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M stefano one of the most underrated performers?
he has done so much amazing workwith jewl d to!
M stefano one of the most underrated performers?
he has done so much amazing workwith jewl d to!
Michael Stefano
I'm new here, wanted to say Hi, and wondered if there are many other Michael Stefano fans on here.
I love Michael Stefano
I love the guy. In fact it's becoming an obsession. I want to know what he reads, what music he listens to, which films he likes, what his favourite tv shows are. Yes I'm a total fan girl, I even want to know what he smells like. If anyone knows the answer to any of the above please let me know.
how to contact Michael Stefano/Hush Hush Ent.
I recently purchased the You and Me POV DVD by Michael Stefano. The DVD material is great, but I was extremely upset (pissed) that it is a non-anamorphic letterboxed DVD. To be honest, I wouldn't have bought the DVD if I'd known it was non-anamorphic prior to buying.I'm hoping that this DVD will be re-released as either an anamorphic DVD or anamorp ...
Looking for a specific Michael Stefano porn
Hi I saw a porn DVD, it was either filmed in 2006 or 2007. In a scene Micheal Stefano Drilled this black chick. In that scene he drilled her first then went down stairs i think and laid on a couch then watch her model down the stairs naked then drilled her again. She looks kinda like Lacey Duvalle and Mahlia from She got pimped Vol 5. What is the n ...
Michael Stefano's strange sex talk during scenes
I just read the etiquette section again, and hopefully this isn't mistaken for "trolling", I think it falls into the "constructive criticism" catagory. Michael Stefano is a good performer, hell any scene he is in with Brianna Love is great. Ass Almighty is good, and he is a decent director. But there is a glaring strange quirk o ...
Hush-Hush Entertainment Signs Michael Stefano Entertainment Signs Michael StefanoFirst title under the deal out in AprilBy Eddie Adams Posted: 8:50 AM PST Jan 31, 2008CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Hush-Hush Entertainment has inked an exclusive distribution deal with acclaimed performer/director Michael Stefano.  ...
Michael Stefano's "Teenage Peach Fuzz 4" released
Red Light DistrictTeenage Peach Fuzz 4 price searchEdited by - Asmodeus on Aug 1 2007
Michael Stefano's email???
does anyone know how to email Stefano suggestions???
Michael Stefano's "Teenage Peach Fuzz 3"
Red Light District Teenage Peach Fuzz 3 Released: 03/05/2007 Daddy's little princess is a fucking slut! Starring Aubrey Addams, Keymore Cash, Kyanna Lee, Lindsay Kay, Sasha Grey Directed by Michael Stefano Teenage Peach Fuzz 3 price search Edited by - Asmodeus on Mar 6 2007
Michael Stefano's "Twisted Vision 4" out now
Red Light District Twisted Vision 4 Released: 12/06/2006 Aubrey Addams - "The confession of a teenage Princess to a twisted priest" Mia Rose - "This stripper teases you and thaen fucks you" Denice K - "Spoiled rich kid wants to play with the teacher and not the guitar" Sasha Grey - "Kinky little slut ...
Michael Stefano / Luciano
Any reason why Michael Stefano has seperate listings for "Michael Stefano" and "Luciano". They are the same person, aren't they, or am I mixing him up with somebody else??? "Vegetarianism for me is about saying ‘yes’ to things - even meat." - Coupling
Michael Stefano is GOD!
I just want to publicly say thank you to Michael Stefano for all he's taught me and how much he has supported and encouraged me to grow in this industry I just recently came into. THANK YOU for your incredible vision with your new company, "The Candy Shop" which not only saved me finacially but I'm so proud to be associated with. The comp ...
Michael Stefano
I'm a woman who loves the work of Michael Stefano, I'd love to get other woman's views on his style, but that seems to be a lost cause. I'd be happy to have a back and forth with anyone who wants to discuss his films. Topic Moved by - hardware on Mar 11 2006
Michael Stefano why doesn't he
Why doesn't Michael Stefano use the hot newbie's in his movies, or do something different and more exciting in his movies? Does anyone feel the same way I do? Topic Moved by - scipio on Aug 4 2005
best michael stefano scene
hi there i have seen michael a few times and just enquiring what are considered to be his vest scenes. i really liked his scene with roxy jezel and jayna oso. he keeps it intense, dirty talks and does a good gape. i am not gay - i just think his work is good and really rate his technique!
Dear Michael Stefano..
You've done some absolutely great interracial dvds featuring some beautiful black girls. But how about one featuring some top quality Indian/Pakistani girls? They've been cruelly ignored in the industry. Or are there just not enough performers available? I know you can do it! I promise you'll sell at least one copy. I've got my credit card ready. ...
Erik Everhard or Michael Stefano?
Who is the better performer? Who is the better director? Tough questions as both are highly-skilled swordsmen & both are honing their directorial skills with each film. Awesome movies by each!
Michael Stefano! I Love You!
I believe that the man makes the movie and if their were more male performers like Mr.Stefano any scene with any girl would be amazing! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL! Topic Moved by - Drew Black on Apr 27 2004
Michael Stefano
Mike Excellent job on full anal access #2 not a bad moment in the movie the cast was awesome i cant wait till #3 comes out. This is an excellent series, and i will purchase every volume. keep up the awesome job.
Michael Stefano's Ultimate Asses
Starring the delicious asses of Carmen, Austin O'Riley, Velvet Rose, Jada and Ebony Green. Directed by Michael Stefano for PLATINUM X Images courtesy of Adult DVD "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" - Aleister Crowley 1875-1947