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Naomi Russell
Naomi don't have HIV she's fine and want to come back in porn business !!
Where is Naomi Russell?
Naomi had by far one of the best ass in porn ever!! What ever happened to her and why isn't she making films anymore?
Naomi Russell shitting on camera?
In the behind the scenes bonus interview clip of "Big Booty White Girls 3", Naomi says that she shot a scat film and has pooped on camera. She says all she did was take a shit, and there was nothing more hardcore than that. Does this really exist? Who did she shoot that scene for? Has anyone seen this clip before? I was sure that Na ...
Naomi's best scenes?
On the heels of the award, can anybody recommend some of her greatest hits, so to speak? Which scenes are her best in your discriminating opinions?
Naomi @ LA Direct Models agency
Naomi is back! Naomi is back at the LA Direct Models agency.
Ode to Naomi's Ass
Gentlemen (and women), behold! Naomi (better pics here and here). Several people around here know who this girl is all ready, but I figured it was about time she got her own thread. For those who don't know her, Naomi is a 21-year-old girl of Czech-Israeli descent who has been in the biz since this past July. A slightly quiet and humble g ...
Naomi - AVN Newbie of Year
Congrats on winning AVN Newbie of the Year. I sure hope that you put on some weight. I worry about you. Please take care of yourself. All of us love you and want only the very best for you. Den