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Boxcover for Anabolic Cum Shots 8
Anabolic Cum Shots 8 
(4.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Billy Glide, Bobby Vitale, Vince Voyeur, Dave Hardman, Mark Davis, Eric Price, Jade, Tyce Bune, Pat Myne, Eva, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Dominica, Jon Dough, Misty, Alexia, Isabelle, Mara, Sandra, Diamond, Erik Everhard, Joel Lawrence, Amanda, Lolo, Justine Romee, Alana Evans, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Lucie, Aurora Snow, Joey Ray, Elizabeth Swiss, Molly Rome, Kristina Black, Pascal St. James, Kami, Giana, Blond Panni, Topanga, Sharon Wild, Judith Key, Rubin, Angelica Bright, Anita Paris, Chris Mountain, Rachelle Devore, Kinky, Chris Evans, Sunrise Adams, Brandi Lyons, Nikki Montana, Esmeralda, Sandra Romain, Mario Rossi, Miles Malone, Envy Mi, Sabina Black, Jean-Pierre Armand, Kristina Blond, J. Crew, Suzie Sweet, Stefania Guerritore, Kalama
Studio: Anabolic

Release date: 8/14/2003
Anabolic Cum Shots 8 reviews:
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Can oral cumshots aid in conception? You bet! When I first started watching cumshot videos, I thought they were so disgusting! But now I cant imagine watching a guy climax any other way. As I may have said before, watching a girl catch her mans cum on her ass, tits or face is just plain stupid -- and even a bit degrading. After all, ladies, how many of you have actually caught your mans cum that way, really!? (not I!) I may also have mentioned that I like to loan my videos to my girlfriends. And, believe it or not, cumshot compilation videos (like this one) are actually some of my most popular. I think my gal pals know that nothing will get their boyfriends dicks hard more quickly, which is especially helpful if you dont have all night (or all day).
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Fucking, sucking and swallowing! But mainly swallowing! I love watching cumshot compilation videos, and for good reason. After all, what could be more loving than to witness dozens of gorgeous babes catching and swallowing their mans delicious seed? And if we get to enjoy their last bit of sucking and fucking before hand as we do in this movie then that would be even better! Cumshot videos also work well for me because nothing gets my pencil stiffer, faster! And this issue in Anabolics Cumshots series is fantastic! The girls are cute, and the cum swallowing is both wholesome and complete. I could only watch a few scenes at a time, in fact, before wham! and Id have to move on. It took me literally weeks to completely watch this entire video the cumshots were so good! My last reason for loving cumshot videos is purely aspirational. I guess Id like to believe that all girls will someday perform this most loving of acts for their men.
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Boxcover for Hardcore Innocence 3
Hardcore Innocence 3 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Maria, Anastasia, Niki Blond, Amanda, Dina Pearl, Monic, Rubin, Maria Ricci, Donatella
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Toni Ribas
Release date: 1/8/2003
Hardcore Innocence 3 reviews:
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Hardcore Innocence 3 Directed by Toni Ribas Elegant Angel DVD Released late 2001 DVD released early 2003 Cast : Maria Belucci, Nikki Blonde, Anastasia (aka Tunder), Rubin (aka Gabriella), Amanda Twice, Veronica B./Carso (aka Sophie Angel), Pinty Oke (aka ?), Dina Pearl (aka Andrea Csepke), Maria Ricci (aka Blue Eyes, Sylvia Karat), Monic (aka Francesca), Nacho Vidal, Alberto Rey, Franco Teo Roccaforte, Toni Ribas *Note : I was selected to visit Elegant Angel, and spent several days in December 2002 at their facility in Chatsworth, California. The next month I was able to have several private conversations with Toni Ribas at the AAE in Las Vegas. So take the following with as many grains of salt as seem appropriate.* Hardcore Innocence 3 at last makes its long-delayed debut on DVD, and harkens back to an earlier time, in 2000 and 2001, when Toni Ribas and his friend and fellow-Spaniard Nacho Vidal made their movies side by side.
