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Boxcover for Dress Me Up 3
Dress Me Up 3 
(2.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Michelle, Frank Gun, Martin, J.J., James Brossman, George Uhl, Neeo, Tera Joy, JJ, Lea Magic, Anastasia Devine, Francesca Falucci, Cameron Angel
Studio: Sex Sense

Directed by: Roberto S.
Release date: 1/11/2010
Previews: Movie Trailer
Dress Me Up 3 reviews:
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This one ends up being a pretty average release. There's great talent to drive the movie, but the dressing up aspect is never really embraced and the movie ends up feeling fairly generic because of it. The technical aspects are okay but there's no real effort put into the extras.
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Dress Me Up 3 features six hardcore sex scenes where the girls wear outfits for a particular occupation. There is the referee, the tennis star, the jockey, the ballerina, the..umbikini wearer, and the boxer. The scenes have short set-ups that obviously go along with the outfit.
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Boxcover for Passionate Couples (Intense Industries)
Passionate Couples (Intense Industries) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Candy, Max, Torri, Allison, Martin, Nicol, Tera Bond, Horst Baron, Misty Mild, Missel, Grinch
Studio: Intense Industries

Release date: 8/24/2007
Passionate Couples (Intense Industries) reviews:
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It's time once again to check out something new, this time from a new label called Intense Industries. the layout of the cover is very similar to Zero Tolerance or Third Degree productions, although there is no evidence of this in the layout of the actual disk configuration or menu setup. A movie featuring one on one sex, the girls on the cover look pretty and classy hopefully the action will be as good.
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Boxcover for Easy Numbers
Easy Numbers 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mark, Nick, Daniel, Martin, Sven, Justin Beeker, Alex Belour, Dawyd, Florenz, Gianis Adonis, Jack Horny
Studio: Arena

