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Boxcover for Hard as a Rock Band
Hard as a Rock Band 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David, Michael, Ross, Roman, Brock, Stefan, Jiri, Vaclav, Jacob, Ludek, Marlan
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Release date: 2/23/2006
Hard as a Rock Band reviews:
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Its hard to believe that with the boy band craze over, a video comes out featuring a group of young men in a band, but here it is, and its a nice change from what has been put out before. The story behind this video in its five scenes is the fun and sex that goes on with the band members and their groupies. Unlike other videos of this nature, dont look for twinks with wild hair, body piercings or inked up because (thankfully) you wont find any of that here. Instead we get good looking jock type bodies with no piercings and little ink with several neck chains. The video apparently takes place in Europe and so the producers provide us with background music instead of the guys voices. The video opens with Brock, Stefan, and David boarding a van and headed for a show. Once on the road, these three start playing with each other, kissing and rubbing on one another. Brock and Stefan get to undressing David. While all three are hot, there is always one band member who stands out as the hottie and in this case its David. Brock is first to start licking on Davids chest.
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Boxcover for Can You Be a Pornstar? 5 & 6
Can You Be a Pornstar? 5 & 6 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Henri Pachard, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Tabitha Stevens, Bree, Teri Weigel, Brooke, Cloe, Roman, Isabella Camille, Jassie, Mary Carey, Sabrina Snow, Kris Slater, Brianna Blaze, Betty Sue, Autumn Austin, Corina Taylor, Jack Lawrence, Mario Rossi, Billy Tyler, Dr. Ava Cadell
Studio: Hustler

Release date: 1/2/2005
Can You Be a Pornstar? 5 & 6 reviews:
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I wrote a review for this but it doesnt seem to have gone thru, so here is another...which is more detailed anyway. Taking the concept from Reality Tv and transfering it to the world of porn sounds like a good idea on paper...and in theory it should make for some crazy entertainment right? Wrong..especially if the company involved is Hustler. Oh how the mighty have fallen over the years. This is 2 programs on one disc. Both run about 80 minutes each. The first was unacceptable as the sex doesnt happen until the 52 minute mark! The sex begins about 10 minutes into the second program. The sex is lame and snore inducing..not even worth detail. This is supposedly about putting the starlets thru their sexual paces having them do games, as well as fuck and suck in order for them to win a talent contract and $100,000.
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Boxcover for Kazaks
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Roman
Studio: YMAC

Release date: 7/6/2002
Kazaks reviews:
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Tired of the same ol cocks and the same ol faces? If so, this DVD might be for you. YMAC International has gone to Russia amidst a group known as the Kazaks. They wear baggy trousers and Santa Claus hats, but they are among the most beautiful men on earth. The film opens with a young twink on horseback riding into the encampment. His fellow Kazaks are amusing themselves by whipping a naked young man they have bound to a table. Our rider is only momentarily distracted as he is carrying a message for the chieftain. Unfortunately the chieftain is in the midst of buggering a blond lady. He stops what he is doing, waves the lady away, reads the letter, and then decides to finish getting his rocks off by buggering the messenger. The buggering is faked, but the chieftain is such a gorgeous masculine twenty-something hunk--just bulging with natural muscles-- that I was quite content just to stare at him and not complain that the messenger wasnt really being penetrated. (The messenger should have been the one complaining.) Cut to: A young man with a shaved head examining a horses cock.
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Boxcover for First Time 5 (Dolphin)
First Time 5 (Dolphin) 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew, Roman, Artem, Ilia, Yuris, Artems, Yanis, Edmond, Temas, Konstantin
Studio: Dolphin

Directed by: Alex Clark
Release date: 7/10/2000
First Time 5 (Dolphin) reviews:
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Anyone who has watched a lot of porn, knows what is it like when you accidentally pick up a movie that really rubs you the wrong way. You know what I mean the kind that makes you want to swear off porn forever? This, my friends, is exactly that movie. An hour and 40 minutes of the most god-awful porn I have ever seen. First off, the boys in this flick are just down right unattractive. I believe most of them are from Russia. They seem to range from age 18 to 20, but are all, for the most part, boney, scrawny, pimply, and in desperate need of a tan. There is 1 cute guy that I found in this movie, and Dolphin International was wise enough to put him on the cover of the DVD. The first scene is a mess. One of the stars of this scene has some small red bumps on his lips that look kind of like herpes. There is no way I would let this boy near my cock! As with the entire film, the sex is very generic.
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