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Boxcover for Femme Core
Femme Core 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Lisa Ann, Jerry Butler, Michael Knight, Rhonda Jo Petty, Tish Ambrose, Monique Alexander, Teagan Presley, Celeste Star, Alexis Ford
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Teagan Presley
Release date: 9/28/2010
Femme Core reviews:
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Femme Core is an all girl DVD that features Teagan Presley in every scene and has fairly strong fetish elements to it. Femme Core is very consistent and a bit varied. It is consistent because Teagan is in every scene, every scene has a fetish element to it, and every scene is set up to please the eyes.
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Ok fans here we have the first directing title from Teagan Presley. She's brought together a very nice group of ladies here who thankfully dig on girls and it shows. Celeste, Andy, Monique-- oh yeah the cast is top notch. The action is dominated by toys so if you're more into oral sex then this title should first be a rental and you can see how you feel from there. The action is good mind you but the oral is missing somewhat with the best being captured in the Teagan, Juelz and Monique scene. Some good outfits too get displayed by the girls before they get naked for playtime. Overall a good effort with strong emphasis on toy action.
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Boxcover for Pumpin' In 2
Pumpin' In 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Knight, Victor Hugo, Tomas Mach, Jiri Homolka, Fabio Abel, Hanz, Skyler Orion, Mlkulik Pavel, Feiti Josef, Joey Landis
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 12/30/2005
Pumpin' In 2 reviews:
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Pumpin In 2 looks like one of those movies where the studio took some scenes from other videos or maybe had some footage they couldnt use in another film. There is no plot to this movie nor is there any kind of theme flowing. Even with that, a video can still be hot. This one has its moments. The first scene has Thomas Mach and Jiri Homolka at a bar. Thomas is the hot muscular bartender and Jiri is the bored customer. They speak no English so we are treated to subtitles. Thomas comes around from the bar, pulls out Jiris dick and begins stroking and sucking it. He pretty much just sucks the head of Jiris dick. Jiri is a sort of twink looking tight muscled blonde. Thomass attempt at a blowjob is dismal. Finally this boredom ends and Jiri sucks on Thomas. Jiri gives us a much better performance. While getting sucked each of these guys play with their own nipples. Thomas is still in his jeans during the blowjob and Jiri is still in his jockstrap. Thomas barely touches Jiri during this session so I am already sensing he must be gay for pay.
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Boxcover for Voyeur (VCA)
Voyeur (VCA) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Michael Knight, Sheri St. Clair, Robert Bullock, Tish Ambrose, George Payne, Taija Rae, Jack Wagner
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chuck Vincent
Release date: 12/20/2005
Voyeur (VCA) reviews:
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Title: Voyeur Company: VCA (LFP, Inc.) Length: 77 minutes VHS Release: 1985 DVD Release: December 20, 2005 Condoms: None Directed by: Chuck Vincent Director of Photography: Larry Revene Written by: Chuck Vincent and John Blaise BOXCOVER SYNOPSIS: One man's pleasure is another man's obsession! Erotic auteur Chuck Vincent brings you an uncommonly well made sexual adventure. Voyeur is a mix between Hitchcock and huge, stiff cock made in the lavish Hollywood style. Featuring Robert Bullock, we follow a bitter ex-cop as his life takes a bizarre twist the day he meets a shady lawyer. After being hired to spy on a wealthy and promiscuous socialite he finds himself beyond obsession with this lustful and mysterious woman. As his sexual intensity mounts from watching the socialites smoldering encounters Robert must sweat it out while watching from afar.
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Boxcover for Stray Cats (Video-X-Pix)
Stray Cats (Video-X-Pix) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Joey Silvera, Brooke Fields, Renee Summers, Danielle, Michael Knight, Johnny Nineteen, George Payne, Blair Castle, Chelsea Blake, Alan Adrian, David Scott, Cody Nichole, John Black
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Eric Andersson
Release date: 7/24/2004
Stray Cats (Video-X-Pix) reviews:
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Playing Mara, tall and leggy Cody Nicole bleaches her hair blonde and struts her way to a terrific performance in Joe Sarno's STRAY CATS from 1984. This fine 85 minute feature also stars cute, frizzy haired Brooke Fields playing Jane as she deals with her bookie husband Wilson (Joey Silvera) and his straying ways. In typical Joe Sarno fashion, this flick deals more with the relationship between the two female leads as male characters mostly are at the command of Mara, a very sexually liberated writer, who always has a guy or two dropping by her apartment. Standard frame. No condoms.
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Boxcover for Canvas
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kylie Ireland, Michael Knight, Chad Hunt, Tony Scalia, Jason Ridge, Alex Leon, Sebastian Jaymz, Rob Romoni, Nick Capra
Studio: Red Devil Entertainment

