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Boxcover for Magic Touch, The (Cal Vista)
Magic Touch, The (Cal Vista) 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Tom Byron, Shanna McCullough, Steve Drake, Gina Carrera, Rachel Ryan, Erica Boyer, Nick Random, Rick Savage, Kari Fox, Kevin James, Kari Foxx, Bunny Blake, Patty Petite, Penney Morgan, Patty Pettite
Studio: Cal Vista

Directed by: Jack Remy
Release date: 4/7/2009
Magic Touch, The (Cal Vista) reviews:
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Overall scenario: Plot driven story from the mid 80s that revolves around a Red Dress with magical powers. You know the story. Various people come in contact with the item and it turns them into wanton sexual deviants. This is a trip down memory lane as it stars some of the big names of that era. Stars in their own rights back then, but most probably wouldn't make it today as they are women and not girls. The problem is and its a consistent problem with most releases back then when compared to things now is that all are standard girl guy scenes, save for two and all are really tame. Overall disc has 7 scenes. I tried to keep my review limited to the era and not compared to today's porn.
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VCX has re-released THE MAGIC TOUCH (1985, Metro) as part of its Cal Vista Classic DVD series.
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Boxcover for Nasty Lady
Nasty Lady 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Paul Thomas, Mai Lin, Shanna McCullough, Jade, Cassandra, Jamie Gillis, Don Fernando, Lulu, Erica Boyer, Rick Savage, Tara Aire, David Morris, Lynx Canon, Blair Harris, Rita Ricardo, Herschel Savage, Dan T. Mann, Paul Harmon, Phae Burd, Rocky Balboa, Joseph Queenberry, Kid Brown, Sandy Todd, Nick Roberson, Kirk Sabrian, Gary Eberhart, Susan Lynn, B. Bop, Linda Vista, Beanie
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Bob Vosse
Release date: 12/9/2008
Nasty Lady reviews:
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VCX has re-released Bob Vosse's Nasty Lady (1984) under its Cal Vista Classic line of DVDs.
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Boxcover for All in the Family (LBO)
All in the Family (LBO) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Kristara Barrington, Rick Savage, Kevin James, Robin Cannes, Jennifer Noxt, Lorimarr
Studio: LBO

Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Release date: 3/16/2008
All in the Family (LBO) reviews:
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If nothing else, the mid-80s film "All in the Family", from VCR / LBO and Bobby Hollander, certainly lives up to its namesake. Indeed, as one might expect, it's an incest-themed production that doesn't pull many punches and that delivers on its purported premise...fucking in the family. (Note: All material is clearly of an adult / fantasy nature.)
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Boxcover for Don't Kiss Me I'm Straight
Don't Kiss Me I'm Straight 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Karl Thomas, David Grant, Alexander, Rick Savage, Viper, Chad Knight, Jim Montana, Robbie Anderson, Tony Raz, Nick Youngblood, Eddie Greeko
Studio: HIS & HIS Gold

Release date: 4/25/2006
Don't Kiss Me I'm Straight reviews:
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Seducing a straight guy. Its one of the all-time gay fantasies. Yet the reality is that although it may provide a tremendous boost to the ego, its probably going to be pretty bad sex. DONT KISS ME IM STRAIGHT is divided into four encounters that are supposedly true-life adventures written by gays who seduced straights. Accept it as truth if you will. In Pizza Boy young blond Jim Montana has set the scene for seduction. A straight porn video is playing on the TV. The deliveryman, David Grant (hes a little too old to be a boy) is left sitting on the sofa as Jim goes off to get his money. Naturally David watches the action on the screen. Naturally he springs a boner. When Jim returns, he sits next to David and takes a long time to get the money from his wallet. (It will not take him long to get the dick out of David's pants.) He reaches over to touch the deliverymans thigh. The deliverymans initial reaction is to quickly remove Jims hand.
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Boxcover for Raw Talent 3 (VCA)
Raw Talent 3 (VCA) 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ona Zee, April, Siobhan Hunter, Rick Savage, Stephanie Rage, Scott Baker
Studio: VCA

