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Boxcover for Best By Private 174: Spanish Teen Lolitas
Best By Private 174: Spanish Teen Lolitas 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lynn Stone, Anastasia Mayo, Denice K., Salma de Nora, Rebeca Linares, Carmen Vera, Sonia Baby, Silvia Rubi, Monica Vera, Adraina Esteve
Studio: Private

Release date: 8/23/2012
Best By Private 174: Spanish Teen Lolitas reviews:
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With the Magikview releases barely keeping the Private name alive, this dvd dips into the archives for some true Private brand material. Unfortunately the Private "best of" dvds aren't put together with much love or effort. True you get eight scenes to enjoy, but the set ups taken out of context aren't as enjoyable and cast member ID isn't up to snuff either. It would have been nice to know which movies these scenes came from for further viewing.
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Boxcover for Dog World
Dog World 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Holmes, Dora Venter, Melissa Black, Salma de Nora, Lesly Kiss, Dunia Montenegro, Remicio Zampa
Studio: Thagson

Directed by: Roberto Valtuena
Release date: 5/28/2008
Dog World reviews:
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Dog World is a great adult feature movie, not just because of the sex scenes, but also because of the non-sex work that went into the production making it worth hunting down to watch.
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Boxcover for Private Chateau 2: A Shady Past
Private Chateau 2: A Shady Past 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Francesco Malcom, Remigio Zampa, Dora Venter, Gina Blonde, Tom Cruiso, Victoria Swinger, Mya Diamond, McKenzie Lee, Salma de Nora, Grace Majors, Alvaro Armada, Andreas Moranti
Studio: Private

Directed by: Conrad Son
Release date: 8/15/2005
Private Chateau 2: A Shady Past reviews:
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Chateau II: A Shady Past by Conrad Son PRIVATE, 2005 Duration: 93 minutes Starring: Gina Blonde, Dora Venter, Victoria Swinger, Grace Majors, McKenzie Lee, Mya Diamond, Salma de Nora, Sylvia Saint (nonsex role) Gina Blonde Although Gina Blonde has looked her finest in other PRIVATE releases, she doesn't look as sexy as she did in like in the Matador series. Anyway, in this scene she's posing for the cameraman. After the shoot ends, they engage in some after-work sex. Although she does anal in this scene, it doesn't come across as being hot or nasty as her prior PRIVATE work. Perhaps, this is the case because the director's style. Victoria Swinger and Dora Venter Dora Venter is another veteran who has starred in many scenes in which she does anal and double penetrations. Joining her in this scene is another blonde by the name of Victoria Swinger. After some fellatio, the foursome turns up as Dora becomes the center of attention for the heated double penetration.
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Private Chateau Episode II: A Shady Past The second episode of the Private Chateau trilogy reveals the centuries old deep, dark secrets of the two feuding families, who use passion, adultery and depravity in order to get control of the wine business. Private brings you mystery, power, intrigue, beautiful women and hard sex. Director: Conrad Son Running time: 1:33 Aspect ratio: 16:9 anamorphic widescreen This single-disc release is the 2nd episode in the Private Chateau trilogy. I gave the 1st episode The Struggle For Power a rating of 4 stars. I hope this is a good continuation of the 1st episode and that it makes me interested to view the finale of the trilogy. However, based on first glance, I note that this episode has 6 sex scenes compared to 8 in the 1st episode and secondly, this release is not a 2-disc affair, which means there is a lack of extras. Dora Venter, Mya Diamond and Victoria Swinger reprise their roles from the 1st episode and there are some new faces including Gina Blonde being the most notable.
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Boxcover for Live and Loaded in Switzerland
Live and Loaded in Switzerland 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Renee Pornero, Audrey Hollander, Angelique Morreau, Nikki Rider, Salma de Nora
Studio: Mach 2 Entertainment

Directed by: Otto Bauer
Release date: 8/11/2005
Live and Loaded in Switzerland reviews:
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It would appear that Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer and friends went on a barnstorming tour of Swiss sex clubs. Travelling like rockstars and putting on shows in front of live audiences. Sounds pretty cool. The other women include Renee Pornero, Nikki Rider, Salma De Nora, Livia Choice and Angelique Morreau. Renee is the only one I could pick out of a lineup and Nikki is the only other one I've ever heard of. It's a novel approach for a porn video and could generate some interesting performances. The video opens on the arrival of the sex stars to Switzerland and the bus ride to their hotel. Quick MTV cuts with musical accompaniment. The first staged appearance has Audrey playing with a dildo on a couch and some lesbian play by two of her crew on an adjacent bed. She crawls across the floor to a caged Renee Pornero. Audrey gets her ass and pussy played with through the bars. She and Renee are both wearing long, black latex gloves and takes four fingers easily in her pussy.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 71: Hot Assphalt
Private Gold 71: Hot Assphalt 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Janis, Danny Boy, Jessica Fiorentino, Silvia Lancome, Nikki Montana, Anastasia Mayo, Antonio Ross, Salma de Nora, Carmen Vera, Letizia Bruni, Carlos Doria
Studio: Private

