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Amy Reid or Rita Faltoyano
Two beautiful women both born in Europe. Amy in Germany. Rita in Hungary. Their bodies are both perfect and very similar but Amy has been a little nastier and more fun to watch. Who's hotter and who's a better pornstar? I give it to Amy Reid.
Rita Faltoyano creampie...
Looking for the title of a recent movie with Rita Faltoyano taking multiple anal creampie... Topic Moved by - hardware on Aug 21 2006
IWAdult interviews Rita Faltoyano in new issue plu
The June 15 issue of IWAdult is posted and in this issue we have an interview with the fabulous RITA FALTOYANO. This interview was originally published in the July 2007 #125 issue of GENESIS MAGAZINE.Speaking of GENESIS MAGAZINE in the August 2007 issue #126 they have published my interview with BELLADONNA and the issue also contains The Hot IIST 1 ...
Happy birthday , Rita Faltoyano !
Today she does 27. Feliz aniversário ,Rita!!!
did Rita Faltoyano retire ????
hi guys , i consider myself the ultimate fan of rita faltoyano . i was just watching her scene from and it was amazing , the fotage before even the sex begins when they are just talking is super hot , she is soo funny making jokes and she seems really nice in person , but i can't find recent movies of her anywhere , and the calende ...
rita faltoyano
Sorry, but those moles all over rita faltoyano are disgusting!!!!! I cant stand those big brown moles. AHD IF YOU DISAGREE with ME, NEWSFLASH: I've seen boxes where the moles on Rita are air-brushed out of the photo.
Rita Faltoyano. Taken for Granted?
Nobody seems to talk too much about one of the most beautiful and senior pornstar today. Rita is still extremely hot and with her great experience, she can easily drain any man or woman of their lust orally, anally, or vaginally. I mean what is a fan's first thought of Rita? I know what mine is, Oh, would I LOVE to be fucked by you! Just th ...
Rita Faltoyano VS Monica Moore?
Both come from Hungaria, both are hot.Who do you think hotter between them, guys?
Movie? with Rita Faltoyano
I have seen THIS photoshoot and i was wondering if it is a movie, too... Could someone help me?
Happy Birthday Rita Faltoyano!!!
Happy Birthday Rita!!! I love your accent, among other things!!
Charlotte Stokey & Rita Faltoyano on Heat Party!
After a week of repeats due to car problems, heat exhaustion, and preparing for the MLB trade deadline frenzy, the Swami is at it again. This time he makes up for it as on Body Shots:UNCENSORED he brings in two of the hottest names in the adult industry. First up is the Crown Jewel of Budapest, RITA FALTOYANO, a woman that is truly one of the best ...
Rita Faltoyano Fans
Ok , Rita faltoyano is my no 1 pornstar , she is so hot that it's not right not to has her own thread her , anyone likes her too ?
Need help to ID Rita Faltoyano movie plz...
Hi there, Can anyone tell me the title of the movie with the scene on first page of please ? Cant find it and help would be greatly appreciated thanx in advance :)
Where Are Rita Faltoyano's Moles?
Rita Faltoyano 1 Just noticed the stills from Big Boobs In Prague in March 2006, Vol.19, Issue 1 of Adam Film World XXX Movie Guide (with Eva Angelina on the cover). There are numerous pics of Rita Faltoyano and NONE of her pics show any of her well-known moles. WTF? Did she have them removed (that anyone can confirm)? She looks spectac ...
Mystery Babe of the Week 127: Rita Faltoyano
Let's get a quick and easy one, so we can get this series back on track by next Sunday. Walter Burns' Mystery Babes Gallery – Look for mystery babe 127 Before you make your guess, take a moment to read the Mystery Babe Rules. You may also use the list of previous mystery babes to rule out certain guesses you might be tempted to make. ...
Rita Faltoyano Debuts at Spearmint Rhino
Rita Faltoyano Debuts at Spearmint Rhino Friday September 9th in CA 9-1-05 (Woodland Hills, CA.) Multi award-winning Hungarian beauty and adult film star Rita Faltoyano makes her feature dancing debut on American soil. She will perform at the Spearmint Rhino in the City of Industry for one night only on Friday, September 9th at 12:30 am. & ...
Should Rita Faltoyano have her moles removed?
Should Rita Faltoyano have her moles removed? You know the ones by her left breast?
I.D girl with Rita Faltoyano ?
I've been enjoying the video posting at "Only The Best Movies" called Bar 4Some - it doesn't list the girls, but one is Rita Faltoyano looking as hot as I've seen if that isn't enough the other girl - a redhead with a stunning body,is HOT!!! Anyone know who she is? Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Jul 16 2005 Edited by ...
Rita Faltoyano - Next "My Plaything"
courtesy CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Hungarian star Rita Faltoyano has been chosen by Digital Sin to be its next “My Plaything.” Faltoyano won AVN Female Foreign Performer of the Year in 2003. “Rita has an incredibly large worldwide fan base and her enthusiasm in delivering truly seductive yet totally hardcore ...
Rita Faltoyano swallowing vids?
Are there any movies with this hot young starlet swallowing cum?
Rita Faltoyano
Just wanted to write this short post, because i just watched a few scenes with Rita Faltoyano and i remembered again how good looking and hot this girl is. In Assault that Ass 4 (Red Light) and Hellcat's 3 (Evil Angel) she deep throats the cocks, and get's a hot DP. In the beginning of her career she did a scene with Lexington Steele and Mr.Marcu ...