Release date: 9/27/2005
Raw Talent 3 (VCA) reviews:
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Starring: Jerry Butler, Ona Zee, April & Stephanie Rage Comments: After reviewing Raw Talent II, I wasnt really looking forward to watching the third installment. Again..this is called a "classic" and I disagree with the label. Its not worthy of the title. Jerry Butler returns as "Eddie"... a guy who does porn on the side while trying to make it in mainstream. This time, he gets "tricked" into a porn flick thinking its a zombie movie. (The zombie theme is totally dropped after the opening scene) Eddie also spends his time trying to convince the upcoming porn starlet he's working with not to get involved in porn...*now, if he always went around talking girls out of porn, how would he make money being in porn if there's nobody to fuck?..yeah..I know, I'm thinking too much. The subplot involves a director (played by Ona Zee) who is reduced to mainly producing flicks for an oddball director named "Louie Latrine"... Louie likes making porn where Nazis fuck and shoot GYSERS of cum (somebody offstage throwing a bucket of milk on the girls)...Louie also has a "toilet" fetish.
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Boxcover for Miss Passion & Love Bites
Miss Passion & Love Bites 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Peter North, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Heather Wayne, Nicole West, Crystal Breeze, Tony Martino, Andre Bolla, Chuck Martino, Eric Edwards, Gail Force, Rick Savage, Lisa De Leeuw, Rachel Ashley, Harry Reems, Susan Hart, Paul Barresi, Buffy Davis, Steve Powers, Kevin James, Patricia Manning, Greg Rome, Rikki Blake, Dan T. Mann, Ali Moore, Alan Royce, Craig Roberts, Suze Randall, Josephine Carrington, Roger Blade
Studio: Suze Randall

Directed by: Suze Randall
Release date: 4/18/2005
Miss Passion & Love Bites reviews:
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Miss Passion and Love Bites Double Feature Directed by: Suze Randall - Initial Thoughts: Flashback time, back to the days of bush and big hair. For this disc, we take a trip back to the 80's, when Amber and Ginger Lynn were all the rage in porn, and features ruled the day. Suze Randall brings us a double feature, one movie from each of these two super babes catalogue. Miss Passion features Ginger Lynn, and is hosted by Suze Randall as "Suze Cooze" and is kind of this mix between a sexual exhibition and a porn gameshow, basically the precursor to Gonzo, with some style and costumes added. Love Bites features Amber Lynn, and is more of a traditional feature, with a focus on fantasy. Both features are cut down a bit, "Miss Passion is missing about 19 minutes and 2 scenes, Ginger and Traci and Steve Drake and Traci. "Love Bites" is missing nearly 25 minutes, and I couldn't find how many scenes since there was no good breakdown anywhere I looked. Again Traci is the reason.
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Boxcover for Grafenberg Spot, The
Grafenberg Spot, The 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jazz, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Raven, Toni, Nina Hartley, Sandy, Tracy, Sophia, Lois, John Holmes, Simone, Angelique, Rick Savage, Annette Haven, Sapphire, Harry Reems, Teresa, Susan, Lili Marlene, Rita Erotica, Elise, Pepper, Debi Sundahl, Thor Southern, Al Rand, Miss Susannah, Susie Bright
Studio: Mitchell Brothers

Directed by: Artie Mitchell
Release date: 1/2/2005
Grafenberg Spot, The reviews:
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The Mitchell Brothers' "Grafenberg Spot" was a movie described in the book "Bottom Feeders" as a "six-day wonder shot to fund legal expenses". By the sounds of that description, you would think that the movie is a piece of shit. "The Grafenberg Spot", however is a quite watchable, and actually very entertaining film that while doesn't reach the standards of "Behind the Green Door" or "The Resurrection of Eve", is still a must-see in the adult genre. The cast in this movie are amazing. It is certainly a who's who of adult cinema in 1985. Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, Annette Haven, John Holmes, Amber Lynn, Nina Hartley, Lili Marlene, Rick Savage. Traci Lords was in the original version of the film. Story tells of a comparative literature graduate named Leslie (played by Ginger), who has the habit of pissing in her lover's (Harry Reems) face while getting eaten out. She goes to a clinic where a doctor (Annette Haven) teaches her about the Grafenberg pleasure spot.
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Boxcover for Girls Of Pain: Vivien's Tormented Tits
Girls Of Pain: Vivien's Tormented Tits 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vivien, Rick Savage
Studio: Sensational Video

