matthews, Nino Bacci, Marcus Iron, Gage Michaels, Enrico Vega, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Jeremy Jordan, Addison Scott, Caeser
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 7/27/2001
Bad Behavior (Falcon) reviews:
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Bad Behavior is yet another mouth-watering masterpiece brought to you by the Falcon Studios Family. The basic plot revolves around 2 Bible Salesmen going door to door in San Francisco, trying to convert the gay boys who frolic there, that it's time to turn things over to the Lord. The Bible Salesmen end up turning the tide over and succumb to the sinful desires of the men they try to convert. I know it seems like it'd be weird and lame but it totally isn't! In fact, a lot of the reviews I read called it only "so-so". This totally surprises me when I get my nose in. Bad Behavior never looked so good! The front of evil that eradicates the boys is non other than Falcon Exclusive Addison Scott. He laughs at their belief system and then forces them inside. Poor Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy can do nothing but bare crosses to the dominant man's words.
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Director: John Rutherford Cast:: Marcus Iron, Jeremy Jordan, Addison Scott, Kristian Alvarez, Gage Michaels, Caesar, Spike, Nino Bacci, Scott Matthews, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Enrico Vega, and Sam Crockett Story: Bible-huggers Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy are sent to a gay neighborhood to try and lead all the evil homosexuals to the path of righteousness. As you can probably guess, they arent very successful. Scene One Marcus and Chad make the mistake of stopping by bald leatherman Addison Scotts house. Addison grabs the guys and drags them down to his dungeon where Marcus is quickly shackled up next to a jockstrap clad Caesar in a sling (More on that in scene 2) Chad is brought to a different room filled with 5 or 6 well hung leatherguys. Chad resists for a little bit, but it isnt long before hes stuffing as many cocks in his mouth as he can.
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Boxcover for Technical Ecstasy
Technical Ecstasy 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brett Ford, Dennis Lincoln, Sam Crockett, Joe Romero, Tony Donovan, Sandy Sloan, Derek Cameron, Dean O'Connor, Jon Eric, Marc Hamilton, Chad Kennedy, Robert Kirk
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 4/4/2001
Technical Ecstasy reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Wash West is know for directing very story driven porn, and with a title like Technical Ecstasy, I wasnt quite sure what to expect when I popped this in the ol DVD player. I dont remember the last time I saw a plot in a porno that didnt completely fall apart at the end. Technical Ecstasys story holds up remarkably well, though, so in this review, Ill make sure I dont give away any of the plot. As our story starts off, Chad Kennedy wakes up in the countryside (naked) and begins walking around looking for signs of life. Eventually, he runs into Sam Crockett, who is looking better than I ever remember. Sam sounds extra sexy with his Texas accent as he asks Do you want to taste some cowboy cock? Chad jumps at the chance and does a fine job of taking Sams dick down to the root. Its very hot stuff, but were just getting warmed up! Sam leads Chad into his motor home, where the real fun begins.
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Boxcover for Steele Ranger
Steele Ranger 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Paul Carrigan, Doug Jeffries, Sam Crockett, Chris Steele, Haus Weston, Patrick Allen, Jeremy Tucker, Eric Scott, Shane Bailey, Kyle Kennedy, Shane Rockford
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 1/24/2001
Steele Ranger reviews:
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Park Ranger Chris Steele not only has a big prickhe is one. We first see him bawling out two subordinates, Haus Weston and Sam Crockett for smoking in the woods. He then proceeds to harass three campers, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, and Shane Bailey. He turns off their boom box; berates Jeremy for pissing in the open (Chris then goes and does the same thing himself); and finding the three jerking off to girlie magazines, calls them perverts and orders one of them to suck his cock. Shane rushes unhesitatingly to do so. Whether this is because Chi Chi told him to or because hes coming out of the closet is hard to tell. I think possibly the latter because the other two exchange something like a who-would-have-thunk-it glance. Shane is certainly not a novice. Chris then gets the others in on the action by going down on each in turn. Chris says it is getting dark (which is obviously news to the lighting man) so they move indoors to continue the action. Shane then sits on Chris face. Jeremy fucks Shane as Doug fucks Jeremy. Jeremy then sits on Chris cock.
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi Larue Cast: Chris Steele, Sam Crockett, Haus Weston, Kyle Kennedy, Doug Jeffries, Shane Bailey, Eric Scott, Paul Carrigan, Jeremy Tucker, Patrick Allen, Shane Rockford Story: Chris Steele stars as the hard-as- nails Park Ranger who does his best to make the forest a better place for you and me. If that includes fucking the hell out of some poor lost little twinkie boy, well then so be it. Scene One Jeremy Tucker, Doug Jeffries and Shane Bailey are camping out in the wild when a three-man circle jerk breaks out. Ranger Chris doesnt take too kindly to guys jerkin off in public, and decides to punish the guys by giving them some real action. Chris looks great (as usual), but so do Jeremy and Doug. Im not so sold on Shane, though. He reminds me a lot of a less buff version of Lance Gear. After some decent cocksucking, they head back to the saloon where things get all hot and heavy.
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Boxcover for Chip Daniels' Video Studbook 1
Chip Daniels' Video Studbook 1 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Shawn Justin, Vince Rockland, J.T. Sloan, Bo Summers, Johnny Hanson, Kyle Brandon, Logan Reed, Kevin Kramer, KC Hart, Brock Masters, Sam Crockett, Joe Romero, John Ross, Sandy Sloan, Cole Tucker, Zachary Scott, Kyle Mckenna, Chad Knight, Nick Chevalier, Chad Donaven, Alex Kincaid, Jeff Jagger
Studio: Centaur

Release date: 11/28/2000
Chip Daniels' Video Studbook 1 reviews:
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Im always a little wary of porno compilations. Theyre typically filled with crap, and if youre lucky, theres maybe one scene that floats your boat. Chip Daniels usually puts out some quality material, so I had high hopes for this one. Hot Cops Joe Romero, Jeff Jagger Joe Romero is a big butch cop working over little twinkie boy Jeff Jagger on a deserted road. Jeff must be trying to weasel his way out of a speeding ticket or something, and quickly wraps his lips around Joes big cock. Joe loses his uniform, and before you know it, hes shoving his dick up that tight little ass. Theres some great fucking there, and Joe blows a mighty load. Hot Cops 2 Shawn Justin, Kyle Branden There isnt much of a cop theme to this scene, but these two big beefy studs are more than capable of generating heat without the aid of cheesy uniforms. They both have nice thick cocks, and start out with a little 69 action before Shawn starts shoving fingers up Kyles ass.
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Boxcover for Flavor Of Men, The
Flavor Of Men, The 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Chance Caldwell, Max Grand, Kurt Stefano, Steve O'Donnell, Bryan Kidd, Sam Crockett
Studio: Oh Man

Release date: 4/24/2000
Flavor Of Men, The reviews:
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On the cover of The Flavor of Mens DVD is an extreme close up of Sam Crocketts six pack, with the tempting question, Wanna Taste? If only I could! The movie starts out with Steve ODonnell taking a shower after a short workout. Delivery boy Bryan Kidd stops by and quickly strips down and joins him. There is nothing quite like the sight of two guys making out in the shower. I dont know why we dont see this more often. Anyway, after getting each other squeaky clean in the shower, they retire up to Steves room for some more intense action. Just as Steve is planting his face in Bryans ass, Sam Crockett interrupts them. Sam is looking for his friend Kurt Stefano. Sam isnt about to walk away from these two, though, and joins them for some hot 3way oral action. Suddenly, Sam decides he wants to save his cum for Kurt, and takes off, leaving Bryan and Steve alone to finish things up.
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