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Boxcover for Cop Shack 2: Crossing the Line
Cop Shack 2: Crossing the Line 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jason Ridge, Trey Casteel, Dean Tucker, Steve Trevor, Collin O'Neal, Scott Wilde, Nick Horn, Jon Matthews, Leah Wilde, Diesel Washington, Patrick O'Connor, Alex Brawley, Logan Robbins
Studio: TitanMen

Directed by: Joe Gage
Release date: 3/3/2007
Cop Shack 2: Crossing the Line reviews:
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When COP SHACK #1 ended Jason Ridge, the new cop in town, was about to be inducted into the backroom. But CROSSING THE LINE: COP SHACK 2 doesnt begin there. Instead we find Diesel Washington, accompanied by fellow officer Trey Casteel, entering a uniform shop to be fitted for a new uniform. The proprietor, a bespectacled Patrick OConnor, leads him into the dressing room. Trey, who says he has to be fitted next month, follows to observe. As Patrick kneels before Diesel (who incidentally is built like the proverbial brick shithouse) in order to take his inseam measurement he observes that the crotch is too tight and requests that Diesel drop trou so he can see the problem and make adjustments. As soon as the trousers hit the floor, the source of the problemDiesels huge black bonepoops out of the slit in his undies. I need to see how big it gets, says the conscientious tailor, who soon has it in his mouth to bring this about. An observant Trey now has his hard cock out and its not long before he joins them thus giving Patrick his choice of cop cock.
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Boxcover for Cop Shack on 101
Cop Shack on 101 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Matt Majors, Jason Ridge, Brett Matthews, Dean Tucker, Collin O'Neal, Nick Horn, Damien Crosse, Alex Brawley, John Matthews, Kyler Lachlan
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Joe Gage
Release date: 12/5/2006
Cop Shack on 101 reviews:
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Jason Ridge is the new cop in town. After Jasons cursory introduction with other officers on the force (Alex Brawley, Jon Matthews, and Nick Horn) we head off to our first sex scene. Hunky hirsute Collin ONeal has reported a voyeur and calls for some police assistance. What Collin really wants however is some police ass (forget the istance). Collin, who has been shaving, greets Officer Alex with an open robe and a stiff dick. He tells the officer that while he was shaving someone was peeking at him. (Well, if youve got a body like Collins and shave in the nude its not surprising that someone would look.) Maybe I should take a look, the policeman suggests. (It would seem to me that with Collins open robe and the hard cock poking out at him, Alex was getting a pretty good look already.) As Alex passes by Collin in the doorway, the back of his handaccidentally on purposebrushes against the hard cock. When they arrive in the bathroom, Alex asks Collin what he was doing when the prowler was peeking. He shows Alex what he was doingstroking that hard cock.
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Boxcover for Hitch
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sergio Anthony, Brett Matthews, Jake Deckard, Dean Tucker, Jessie Balboa, Tamas Eszterhazy, Nick Horn, Damien Crosse, Diesel Washington
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Brian Mills
Release date: 11/3/2006
Hitch reviews:
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In Titans HITCH hunky Jake Deckard plays a security guard in a small California town, serving as an inconsistent link between the scenes. Jake tells us that he often picks up hitchhikers and gives them a place to stay and something to eat. (Jake indeed has something mighty fine to eat, but hes not being punning here.) As the film opens Jake spies the coverboy Damien Crosse (making his porn debut here) sauntering along. Jake describes Damien as a gen-u-wine cutie. (He s too butch to be cute, but hes one hot hunk.) Damiens a bit reluctant to take Jake up on his offer of a place to shower, but given the choice between a shower and incarceration, he wisely decides to come clean. The first glimpse we get of Damien as he prepares to shower is his muscular butt. Its a gorgeousbut I fearinviolable ass. His cock is a real beautyuncut with a generous foreskin. A light sprinkling of hair graces a manly chest, adding much to his appeal. A naked Jake doesnt take long in joining him. They kiss with hard cocks intertwined.
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Boxcover for Rammer
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Todd Maxwell, Danger, Ricky Martinez, Zackary Pierce, Brad Star, Scott Swann, Austin Edwards, Jake Dakota, Nick Horn, Tim Towers, Jake Nashwood, Dividian
Studio: Mustang

Release date: 10/23/2006
Rammer reviews:
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John Bruno really went for his dark side when he came up with Rammer from Mustang. Rammer, played by Davidian, is this guy dressed in sort of a clown outfit that finds people who may have not been nice and decides to punish them using some form of humiliation or just something to humble them a bit. Of course he manages to find a way to use sex in his process. He communicates to his victims via television and these televisions turn up in some unusual places. In the first scene Rammer is talking nonsense and wheeling in Nick Horn on a table. Zackary Pierce comes in and it becomes apparent these two have a bad past with each other. Zackary tells Nick that the metal collar around his neck is equipped to take shocks from some instrument Zack is holding. It will allow Zack to initiate an electrical shock to Nick if Nick does not do as he is told. Zack tells Nick to strip down and Nick hesitates until he feels the shock. He does as he is told from this point on and strips down.
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Boxcover for Justice (Hot House)
Justice (Hot House) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marco Paris, Parker Williams, Trevor Knight, Robert Van Damme, Tony Mecelli, Carlos Morales, Shane Rollins, Marc Williams, Nick Piston, Ty Hudson, Kent North, Brad Star, Nick Horn, Duke Michaels, Jordan Vaughn, Mike Roberts (II)
Studio: Hot House

Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Release date: 9/29/2006
Justice (Hot House) reviews:
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Shane Rollins stars as an ordinary guy mistakenly charged and convicted of drug dealing. He is fucked over by the police/justice system (and 8 hot guys) in the process, but eventually gets revenge on the guy who framed him and is released on parole after servicing the Parole Board. A strong plot, a large cast, a star turn by Rollins (who appears in five of the six scenes), and high production values, though most of the performers don't match Rollins' skill and intensity.
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