Q. for Tricia D. about Rita Faltoyano
Dear Tricia, on Rita´s website a forthcoming shooting with Christophe Clark is mentioned. 18.11.2004. Shooting, with Christophe Clark, for Evil Angel Do you know, if this scene is for BG ??? Thanks, S.
Searching: Private Life of Rita Faltoyano (&other)
Please send me offers even if you did before... my email problems prevented me to answer some. Thank you for helping me! I am looking for "Private Life of"... Rita Faltoyano ...or Private Life of maybe from other stars. good prices. I am ALSO looking for other good Private titles, especially Antonio Adamo films or with the ...
Private Life of Rita Faltoyano (hidden scene)
Hi I'm new to this forum so this is my first post! I've just bought the great 2 DVD set 'The Private Life of Rita Faltoyano'. According to the box cover there is an extra scene and also a hidden scene on disc one, but I just can't find the hidden scene. Does anyone know where it is?? I also read a review of this film on the review section ...
Rita Faltoyano
I've just watched John Leslie's "Voyeur 20" and am totally gobsmacked by the sheer beauty of Rita Faltoyano. Surely one of the most gorgeous girls in porn today - if not ever - and most definitely a cut above the production-line blonde bimbo Barbie-doll porn starlets with silicone tits and tattoos who seem to dominate porn these days. ...
Rita Faltoyano as director
Apparently Rita Faltoyano has made her debut as a director with a recently released movie called "The Show Must Go On" with a company I'm not familiar with called Seasun. She also appears in the film. The DVD seems to be listed by several suppliers in France. Does anyone know whether it will be available in the US?
ID of Rita Faltoyano movie
I'm looking for the title of a movie that has Rita Faltoyano in it from a while ago. In the movie she's in a scene with one other woman and a man and gets well and thoroughly shagged on a large desk/conference table in an office. If anyone could help me out I'd be really grateful. Thanks.
Rita Faltoyano in Golden Girls (Hustler)
Checking old collections, I found Rita Faltoyano is in Golden Girls (Hustler). She appears in 3 scenes (FM, FFMM and FF), and dose anal. It's James Bond type story and not much hardcore, but Rita looks good. Also starring Maya Divine (main role) and Betty Love. by starrynight
Hot new movie with Rita Faltoyano!
Will be released on Monday: Three for all 3 Looks like Rita has at least done a hot new scene.. Also the other cast looks great: Stacy Silver, Jennifer Dark.. I can't wait to see this Edited by - hardcorefan on Nov 8 2003
Rita Faltoyano gangbang
Anyone know of any good Rita Faltoyano gangbang galleries on the web? I remember a good outdoor gangbang with her a while back, but I can't find it anywhere...ideas? Thanks!
Rita Faltoyano gangbang
Anyone know of any good Rita Faltoyano gangbang galleries on the web? I remember a good outdoor gangbang with her a while back, but I can't find it anywhere...ideas? Thanks!
Happy birthday , Rita Faltoyano
I received an e-mail of Met G. informing that today, August 5, it is anniversary of Rita Faltoyano, and that the fans can leave messages goes Rita on in the "GUESTBOOK." P.S. For CafetoSo : contact me by e-mail.
Private Life of Rita Faltoyano!
Dang! I wished Michelle Wild was next for this label. ritas movie will still be added to my buylist. ritas movie will still be added to my buylist. rita's movie will still be added to my buylist. Edited the silly typo's Edited by - balabala on Feb 11 2003
rita faltoyano & woodman
i was reading a thread about pierre woodman, and someone (i believe sbando) mentioned that rita had often talked about her traumatizing experience in no sun no fun. does anyone have any links or info on this subject, rita has long been one of my alltime fav's, and i have always seen her as a girl who truly loved what she did for a living, although ...
Rita Faltoyano
Here's a link to Riita covering herself in milk.Link
Private Life of Rita Faltoyano is Awesome!!
I finally got my hands on this title and well it fucking rocks!! You get 15 scenes with this beautiful woman and there are some really nice extras as well. You have to do a little work to get to see two of the scenes but believe me it's worth it!! I really enjoyed the Quiz game as when you get a question right you see Rita go through a very sexy st ...
Rita...Rita...Rita....Oh Rita Faltoyano!!!!
Hi there everyone!!! I've only just recently discovered this message forum but have been a porn lover for years. This is without doubt the best site that i have been on. You see, I am from London and I was beginning to feel lonely in Porn land But discovering this site has made me more appreciative of the different aspects of hardcore p ...
110% Natural #3 - Rita Faltoyano fans take notice!
Edited by - Asmodeus on Jul 15 2002
Found a good Rita Faltoyano scene
I rented Fresh Meat 12 from XRent and I was much impressed with Rita's performance in this scene. She looked beautiful and took on two guys in most of the scene and ended up taking 3 popshots as she went back to one guy after taking 2 cumshots from the 2 on 1 part. So anyone looking for a good Rita scene should definitely pick this title up as I th ...
Rita Faltoyano
Is anyone else really excited whenever this chick is on screen. She has starred in about 5-10 PRIVATE dvd's, 2 Hustler DVD's, and also a couple Evil Angel dvd's. Rita is by far my favorite overseas woman. Anyone else love this woman?
Rita Faltoyano gangbang?
Anyone know where to find a DVD, VHS, or internet gallery of Rita getting gangbanged and/or DP'ed?
Meet Rita Faltoyano
A must for every Rita's fan. Interview This interview also corrects many misconceptions about what being an adult star in Hungary really means (so, all their mothers do not really know? C'mon!)