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Boxcover for Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Hans Ebson, Robert Kirk, Chad Hunt, Danny Chance, Michaelangelo, Risi, Matt Summers, Marco Paris, Brett Collins, Rick Hollander Quartet, Victor Rios
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Release date: 9/16/2002
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams reviews:
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High school student Matt Summers loves to suck dick; and, knowing the janitor Chad Hunt has the biggest one around, arranges to meet Chad in the Mens Room. When Matt arrives, Chad is already naked and waiting. Now even soft Chad has a bigand I mean BIGcock. Getting down on his knees, Matt starts on just the head and then goes farther and farther down untilMY GOD, HES DEEP-THROATED THE WHOLE THING! I hadnt seen anything like that since watching Cleo, my pet Boa Constrictor, swallow a rat. Chad grabs Matts head and makes him continue to swallow it all. When Chad asks to see Matts butt, he drops his pants to reveal a cute hairy bum that just begs to be fucked. Chad rubs his huge cock on the butt, but doesnt do more because this is a lesson in fellatio. So, Matt returns to deep-throating the monster. This time he sits on the toilet seat and Chad stands to face-fuck him all the way to the pubes. I swear you can see Chads enormous cock moving in Matts throat! Matts own huge cock is stiffly plastered to his stomach through it all. Finally, Chad can hold off no longer and cums.
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Boxcover for Back Row, The
Back Row, The 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tanner Reeves, Thomas Bond, Mark Slade, Ethan Richards, Kyle Kennedy, Robert Kirk, Chad Hunt, Danny Lopez, Dante Fox, Ryan Zane
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 5/29/2002
Back Row, The reviews:
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If you want to see how gay porn has changed in the last 30 years pick up a copy of THE BACK ROW that contains Jerry Douglas original of 1972 and Chi Chi LaRues of 2002. Its not just that one is bareback the other uses condoms, the whole focus has changed. Douglas was making a story film with sex; LaRue was making a sex film with a story. The plot of both is as follows: A gay man wanders into one of the numerous porn theatres in NYC. Behind him a man and a sailor have sex. Afterward the civilian offers the gay man a popper; he refuses and leaves the theatre. Entering the Port Authority Bus Terminal, he spies a handsome young cowboy just in from Montana. They exchanged hot glances and the cowboy follows the man onto the subway to the Christopher Street/Sheridan Square stop. Our hero is stringing the cowboy along like an expert fisherman who has hooked a big one and is enjoying the contest. He goes into a porn emporium and examines some of the things on display. When he picks up a penis pump, the cowboy imagines him naked and using it.
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Boxcover for Lap It Up
Lap It Up 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mike Vespa, Steve Pierce, Josh Evers, Michael Vista, Hank Hightower, Mason Flynt, Robert Kirk, Marcus Day
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blade Thompson
Release date: 7/28/2001
Lap It Up reviews:
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Lap It Up Directed by Blade Thompson Starring Mason Flynt, Hank Hightower, Steve Pierce, Michael Vista, Mike Vespa, Rob Kirk, Josh Evers, Marcus Day, Blade Thompson. 1 hour, 20 minutes Music by Sharon Kane Blade Thompson steps out in front of the camera as well as behind to deliver, and introduce us to eight men who love to Lap It Up, the IT of course being that seminal fluid commonly called cum. Before anyone goes off their nut about swallowing in this day and age, relax: these guys starvingly swallow their own sweet nectar. Thats the concept for four scenes, not to mention a nicely photographed wraparound sequence starring Thompson, who also laps it up. Fans with a foot fetish will adore Blades initial appearance as his right foot is proudly spread out in front of him as he reclines in an immense chair sporting his white terry-sloth robe.
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Boxcover for Seven Deadly Sins, The: Lust (All Worlds)
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Lust (All Worlds) 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Logan Reed, Blake Harper, Michael Brandon, Jason Branch, Ethan Richards, Robert Kirk, Nick Young, Acosta, Tony
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Michael Zen
Release date: 6/12/2001
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Lust (All Worlds) reviews:
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I love Blake Harper. I think he is just the hottest thing ever. So, when I saw that he did a Michael Zen movie, who I've had very positive experiences with when I had viewed straight porn, I jumped on this movie, even though it was a very expensive DVD. Do I think it was worth the price? For the movie, yes, but for the DVD... The Movie: Okay, Lust is actually a pretty decent movie. The sex and story blend together for the most part, and the acting is actually pretty good all around. Plus, it has Blake Harper (okay, the drooling will stop now). The sex is on and off. The first sex scene in the film, between the main character's friend and his gardener is actually really hot, although I would suggest putting it on mute, because the gardner's attempt at dirty talk is... laughable at best. Lame ad-libing aside, the scene is smoking, especially since the best friend just pounds this guy in to the ground.
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Director: Michael Zen Cast: Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Michael Brandon, Tony Acosta, Logan Reed, Ethan Richards, Rob Kirk, Nick Young Story: Blake Harper falls head over heals in lust with a painting of Jason Branch. Scene One Blakes boyfriend has had it with Blakes obsession with the painting, and gives him a phone-call-brush off. Blakes ex wastes no time moving on, and gets busy with his Latino gardener. Sure, the Latinos good looking, but hes damaged goods. (Hes got what looks like a few large bruises on his lower body maybe theyre birthmarks?) Anyway, today is his lucky day, cause Blakes ex is HUGE This is some serious meat people. Man, if I had a dick that big, Id be slapping it against peoples faces too! The Latino (I wish I knew his name!) takes every inch of it up his ass too! Yikes! They flip flop a little bit, but most of the time Mr. Hung is shoving his monster cock firmly up his buddys hole. They even hit a position that Ive never seen before. All in all, its a pretty good scene.
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Boxcover for Technical Ecstasy
Technical Ecstasy 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brett Ford, Dennis Lincoln, Sam Crockett, Joe Romero, Tony Donovan, Sandy Sloan, Derek Cameron, Dean O'Connor, Jon Eric, Marc Hamilton, Chad Kennedy, Robert Kirk
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 4/4/2001
Technical Ecstasy reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Wash West is know for directing very story driven porn, and with a title like Technical Ecstasy, I wasnt quite sure what to expect when I popped this in the ol DVD player. I dont remember the last time I saw a plot in a porno that didnt completely fall apart at the end. Technical Ecstasys story holds up remarkably well, though, so in this review, Ill make sure I dont give away any of the plot. As our story starts off, Chad Kennedy wakes up in the countryside (naked) and begins walking around looking for signs of life. Eventually, he runs into Sam Crockett, who is looking better than I ever remember. Sam sounds extra sexy with his Texas accent as he asks Do you want to taste some cowboy cock? Chad jumps at the chance and does a fine job of taking Sams dick down to the root. Its very hot stuff, but were just getting warmed up! Sam leads Chad into his motor home, where the real fun begins.
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