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Boxcover for Men In Blue
Men In Blue 
(1.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Ron Jeremy, Gino Colbert, Paul Morgan, Rod Garetto, Brent Cross, Ryan Block, Blue Blake, Rich Raines, Michael Crawford, Cutter West, Scott Lyons, Juan Antonio, Zachery Scott, Andreas Bergane
Studio: Gino Pictures

Directed by: Gino Colbert
Release date: 3/14/2005
Men In Blue reviews:
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Men in Blue is an older movie staring the then 90s porn star Blue Blake. This movie is what porn was like in the late 90s and is pretty basic when it comes to a simple story, with lots of sex, but honestly isnt that what you want? The first scene we have Blue going up two Paul Morgan and Gino Colbert and forces Gino to suck Pauls cock. Though Gino resist, he eventually succumbs to Blues force and does a nice job. This scene sets up the fact that Blue is a bad, drinking, drug taking cop on the wrong side of the law. Next we start to get more into the story, Blue is being questioned about his partners Death, a suicide, by Famous straight Porn star Ron Jeremy. This gives way to a flashback of how Blue, drugged and raped his last partner, Brent Cross. It was pretty hot if youre into the rape thing. Brent does a great job of just laying there while Blue does what he pleases. After being raped, he kills himself when he realizes what has happened. We go back to the question of Blue by Ron and find out that Blue once ran into two Gay cops.
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MEN IN BLUE is a 1998 film that has now been transferred to DVD. It stars and was written by Blue Blake. It was directed by Gino Colbert. Despite the rave reviews filling the cover, this is one of those videos that should have been left to die in oblivion. Officer Blue Blakea Los Angeles policeman despite his cockney accentsits in his patrol car guzzling whisky. Spying Paul Morgan and Gino Colbert in a parked car, Blue goes over and calls them faggots. He plants incriminating evidence in the car andat gunpointforces Gino to suck Pauls cock and let Paul cum in his mouth. This was just the teaser. We now watch the credits. After the credits we find Blue sitting in an interrogation room being interrogated by internal affairs officer Ron Jeremy. Fat and homely, Ron is a legend in straight pornwhich only goes to show we homos have it better than the heteros. Rona good actor, I must admitquestions Blue about the suicide of his young partner, Brent Cross. In a flashback we get the story Blue doesnt tell. Brent arrives at Blues apartment to pick him up for duty.
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Boxcover for Color Me Bad
Color Me Bad 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Dennis Lincoln, Dominique, Ryan Block, Ricky Parker, Rolf, Duke Johnson, Cougar Cash
Studio: VCA

Release date: 1/30/2003
Color Me Bad reviews:
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Cast: Ryan Block, Cougar Cash, Dominique, Duke Johnson, Dennis Lincoln, Ricky Parker, Deven Rexman, Rolf, Jeremy Strong, Ty Thomas and Dex Westin. Director: William Careley Writer: Edward James Production date: The exemption statement indicates the movie was made before July 3, 1995. This appears to be an older movie, but more recent than the pre-condom era. The VCA copyright is 2002. Length: 82 min. Extras: Five trailers, catalog information on four additional titles, and a slide show with 20 photos. Audio/visual quality: The camerawork and editing are adequate, but not always as satisfying as they might be. There are no explicit initial penetration shots; we do get some nice facial expressions, however. Very minor problems with lighting, shadows and soft focus occur in a couple of scenes. The music is unremarkable, usually sitting so far in the background that it's barely audible. A bit of dubbing is obvious in a few places. Faint background noises are present (including at least one direction).
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This is a DVD release of an earlier VHS film from HIS Studios. I missed it then, so Im glad to catch it now. It contains a good mix of interracial dudes who are hot and like sex. Its a clichéd opening with a big black stud wearing only a posing strap that we know is going to eventually take out a big dick and stroke it to climax. But long before he will shoot, we segue right into our first scene. Two guysone of whom is Ryan Blockare moving into a new pad. Ryan is a big muscular beige-skinned hunk; his roomie is dark brown. Ryan goes down on his pal, and goes absolutely ape when the guy sucks on his nipples. Finally Ryan gets what he wanted all along, his buddys hot butt. Our black stud is now out and wanking as we move onto another of the clichés for introducing scenes. Cougar Cash, Dennis Lincoln and a black guy who is unknown to me are in a pool hall. A guy enters and the unknown goes off to play a game of pool with him as Cougar and Dennis gossip and introduce the next scene. Two escaping consone white and one blackhave taken refuge in a barn.
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Boxcover for Brother's Desire, A
Brother's Desire, A 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vince Rockland, Ryan Block, Dallas Taylor, Wolff, Chris Yeager, Eric Stone, Peter Bishop, Johnny Ringo
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gino Colbert
Release date: 12/24/2002
Brother's Desire, A reviews:
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It was a clever notion to make a gay version of A Streetcar Named Desire. But thats as far as it got here. This is the DVD release of an earlier HIS Video. I dont know why they put it on DVD. Well, actually, I do know. It was to make a buck. Now, as I said a gay version of Streetcar could have been a real hoot. But this one is just Ho-Hum. And the performances, well, to call the acting atrocious, is to compliment it. We begin with Blanche (or rather Blaine) arriving to visit his brother and his lover Stan. Blaine as played by Chris Yeager should more appropriately have been named Bland as this guy has all the verve and personality of a parking meter. This is just one of the many flaws in this misfire, but its an important one. Blanche is fascinating, she is a slut, shes got spunk and nervous energy. Yeagers Blaine is uninteresting, passionless, lazy, indifferent, and the only spunk he has pops out of his dick. Peter Bishop as his brother is perfect casting. (Not for the role but for being Yeagers brother. Yawn.) and Vince Rockland is Stan. Now I was something of a fan of Vince.
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