Release date: 4/12/2007
Easy Numbers reviews:
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Six scenes of young Germans--many of whom have shaved crotches--sucking and fucking. The performers are attractive and only one scene disappoints. Yet five out of six is not bad.
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Boxcover for Bareback Beginners 13
Bareback Beginners 13 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Martin, Jonas, Karel, Dano, Sascha, Marek, Pepa, Linard, Sergej, Lada, Miso
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 8/25/2006
Bareback Beginners 13 reviews:
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Bareback Beginners brings their most recent title in the series with Volume 13 featuring European twinks and jocks experiencing their first time to perform bareback on film. With 6 scenes and lasting almost 2 hours, it become apparent that several these models are truly new to the adult film business. The opening credits show each pair of models in each scene and their names; however, they do not identify which model is which so I am guessing on the models names here. In the opener, we have Sascha and Linard. Both of these handsome twinks are in front of a fireplace on the floor. Sascha is on his back shirtless and Linard pulls down his pants and boxer briefs to begin sucking Saschas already hard dick. The sucking stops briefly so that the two can do some kissing and Linard suck Saschas small nipples. They move to a 69 and afterwards they sort of swap blowjobs back and forth swapping out sucking duties. Once the fucking begins, Linard takes it doggy style as well as riding Saschas dick cowboy style.
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Boxcover for Banking on Bareback
Banking on Bareback 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David, Jan, Martin, Jakub, Rocky Summers, Petr, Miroslav, Petr N, Jakub V
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 3/10/2006
Banking on Bareback reviews:
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Banking on Bareback begins with three guys on a couch and in walk a couple more guys to discuss their past due payment at the bank. Little imagination is used here as it relates to script, wardrobe, etc. Three other guys appear to be workmen preparing to remove a picture and furniture from the room. The guys dont have the money and wish to offer up themselves in exchange for more time to get the money. No deal is really struck. The guys just start making out with each other. Quickly, there are nine guys that break out into three threesomes. One group is made up of Jan Ruzica, Jakub V, and Petr N. The second group is Petr, Jakub, and David. The last threesome is Rocky Summers, Miroslav, and Martin. All of the guys are of the twink variety, with the exception of Rocky who is a bodybuilder muscle stud with huge pecs and silver dollar nipples. The background music starts up and it continues throughout the video. Its very upbeat tempo. The guys do a sort of chain sucking with David sucking Jakub who is sucking Petr in one group.
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Boxcover for Teen Sensations 13
Teen Sensations 13 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Vanessa, Tommy Gunn, Faith, Martin, Patrick, Harry, Kurt Lockwood, Talon, Alisson, Michelle Sweet, Sandra Kalerman, Ginger Taylor
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Bobby Manila
Release date: 12/27/2005
Teen Sensations 13 reviews:
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Teen Sensations #13 is a solid addition to this popular series. It features cute, young girls getting fucked hard without too much abuse by the guys. There is no anal sex in this volume (despite a claim on the box cover to the contrary) and all the girls take facials. Three of the girls are Euros, including blonde leadoff hitter Vanessa. This pigtailed Czech is hot and knows it. Using broken English, she manages to tell us how horny she is and how good shes going to fuck her guy. She doesnt disappoint and they have a steamy session. Ginger Taylor has reddish brown hair. She hooks up with Talon for a volcanic romp spoiled only by her closed mouth facial. Blonde Sandra Kalerman has her hair braided. This Euro has a great, natural, lithe body. She also knows her way around a dick and gives a great blowjob to her fellow. She closes her mouth for the pop shot, but applies loving PCH afterward. Alisson is another pigtailed Euro blonde. Smallish tits and a tight ass look very good on her.
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Welcome fans to a new batch of teens though Faith in the cast has been around for a bit of time but she's still a teen! This title had some cute young girls in it led by Vanessa who is from the Czech Republic and I think she had the sexiest body of all the girls. Bobby gives good coverage in each scene on these young girls with the sex being solid though no anal as I recall. If that's a big deal to you then you'll definitely want to skip this one. Some good mixture of closeups and I always enjoy seeing up close a hot chick sucking cock so Bobby gives you plenty of those shots. The pops for the most part are straight facials with Alisson receiving the best one I think. The extras for this one consist of some BTS interviews, solo scenes for each girl also, and you have a photo gallery to check out and there are trailers for other DVSX releases. Not a bad dvd by any stretch but I've seen so many this past year and this one is worth a rental but nothing really jumped out to me as awesome.
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Boxcover for Candida Royalle's: Revelations
Candida Royalle's: Revelations 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Nicole London, Martin, Michele Capozzi, Ava Grace, Colin Matthews, Paris Phillips, Amy J. Rapp
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Candida Royalle
Release date: 9/18/2005
Candida Royalle's: Revelations reviews:
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Candida Royalle's Revelations Cast: Amy Rapp and Colin Matthews in softcore lead roles; Nicole London, Martin London (aka Anthony Crane), Ava Grace, and Paris Phillips in sex roles; Michele Capozzi and ten extras in non-sex roles. Director: Candida Royalle Production dates: ©1992 (original), 5/26/05 (DVD) Length: 73 min. Extras: Behind-the-scenes documentary (33 min.), director's commentary (26 min.), bonus scene "Taken" (18 min.), bonus scene "By Invitation Only" (16 min.), trailers for 13 Candida Royalle movies, 38 production stills, 24 behind-the-scenes photos, Royalle's biography (3 min.), and a few other promotional materials. False advertising: The box cover describes this movie as "A 35mm Feature Film," which is only partly true. The three main sex scenes were shot on video. The reasons for this mixed format are disclosed in the documentary. The overall audiovisual quality is exceptionally good, so I believe relatively few viewers will take offense at the "cheated" footage. Audiovisual quality: Wow.
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Boxcover for Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 12
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 12 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David, Jan, Martin, Michal, Milo, Patrik
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 9/8/2005
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 12 reviews:
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The first one that I saw of this series was number 4. I wasnt expecting much and it totally blew me away. Since then I have seen several others and each has lived up to expectations. Number 12 in the series is no exception. Military service is obligatory in parts of Eastern Europe so I really believe these guys are soldiers. And as the pay is very poor they are quite willing to supplement it with porn work. Whether or not these guys are gay or merely gay-for-pay is immaterial they are gorgeous, hot, and perform with gusto. They certainly make a portion of my anatomy stand up and salute. As the film opens, Honza, a tough young officer in camouflage is seated doing some finger exercises on his penis. Two handsome young soldiers, Pavel and Milo wearing red berets, tank tops and shorts, are jogging through the woods and fields. As they approach Honza he quickly stuffs his hardening cock back in his trousers and angrily orders the boys on a four mile run. When they return he grabs both their crotches and licks Pavels face.
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Boxcover for Big Omar's Housewives Gang Bang
Big Omar's Housewives Gang Bang 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michelle, Jay, Shannon, Martin, Victor, Becky, Omar Williams, Dirty Dog, Roger, Mario Rossi, Jay Scarman, Sharana Skyler, Big Omar Williams, Jodie
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Omar Williams
Release date: 10/24/2003
Big Omar's Housewives Gang Bang reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 86 min. Production Date: 4 / 2 / 2002 Director: Big Omar Williams Cast: Sharana Skyler, Jodie, Shannon, Michelle, Becky, Jay Scarman, Dirty Dog, Mario Rossi, Roger, Victor, Jay, Martin, and of course, Big Omar Williams The Short Story Initial Expectations: Omar Williams has normally put out fun and enjoyable movies. Im looking forward to this one. Initial Reaction: It just might be the worst Big Omar movie Ive seen. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting amateurs having group sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting gangbangs The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty amateurish. The audio is normally pretty clear, but theres a fair amount of background noises and the balance isnt always the best. The video varies quite a bit. Some of it is nicely lit and free of grain. Other portions are so dark you can barely see anything and has a fair amount of grain. Music: None Menus: The menus are okay.
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Boxcover for Nordic Debutantes 4
Nordic Debutantes 4 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eva, Gabriella, Emilia, Sonja, Martin, Ingrid, Sabina, Trinere, Tom Mickel
Studio: Private