Release date: 12/30/2004
Girls Of Pain: Vivien's Tormented Tits reviews:
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When sultry top heavy brunette Vivien is sent to Master Rick to prepare her for the upcoming breast torture competition, he decides to see if she has what it takes. He does a very nice job mixing things up as he works her tits over with tools, clothespins, and hot wax, as well as mixing in a little hot wax. Sadly the scenes are often choppy and feel cut off and the technical aspects are held back by being very grainy with plenty of background noises. The DVD also falls short by not delivering on the very limited extras it lists on the cover. This release had some potential, but just couldn't live up to it.
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Boxcover for Cornholed Hussies (Classic X)
Cornholed Hussies (Classic X) 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kristara Barrington, Billy Dee, Rick Savage, Holly McCall, Tiffany Blake, Herschel Savage, Veri Knotty, Crystal Lake, Amanda Lawrence, Lisa Thatcher
Studio: Classic X

Release date: 6/26/2001
Cornholed Hussies (Classic X) reviews:
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This release of Cornholed Hussies is seriously lacking for a lot of reasons.
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Boxcover for Day in the Dungeon, A
Day in the Dungeon, A 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Natalia, Rick Savage, Zena, Stephani Weaver, Samantha Malone
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Rick Savage
Release date: 3/19/2001
Day in the Dungeon, A reviews:
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Running Time: 60 min. Production Date: 6 / 20 / 2000 Director: Rick Savage Cast: Zena, Natalia, Stefani Weaver, Samantha Malone, and Rick Savage Initial Expectations: I wasnt sure as this is my first S&M feature. From the pictures on the cover I was a little worried. Initial Reaction: Some of it I really liked and others I didnt. Who Should Watch It : People looking for something a little different who are interested in S&M. Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks Vivid is a little too hardcore. Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies. The disciplining could normally be heard very clearly. The dialogue and instructions that were being given, however, were often hard to hear. The video was pretty good. There was some grain and some soft focus problems, but it was better than I originally expected. Music: None. Review: Each month or so when I get a new pile of adult films I try to pick out at least one title thats different from what Id normally pick up.
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Boxcover for Big Natural and Bound 2
Big Natural and Bound 2 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sonja, Rick Savage, Rusty Rhodes, Stevie Kaye
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Rick Savage
Release date: 2/23/2001
Big Natural and Bound 2 reviews:
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This is a quick review of this Amazingly horrible DVD movie. Its name is Big Natural and Bound 2. I was given this movie for Review. There are only three scenes. The subject matter is Breast Bondage. So for the duration of this feature we see rick savage tie up the girls breasts. The breasts start to turn purple as he slaps them and as they aren't getting enough blood due to the Bondage. The first scene he hooks up the bondaged breasts to some type of lift and starts to life the girl out of the chair via her breasts. So her tits are being stretched as she's in the chair. He also uses cloths-pins on the nipples. There's no intercourse at all. This was just painful to sit through. I don't think I like this type of bondage. Rick Savage looks like the devil. ewwwwwww. Not only that but the DVD insults the three girls. When you click on biographies. Each one is terrible. IT calls one girl a fat pig and needs to be lifted witha crane out of her chair. Another is something about dinner better be ready bitch the next time i come home. There is a behind the scenes feature.
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Boxcover for Army Brat 2
Army Brat 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Aja, Tom Byron, Peter North, Champagne, Jon Dough, Tracy Adams, Rick Savage, Julianne James, Vera Butler, Lynn Connelly, Sasha Taylor, Nina De Ponca, Sasha Strange, Mark Weiss, Larry Zenon, Mr. Champagne
Studio: Vivid Wave

Directed by: Paul Thomas
Release date: 5/17/2000
Army Brat 2 reviews:
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Army Brat II: The New Recruit A film review by Flash Movie Specs: Distributor: Vivid Wave Run Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes Rated: XXX Year of release: 1989 Director: Paul Thomas Cast: Julianne James, Tracy Adams, Nina De Ponca, Lynn Connelly, Sasha Strange (as Sasha), Peter North, Rick Savage, Tom Byron, Aja, Champagne, Jon Dough, Mark Weiss, Larry Zenon, Mr. Champagne Disk Specs: Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1 Regional Code: 0 Disk: Single Layer, Dual Sided Special Features: Chapter Search, Vivid Bios, Vivid Stills, Vivid Live Action Scenes, Vivid Previews, Int. Tel. Sex Synopsis: The Brat (Julianne James) gets a telegram from the U.S. Army calling her reserve unit to duty. She trains with her unit to go to a war in Nicaragua. Video/Audio: Army Brat 2: The New Recruit is in the full screen, 1.33:1, aspect ratio, which appears to be the film's original aspect ratio since the feature looks like it was shot directly on video.
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