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Swallowing a Peter North cum shot
Are there any videos where the girl swallows a complete load of a Peter North cum shot or most of his cum. Most of the videos I've seen, about 75% of his cum misses the girl mouth.
Any scenes of Peter North pops and girl enjoys?
I've seen alot of Peter North scenes but I'm struggling to remember any where it seems the starlet really gets into the popshot. What I mean is she swallows a bit, allows some to splash her face and generally looks like she's enjoying it rather than enduring it. There's a Black-English pornstar called Omar who produces pretty big loads and some of ...
Peter North at Uncyclopedia
Uncyclopedia humor on North, every Peter North, and the NorthFace attire label, all meshed together providing humor. PS: There are several Peter Norths which constitutes the humor.
Peter North
I noticed on another thread where a heterosexual male had a crush on Peter North.I have to say that I definately have a crush on Peter North. And I am a heterosexual male, but if I had the chance, I would totally suck on Peter North's Cock and take one of his famous loads all over my body and face, hell, I would probably try to swallow some too.The ...
Peter North 'Decorator' App
Hi, anyone seen this Peter North decorator App?
Peter North still has the best cum shot :)
Besides Peter North
Ok, everyone knows Peter North blows the biggest loads...but Im interested in finding scenes where the girl swallows a big thick load besides being from Peter North. There has GOT to be scenes out there with just some random dude that blows a big thick one and she swallows. And Im kinda talkin about just random scenes from random dvds that you didn ...
peter north scene
i recently saw a PN scene with two girls i just remember 1 jerked on anothers tits and said fuck this is fun um does anyone know the name?
Looking for Peter North interracial cumshot
I'm looking for a late-80s/early 90s clip of Peter North unloading on a mixed race girl - one of his biggest, if not the biggest load he's ever shot.They're in bed and he's on top of her - when he finishes (missionary style), he moves up and sits on her chest and unloads all over face again and again - it's incredible, even with the grainy film.Don ...
Who delivers biggest cumshots (not Peter North)
Peter is a legend and I've seen Michael Stefano deliver some sure shots, but what other porn stars can really deliver?Not just a few spurts but explosive facials that stream over her nose and hair and ears and all over.
Peter North Pop Shot Database Part 1
Here's a little something I've been compiling off and on for many years now. I finally decided to get a move on and finish it. This is Part 1 of all the Peter North scenes I have viewed and been able to ID, sorted by production year. It only encompasses a fraction of Peter's complete movie output. It is by no means complete. How to read the list: T ...
Peter North horoscope leaves out JewelDeNyle
how can you talk about North's relationships with women and leave out Jewel?
Peter North & Craven Moorehead Talk New Android Ap
( ORANGE COUNTY, CA ) — Adult film hall of famer Peter North will join Nicki Hunter and Debi Diamond for Playboy Radio’s Night Calls on Monday, January 9th. Among the topics of discussion will be North's new Android app "The Decorator." Peter will be joined by Northpole director Craven Moorehead who helped develop the app for ...
Peter North's Decorator: Easy To Shoot Like North
( ORANGE COUNTY, CA ) - Peter North is a living legend in the adult entertainment world. He is a hall of fame performer, award winning director and his Northpole line of movies has been a top seller for over a decade. Fans know Peter for a number of things, but one thing stands out above all the others. One thing makes him the object of feminine de ...
I feel strange about Peter North.
I always thought I'm a straight forward guy.I'm talking about my sexual orientation.But I'm getting attracted by Peter North.His body is like and bodybuilder or a Greco-Roman artistic statue.His cock is not only big but handsome.It looks delicious. (Ah Oh)His moaning make him more sexier.Well honestly his face ain't perfect.And his nasal voice is s ...
Has Peter North's penis grown?
First film of Peter North's I saw in maybe 1985, he was such a fine actor then, lol. Having become a true legend by now, it seems his dick is actually bigger. Maybe it's just the effect of seeing it in pettite porn stars, but if you did work on enlargement for the 25 years or so he's been in porn, would it work? Does it seem to anyone else that h ...