Release date: 9/25/2002
Nordic Debutantes 4 reviews:
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Nordic Debutantes #4 Overall Impression The one thing this disc has going for it is there are definitely some good looking women involved. What it is missing is polish. The lighting, editing, and overall production values are far from impressive, even below you average American gonzo production. I can easily forgive poor production values if I still get to see scorching hot sex with a fine selection of nordic nymphs, but sadly the sex never really gets that hot. But hey, if you've got a burning desire to see some nordic ladies engaging in borderline amateur porn for what it is the disc ain't half bad. Cast Sabina, Emilia, De-De, Ingrid, Gabriella, Eva, Sonja, Trine Scene 1 This 1on1 features a relatively good looking full figured blond with a nice pair of large firm natural breasts. She is wearing some decent lingerie and her body does look nice sprawled out in the spoon position. However she does have a sizable flowery tattoo that runs across her naval that I found a little unattractive.
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Boxcover for Nordic Delicacies
Nordic Delicacies 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eva, David, Daniel, Emilia, Carlos, Monica, Martin, Sabina, Marella
Studio: Private

Release date: 6/27/2002
Nordic Delicacies reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW Nordic Delicacies (133 min.) Featuring: Sabina, Emilia, Eva, Monica, Trine, Mariah, Marella Synopsis: Set in the Scandinavian background, these women know how to keep a man's body warm during the winter! Overall: Don't let the generic boxcover fool you because the sex is good and the women are above average. I was impressed with the sexual energy in the scenes even with MAX's low budget.  DVD Quality: Since it is low budget, the video is a level above VHS. Extras: None. Likes: Monica and Mariah. Dislikes: Eva. SEX HIGHLIGHTS: Sabina is a tall long-legged model who likes to get into compromising situations. At the photo session, she slowly but surely gets the photographer hard. He cannot stop his sexual urges and gives up his dick to her.
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Boxcover for Precious Pink: Body Business 3
Precious Pink: Body Business 3 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mona, Tatiana, Maria, Bridgette, Martin, Michel
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Patrick Handsome
Release date: 6/26/2002
Precious Pink: Body Business 3 reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW Precious Pink 3: What would you do for pussy? (85 min.) Featuring: Maria, Tatianna, Bridgette, Elka, Petri, Mona Synopsis: Porn in an art setting!  Overall: Precious Pink 3 was done very well. The director, Patrick Handsome, knows how to focus on the woman's body parts at the right time. I don't know how much direction he had to give Maria because she seems to know how to exploit her charms instinctively! The look of the women varied from downright gorgeous to average. In other words, the beauty factor was inconsistent. DVD Quality:  The quality is good, but it's not great. The picture seems to be a little soft instead of sharp. Extras: Hustler's interview of Patrick Handsome is informative and well-executed.
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Boxcover for Gay Way to Heaven
Gay Way to Heaven 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chris, Sammy, Martin, Jimmy, Hans, Bjorn, Sandor
Studio: Heatwave

Directed by: Peter Elsen
Release date: 4/24/2000
Gay Way to Heaven reviews:
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I consider this as a feel-good and romantic gay porn movie. The best part is that the entire cast includes all new faces that bring a breeze of fresh air. Shot in Netherlands, the movie features all young and handsome Dutch actors. The DVD transfer quality is smooth, much better than those of Sunshine releases. Who may like it: People who like twinks, young and smooth bodies, into Europeans, foreskins. Also people who are of romantic type because the whole movie is accompanied by a background music featuring romantic piano solos and melodies that could be best played in a night with your date and candles lighted around you. Who may not like it: People who look for sweaty and raw sex may be disappointed. This may not be the movie for those who like body builder type of porn stars. Some movies do not list their cast members; this is unfortunately one of those. The movie tells a story about a young man who took an Erotic Stimulator pill and landed in the gay heaven and subsequently saw many gay sex scenes.
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