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Boxcover for Debauchery 13
Debauchery 13 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David Perry, Eve, Vanessa, Steve Holmes, Saskia, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Pascal St. James, Ian Scott, Rubin, Corina, Julia Crow
Studio: Diabolic

Directed by: Jean-Yves Le Castel
Release date: 8/27/2002
Debauchery 13 reviews:
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Expectations I go hot and cold with AnaDiaBolic. I am interested to see how this series has progressed since the last one I saw was #4. Capsule Review I had forgotten just how obnoxious a Le Castel film could be. For those of you who love prolonged gaping, ignore everything I've written here and run, don't walk, to your nearest store to buy this thing. For the rest of us, there is little of interest here except for a chance to do a colonoscopy without the scope. Technical Anabolic puts out solid, albeit spartan releases. The audio, video and mastering are all adequate. Director Jean Yves Le Castel Extras Cum shot recap, photo gallery, trailers Target Audience Raincoaters, hardcore anal fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Eve Eve is an eastern European blonde. She looks hardened and muscular. She is not overly feminine. She has streaked blonde hair and sports a white bra and panties, nothing special. The scene opens with her in the presence of two non-descript men. She immediately begins to suck and rim them. There is no dialogue.
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Boxcover for Killer Pussy 5
Killer Pussy 5 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Gabriella, Frank, Monica, Nacho Vidal, Mary, Stella, Brandy, Inga, Rubin, Mallory, Franco, Bloudy
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nacho Vidal
Release date: 12/24/2001
Killer Pussy 5 reviews:
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Killer Pussy 5 Directed by Nacho Vidal Released 12/15/00 DVD early 2002 Cast : Betty, Mallory, Gabriella (aka Rubin), Mary Blonde, Inga, Magdalena (aka Magdi), unknown actress, Franco Roccaforte (aka Teo), Tony Ribas, Nacho Vidal As I mentioned in my review of Killer Pussy 4, this movie and that one are the sister movies to Hardcore Innocence 1 & 2, directed by Nachos pal and fellow Spaniard Tony Ribas. Killer Pussy 5 begins a new tradition for the series. Previous editions focused on Nacho as a sort of lone gunman having encounters with Euro girls. With this installment, the theme changed ever so slightly. From here on, Nacho would get together with some friends (typically Ribas, Franco Roccaforte (known as Teo to his buddies), and Nachos cousin Tarz(z)an, who is absent this go round) and invade a Prague or Budapest house full of willing and waiting young women. The guys then go from room to room, sometimes splitting up and always acting silly, until all the girls are well fucked and the guys are well satisfied.
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  CAPSULE'S REVIEW Killer Pussy 5 by Nacho Vidal (81 min.) Featuring: Stella, Ina, Gabriella, Monica, Magdalena, and two unknowns Synopsis: It's the fifth installment of Nacho's series!   Overall: The sex and women are good in some scenes like scene three, but no so good as in scene one. Because of this inconsistency, it cannot hold its own against Killer Pussy 4. Furthermore, Nacho Vidal and his buddies' antics are very very annoying in this volume! DVD Quality: The DVD quality is good. Extras: It's the standard set of extras included in all Digital Sin DVDs. Also included is a set of thirty-two pictures.  Likes: Bibi Blue, an ex-Private lady, delivers a good performance.
