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Boxcover for Chi Chi LaRue's Detention: Oral Exams 2
Chi Chi LaRue's Detention: Oral Exams 2 
(4.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Logan Reed, Kyle Kennedy, Chad Hunt, Matt Summers, DC Chandler
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 8/8/2003
Chi Chi LaRue's Detention: Oral Exams 2 reviews:
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I only wish detention in my school had been like detention in Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams: Detention 2. At my school guys just suffered in silence; in Chi Chi's school they have a lot more sense and have an orgy. Now that is what I call progressive education! In the first scene, Matt Summers takes it in both ends from horse-dicked DC Chandler. If you have never seen Matt Summers perform, you owe it to yourself to see the incredible things he can do. No matter how big the cock, Matt can deep throat it and take it in the ass. It is truly awesome to watch. Neither Matt nor DC are 10's in looks, but their sex is so hot that looks don't matter. In the next scene, cute, cute, cute Kyle Kennedy gets his ass reamed by three studs. And not only does he take it up the ass and take three loads of cum right between the eyes, he GRINS the whole time (unlike most porn stars who mouths coundn't be opened during money shots to the face with the jaws of life).
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Main Plot You get 5 scenes of studs who have to stay after school for detention. And these are some of the hunkiest school boys I've ever seen! First up is Matt Summers with teacher DC Chandler, who makes Matt earn his way to a better grade. If you've ever seen a Matt Summers movie, you know how this boy can deep throat a cock! This scene is a hot start to the movie, and the following scenes are even better. They include a student who gets punished by his teacher and coaches by being forced to suck cock and take it up the ass, a student who gets it on with the janitor in the broom closet, and a student who gets caught in the bathroom without a hall pass. The final scene is an orgy in the classroom when all of the students decide to make detention a little more fun! DVD Quality The quality of the DVD is excellent. The extras are decent, with some previews and a review of cumshots. What I Disliked Kyle Kennedy. Ugh. This guy does nothing for me.
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Boxcover for Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Hans Ebson, Robert Kirk, Chad Hunt, Danny Chance, Michaelangelo, Risi, Matt Summers, Marco Paris, Brett Collins, Rick Hollander Quartet, Victor Rios
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Release date: 9/16/2002
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams reviews:
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High school student Matt Summers loves to suck dick; and, knowing the janitor Chad Hunt has the biggest one around, arranges to meet Chad in the Mens Room. When Matt arrives, Chad is already naked and waiting. Now even soft Chad has a bigand I mean BIGcock. Getting down on his knees, Matt starts on just the head and then goes farther and farther down untilMY GOD, HES DEEP-THROATED THE WHOLE THING! I hadnt seen anything like that since watching Cleo, my pet Boa Constrictor, swallow a rat. Chad grabs Matts head and makes him continue to swallow it all. When Chad asks to see Matts butt, he drops his pants to reveal a cute hairy bum that just begs to be fucked. Chad rubs his huge cock on the butt, but doesnt do more because this is a lesson in fellatio. So, Matt returns to deep-throating the monster. This time he sits on the toilet seat and Chad stands to face-fuck him all the way to the pubes. I swear you can see Chads enormous cock moving in Matts throat! Matts own huge cock is stiffly plastered to his stomach through it all. Finally, Chad can hold off no longer and cums.
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Boxcover for Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show
Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lance Gear, Matt Summers, Evan Taylor, Aaron Tanner
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 5/29/2002
Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Word of Warning This movie contains multiple instances of people licking fingers that had just been shoved up someone's ass. It didn't faze me in the least, but I've read this tends to freak some people out. Cast: Julian Pierce, Sebastian Cole, Andy Hunter, Evan Taylor, Peter Raeg, Lance Gear, Travis Reed, Matt Summers, Bailey Parks, Aaron Tanner, Jon Ashe Scene One Starring: Matt Summers, Julian Pierce I almost didn't recognize Julian in this scene. In the movie he has a goatee, but on the cover of the DVD, he doesn't. If it wasn't for that bellybutton tattoo, I'd probably still be wondering who the heck that stud in scene 1 was! The facial hair definitely suits him, though. He's got a great dick too, and Matt spends quite a bit of time gnawing on it. I actually really enjoyed the oral half of this scene. It's shot well, and both guys really seemed into it. The fucking is a little on the tame side, though.
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Boxcover for Finish Me Off
Finish Me Off 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Jon Galt, Jeremy Jordan, Brad Benton, Matt Summers, Evan Taylor, Marco Paris, Julian Pierce
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Release date: 5/9/2002
Finish Me Off reviews:
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Has it ever occurred to you when watching a porn flick that after watching the guys suck and fuck, just lying beside one another and jacking off was an anti-climax? To me it always seemed to imply Well you did your best to bring me off, but you failed and so its back to the old hand. It must have seemed that way to Chi Chi LaRue; too because in this film the prolific directrix extraordinaire has decided that in this film the guys would give one another a helping hand. Unfortunately Patrick Allen introduces the scenes in the guise of Dr. No-wank-alone. This adds nothing to the film, but does indeed detract considerably from it. The main problem is that there is no variation with Allens appearances. It is the same old, same old boring, badly written dialogue. If we saw him in various stages of undress or fondling some hunk or getting gradually higher, it might be more interesting. But I think it would be even better just to let the scenes follow without this irritating interruption. And pretty good scenes they are. First up (literally) are Julian Pierce and Travis Reed.
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