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Boxcover for Haunted House On Sex Hill, The
Haunted House On Sex Hill, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Cameron Fox, Victor Rios, Paul Johnson, Braeden Casey, Danny Rhymes, Parker Williams, Anthony Holloway, Jack Sanders, Damon Wolf
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Cameron Fox, Victor Rios
Release date: 9/4/2003
Haunted House On Sex Hill, The reviews:
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THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON SEX HILL does not star Vincent Price. But what a cast it has! Director Thor Stephans has assembled an unbeatable array of talentor perhaps, I should say (from the viewers point of few) a very beatable array of talent indeed. He has also devised a plot that keeps the viewer entranced and more than serves as a link between the scorching sexual encounters. As the film opens, the camera pans over a deserted bedroom and comes to rest on an answering machine. A message informs Damon Wolf that his aunt has died and mentioned him in her will. This comes at a vital time for Damon and his lover Braeden Casey, as they are very hard up financially. We cut to these two lovers in the shower where they arewell, uhvery hard up. God, but they look beautiful together! Damon has a dark olive complexion, while Braeden is as pale as fresh milk. Both have musculature that only comes from intensive gym work. Braedens pecs are particularly incredible. (See for yourself on the DVD cover.) One could suckle them all day. But it is his dick that Damon drops to his knees to suckle.
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Boxcover for Nasty Nasty
Nasty Nasty 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Doug Jeffries, Andrew Addams, Paul Johnson
Studio: Red Devil Entertainment

Directed by: Jett Blakk
Release date: 6/19/2003
Nasty Nasty reviews:
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With homage to Hitchcock and a bow to Brian di Palma, Jett Blakk has devised a clever and well-acted film with lots of red-hot sexual encounters. The star of the film is Jason Ridge, a Ben Affleck look-alike, who will have you wishing he were in every scene. And he almost is, as he plays twin brothers who were separated at birth. The good twin, Will, becomes a successful hairdresser; while the evil twin, Jason, is a thoroughly bad lot who at the start of the film owes a gangster $20,000. You can tell them apart because good guys wear white and bad guys wear black, and also because Jason has a remarkable ring given to him by his father, the doctor who delivered these illegitimate brothers. A black and white prologue shows their birth. Then with music reminiscent of Psycho we see a title sequence designed by Adam Rom that reminds us both of Psycho and North by Northwest. A double screen image then shows us the boys at their morning stroke session. Jason does his in bed; Will in the bathtub.
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Boxcover for Sex Psycho
Sex Psycho 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Paul Johnson, Robert Harvey
Studio: Thor Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Release date: 1/28/2003
Sex Psycho reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Thor Stephans Cast: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Jon Ashe, Paul Johnson, Ben Archer, Sal Correlli, Robert Harvey Story: Derek Cameron plays a man haunted by sexual blackouts and a strange man dressed in leather. The story is laid on pretty thick, but is fairly interesting the first time though. What I Liked: The highlight of the whole movie for me was easily the second scene, with Jon Ashe and Paul Johnson. Not only was it incredibly hot, but ingeniously directed. These two studs make out in the lobby of a dentist office that has these huge 10 foot windows looking right out onto main street. While Paul gets the fucking of a lifetime, you can see people walking by outside looking in. It's pretty surreal. Both these guys are gorgeous, but I have a soft spot (or should I say a hard spot?) for Paul... what a hunk! This is probably one of my favorite scenes of the year. Derek's random encounter with Ben Archer was a pleasant surprise.
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After a montage of views of San Francisco the camera stops on the most beautiful sight of all: Derek Cameron lying bareass on the grass at Lands End. If you dont know Derek, he has light brown hair streaked with blond like a surfer; his face is movie-star handsome; he has a nicely muscled body flecked with soft hairs; possesses a more than average dick; is blessed with a bubble-butt; and even has nice feet. In short, he is the definition of the adjectives sexy and desirable. Upon awakening, Derek encounters Ben Archer. Ben has a bushy moustache and the body of a lumberjack. Derek goes down on Bens timber. Derek is one of the best practitioners of the fine art of fellatio (he once deep-throated Jeff Stryker) and he shows his skill here with Ben. Derek is only momentarily distracted by a leather-clad figure with an exposed cock that appears to be stalking him. Ben is unaware of this and is so pleased with Dereks ministrations that he returns the favors.
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Boxcover for Father Figure 2 (All Words Video)
Father Figure 2 (All Words Video) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Thomas Bond, Stonie, Cameron Fox, Paul Johnson
Studio: All Worlds Video

Release date: 12/14/2002
Father Figure 2 (All Words Video) reviews:
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If you are expecting a dramatization of Turgenevs Fathers and Sons move on. Father Figure 2 is another of those All Worlds films set in the All Worlds Resort and serving as a hardcore advertisement for that place. Parker Williams and his son Anthony Holloway along with Paul Johnson and his son Park Wiley have apparently checked in without knowing its a gay resort. They get this bit of news when they discover there are no girls there and see that hot little twink, Stonie, scampering around in his birthday suit, displaying the prettiest butt in the business. Finding all other accommodations booked, they decide to make the best of it. When their daddies go off to pick up some groceries, the boys decide to be daring and sunbath in the nude. They are startled and immediately cover up when Stonie pops by and offer to take them on a tour of the place. The HIGH-light of the tour is coming across the naked desk clerk, Cameron Fox, on his knees and giving a blowjob to his equally naked uncle, Thomas Bond. This is the only place they can get together from their family, Stonie tells them.
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