Directed by: Conrad Son
Release date: 8/5/2005
Private Gold 71: Hot Assphalt reviews:
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Private Gold 71 (Hot Assphalt) Studio: Private Director: Conrad Son Year: 2005 Feature Time: 1:47:36 Extras: Behind the Scenes and Trailers (0:24:11) Starring: Silvia Lancome Anastasia Mayo Carmen Jessica Fiorentino Letizia Bruni Nikki Montana Salma De Nora Themes: Feature, European Private certainly is a prolific studio; this marks the seventy-first installment of the "Private Gold" series and it's still going strong. This is the first one from the series I have seen but like most Private movies it is a comparatively high-budget feature with some kind of story line and extremely good-looking females. "Hot Assphalt" is an auto-racing themed flick. The main protagonist is a guy named "Marc" (Conrad Son) who owns his own auto shop and garage and races cars. We get this information in the form of a voice-over during the opening credits. The first scene starts abruptly with another guy "Daniel" (Antonio Ross) and a blonde girl, "Carla" (Nikki Montana.) They argue about buying a new couch while the dude reads an auto magazine.
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Boxcover for Teen Factor
Teen Factor 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anastasia, Claudia Claire, Bibian Norani, Lisa Lee, Salma de Nora, Dragana Presley
Studio: Damaged Productions

Release date: 7/30/2005
Teen Factor reviews:
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Teen Factor is another throw-away from Damaged Productions in Europe. Why do they even bother packaging this trash? Maybe it sells over there, but I doubt it will ever catch on in the U.S., where viewers tend to be very selective and expect a good product for their dollars. Where to startokay, only one of the six girls is even remotely close to being a teenager. The star (and I use that term loosely) is Bibian Norai, a blonde who might be old enough to have teens of her own. I cant tell you which girl is the youngest because, like most of Damageds products, there is no (zero, nada) attempt at identifying the performers. No director is credited, although I cant blame the person responsible for this mess for seeking anonymity. As usual with cheap Euro junk (as opposed to the classy films of companies like Private), the voice-overs are in pretty good English, but the dubbing of the performers voices reminds one of a typical conversation at Ellis Island. To their credit, the girls (whoever they are) avoid perpetually staring at the camera, another Euro tradition I hate.
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Boxcover for European Teen Dream
European Teen Dream 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anastasia, Silvia Lancome, Claudia Claire, Lisa Lee, Salma de Nora, Dragana Presley
Studio: Damaged Productions

Release date: 6/22/2005
European Teen Dream reviews:
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European Teen Dream may be what the French, Germans, and Slavs enjoy in porn, but it doesnt fly well on this side of the Pond. If this was all porn has to offer, the industry would die a fast death. Combine average (by Euro standards) girls performing barely warm sex with a poorly-dubbed voice-over soundtrack and you get this abomination. Throw in poor camerawork (often out of focus or too close to the performers) and you can just about discount it completely. The scenes take place (in order): in a field next to a grave (on a cement wall that looks terribly uncomfortable); on a couch (with two girls doing their soccer-watching boyfriends); on a porch (with a hubby/wife team seducing their maid); in an art gallery; and on the outdoor set of a TV or radio talk show (where one girls does two guys). No performer ids are offered, so a cast/scene breakdown is impossible. The box cover lists Silvia Lancome, Lucy Lee, Anastasia, Dragana Presley, Claudia Claire, and Salma de Nora as the actresses, but I couldnt tell you who is who.
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Boxcover for New Girls 3 (Platinum X Pictures)
New Girls 3 (Platinum X Pictures) 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Robert Rosenberg, Max Cortes, Duda, Toni Ribas, Emy, Salma de Nora, Jose Santana, Rebeca Linares, Luoy Mai, Olina
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Toni Ribas
Release date: 4/23/2005
New Girls 3 (Platinum X Pictures) reviews:
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New Girls 3 Studio: Platinum X Pictures Category: Foreign Director: Toni Ribas Starring: Duda, Emy, Jose Santana, Luoy Mai, Max Cortes, Olina, Rebeca Linares, Robert Rosenberg, Salma de Nora, Toni Ribas Synopsis Hoping to find new talent in the L'erotisme show in Belgium, Tony get together a cast of new if not young wannabe starlets, will see and you decide.......... Scene 1 Emy Emy is certainly a new girl, business wise, I mean, she goes down on Tony, so I can check how kind of body she has, then another dick comes to town to I guess show her oral abilities, that are as you can expect from a new girl not that impressive, they got to fuck her every position, which includes CGA, RCA, DP in both RC and CG with ATM, first pop in her mouth, which she swallows, then second one everywhere around her mouth, very mild scene. Scene 2- Olina Olina is again new in the Biz, but way far from the youngest, which takes out the appeal of the title, she does BJ,CG, open her ass for a ride, with PTA exchanges, RCA, with big gapes, spoon, she has very nice vaginal lips, they got a toy to h
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New Girls 3 Studio: Platinum X Pictures Director: Toni Ribas Year: 2005 Feature Time: 2:18:22 Extras: Bonus Scene and Trailers (0:29:58) Starring: Luoy Mai (Cover Girl) Salma De Nora Emy Olina Rebeca Linares Duda Maria Themes: New Girls, European According to the back cover, this volume of "New Girls" consists of chicks that Toni Ribas picked up at the Erotic Show in Brussels. They're all unknown to me, but hopefully some of these new ladies will turn out to be future porn superstars. We get a little intro of Toni showing the sights of Brussels and a sign for the "L'Erotisme" show that he gets these random girls from. Scene 1: Emy and Toni Ribas + another guy Emy is an o.k. looking French girl with some insane dark eye makeup. Usually it takes some severe throat fucking to get the raccoon eyes look, but apparently it's what Emy was going for from the get-go.
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