Directed by: Jett Blakk
Release date: 12/9/2003
Canvas reviews:
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At Red Devil Jett Blakk does not make porn films. He makes porn movies. Theres a difference you ask? Yes, there is. A porn film is one in which anonymous guys walk into a room and fuck. A porn movie is one in which there is a strong story, three-dimensional characters, and full-fledged production values. Of course guys still walk into a room and fuck, but we know these guys, and as a resultwe become much more involved in their sexual activity. We know we are in for something special when the credits roll over close-ups of a brush leaving paint on a canvas and Jake Renders fine rendering of Schuberts Trio in E-flat booms out from the screen. (Viewers may remember its being used in Kubricks BARRY LYNDON. Its beautiful yet at the same time slightly sinister. Incidentally, Schubert was gay.) The film opens with Ross an ad executive, played by the star Jason Ridge, waking up in bed with his wife, Janie, nicely played by Kylie Ireland. (Dont worry, guys, she doesnt have sex and she keeps her clothes on at all times.).
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Boxcover for Hole, The (Jet Set)
Hole, The (Jet Set) 
(4.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Michael Knight, Jeremy Tucker
Studio: Jet Set

Release date: 5/31/2003
Hole, The (Jet Set) reviews:
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I was not surprised when Wash West directed a traditional Hollywood film with THE FLUFFER. West had been directing films for years under the classification of gay porn. I was worried that having gone legit, he might turn his back on his origins. Thankfully, THE HOLE is proof that he hasnt. In a Wash West film we can expect a clever plot, a well-written and witty script, and some very hot sex. THE HOLE provides all of these, and I wish I could give it the full five stars; but with one wooden performance and a sex scene that comes nowhere near reaching its full potential, I am unable to give it that. It is still, however, a hell of a film! The film is based on the horror film THE RING that in turn was based on a Japanese film, RINGU. Ive not yet seen the Japanese original, but I have seen the American remake. The gimmick in these films is that if you watch a particular tape you will die in seven days. As soon as you have finished watching it, the phone rings and you are told your fate. In the West version, after watching a tape you turn gay after seven days.
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Wash West Cast: Tag Eriksson, Josh Hammer, Jason Adonis, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor, Sam Tyson, Adam Killian, T.J. Hart, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Trent Atkins, Lorenzo Vargas, Damon Ivy, Kip Bravo Michael Knight, Rex Everything Story: If someone told you the plot to The Hole, youd probably say, Thats the stupidest thing Ive ever heard. Same goes for The Ring, the movie The Hole is spoofing. Absurd or not, it somehow still worked in The Ring, and thanks to Wash Wests expert directing, it works in The Hole. See, theres this video tape that somehow turns you gay 7 days after watching it.
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Boxcover for Backyard Tails
Backyard Tails 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andre Savage, Michael Knight, Zachary Scott, Kurt Wagner, Brock Hensley, Brett Dimineo
Studio: Caballero

Release date: 11/26/2001
Backyard Tails reviews:
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There are some pretty hot things going on in this backyard. We start with the cliché of a hunk cleaning the pool. Naturally, the young guy of the house comes out to bask in the sun and swim, spies the pool man, and were off. In this instance the pool man is Zachery Scotthe of the big schlongand the young guy is Brock Hensley, a blond twink who loves sex. While taking Scotts length with ease, the action is spied on by Dante Foxx and Kurt Wagner. These join in at the end, and then Brock and Zachery go indoors to do it. Now Dante and Kurt begin to make out. As Kurt is sucking Dante, Dante strokes Kurts cock with his foot. (If youre a foot fetishist, folks, youll love this. Its a very handsome foot.) Brock returns. (Either Zach had another pool to clean or Brock exhausted him.) Brock goes to work on both cocks, sometimes sucking both at the same time. Then he sits on Dantes, and boy does he ride it! He bounces harder than Paul Revere did when he rode off to warn the colonists. Kurt s not left out. Brock sucks him while riding and then Dante boffs him, too.
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