Who is this with peter north
Edited by - grass man on Nov 9 2011
A Peter North film with Nurse Tracey
I saw a film by Peter North in which he was a patient in a clinic who could not get an erection, along with another black guy. He eventually managed to get one and, as a result, was able to fuck a "Nurse Tracey" (Not Traci Lords).The nurse was an American and was of either black or Latina ethnicity - with very big (natural) breasts. Duri ...
Peter North has NOTHING on this guy!!!!
Link This will be me after my "dry spell" of fucking is over.
Peter North Cameos In Hollywood Undead Video
( ORANGE COUNTY, CA ) – “Been To Hell”, the latest music video for gold-selling critically acclaimed rap rockers HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, features a familiar face from the Adult world—PETER NORTH. That’s right, “The Decorator” himself makes a cameo in the band’s short form cinematic narrative for the second ...
Peter North's POV 31
( ORANGE COUNTY, CA ) – During his illustrious career in adult films, Peter North has cast his gaze on more than a few true beauties. He has been fortunate to decorate and erotically enhance countless lovely faces with his copious talents, delighting fans throughout the world. Thanks to his award-winning series “Peter North’s POV& ...
Peter North swallow scenes
I just watched Deep Throat This 20 and it was amazing. The volume of cum from Peter North is just perfect for swallowing movies. Does anyone have suggestions for scenes/movies with P. North that involve swallowing? I wish he was in the "Good Source of Iron" series.
WEHT Peter North?
Last I heard he was getting back into the game and would even be doing some creampie scenes. But I haven't heard anything in a while.Anyone know what he's up to these days?
Peter North - Why Such Abysmal Quality?
I was foolish enough to shell out on a Peter North produced DVD recently just because it had a model I like in it. The scene was basic b/g but well shot with good angles and not too much editing. It could have been a great scene, but in fact is virtually unwatchable due to the diabolical quality of the picture. I can't believe anyone would want to ...
Please help to identify a Peter North scene?
For some time i'm on the lookout for a rather old scene from the 70s or 80s. It features Ashlyn Gere and Peter North. If i recall correctly Peter is on a visit with his girlfriend in a rather dark house and they are in the bedroom. When her mom (Ashlyn) enters the bedroom Peter hides behind a red curtain. Ashlyn can see his feet and finds him. Pete ...
Peter North's lovers.
first of all, there was a rumor in IMDB few years ago.Saying his ex wife is Jan Chapman.The Aussie producer of mainstreem film "the piano(1993)"the exwife of famous Aussie director Philip Noyce.She's 7 years older.I'm not sure that she was that flashy and horny and smoking hot and sex crazy.And their area is totally different.I even wonde ...
what's happening to Peter North?
my only male idol (in porn business).he isn't making porn from 2008.ain't directing from 2006.his latest videos were just fucking ordinary girls only with young age.usually at the couch and doggie style and facial cumming.OR POV style.I'm disappointed about those videos.That's a desire of an old man?screwing young chicks to feel young?I heard a rum ...
Peter North Scene
I need help finding a scene with Peter North and three blond girls, I think their names' are like Chrissy, Missy, and Sissy.
Need help IDing a movie with Peter North
I saw a busty blonde having sex "in the barn" with Peter North.She ain't Judy Star.Her tit was much bigger than those of Judy's.And she looked mature to me.I think she was wearing a collared shirt.I can't remember her name.Can you folks help me?
Great Peter North facials
Hi, I know this topic has probably come up in the past, but thought I would post anyway. I have been a Peter North fan for years and like nothing better than to see him blow a huge load over a porn starlets face !! One thing I think really makes a scene is if the girl is really into receiving a facial. Some scenes with North that stand out in my ...
Peter North's snazzy sports car Myspace
I was visiting Peter North's Myspace page and on the left hand side he has posted 3 vehicles. The black and silver are Benzes. The red one I don't know and would like to know what make car that is __________? thanks
Peter North Goes Exclusive With Pure Play Media
Pure Play MediaPress ReleaseFor Immediate ReleaseContact: Dusty PURE PLAY MEDIA Announces Exclusive Distribution Deal With Northpole Enterprises Legendary Adult Star, Peter North, Goes Exclusive With Pure Play Media (Chatsworth, CA) — Pure Play Media announces the signing of an international broadcast and distributio ...
