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Mika Tan
Does anyone know what Mika has been up to? I haven't seen many new movies this year :-(
Mika Tan is at the Bunny Ranch
GuysMika Tan is at the Bunny Ranch...Does anyone know what would be the cost to visit Mika or a porn starat the Ranch? I will have to save money fast and experience Mika Tan because I am not sure how long she will be available.
looking for rare Mika Tan scenes
Saw an interview with Mika Tan posted to youtube. In the interview she claims one of the first scenes she did was a bukkake with 25 guys where she had to speak some japanese? Has anybody ever seen this? Sounds like it may have been a JAV shot by Japanese company. I think she also mentions she did a triple anal penetration scene? Anybody know what m ...
Which Mika Tan scene is this?
I just thought about a Mika Tan scene I've seen quite a while ago. I think it was a threesome (2 girls, one guy) in which Mika Tan looked more voluptuous than she is now. I can really only remember this part where, after she's been fucked pretty well, she sits on a couch blowing off some steam. Or maybe she's blowing and/or stroking the guy. I'm no ...
ID of Mika Tan scene
Hi allI've been trying to get some more info about the Mika Tan scene in this link:'t download the links anymore unfortunately due to the age of the site I think. Just wondered if anyone knew the movie it's from?Edited by - mikenelson2929 on May 23 2010
Mika, Mika, where for art thou?
Anybody know what Mika Tan's doing? Her film output seems to be drying up lately, just a bunch of retreads (compilations). Is she out? That would be like the death of Hemingway - a great loss to a great art form. I do want her to quit the industry to marry me and all, but not just yet... Any news?
Mika Tan double anal?
I rented the amazing "Live and Loaded in LA" starring Mika Tan.It looked like there was a DAP with her. Is that true?Otto Bauer may have been the director.
Mika Tan stung by L.A. Vice
Just another reason why this woman desperately needs me in her life! read story here "just a Monstar wannabe..."
Mika Tan's unique douche
Screw My Husband #7 Review In the Behind the Scenes, Mika does this head down ass up handstand douche in preparation for her scene. And, she uses the old style enema bag and tubing. Not sure if I have ever seen this before. I sure do love BTS. Thanks Mika and The Coach for filming it. Den
Mika Tan Reveals Her Dark 'Façade' to Ninn Worx
AVN's "Underrated Starlet of the Year", Mika Tan delves into the darkest fantasies of power and control in Lorraine Sisco's latest Ninn Worx feature, 'Façade' debuting in retail stores January 24. "Lorraine and I congratulate Mika on her award, but her excellence in performance won't be unrecognized after you see 'Façade ...
You put your all into every performance, that is clear to everyone. I wish all performers were like you. You are the nastiest and sexiest performer to me, but seem like the most mellow pleasant person off set. Is that not the perfect combination? What are the latest films you have been involved in? I can't wait for these? Is there anything that ...
Sex Z Pictures' Memoirs of Mika Tan Asian Delight
(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Mika Tan stars as a very convincing Geisha Girl in Sex Z Pictures’ brand new release of Memoirs of Mika Tan - Happy Endings in stores this week. The beautifully captured movie showcases the finest women performing the ancient art of Oriental massage therapy. Directed by veteran Roy Karch, the movie is ...
Mika Tan
Hi i just read FHM's Asian girls and i saw Mika Tan inside. I really want to buy a dvd featuring her now. I get obsessed like this sometimes! Could you recommend me the best one to get please. Don't make me waste my money friends! Thanks Glen Topic Moved by - hardware on Mar 16 2006
No more anal for mika tan?
Has anyone heard anything about this? I think david aaron clark mentioned that she was injured from doing anal several months ago, so she stopped doing them. Does anyone know if this is still the case? is mika vag only now? Thanks !
Mika Tan DP
Any movie?
Mika Tan
What does everyone here think of Mika Tan? I think she has great performances, but she hasn't been in very good movies.(By good, I mean Jules Jordan, Anablic/Diabolic, Redlight District, and Evil Angel.) I know she was in a new DVSX movie which should be great, but I haven't seen it yet. She always looks cute in the movies, but after seeing pictu ...