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Boxcover for Sexx the Hard Way
Sexx the Hard Way 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mia, Maria, Claudia, Veronica, Monica, Amanda, Rubin
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nacho Vidal
Release date: 11/27/2001
Sexx the Hard Way reviews:
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Sexx the Hard Way Directed by Nacho Vidal Digital Sin DVD Released early 2001, DVD released late 2001 Cast : Monica Moore, Maria Ricci (aka Blue Eyes, Sylvia Karat), Veronica B./Casro (aka Sophie Angel), Amanda Twice, Claudia (aka Sylvia), Rubin (aka Gabriella), Mia Stone, Alberto Rey, Ramon Nomar, Nacho Vidal (non-sex) Nacho works a lot, and I do mean a lot. A man can only cum so many times in one day, or on one set, and thus was created the Sexx the Hard Way series, as a repository for the scenes that Nacho shoots as a cameraman, but in which he does not participate beyond poking, prodding, and chatting up the girls. This first edition was made at the House of Ass in Budapest about the same time as Nachos Killer Pussy 6, and features some girls who also appear there or in other Killer Pussy volumes. All of the actresses are indentified on the front cover, though several tattoos have been airbrushed out. One more point must be noted. The word hard in the title does not denote ultra hardcore or anything similar.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 47: Bitches
Private Gold 47: Bitches 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Carla, Kristina, Gabriella, Sandra, Christina, Erika, Betty, Roxanne, Marushka, Judith Key, Rubin, Sunny Blue, Asian Shan, Kelly white, Erika Horny, Judit Sheumo, Rita Black, Sandra Iron
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Release date: 8/31/2001
Private Gold 47: Bitches reviews:
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'Lots of Sex, Not as Much Heat Scene 1 Kristina, Roxanne & 3 Guys: Two Guys Walk into the Backyard of a Huge House, Escorting Roxanne & Kristina to Meet their Boss. Roxanne is a Buff Brunette wearing a Tight Silver Mini Skirt & High Heels with Spaghetti Straps. Kristina is a Blonde with a A+ Body, Wearing a White Mini Skirt & White High Heels. Kristina goes with the Boss & Roxanne Goes back in the House with the Two Guys. They Walk up to the front Doorway before Stopping & Fooling around. She Sucks Both of their Cocks. It switches to Kristina giving The Boss a very Good Strip Tease. Kristina Crawls over to Him & Gives Him a Okay Blowjob while he's Sitting Down. It Switches Back to Roxanne Sucking the Two Guys Cock's in the Doorway. Roxanne Fucks Doggystyle with Both Guys while Sucking a Cock at all Times. Really Hot. It switches Back to Kristina Riding The Boss Reverse Cowgirl while he's in a Chair. Kristina is Gorgeous & really goes After it in this. She then Fucks Doggystyle & Side Saddle while Roxanne Sucks a Guys Cock & Takes it in the ass Doggystyle.
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Title: Bitches #1 Studio: Private Feature Length: 160 min. Production Year: 2001 Cast: Sunny Blue, Gaby Marceau, Joachim, Alain Deloin, Erika, Ian Scott, Marushka, Asian Shan, Bob Terminator, James Brossman, Chris Mountain, Alberto Rey, Gabriella Tchekan, JPX, Judith Sheumo, Gabriella, Sandra, Betty, Carla, Kristina, Rita, Timea, John M. Kern, David Perry, Coreena, Director: Pierre Woodman Review: Scene 1: Trial of the New Bitches After Sunny Blues arrival at the airport, she meets her friends (Gaby Marceau and her boyfriend), and they go home. We are suddenly taken to another location its a huge villa (probably located in Spain) where a guy talks on the phone with his business partners. He runs a business of providing his clients with first- class prostitutes. Obviously, his partners are late on delivery. A minute later his two guys bring him a blonde (Christine) and a brunette (Roxanne). The boss wants to try the girls before putting them to work. He chooses the blonde one and takes her down to the pool to check her out.
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Boxcover for 2 on 1 8 (Diabolic)
2 on 1 8 (Diabolic) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vince Voyeur, Nick, Sandra, Erik Everhard, Lola, Mario, Anita Black, Alena, Orsi Shine, Red Julia, Sylvia Sun, Rubin, Betty Love
Studio: Diabolic

Directed by: Vince Vouyer
Release date: 5/23/2001
2 on 1 8 (Diabolic) reviews:
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Directed by Vince Vouyer Released 9/24/00 Cast : Lola, Alina, Rubin, Anita Black, Red Julia, Sandra, Berry Love, Sylvia (aka Synthia), Orsi (aka Orsi Shine), Erik Everhard, Mario, Nick, Vince Voyeur As the title suggests, this series involves every scene including three performers. I have read that at first Vouyer (sic) always had two guys with one girl, but due to fan demand, started mixing two girls with one guy scenes into the mix. I think this one achieves a good balance in that regard. It was shot in Europe, and the set budget rivals that seen in most Zane productions,though the famous ugly couches are replaced by leather furniture. The movie opens with Red Julia and Sandra introducing themselves. Both Hungarians have pretty blue eyes. Sandra is one of many current actresses with that name, this one is the slightly plain, pale skinned, black haired one, with the huge natural breasts. She can also be seen in The Voyeur 19 (don't tell Vince, but this is how "Voyeur" is spelled), in a good scene with Blonde Panni/Penni.
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