Peter North Cum Shots
I am looking for videos with Peter North's biggest cum shots. I am looking for scenes where the amount is even more than he normally gives.
Who are the dudes in Peter North's POV #22?
Who are the male "talent" in Peter North's POV #22? They are not listed in the credits. Its not Peter North or Scott Nails.The girls seemed to respond to them quite well. :0)
Peter North
I've been trying to find any scene with my two favorite porn stars-- Peter North and Asia Carrera. Either I'm horrible at looking or they never did a scene together, which I find hard to believe considering Peter North's extensive career.I did find one called Wild Wicked 4... Do they do a scene in that movie? If so, does anyone know where I can fin ...
scene with peter north in early 90s? please!
hi there, i am looking for a girl that peter north shot a scene with in the early 90s id guess, she was dark/brown curly hair and in the scene i think peter is a photographer or something and when he comes home his girlfriend sits on the floor and i think she is eating something and she is a bit jelous on him cos he meets a lot nice good looking wo ...
Trying to find a film w/ Peter North
The script starts out with Peter and newly wed on a honeymoon in a hotel. Next scene, peter runs into a lady who has sex with him and says some wierd shit like 'I am going to steal your youth' aka the story basically is, she has sex with people, if they get off first, she remains young, they age rapidly etc. I saw it years ago at least 10+ years ...
Peter North's DTT?????
Is this series done? Is Peter done with working??? The quality wasn't that great, but the facials were second to none. I haven't seen one in 2009---any ideas?[Link]
Peter North's DTT
Is this series done? Is Peter done with working??? The quality wasn't that great, but the facials were second to none. I haven't seen one in 2009---any ideas?
Looking for 80's brunette scene with Peter North
My last inquiry:I'm looking for the name of the pornstar and video I might find this on: Early to mid 80's. Longish brown haired beauty straddles some blond guy reverse cowgirl style, followed by an anal scene. I think she was wearing white stockings, possibly a garter belt too. He refers to her as "Kelly". A young Peter North is sitting ...
Help me ID this babe from Peter North vid
A buddy emailed me a video clip entitled "best_fuck_of_all_times" and it shows on the lower right. She has long, brown hair with highlights. Nice ass and natural C cups, with Denise Richards-ish eyebrows. Perhaps a Latina. She's doing all the work while Mr. North nails her doggy style, and smiles as she takes a facial.Wh ...
What is the best site for vintage Peter North
Im trying to find some of peter norths older work.
Peter North and Debbie Diamond Video??
I'm looking for a video in which Debbie Diamond does 4 or so guys, and I believe one of them was Peter North......the guys cum in a glass and she drinks it down...........does anyone know the name of the video........thanksTopic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Oct 29 2008
Peter North - Any all cum swallowing DVDs?
Could someone give me the titles of DVDs in which all or most of the ladies swallow Peter Norths cum loads?
Peter North - Favorite Scenes
What are your favorite Pete North scenes? One I can't get enough of is his scene with Shelby Belle. Goddamn, that chick is so hot.
Creampie served by Peter North?
Has he ever done any serving of these to the ladies? If so I wanna see.
Peter North Movie Help
This might be a bit easier to ID. Peter North was in this movie. some scenes I remember. I guy masterbating in the bathroom while his girlfriend is outside the doorA girl hides in a closet while another girls takes on 3 guysI believe the scene that Peter North is in, is when the guy that was masterbating goes to a party of some sort and there is a ...
Is there a "just facials" comp from Peter North?
I mean just the money shots. I think that would be enormously popular. He's plastered some hot chicks over the past 10-15 years.
How does Peter North ejaculate so hard ?
Ive seen him shoot a load 4 feet or moreHow the Hell does he do that ?
