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Boxcover for Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brock Masters, Sage, Sean Storm, Matt Sizemore, Sean Paris, Brent Everett, Yanko, Chase Dryburgh, Tristan King, Troy Kroft, JD Thunder, Billie Di'Angilo, Tag Spencer, Cal Dexter
Studio: Centaur

Release date: 3/25/2003
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig reviews:
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In Navy Blues, director Chip Daniels has added another winner to his growing list of super-hot films. It opens with a group of seamen heading off for shore leave. Everyone except for Brent Everett who has been caught stealing vodka from the supply room. Brent is an adorable twink with a super cock, a gap between his teeth, and bee-stung lips that are just made for sucking dick. He is brought before Brock Masterswho has an even bigger dickto receive his punishment. Brent tries to keep from being sent to the brig. Now the script co-written by Sean Storm is pretty good, but hes certainly not going to win the Pulitzer for the old clichéd exchange of dialogue that follows. Ill do ANYTHING Brent pleads Anything? Brock says with overdone suggestiveness. How often has this trite exchange been the sloppy set-up for sex? The dialogue is much better with the next line: Then get those pouty lips around my cock. Which, of course Brent does. He also takes Brocks big boner up his butt as they go though positions 1-5 of the gay Kama Sutra.
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Boxcover for Lumberjack Gang Bang
Lumberjack Gang Bang 
(2.8 stars avg from 4 reviews)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore, Robert Harvey
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Release date: 3/6/2003
Lumberjack Gang Bang reviews:
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The Plot This movie starts with mail call at a camp of lumberjacks. Boss Blue Blake hands out the mail to all the guys, and then delivers some bad news. It seems that the bridge to town has been washed out, so there will be no way for the guys to get any pussy for the next 6 months. As a result, they do what they always do in this situation - draw straws to see who will be Camp Bitch for the week. Duke Miller ends up being the lucky fellow and soon hes down on his knees sucking cock. The movie is broken up into 7 chapters, but there are really only 4 distinct scenes. scene 1 All the guys gather around Duke with their dicks out, and he sucks them all. Some of the dicks are nice and hard, but a few of them are only at half-mast. scene 2 Next, the guys lay Duke down on a table and take turns eating out his ass while Duke sucks more cock. Curiously, Dukes underwear is left on, covering his dick and only exposing his asshole.
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DUKE MILLERS LUMBERJACK GANG BANG Written, produced AND directed by Blue Blake Starring: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Rhett OHara, Kelly Madison, Ray Stone, Damian Steele, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey and Matt Sizemore. Featuring Blue Blake in a non-sexual role. (pity). Blue Blake has managed to whip out yet another winner. Im still waiting patiently for the day that he decides to whip his wiener out once more, but as the renaissance man of adult entertainment, Blake still wears the crown. Not that there was much writing going on for his production of LUMBERJACK GANG BANG, it is with this video that his directing skills are shown to their best advantage. This in not a plot-driven release; it has a great set-up, which establishes everything one needs to know right off the bat. Blake himself introduces each man, by name, as The Boss, distributing mail to the logging camp. Nice touch. The Boss then announces that the bridge has been washed out, leaving theses horny loggers without women for the next six weeks, at least.
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Title: Duke Miller's Lumberjack Gang Bang Studio: Arena Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer: Andre Adair Editor: Drew Warner Music: Rock Hard Cast: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Matt Sizemore, Rhett O'Hara, Kelly Madison, Damian Steele, Staten McCormack, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey, and Blue Blake (as "The Boss") Date of Production: June 2002 Running Time: 70 minutes Extras: Interactive Menus, Instant Scene Access, Bloopers and Outtakes, Hardcore Photo Gallery, DVD Rom Compatible The Story Set on a logging camp, all of our stars are bulky and chopping block and carrying water. They interrupt from their busy ax grinding work for a bit of mail call and everyone is treated to a letter (or two) from their sweeties back home. However, their perfume scented letters come tainted with another sense of news straight from their Boss's (Blue Blake) mouth. Seems the bridge that leads to town is down and won't be prepared for close to six months.
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Boxcover for Desire (Titan)
Desire (Titan) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Matt Sizemore, Victor Racek, Breck Stewart, Ivan Andros, Marc West, Colton Roth, John Truitt, Bruce Warrant
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 12/18/2001
Desire (Titan) reviews:
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Director: Brian Mills and Harold Creg Cast: Victor Racek, Ivan Andros, Michael Vincenzo, Colton Roth, Matt Sizemore, John Truett, Marc West, Breck Stewart, Bruce Warren Scene One Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Ivan Andros Maybe its the romantic in me, but Im a sucker for scenes that take things nice and slow. Michael and Ivan are definitely in no rush here Theres a good 5 minutes of kissing and groping before Michaels weiner pops out. After some tasty blowjobs, Michael doesnt hesitate to shove his tongue deep into Ivans hole. (Theres some awesome fingering shots here too!) Ivan sure is a cutie not only does his have a big thick dick, but he keeps it hard the whole time Michael is plowing him. And what a cum shot! Damn! This boys chest is covered with spunk by the time this scene is over. Seems that Titan movies have all been starting off with a BANG lately, and Desire is no exception. Scene Two Starring: Matt Sizemore, Colton Roth, John Truett Somehow, Matt has found his way into the center of attention in the oral section of this threeway.
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Boxcover for Laid Up
Laid Up 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Reed Parker, Mark Reed, Matt Sizemore, Chris Michaels, Core Andrews, Robert Collins, Billy Knight, Billy Mathews, Jim Turner
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 6/5/2001
Laid Up reviews:
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Title: LAID UP Studio: Titan Media Director: Harold Creg & Brian Mills Starring: Core Andrews, Matt Sizemore, Robert Collins, Jim Turner, Mark Reed, Michael Vincenzo, Christopher Michaels, Billy Knight, Billy Matthews and Steve Parker. Im not normally one to gush, but LAID UP from Titan Media is superb. The men are hot. Make that very hot. The sexual activity is rarely mundane - sometimes it is quite challenging. Fetishes abound. The sex scenes are long and hard. Fantasies do come true. The directors manage to hit all the right bases erotically, and the hospital setting adds both humor and reality. LAID UP is definitely a remarkable achievement. Gawd! HMOs are nothing like this! The hospital which is the setting for LAID UP holds the best doctors in the gay world! Rugged, real men whose major prescription dispensing includes hot, clinical man-to-man sex.
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