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Monica Sweetheart Thread
Hey to all fans out there. I'm a big fan of hers, please fill me in with bunch of info. But other than that I have some questions for ya about her: 1. Your favorite top 5 movies of hers? 2. How tall is she? some sites listed her as 5'7" and then I go to another one and she's listed as 5'10", I'm confused... 3. I know she's direc ...
Is Monica Sweetheart retired?
Is Monica Sweetheart retired? Anybody know what she is up to recently ...Topic Moved by - heynow on Apr 29 2009
What's going on with Monica Sweetheart?
Does anyone have any recent info about Monica Sweetheart at all? Is she retired? She seems to have been inactive for over 2 years now, but there's really been no official word on whether or not she's actually retired.
Monica Sweetheart escorting now?
Say it ain't so???
The most disgusting Monika Sweetheart scene?
I need to jerk off.
Is Monica Sweetheart working?
I hope so. Is she in the States or Europe right now?
Monica Sweetheart
SpermataIs this new? Where is it available?
D'ya think Monica Sweetheart would look better...?
with bigger boobs? I give you two perfect examples of succesfull breast enhancement - Shyla Styles and Tiffany Mynx look GREAT with bigger boobs :) What do you guys think? Anybody want her to get breast implants?
Monica Sweetheart and Bondage?
MONICA What's the world coming to?
The Hottness of Monica Sweetheart!
I just watched her in "Lord of Asses 7". Monica Sweetheart isn't my favorite pornstar. She's just the hottest chick I've ever seen in porn, bar none! She's needs a thread solely devoted to her extreme hotness. I really don't care much about her performances anymore. Yeah, she's a good performer, but I just love looking at her. ...
monica sweetheart
i realize that she has been around for 5+ years now,and this isn't news to anyone,but goddamn,isn't she great?!? so beautiful!
Has Monica Sweetheart stopped doing anal?
Just curious because in the recent title "Scandal" by ATV Entertainment, she didn't do any anal. Whether that's down to not liking the guy very much or whether she's stopped altogether I don't know. Does anyone else know?
The Monica Sweetheart Bandwagon
Could someone explain to me what the big deal is with Monica Sweetheart? Don't get me wrong.. I think shes okay looking, but everytime I blink my eyes, it seems like someone is drooling over her.. Why?
Monica Sweetheart@LADirectModels
I was visiting a couple of models sites and I came across Monica Sweetheart. Monica Apparently, this statuesque cutie must be in S. Calif. for a visit which means she'll appear soon in some American releases. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm looking forward to spring.
Poor Monica Sweetheart
I've noticed that whenever she's fucking with Lexington Stelle, especially when doing anal she many times tries to fend him of with one arm to prevent him from going too deep. Has anyone else thought about it aswell? I feel sorry for her sometime, I mean it must hurt getting fucked by Lex. I atleast hope that she gets a lot of money for it.
Monica Sweetheart
She is my favourite, easily, of the current contemporary crop of pornstars. Would just like to know if anyone is aware of a fanclub/fansite for her. Thank you. Liam Feel free to email me at Edited by - lemonaid on Jul 12 2004 Edited by - lemonaid on Jul 12 2004
Monica Sweetheart's mysterious ass
It struck me when I went through all this old daggie talk. I read that she tried DAP in Euro Angels hardball 9 but couldn't take it, cause it was too painful. But still she's taken most of the largest cocks in the biz up her ass. She's been fucked by Lexington Steele, Mr Biggz, Jack Napier and the biggest of them all Mandingo in the ass. I th ...
Monica Sweetheart bloopers
Monica looking SO good . Edited by - zz kenny on Feb 10 2005
Top 5 Monica Sweetheart scenes
I just did a quick search and didn't find this topic and I can't believe no one has asked this question before. Monica is perhaps the prettiest girl to ever do hardcore, I know that is debatable but she is right there at the top I think. Well what are your top five Monica scenes that she has done? 1. P.O.V. Up Close and Personal 2. Wet Dreams C ...
Monica Sweetheart
Does anyone know if Monica is going to do another forum talk? or where there are interviews with her other than at adultdvdtalk? Has anyone ever met Monica and if so what was she like? Does anyone know what her first ever movie was and how she got involved in porn? Monica if you read this...I love you. Edited by - Panhandle on Nov 1 2004
monica sweetheart IR
I just wanted some recommendations on her best ir scene. By best I mean the one where she looks best and and she enjoys it most. I prefer 1on1 scenes but I welcome all suggestions, even ones that are not interracial.
PXP and Monica Sweetheart
Monica Sweetheart stars in Broken English directed by Julian. Monica has never looked better she is so sexy and with her supermodel looks you won't want to miss this title comming out this month from PXP!
Monica Sweetheart Newest ZT Director
You heard it first during her chat right here on ADT! Here is the official release. MONICA’S SWEETHEARTS NEW SERIES FROM ZERO TOLERANCE Monica Sweetheart the newest Zero Tolerance Entertainment Director February 24, 2004-Chatsworth, CA- Monica Sweetheart has become the newest face in the Zero Tolerance Entertainment stable of directo ...
Monica Sweetheart ID please
I must know what dvd this is from. Damn, Monica really looks hot in this POV scene. Thanks -PornoPunK
Chat with Monica Sweetheart - transcript posted!
Try not to be too shocked at my transcripting speed... chat transcript is here . Thanks Monica, Mike Quasar, Travis, and everyone who came to chat! Some pics of Monica courtesy of Zero Tolerance: The Strip 1, 2, and...3 Hardcore 1, 2, and 3 New Interview - astroknight's interview with Monica from the adult expo last month is ...
Slimmer Deepthroating Monica Sweetheart
Just watched Monica in Biggz And The Beauties 5 and was suprised to see she has lost quite a bit of weight! Looks like her tits have dropped a size! Has anyone else noticed this in her recent movies ? The scene itself had a few suprises, with Monica performing deepthroat, which I have never seen her attempt before :) Monica actually took Biggz bal ...
Handcuffed and blindfolded Monica Sweetheart?
Is that really her in West Coasts ? I cannot believe my eyes! What do you think of this film?
Monica Sweetheart......
....ooooh! Is it me, or is she one fucking babe!
Monica Sweetheart advice
Anyone have any good suggestions for Monica flicks which feature maximum Monica and A2M, anal, and the likes (no Lexington Steele though)?
Will their ever be a best of Monica Sweetheart dvd
Can someone help me out here
Monica Sweetheart News
Any new films with Monica? I know of the My Plaything DVD - not really a big fan of those vids though. Thanks. Topic Moved by - Bill on Dec 28 2002
Whats the best Monica Sweetheart movie?
I have only seen her in cum drippers 2 and she was amazing. Does anyone agree with me that she is one of the hottest pornstars out there. Name some movies where she does some really hardcore scenes.
Monica Sweetheart in Up Your Ass 18
Just watched this scene and it has to be one of the best if not the best scene I have seen Monica do. It was a nice 2 on 1 scene and she looks absolutely gorgeous, her hair, breasts, face, ass, legs all look great. She gives some nice head to both guys and when it came to the anal she did that great as well and also with some A2M. To cap it off she ...