Peter North
Did he retire or he is he still active? By retire, I mean from performing. Thanks...
ID Help On Peter North Film
This is a long shot but I thought I would try anyway.Late 90's film with Peter North (I know he made 1000's of films) where in the last scene there are a bunch of people in a office boardroom and they begin to have sex and Peter and some other guy DP a girl on the board room table. Thats all I can remember. It was not from the North Pole series.
What peter north movie is this with ginger nice
Does anyone know what movie this is from?Pics here - the girl is ginger nice link has more pics and it says it's from North Pole 37 but it's wrong. I've seen NP37 and she wasn't in it.
Peter North Movie Help
Hi Guys back again for more helpthis may be a tricky one but been looking for it foreverit was like a business and they were pitching ideas to the executive who was north with drawings (i think it was to advertise something)and the blonde girl (who i cant find) did the best so she went to norths house and has a three some with north and his wifeany ...
ID Dee scene with Peter North
this scene where she takes a monster in the face load.
if Peter North were to cumback and do creampies...
who would you like to see him with? who would you like to see him give one of his monster milkings to?
Kiss, The (Wicked) / Peter North pre-mature?
Hoping someone with some actual connections to "the biz" might be able to shed some light on this.In "The Kiss" with Jenna Jameson, there is a scene where she sucks off Peter North while an orgy takes place across the room.We see the very beginning of the oral act and then the action cuts back to the orgy. As the orgy ends an ed ...
Weakest Peter North cumshot?
Since I've never seen this guy fail at what he does best, I'd like to know what is his weakest cumshot. Surely he must have had a bad day, shot 4 scenes a day or something that made one of his pop shots mediocre?
Who's the male in Peter North's POV #15?
Who's the male in Peter North's POV #15?Its not Peter, it appears to be 2 other guys other than Peter.One guy's cock looks like a cross between Peter North, Scott Nails and Erik Everhard, but I can't tell. Its ~9" long, thick shaft, tapered head and perfectly straight (no curves/bends). Who is this guy?I haven't seen many of Peter North's POV ...
Peter North Quits Porn
I read this on lukeford. Is this true.Peter North has quit working in the porno business. It's 100% fact. The funny thing is that Peter has pretty much disappeared off the planet. Unitl Now.Peter now runs a crab boat called FarEast Leader and is using the name Capt. Greg Moncrief. He is part of the fleet that appears on the show, The Deadliest ...
Peter North & Jewel DeNyle: yea or nay
do you think that it's a lost opportunity that Peter & Jewel never did any creampies, vaginal or anal, in the late 90s and early 00s? and if they had done them would they have been some of the most erotic internals ever filmed?
Who's that girl with Peter North ?
Who's that girl with Peter North ? Or wich Peter North dvd is it ? Please Help !
Happy Birthday Peter North
on your big 5-0.
Big fight at Wikipedia over Peter North
Can anyone identify this Peter North girl?
Here is the link: Topic Moved by - hardware on Apr 7 2007
Peter North does not deserve his title
his cock really isn't that big at all and he isn't ripped enough to lift the girls up in the air flawlessly and bang them in midair. Let me tell you. Peter north does not deserve his title as the cumshot champion because he isn't. You wanna who deserves it? That big bald guy from Big Sausage Pizza with Melissa. What's his name anyway? His cock is s ...
ID On Peter North Girl
Looking for an ID on this hottie. Would have loved to see Peter give her the real deal.
searching for Peter North porn movie 90's
Hi! I'm trying to remember a movie of the early 90's (i think) with Peter North. The scenario is 3 or 4 man (Peter included) in a bar table remembering sexual situations happened with each other. The last scene is Peter North remembering a scene with the waitress (large and with huge boobs) of that bar, having sex in a bathroom, but his frien ...
Peter North cum shot
It's no secret that Peter at the beginning of his career was in gay porn.Since apparently he was never a receiver,for those who have seen those videos... was he having the same huge cum shots he has in regular porn?
What Peter North Movie / Actress is This?
