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Boxcover for Mavericks 2
Mavericks 2 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Casey Williams, Pierce Vendetta, Logan Reed, Blake Harper, Rick Hammersmith, Jackson Price, George Fleece, Clint Fox
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Release date: 10/19/2001
Mavericks 2 reviews:
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Mavericks 2: same ranch, different cowboys. This flick is actually a tad better than the original Mavericks. The cast includes favorite porn vets Logan Reed and Blake Harper and the hunky Rick Hammersmith, who will gratify those who like to see a muscular big boy take it like a man. The thin plotline revolves around ranch hands sluffing off work to have sex, foreman Logan Reed catching them, and two city boysJackson Price and Rick Hammersmithdriving around in their 2-seater Beemer and running out of gas near the ranch. In scene 1 Blake Harper and little Clint Fox get up late and run to the outside shower. After some preliminary mutual sucking, boss Logan arrives and joins in the action. A real nice 3-way ensues. A highlight is when Logan tops Blake. Logan Reed has been in a ton of flicks and he always delivers a professional performance. The climaxing cumshots are excellent as little Clint becomes the splooge repository--Blake shoots his load on Clints face and Logan shoots all over Clints chest. Overall, though the scene would probably rate a B.
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Boxcover for Nude Science
Nude Science 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Peter Wilder, Pierce Vendetta, Eduardo, J.T. Sloan, Derek Cameron, Joey Hart, Raphael Valentino, Sam Carson, Austin, Ted Matthews, Johnny Rey, Dex Banning, George Brazil, Gavin Michaels
Studio: IMD

Release date: 7/8/2001
Nude Science reviews:
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Taking a cue from John Hughes 1985 teen comedy Weird Science, that Val Kilmer and Anthony Michael Hall picture about two computer geeks who create a perfect woman via computer, Nude Science goes a few steps further as Derek Cameron and Joey Hart use a brand new program to bring toy dolls to life, for their sexual pleasure, as well as to toy with an obnoxious houseguest. I must say that I immediately began a search for this program myself, and came up high and dry. Think of the possibilities - - you know that old Luke Skywalker action figure you have lying around...or better still, that Han Solo figure that has seen better days....all yours at the click of a mouse!Its a great concept, and executed with panache by director Dane Preston. Except for one instance, Sharon Kane contributes a great techno-pop score, appropriate to the movie.
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Boxcover for Eruption (Titan Media, Gay)
Eruption (Titan Media, Gay) 
(4.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Dean Coulter, Keith Webb, Austin Masters, Michael Vincenzo, Pierce Vendetta, Eduardo, Ethan Payne, Malleek
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 4/24/2000
Eruption (Titan Media, Gay) reviews:
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Lets face it, most porn these days lacks passion. Sure, they guys get naked and screw, but usually, they seem like theyre just looking out for their next paycheck. Its very rare to see two guys connect at an emotional level in porn, but when it does happen, the results are usually spectacular. Case in point, the first scene of Eruption, with Eduardo and Dean Coulter. You can see the fire in their eyes when they kiss they seem to be aching to please each other. Set on the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, Eduardo and Dean truly go at it with deep abandon. Things start off slowly with some passionate kissing, and progresses nicely to some very slow and erotic blowjobs. Eduardo does a great job here playing the strong silent type (as usual). He slowly and methodically gives Dean the fucking of his life. Once theyre finished, they head out to the surf to clean up and kiss a little more.
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ERUPTION Company: Titan/Atomic Video Year Released DVD: 1999 Cast List: Dean Coulter, Malleek, Keith Webb, Michael Vincenzo, Austin Masters, Peter Wilder, Eduardo, Ethan Payne, Pierce Vendetta Features: This disc was digitally remastered for DVD and features a Photo Gallery - 41 Pictures in a photo gallery and slide show of the same. Synopsis: 5 scenes of hot sex on a tropical island. Review: I just got back from Hawaii and boy is my hand tired! ba-dum-bum! Not sure if it was me or what but the picture quality seemed extraordinarily good on this disc and the music wasnt too bad either. Overall I would recommend this highly-although my only complaints are that all the scenes are pretty similiar in nature so it did get a bit tedious and there was no story or plot, just different scenes. Scene 1: We see Eduardo strolling around naked in this lush paradise, he cracks open a coconut and drinks the milk as some of it driblles down his muscular body...along comes Dean Coulter.
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