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Boxcover for Education Of Claire, The (L'Education De Claire)
Education Of Claire, The (L'Education De Claire) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Christophe Clark, Frank Gun, Niki Blond, Barbarella, Dolores, Frank Gunn, Choky Ice, Mick Blue, Black Widow, Maya Gold, Melanie Coste, Csoky Ice, Nikki Blond, Dotty Love, Niki Belugie, Nikki Bellucci
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Jorn Wolf
Release date: 7/1/2004
Education Of Claire, The (L'Education De Claire) reviews:
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I thought it was good but not great and would rate it a 7 out of 10. Here's my quick summary of the film. The Actors Beautiful Women and Men. Nothing to complain about. Melanie Coste, Barbarella, Maya Gold, Nikki Blond, Dolores, Dotty Love, Niki Belugie, Frank Gunn, Mick Blue, Choky Ice, Dr. Love, Ricardo Bell, and Clark. I'd give a scene by scene breakdown of the performers but it's tough to figure out who was who, especially the male actors. Video Quality Anamorphic Wide Screen and typical Dorcel quality video. If anything the colour of the outdoor shots were a bit dull (cloudy day). The metal shop scenes (in the basement of a mansion?) with the furnace had a nice warm look. Audio Quality Everything sounds good. It's offered in 5.1 surround but I didn't notice it being utilized (I listened to the English track). The over-dubbing wasn't terrible but it would have been better had they offered the original language and a set of English subtitles. Story It's a typical fantasy porn storyline...
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Boxcover for Scent Of Desire, The (Le Perfum Du Desir)
Scent Of Desire, The (Le Perfum Du Desir) 
(3.7 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Philippe Dean, Marc Barrow, Tiffany, Lea de Mae, Zita, Titof, Pascal St. James, Ian Scott, Monica Sweetheart, Valentina Valli, Tiffany Diamond, Mia Panther, Melanie Coste, Phil Holiday, Titus Steel, Sheherazade, Damien Roussineau
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Angela Tiger
Release date: 9/5/2003
Scent Of Desire, The (Le Perfum Du Desir) reviews:
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Description This is a couples feature with condom use, and filmed in French, but with an English soundtrack option. A group of young men and women visit a friend in the countryside, and they wander off in pairs to have sex. General Impression It's beautifully shot, with both indoor and outdoor scenes, and the cast are very good-looking young people. The sex is also good, but slow in places. There's a positively dreamy, slow, languidness to a lot of the scenes. The women often seem very passive. And some scenes are abruptly interrupted, to continue later. It has a few things that I really liked -- for example, realistic tease. Not just women teasing the men, but the men teasing the women a little. And not "Spread your butt-cheeks, baby," tease, but natural tease like pressing up against each other, withdrawing a bit, giving an inviting look. It was much more what you'd do with another person, rather than what you do for a camera. Sex Melanie nods off as the group is traveling by car to Phillippe's house.
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The Scent of Desire (le parfum du desir) Wicked/Video Marc Dorcel Feature, Foreign Starring: Melanie Coste, Monica Sweetheart, Lea De Mae, Tiffany Diamond, Phillippe Dean, Titof, Valentina Valli, Ian Scott, Marc Barrow, Mia Panther, Pascal St. James, Sheherezade, Phil Holliday, and Titus Steel Directed By: Angela Tiger Running Time:Feature: 95 minutes, Total: 106 minutes RATINGS Feature:6.5 +Extras:5.5 Sex:6.18 TOTAL:6.06 FEATURE This will be the second Marc Dorcel/Wicked release I have reviewed. I had very mixed feelings about the first one. It had beautiful women and a well done plot, but extremely short sex scenes. This is by a different director so hopefully it will be better. The menus on this DVD are magnificent, though the extras are scant at best. I really like the audio on this movie. There are a few weird video blips but otherwise the picture is great. The scenes are all at or under ten minutes long, which doesn't cut it. The camera work and editing are bad, the director must have A.D.D.
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The Scent of Desire A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: Wicked/Marc Dorcel Edition Details: Collector's Edition MSRP: $27.85 DVD Release Date: September 9, 2003 Movie Specs: Genres: Feature Film, Foreign A.K.A.: Le Parfum du Désir Run Time: 95 minutes Rated: XXX Release Year: 2002 Director: Angela Tiger Written by: uncredited in English Cast: Mélanie Coste, Léa de Mae, Tiffany Diamond, Monica Sweetheart, Titof, Phil Hollyday, Phillippe Dean, Marc Barrow, Damien Roussineau, Pascal St. James (as Pascal Saint James), Sheherazade, Ian Scott, Valentina Valli (as Valentyna Valli), Mia Panther, Titus Steel       Disc Specs: Audio: French 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, English 2.0 Stereo (dubbed) Subtitles: none Video: Widescreen, 1.77:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: DVD 9 (SS, DL) Special Features: Trailers DVD-ROM Special Features: none   [ /image ] --> Synopsis: A group of friends, Carry (Mélanie Coste), Wendy (Léa de Mae), Cindy (Tiffany Diamond), Skip (Titof), Mike (Phil Hollyday) and Gus (Damien Roussineau), go to visit
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Boxcover for Hot Frequency (Hot Fréquence)
Hot Frequency (Hot Fréquence) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Estelle Desanges, Pascal St. James, Angelo, Annabelle, Petra Short, Scarlet, Suzy Dark, Greg Centauro, Cynthia Fox, Melanie Coste, Lisa Guerlain, Anastasia Kass, Max Larose, Amelie Poulautre, Arnold Del Burro, Eric Lovax, David Polar, Guillaune Thouddswite
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Walter Ego
Release date: 7/27/2003
Hot Frequency (Hot Fréquence) reviews:
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Hot Frequency (Hot Frequence) Wicked/Video Marc Dorcel Feature, Foreign Starring: Melanie Coste, Lisa Guerlain, Estelle Desanges, Anastasia Kass, Pascal St. James, Cynthia Fox, Amelie Poulautre, Suzy Dark, Scarlet, Angelo, Arnaud Del Burro, Petra Short, Guillaune Thoudswite, Annabel, Greg Centauro, Max Larose, Eric Lovax, and David Polar. Directed By:Walter Ego Running Time:Feature: 88 minutes, Total: 118 minutes RATINGS Feature:6.54 +Extras:6.54 Sex:7.02 TOTAL:6.70 FEATURE This is a two disc set by Video Marc Dorcel, released by Wicked. The beginning of the feature, or "Film" DVD can't be skipped. The menus are different on each DVD. The film DVD is lame, the first angle is a Melanie Coste interview that runs the whole length of the film. I don't know about the French audio track but you can't hear anything she says on the English track. Then when you switch it over to the movie, there is a little box with the interview in it that doesn't go away. I tried like hell to find a way to watch the film but eventually gave up and put in the "Bonus" DVD.
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