Hi I posted the following five photos from a Peter North movie. Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Can someone please tell me who the actress is and what movie the scenes are from? Thanks, Rhythmdogger
What girl should work with Peter North?
I think Devinn Lane is long overdue for a scene with the Northpole. If you`re reading this Devinn how bout it sweetie? I know you have hardly any control over it though. But I think it`d be a great scene. Who would you guy`s like to see Peter work with next? HI EVERYONE, PLEASE CHECK OUT MY YAHOO GROUP BELOW IT`S ALL ABOUT PETER NORTH AND THE ...
De'Bella will screw Peter North!
As North does not post on here, can anyone who know's him tip him the wink? Would love to see this scene!
Please help me find a Peter North Classic.
The movie I'm trying to find is a late 80's or early 90's film of Peter North. The sex scene starts with Peter doing the bench press in the living room. Then all of a sudden an elegant blonde woman walks in wearing like a fur coat. This woman had an ass of steel, when Peter cums all over her back, she starts moving her ass with her muscles. If any ...
Any girls wanting to work with Peter North?
Any girls wanting to work with Peter North? Please post here.
Girls that just worked with Peter North post here
Hi, Just wondering can the girls that just recently did a scene with Peter North please post here and let us fans know about you and possibly the name of the film you were in with Peter.
Is Peter North the biggest white guy?
My girlfriend asked me the other day if Peter North was the biggest white guy in porn. I said that I didn't think so but the only guy that I could think of when she asked was Rocco. Anybody know the answer. Thanks
ID - redhead with Peter North
This are some screenshots from a video clip of a scene with a beautiful girl (with great hair!) with Peter North. I hope someone knows her name and the movie. Looks like it is early/mid 90's.
Peter North Classic Scenes - from what films?
Hello, I wounder if anyone can help me to name the films with the following Peter North cumshot scenes (they are all from the 80th) 1. A real barnyard romance. P N in barnyard with a girl, receiving a blowjob. P N has a real farmer look with dungarees. When he comes his dickhead is at the girls lips - and for sure he comes!! It is not pulsating ...
Peter North Movie + Girl ID
Please ID this Movie & Girl
Peter North's records
I'm a big fan of Peter North, so I thought I should dedicate a thread to his achievements. What I'm interested in is some of his "records", like: Who's the most big titted girl he's fucked? What's the most unpleasant facial he has delivered? Who's the oldest woman he's fucked on film? Has anyone ever swallowed every last drop of his ...
6/19/2006 "Miana" ID AND Peter North ID
other search words: corporate fantasy ...plz. I searched the EBI, IAFD, Google, and X-Rent DVD, but could not find anything on her. I know on the site's MAIN PAGE, it says all their girls are exclusive, BUT I'm hoping she ended up doing other work after this shoot. If you look at the middle of the page, of the LINK (where they have som ...
Peter North handjob scenes
What are the best Peter North handjob scenes? Are there any? Because he cums like hell it would probably be some of the best handjob scenes ever..
Peter North stuff with long post-cumshot action
I'm curious do people know of Peter North vids where the action goes on a loooooong time after the cumshot... hopefully several minutes. I once saw a cool clip where he gave a girl a facial and she proceeded to jerk him for at least 30 seconds after he'd finished cumming, and it was super-hot... both of them had clenched teeth and she was mutteri ...
Who is this lady with Peter North?
I'm sure someone can identify her... Thanks for your help! Link
Peter North : The babymaker
which actress would you have liked to have seen PN impregnate? jewel deNyle of course! avy scott- 2nd runner up
Movies with Peter North being rimmed (or any guys)
Hey all, I know I've seen some movies with PN getting rimmed. Does anyone know specific ones where he gets rimmed for a particularly long time? Also, any GOOD movies with guys getting rimmed? I've seen some where the guys are fugly. I'm just getting to the point where I need to believe the guys I see in porn could actually have a shot with ...
Swallowing Peter North's load
Does anyone know if there are scenes in which some girl swallows all of Peter's load, without spoiling any drup ?
