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Boxcover for Missing Link, The
Missing Link, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Katt, Blake Harper, Carlo Morales, Nino Bacci, Jeremy Tucker, Steve Cassidy, Marcus Iron, Lance Gear, Mark Reed, Troy Banner, Brandon James, Brad McGuire, Adam Hart, Chad Hunt, Erik Martins, Jackson Price, Mike Radcliffe, Adam Wolfe, Ryder, Mitch, Evan Taylor, Alex Burbon, Logan Krewe, Jay Ross, Black, Jay, Tigger
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 5/29/2002
Missing Link, The reviews:
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Clocking in an 3 1/2 hours, this movie will leave your dick drained and spent. Yes, I blew multiple loads while viewing this movie. :D This All Worlds flick directed by Chi Chi LaRue is at his/her flithy best. At an astounding 9 scenes, there's going to be at least one scene that will take you over the edge again, and again, and again. Raunchy and flithy sex at it's best is the only way to describe this film because any other kind of words I could use to describe this movie would not do it justice! It's that good. All the performances were excellent but if I have to narrow it down the top 3 performers in this movie are Steve Cassidy, Carlos Morales, and Lance Gear. Trust me it was damn near impossible to narrow it down to just those.
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Boxcover for Fire Island Cruising
Fire Island Cruising 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Lucas, Enrico Vega, Chad Hunt, Ryder, Mitch
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 4/22/2002
Fire Island Cruising reviews:
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Since the vast majority of our porn comes from the West Coast, Michael Lucas does us a service in showing the country that people have sex on the East Coast as well. Fire Island is the Mecca of the region so it is appropriate that he has released a series of FIRE ISLAND CUISING videos and DVDs. F.I.C. #1 begins with Michael and Kyle Krystoff getting ready to set sail for the island when Phillipe Siren, a friend of Kyles, joins them. As the boat gets underway, Kyle and Phillipe get underway, too. Michael stops the boat and goes below to give them some privacy. Kyle is a good-looking blond; Phillipe is a swarthy guy with a big tattoo on his back and a nice Prince Albert in his cock. There is only oral action on board and no semen at sea. They continue the action in their room on the island. Surprisingly it remains only oral. Kyle, who doesnt cum at all, jacks off Phillipe. Despiteor becauseof the PA he shoots a far-flung load. Meanwhile Michael has begun cruising and meets up with Chad Hunt who invites him to a party later that afternoon.
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Boxcover for Boys on Fire: Fire Island Cruising 2
Boys on Fire: Fire Island Cruising 2 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Michael Lucas, Richie Fine, Chad Hunt, Ryder, Mitch
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 1/31/2002
Boys on Fire: Fire Island Cruising 2 reviews:
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This is Richie Fines film from beginning to endand what an end! This James Dean look-alike began his career in the twink videos of Junior Studios where with his big dick he was always top man. Graduating from Junior twink to Senior twink, Richie expands both his repertoire and his anus with his appearance here. The film begins with Riche and his friend Chris Bolt sunning themselves on the beach when Michael Lucas jogs by. Richie is all excited at seeing a porn star and makes it his goal to make it with Lucas. Chris on the other hand wants the biggest dick on Fire Island. Chris, who looks like the star high school athlete, is one of porndoms finest examples of the gay All-American boy. The boys notice Mitch Ryder and Aaron Tanner watching them. Are they cruising us? They decide to join the oglers and we have our first sex scene. Mitch is a cute young bear; Aaron is a bleached-blond. Mitch fucks Chris while Richie fucks Aaron.
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Michael Lucas has become one of my favorite directors. His movies seem to be all well written and directed and always feature a great cast with hot, steamy sex scenes. Boys on Fire:Fire Island Cruising 2 is no exception. Michael has recently been appearing more in front of the camera and hes a great performer as well. Richie Fine, a real cutie but acts real strange in this flick-more later, and Chris Bolt are sitting on the beach when Michael Lucas runs by. Richie comments how hot he is and then confides to Chris hed love to screw around with him. Chris on the other hand says he wants to get fucked by the biggest dick on Fire Island, and thus the story is set. As they sit there they notice two guys, Mitch Ryder and Aaron Tanner, checking them out so they go over. Well the next thing you know the four of them are sucking and fucking like theres no tomorrow! Richie pound away on Aarons ass while Mitch does the same to Chris.
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