Please ID girl with Peter North
Hi again, I was wondering if anyone knows who this girl is or even the movie its from with Peter North. It appears she's wearing a black wig (but not too sure) There is a brick wall in the background. It is not recent movie for sure. More like from the late 80's to early 90's. I had seen the movie years ago and for the life of me I can't rememb ...
NorthPole Collectors Ed Signed by Peter North
THE NEWS YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR Just in time for the holidays. NorthStar releases a 2 and 4 disc collector set of North Pole . The 2 disc set is in regular dvd packaging. The 4 disc set is in a metal case and is SIGNED and NUMBERED by Peter North himself.The 4th disc in the set has scenes from Lanny Barby,Keri Sable and other ALL STAR talent ...
Peter North's POV #10
After being very disappointed with POV #9 in this series, I am a bit reluctant to pick this one up. Has got this? Is it any better than #9?
Peter North Internal Cum Videos
Anybody know if this fire hydrant of a cummer has any internal cum shot videos? I would love to see fill up a babe with one of his huge loads.
Peter North--> Phoney CUTS don't rent !
OK, there has been some talk here about how Peter North's editors have ruined his various North Pole swallow editions. I have just seen "Swallow This" and every scene has a cut between the cumshot and the swallow. Every scene. I just do not think that this is because Peter has a Mega-Moron of an editor, but a swindle. Anyway, I s ...
Peter North Cums Multiple Time in Same Scene?
Has anyone ever seen Peter North cum multiple times in the same scene? I've only seen one during his Matt Ramsey days in "Bigger the Better" but that one looked like they cut away and came back for the second one. PEACE & LOVE
Peter North to release Swallow This
The 1st in a series of swallowing dvd's from Peter. The first edition streets Dec 1 and is ALL PETER NORTH. Can u imagine a bunch of filhy /hot stars swallowing Peter's massive loads? This is a definate must see. Not a drop lost. Cast- Haley Scott,Erin Moore,Valerie Herrera,Harley Monroe,Alicia Angel,Jewel,Hailey Storm,Delilah Strong, And the lo ...
Any scenes with Peter North cumming in condom?
I'm curious to if there are any movies where Peter North cums in a condom. It would be interesting to see how such a huge load would appear in a condom (or if it would shoot a hole in it!). If a girl eats the cum out of the condom afterwards, even better. Does anyone know if such a scene exists?
Has any girl ever swallowed Peter North?
I'm wondering if any girl has either taken a full blast from peter north in the mouth, or better yet, even swallowed? If any of you know what movie this has taken place in, let me know.
Wanted: Peter North DVD's
I am trying to get the following titles on DVD: Deep throat this 16, 20, and 24 North Pole 27 and 35 Feeding Frenzy 3, 4, 6, 7 Weapons of Ass Destruction - ANY/ALL Ass Worship - ANY/ALL The Blowjob adventures of Dr. Fellatio 14 American Bukkake- Any/All Euphoria Dream Quest Lost and Found I can trade/sell any of the following dvd's ...
Curious if Peter North pops inside girls?
The volume of his load is legendary... but every scene I'm aware of has him shooting on her, not inside her... at the most, she might hold her mouth open while he doesn't miss shooting his load on her tongue (and her swallowing it all when he's done). But, I'm curious if he's simply cum inside girls in scenes -- either a creampie of some sort, o ...
Peter North's Older Pop Shots
Peter North's website is amazing, but it only has his films from the last 5 years or so. There used to be a site dedicated to him with all his older pop shots on it from the nineties and before,does anyone know of an unofficial Peter North website with his older pop shots.Any help would be much appreciated. Eric
Older Peter North Scene
I was just wondering if anyone had seen an older Peter North scene on any Filmco comp DVDs The scene is from the vid "Innocent Obsession" and has Peter North with Jessica Bogart (also known as Jessica Pachard) The cum shot is featured on a few of the Loads of Fun comps but not the full scene. Has anyone seen it?
NorthStar/Peter North to have booth at AVN
Yes its true. Press release to be made soon. Talent will be signing and names will be posted later. We hope to see each and everyone of you there. Watch for more details.